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  1. Such an awesome kit. I look forward to following this build. Please keep the progress coming
  2. I really like what you are doing here. I've been tempted to do something like this (Big flares) but haven't yet. If I may ask, where are those rims from. I like them a lot
  3. It was pretty nice then and is looking even sharper now. I like it
  4. I'm not a VW guy but that is an awesome project. You should find a way to finish it.
  5. That is some impressive cage work you got going on there. Has this build been completed?
  6. That's awesome, I'm a huge Glidden fan as well and I hope to build this car as well someday
  7. The hood cowl isn't my taste but dang if it doesn't look menacing
  8. That's too cool for school... Sorry I couldn't help myself, but its a brilliant build
  9. Great painting skills. I love the old T-Bolts
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