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  1. I am in Phoenix, and mine has not arrived, although I believe others in the same city have. It gets here when it gets here, such is the lot with periodical mailings.
  2. Last chance one these. If you want them, all I ask is postage or something, rims or whatever, in return.
  3. ISO the glass for the AMT 1040 Ford Sedan Delivery. The one I have is cracked across the middle. Can trade, or buy for reasonable amount
  4. That looks great! How did you get that windhsield to look so clear? Is it vaccuformed?
  5. WOW, that is such a great project and your work is very impressive.
  6. I no longer have an Aztek airbrush, so will never use again. Is there anyone that has any interest or need for them? I am happy to make a simple trade for Hot Rod speed equipment or other various items such as rims/wheels that I may find interesting. I am not looking for anything in particular, just fodder for the parts bin. Feel free to make me a trade offer.
  7. You are certainly welcome Bruce! You had some really great models on display. I did indeed capture several pics of your 2000GT, it was a great looking model. Albeit debated, it's lines were the inspiration for the new Supra, which as you can see by my avatar I am a fan. I will not make it to the Omaha show, but do plan on attending the Texas Nationals, and the final GSL that same year. At the rate I am building, I will not likely have anything ready though. LOL I will try to make it a point to meet more folks and say hello.
  8. Fantastic! I cannot believe it is out, and in someone's hands, yet there is very little marketing around here in the states.
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