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  1. Lots of progress made to the interior and the roll cage. I won't lie, gold is not my favorite color ESPECIALLY on cars. I think it makes them look cheap but in this case it just seemed to be the right choice. I figure the gold of the roll bar coming through the windows will offset the exterior color of the car nicely. I also got the rear tires assembled. The rims can only go in one way on this kit which turned out to be a bit of an issue because both tires were warped on the outside facing side. A little work with the heat gun got it sorted out... kinda. Thank you for taking the time to look at my project
  2. You are doing some great work, here. Looks great
  3. The black on read is stunning, Bravo
  4. I knew that going into this, I did it just for you, 😉 Joking aside, thank you for taking the time to comment.
  5. I added the trim work to the Lincoln, I originally planned to use the black Bare Metal foil for this but I got lazy and decided to try a trick I've seen on the Youtube from time to time. I used a black Sharpie pen. It worked great. I still need to buff and polish the paint but I'm pleased so far. Next its time to change direction for a little bit while the paint continues to cure. I started to work on the interior and the seats. After I had painted the seats and other interior components I realized that the color was too dark and I wasn't happy with it. But I'm to lazy and didn't feel like back tracking and starting over so I decided to leave it as it is. But I feel like I need to break up all that dark gray. My solution was to add a 5 part harness setup that matched the exterior of the car. Here is what I found. Gofer Racing parts. The kit comes with a fret of photoetch buckles and catches for several seats and a length of maroon fabric for the belts The problem I have is that the head rests get in the way. So that means we have to preform some plastic surgery. Using my razor saw we cut off the two head rests Now that the harnesses are in place its time to reattach the headrests. With the harness in the way the headrest no longer will sit right on the seat. So to fix this I decided to make some posts for the headrest. I used staples for this Once the posts were dried and firmly in place I trimmed them up and placed them into the seats. I think this should help break up the darkened interior and add some points of interest Till next time... Be Strong
  6. I hear you about keeping the kit sealed but for me I think they need to be built and displayed. Maybe you'll come across another one and and build that one 😉
  7. That interior is freakin AWESOME. I love the two tone look. BRAVO! Stunning build
  8. That is a great looking color. I don't think I've ever seen a Mustang kit with the GT badge molded into it. WOW, that is pretty cool
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