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  1. I have owned many after market automotive paints, and currently have Cobra Colors, MCW, and others, including some 1:1 automotive quart leftovers I have picked up over the years, and will say that there is just so much to be said for using quality automotive paints. As for quantities, Scalefinishes is not buying pre-made gallons, then diluting them. As of 2014, he bought his own Dupont mixing machine. How little his batches are, I do not know, but I would likely venture he is not knocking out full gallons, and the above profit margins are not taking into consideration the cost of the machine, his time (certainly worth something), unsold inventory/stock, etc. I personally do not want to pay $9 per bottle either, but if you look for sales and deals, you will not always need to. I just got the Dec newsletter today, and it was giving 30% off entire order, including sale items, which sometimes are as little as $2 a bottle. I will often buy a bunch of colors up from the sale section, just to have in stock.I have 5 items in my cart right now, and WITH shipping, the total is $12.99, so I am still looking around to get the order to $20.
  2. For me, it is also misplaced seems, which is also my least favorite aspect of the hobby. Now, I'm not just talking about the seems on other folks finished projects, nope, I'm talking about the fact that there are SOOO many kits over the years, that seem have have had little to no thought as to where the seems would end up, and at times, I think they TRIED to put them in a bad place for chrome. I end up spending a very large portion of my build time, simply cleaning up those ill placed lines, stripping chrome from countless bumpers etc. Like engine block halves with the molded oil pan, C'mon! Many of the more modern kits seem to be getting better about placements.
  3. Very nice rendition of this classic.
  4. Off to a great start, nice selection and use of aftermarket bits.
  5. Really sharp. Nice paint work, on a good looking build!
  6. REALLY like the seat upgrades, so much more "realistic" and drive-able.
  7. Glad to see this one coming out. I have said it many times, that they hobby may have missed a lot of opportunities to tie in car culture with pop culture, especially TV and movies. this is a very entertaining show, just odd that this kit comes out as the long running show ends. As others have said, this one will likely be cop car, fire, etc etc. Nice to see it actually coming to fruition.
  8. Nice start. This kit gets a bad rap, and there are elements that deserve it, but it can indeed be done up really nice, and I like the body proportions.
  9. Arrived in Phoenix in the last couple days. It was on the counter when I returned from a business trip.
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