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  1. I got some van grills for the Ford van and the Dodge van last week from Dave at Models by Dave. They are some of the best resin pieces I have received and he has great customer service. I would highly recommend him.
  2. We are getting a light dusting now. Snow south of Dallas is unusual. Snow this early south of Dallas is really unusual.
  3. Just completed smooth trades with ncbuckeye and tubbs. Add mikemodeler to that list also. Thanks guys .
  4. Unpaved roads Cannonball would be pretty cool in my opinion.
  5. This post made my morning. Thanks Joe.
  6. Got this one all wrapped up this weekend. I tried to use craft paint's but it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. This was really fun Pim. I may have to do another one before too long.
  7. I would definitely be interested in one of those.
  8. I was looking at that too but didn't pull the trigger. Glad to hear it works good. I may have to pick one up on my next trip.
  9. The "Roy Munson" 72 Oldsmobile Convertible that brian_m is working on. His project is so cool. I hope he gets back to it soon with some progress, hint-hint. Great job on this Brian. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=62884&hl=
  10. I made some progress on the Citation. I did some more body work and just about completed the engine and under-body. Got started on the interior. I've been trying to use craft paint's. Its working ok so far. Chris Chapman makes it look easy but, there is defiantly a learning curve to using this stuff.
  11. Donk could also be used to describe the sound of the ball joint going out on one of those heap's.
  12. Pim, I will be working on a 81 Citation. I figured the Citation would be right at home in its natural environment of a junkyard. I got started right away. I removed the rear spoiler and filled in the turbo scoop on the hood to replicate a stock piece. Don't worry I took the pic when the putty was still wet. It will be sanded.
  13. I would like to join in if its not too late. This kind of build is what I enjoy the most. I will have to dig through the stash and figure out what Im going to use.
  14. I feel we all get lumped into a stereotype due to the actions of a small group of people in our hobby. I've been attending model swapmeets and contests for the last decade or so and one thing that they all have in common is the oddball guy in the group. You all know him and will avoid him as best you can once he is identified. He is usually the socially awkward middle aged guy who has terrible body odor, unkempt hair, breathes through his mouth and stands way too close to you when talking. If this describes you please stop. Bathe before going out in public and schedule more social activities outside of your model room to learn proper social skills.
  15. That Revell 90 LX still has me grumbling obscenities under my breath every time I look at it.
  16. I wouldn't buy one due to the small size but it doesn't look too bad. What happened to using metal for vehicles? That thing has more plastic than a hobby shop.
  17. The car looks so much better with the camo paint job. Hides most of the ugly. They should make that an option.
  18. I was wondering about the legal aspect of kits like this. I know you have to have licensing agreements on most things lf you want to use a brand name or a trademarked name on a kit. Would you have to have a licensing agreement on something that represents a likeness of another product or would you have to modify your product slightly to avoid any infringement claims?
  19. I saw this and was wondering if this is how to get around licensing agreements or is it something else? http://www.hlj.com/product/tko2007?gclid=CIXVg4fBxb8CFRJk7Aod-gcAcQ
  20. Just completed a trade with DodgeAddict. Great trade and great communication. I would do it again.
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