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  1. Welcome! There is a lot of great information to be found here, and a lot of good people willing to help.
  2. Seems I somehow missed this first time around, so glad it popped back up. Curious to see if this project was ever finished. I did a 64 conversion using a Starliner as donor for the chassis/ motor. I took the 64 "tub" interior and cut it up to be more realistic separate pieces. Here is a link to Fotki showing in process pics as well. https://public.fotki.com/machman/models/builds-2014/64-ford-galaxy/
  3. I built this sometime back in the 70s, and if my memory serve me correctly, this is the first kit that cut a door open on, as I believe the kit included hinges for the rear door, but it was molded shut. Yours looks really nice.
  4. That is amazing looking, very sharp. Very realistic.
  5. Great finish! You should be pleased with that one.
  6. MAN Steven I am digging this modification. which indeed adds a great level of realism. The only thing I would personally worry about, is if you took it to a show or competition, and someone decided to try and "close" the hood. In those situations, I would likely still display with either hood on, or next to it to prevent someone from accidentally damaging it, or turning it over and knocking the hood to the floor etc.
  7. I have built the Hesagawa kit, and the "generic" interior" and dash with decal set up was because most of the interior was shared over several kits, including a Cadillac, Impala and Bonneville under what I believe was call "American 66" series. It is indeed believed that the bodies were copied, but not the rest. In the series they only had a couple chassis as well, against shared like the interior bits. Oh, and I am not a fan of the wheels. I believe there is a complete thread on all this somewhere here in the forum. If you are wanting to build a competition model then you cannot do that with this chassis/interior really, but they do make for great looking shelf models.
  8. hah, I have driven past this place soooo many times and no idea of its history. My daughter lives only a few miles from there.
  9. Really enjoy watching these kind of projects come together, as they almost feel like a real 1:1 project. What is the source of that firewall?
  10. Nice choices, how will you work to keep the fenders symmetrical?
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