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  1. Jeff, great project. I am really enjoying the scratch work that you are putting into this. As for the above recommended MasterClub nuts/bolts, I too would give them a recommendation. I really like that they are ready to go (no cutting them free etc,} they is around 100 per package for around $7, and the detail is probably the best I have ever seen. I just ordered some more from ScaleFinishes http://www.scalefinishes.com/Bolts.html Here are the styles/sizes
  2. Welcome you have some cool stuff going on there
  3. Good question. I tend not to think of color in terms of texture so, certain colors strike me as cool, cold, spicey, hot, warm, etc. If I were to try and think of what smooth would be, I would tend to lean towards something soft like a cream color, maybe pale yellows. hmm, could also be Pepto pink, that stuff is supposed to be soothing. LOL
  4. Incredibly disappointing. I will have to check out Speed and Kulture.
  5. Really sharp! I like that look a lot.
  6. Just saw a Traditional Rod and Kultrure mag on the racks today. Is that one going away as well?
  7. Honestly, if I were you, before I moved in my model stuff and the room was empty(if not too late), I would just bite the bullet and have an electrician come in and run some new/addtional juice to the room. I am in a new house (less than 2 years old), and my area has one outlet on each of three walls, and I wish I dad more. At my bench, I have at least 5 items LED Ceiling shop light/Loop LED magnifier light/Laptop/Tablet/Dremel On my outside wall, I have 5 items, Compressor/Spraybooth/LED spotlight/non LED spotlight/dehydrator (When I paint, all of these items are typically on at the same time) Third wall, occasionally used for photo-booth lights and occasional vacuum, but really a bit too far to plug much into for the hobby, but I understand it is on the same circuit as the other two, so not much point in running an extension cord from there to the other part of the room
  8. Some really good deals, thanks for sharing
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