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  1. Good luck, if I still lived in Indiana I would love to attend.
  2. I do not think I have ever sprayed clear in under 24 hours, but that has a lot to do with my time more than the plan. I have been using 2K lately, but may go back to standard clears, they just feel more scale correct to me.
  3. That is very odd, I have used Scalefinishes MANY times, with no issues. I would say that regardless of what brands you use, if you are using a base coat that is a different brand than the topcoat/clear, always worth spray a spare part, then test that spare part before shooting onto your projectject.
  4. Looking good, I always enjoy seeing these big boats.
  5. 213 has only been out around 5 weeks. Given the MCM is not a monthly publication, I would guess we still have a small wait for 214.
  6. Is it possibly to house sensors? I know they are in multiple points on many cars.
  7. This past weekend, I finished up the Monogram Blue Bandito from the (2014?) reissue. One thing I did not notice when I first bought it when new until I started the project was that the front right fender was short shot, so I filled it in with melted sprue from the same kit, no filler, only primer was used. Paint is from an old bottle of Pactra Boyd Chezoom Blue, with 2K clear, unpolished. This was originally intended to be a box stock build, but the kit glass was too small for the frame, so I had to cut acetate to make the replacement glass. Still is a box top build tho. 🙂 If you like, you can click the link below and see the album which includes some in build up pictures. https://public.fotki.com/machman/models/builds-2023/blue-bandito-box-stock/img-0897.html
  8. Ouch, bummer but looks like a redo in your future
  9. Thanks for sharing your story, welcome! There is a lot of great information here, and great people.
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