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  1. Nice save on the flocking. I have learned over the years that they are not all created equal, AND, some from the same supplier might respond the same. I don't use them much anymore due to mess, but when they work, they look good. In the future, try testing on scrap pieces, and use Elmers, paint several options. Looking good.
  2. I'm liking what I am seeing so far
  3. I am not seeing them, I am just seeing the file names
  4. That is a great looking model, and a unique subject. Nice!
  5. I like a huge variety of cars, and if I truly had my dream, I would have something like Leno's garage. Having said that, the first car that I really remember WANTING, and having an earnest dream of owning, is a Maserati Bora. In the late 70s, and even into the early 80s, I could still dream of owning one, as they price was expensive, but realistic. Today, the cheapest one I could find for sale in the US in a recent search was for $119K, and that was a decent condition one. Nice ones are 165K and up. At this stage of my life, it will purely remain a dream. Now my goal, is simply to drive one.
  6. Do those seal around the door? If not, you will still have to open and dust from time to time.
  7. Wow, looks like this will be quite the undertaking. Ready to follow along.
  8. A large number of my completed models I too do not currently display, they are in stack-able Rubbermaid style containers, with foam partitioning that I take them to shows in. For those that are not in those, I keep in individual display cases. I used to buy the old AMT cases, but they simply got too expensive. The last few years, I have been picking these up from Hobby Lobby. If I am near there on a Saturday, and there is nothing else I need, I go ahead and use the weekly coupon to pick one up for the stash. To top that off, when they had their summer clearance a few weeks back, they had several for $2.49 so I stocked up. I even picked up some of the long skinny ones, as two or three small hot rods will fit in them. With these, I can "stack" them 4-5 high comfortably. There can also be bouht in bulk for about $5 each direct from the manufacturer here https://www.pioneerplastics.com/product-category/display-case/diecast/ Since I too have no real display area, I have a simple have a cheap bookcase, Like this $25 one from Target https://www.target.com/p/5-shelf-bookcase-room-essentials-153/-/A-54376271?preselect=54360637#lnk=sametab that I use to stack the cases on. May not be a cool as a display cabinet, but as they are sealed, I never have to worry about dusting them, etc.
  9. Cool ride. I really like that.
  10. I believe those "shortcuts" like that happen more often to other builders than you may realize, or that they would admit. If you are judisiocus in your placement, things that will often be hidden and of little consequence.
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