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  1. Cool "little mouse", with a snakes bite no less!
  2. Thanks for letting me know that, I never paid attention to the fact that Round2 owned Autoworld, never bought from the website. While that certainly does improve the profit margin, there is still a cost to set up the production run, and I still believe they are counting on those buyers to buy other stuff at the same time. I know when I order something on line, I hate buying one item for the shipping, so I typically buy a bunch of stuff at once to offset that shipping. The limited run acts as an enticement to "act now" as it were, for folks such as myself that might otherwise hold off. I just want them to offer more tire parts packs for the other versions of tampo printed tires they have been releasing.
  3. Argh! My sincere apologies, pasted the wrong link. Aurora 1974 Vintage SUPER SCALE PINTO FUNNY CAR Kit #852 Factory Sealed Box !!, eBay item number: 383823549919 https://www.ebay.com/itm/383823549919?ul_noapp=true
  4. That is my guess. I would like the truck in fleetside, and have no concern for the Stones decals.
  5. This is what I was talking about above. Only the variant is exclusive, but the kit as a whole is getting another run. Still a very thin margin tho for 500 kits, unless the goal is the hope that each buyer will throw a few more things in the cart.
  6. SO this one is more expensive, but closer to what the opened ones sell for. I had this kit, and when I tried to build it as a kid, it was beyond my skill level at that point. I packed it away, and it got lost in a move. I wish I had it again, but cannot justify the cost, even for an open one. https://mail.yahoo.com/d/folders/1/messages/AMduTspmwur1X7tujQSnaK-Bwfc
  7. True, (I forgot about the "only available at Autoworld" statement) then that would mean the profit for Autoworld would shrink even more. What would they as a retailer make, $10 a kit? But even at that, it could be released separately, and the only thing exclusive to Autoworld would be the Stones decals. Ultimately, my point was that if the 500 is not a typo, it is hard to imagine how they could justify the run. Almost like they found a stack that had been shot, and made a deal to decal/box them, so they did not really have a production run IF the 500 exclusive is accurate. It would be nice if Round2 had someone on these forums that could/would actually answer questions like these. I mean, it has been discussed for YEARS that a production run needs several thousand kits to make it worth the run.
  8. I agree, or MAYBE they mean that Autoworld is only getting 500 kits.....not a run of 500.
  9. Mine arrived last week, and I am extremely pleased. If this quality is maintained, then it should bode well for a successful full return.
  10. Wow, that is a VERY limited run. Even if the profit was $15 a kit for Round2, that is only $7500.
  11. Here is a good technical answer, https://www.polymersolutions.com/blog/what-makes-plastic-turn-yellow/ My guess is the kit was exposed to wither high heat, or sun at some point. I have kits that are 60 years old, and not noticeably yellow to my eyes, but others that spent some time in an attic or garage, that are a bit yellow despite being in a box. One other option, exposure to various chemicals, again if in garage for example. I know chrome that is stored too near bleach, like kits being kept in the laundry room, could cause chrome the "vanish" on kits over time.
  12. True, all valid points. I was just thinking if they had the molds and they were not modified, then the outlay should be minimal, and who would think that the Schwinn bikes or some of the other items they have chose lately, like the dog pound show rod would have more appeal that the aforementioned kits.
  13. Dan, not sure if you are interested or not, but these tires are in the most recent reissue of the MPC Tigershark, and are the closest in kit form I am aware of for the Oakland Roadster show pic above.
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