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  1. There is so much going on, great extra work that you are applying. Very cool.
  2. I had heard something about that. I truly think the term "reality" TV needs a kick in the pants, false advertising and all...LOL
  3. On most of the "scripted reality" car shows, nearly all of them have become so predictable, "oh watch, here come the uh oh moment", that I find them painful to watch. I have found myself literally watching the first few minutes to see what they start with, and then skipping to the end to see what they ended up with. For the most part, my 1:1 automotive content now comes from Youtube channels, where there are everyday garage mechanics, taking you on their adventures. Yeah, there is junk there too, but I find it easier to skip the crud, and ingest the fun stuff in smaller doses. My wife really likes these reality shows, cooking, real estate, whatever, but they all pretty much annoy me with the fake drama. Love it or List it is an example, where I have YET to see a single episode where the lady does not promise a list of items, inevitably "miss something" that runs them over budget, and then has t be left out. EVERY time, so it seems to me that she is really bad at foreseeing inevitable overruns in her project estimates.
  4. Really diggin it. Please tell me you are going to do a bit of the interior, at least the steering wheel. 😁
  5. Such a cool project. I am so glad to see that someone sees something different with that kit, and is moving forward with it. Sorry for you job loss as well, I hate to hear that for you.
  6. Yes, I like the wheel/tire set, maybe I have something you can use. Feel free to PM me with something that perhaps you are looking for.
  7. Really cool looking model. I have wanted to do another customer similar to this since the last one I did late 70s/early80s, but for some reason have not gotten around to it.
  8. I would suggest that you do a search for that hood on Ebay, then click "save this search" which is just to the right of the number of search results. That way, as soon as anyone lists one, you will get an email notice.
  9. If rebooting your PC does not help, sometimes problems with your network devices, like modem or router, could lead to a Gateway Timeout error. Rebooting these devices could help you with fixing the problem. While you can switch off all these networking devices in any order, the order in which you switch them back on is important. Typically, turn these devices on from the “outside-in,” following the connection order from the internet service provider to your main client device. It can also be caused by DNS issues on the server-side or the client-side (or both). You can use free tools like whatsmydns.net to check.
  10. A Gateway Timeout Error means your web server didn't receive a timely response from another server upstream when it attempted to load one of your web pages. Put simply, your web servers aren't communicating with each other fast enough.
  11. Cool project, the parts you are pulling together compliment each other very well .
  12. Sorry to hear this for you Joe, but it sounds like you are at a minimum in the right place to be going through this. I wish you the best sir.
  13. Thanks Danno/Ace As I have been looking around the web, I see WAY more modified Fronty motors than stock. I did see the inlet that you are referring to on the motors I have, but based on the molded in hose, it looks like it goes into the front cover, with no available mounting location on the front. That being said I like the shaft driven water pump/Magneto on the passenger side of the motor and had started fabricating that. This is the set up I want... The two motors I am aware of are the one in the Cinder Bug kit (the one I am currently working on) and one from the fruit wagon. They each have their strong and weak points. The question I have, is that Cinder Bug has the generator molded in, and none of these that have the shaft to the pump/magneto have the generator. If I use the Cinder Bug motor, will I need to grind it away? (I fully acknowledge I am not a mechanic. Any resemblance to actual functional electrical systems is purely implied, and not guaranteed 😁)
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