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  1. I am the same here, but not just limited to TV. If, for example, the folks that litter my front door with handbill advertising are disrespectful, like throwing their adds on the ground by my door, or leaving unwanted circulars on my drive, I would never do business with them. There is a great John Prine song called "Stop Hollering at Me" talking about how inundated we are with advertising.
  2. Wow, you have been busy. Looking good. How do you store them to reduce dust?
  3. Nice selection for sure, not sure how I missed it. Some of these look like they were taken late afternoon outside, was that natural lightning?
  4. Yessir, count me a fan! Cool looking rod for sure.
  5. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the kind words. I have a soft spot in my heart for "Drive-able" show rods, and try to build one a year or so.
  6. This is a VERY fiddly kit, with rough chrome including some warping, and not all of it turned out like I planned, but overall I am happy with it and I'm going to call this one done! For those interested in the build process, here is a link to the Fotki page. I ended up stripping nearly all chrome trim to clean the seams, the vast majoiry was re-shot with Spaztix chrome (except rims and a few small bits), lots of nut/bolt head detail added, new driveshaft from aluminum, alternator relocated to correct location with bracket added, carpet, fuel line and plug wires ran, exhaust tips drilled out, scratch built coil/over shocks, radiator grill replaced with fine mesh and the radiator rebuilt from photo etch, little filaments added to headlights etc. The kit does contain some really nice parts that would lend themselves well to additional kit bashing, like fantastic rims, Z'd frame etc.
  7. Resin cast copies or yourself is one option for the tires.... My question, if you have a very old stash, how do you know WHICH ones are more prone to this horrible characteristic?
  8. Greg, this is the 427 Ford parts pack in the '29. I have a few more of the trucks as well that I will build over time.
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