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  1. '66 Plymouth Fury , , [March 10 ,, interior done]

    Nice work on the color, I love that grill
  2. Spraying Clear over Decals

    Before you clear your decals make sure you place them in sunlight (I tape mine to a window that faces DIRECT sunlight). After a day or so you will see that the yellow is gone or at least BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH close. Its at this pint you can spray them with clear. I use two or three LIGHT coats of Testors Decal Bonder. Let the decals dry for at least 24 hours. I've heard people do less but I like to be sure. Better safe then sorry. They of course when you go to use the decals to use a new sharp blade and trim as close as you can to the decal. When dipping in water I see some people drop the decals in and leave them tell they separate from the paper. I don't like that and have had issues. I just dip to get them completely wet and then rest them on the side, wait and see if they can easily be pulled free from the paper after few minutes. If not I dip again and repeat till the decal breaks free of the paper. Lastly after the decals have completely dried to the model I would clear coat the entire model. This helps prevent silvering, yellowing and pealing later on I hope this helps.
  3. 1969 Plymouth 383 Road Runner Is Completed

    Nice color and the interior is looking good. Did the kit come with the T handle?
  4. 1969 Plymouth 383 Road Runner Is Completed

    I have no doubt that this misstep will drive you mad. hell, it would drive me mad but the reality is once the air cleaner is on and the other bits it'll be hard to notice. I wouldn't sweat it to much or let it take away from the rest of the build
  5. If I may, where did you find this kit? This is the style cruiser I use to drive
  6. '32 Sedan

    I would love to see more of how you modified this frame.
  7. 1957 Ford Custom Fire Chief's Car

    That motor is stunning
  8. NEW WIP: 64 Dodge 330 Color Me Gone

    If interested, this kit has the 6cyl http://images45.fotki.com/v1115/photos/5/504634/5366496/1964_Dodge_330_002-vi.jpg
  9. 1970 Torino GT WIP Finished.

    What was Bill's (Spencer1984) tip for the plug wires?
  10. NASCAR with a twist.

    I guess we'll be seeing this car first hand in April?
  11. ‘SPIRIT of AMERICA' added antenna!

    WOW, that is uber cool looking
  12. 91 Mustang LX outlaw.... (updates 10/26/16)

    Dude, you got some MAD skills. WOW, WOW, WOW
  13. Second restoration, 1968 Shelby

    Nice work restoring this kit. Where did you get the resin engine compartment? I would look into blending the resin walls with the stock firewall.
  14. 1967 Camaro SS

    You got some mad skills bro. BRAVO!!!