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  1. Excellent, thank you!! I know I have used some of their stuff over the years, and seen even more, but I want to put in an order, and just want to get some ideas flowing.
  2. Thanks Jim. Yea, if I could get a couple more of this kit at a good deal, I would certainly pick them up for the parts. IF that happens, I will let you know.
  3. There is a decent one on Amazon right now for $40. A lot of us also use candy thermometers to make sure they do not get too hot, but this one looks like it has a temp setting. https://www.amazon.com/Rosewill-Countertop-Dehydrator-Adjustable-RHFD-15001/dp/B018UR4XJI/ref=sr_1_21?dchild=1&keywords=dehydrator&qid=1600750506&sr=8-21
  4. Nice! I miss seeing cars set up in a display like tat from car shows.
  5. Looking cool! I would like to have a shop with that much space! 🙂
  6. Very cool. That putty is good for making shifter boots and all kinds of other stuff, nice to have handy,
  7. Really impressed with what you have here.
  8. really cool! Very nice rendition and it looks like it is holding up well and well cared for.
  9. Nice way to enhance the stance. I also think the color is a good choice. Looking forward to more.
  10. I will check tomorrow to see if I have a set. Feel free to PM me. I know I have the kit, just do not recall which issue I have.
  11. They do it a few times a year, but usually before Christmas they clear a bunch out for new inventory. Not sure if that is the case this year, but I certainly hope so. I am still waiting for several of the newer releases to hit their shelves.
  12. Great looking cases Steven. I would suggest that you run strips of felt around those doors to help seal out dust when closed. I have yet to see a good looking display case that did not let some dust in, and you do such excellent work I would hate to see that happen.
  13. Thanks so much for kind words, I am flattered. Here are some pics that were capture outside today. They give a better view of the color.
  14. Thanks everyone, I sincerely appreciate the kind words.
  15. Thanks everyone for the kind words, I sincerely appreciate them. I will tell on myself here a bit... When installing the Chrysler interior that I had modified, I was so happy that I got luck with I got glue on the dash, but not the glass. As the glass is Modelhaus vacu-form, which of course is no longer avail, and not wanting to damage the glass, I left the dash in place, and tried to use a bent brush to fix the smudge on the dash, only to make it worse. So, the dash is noticeably touched up. Then, because I just could not leave well enough alone, after the interior floor was installed, I knocked one of the side panels loose trying to adjust it.(can be seen in one of the pics) but again, too risky to remove the pan. I also was using a new bottle of the Bob Smith Industries gold superglue that does not fog, but MAN that stuff is runny. Did not know I had some on me, and smudged the front glass. Again, small spot, I should have left it alone, but tried to take it off and made it worse, and left a GIANT mark, lower center. I ended up very carefully polishing it out with sanding clothes and polish three times. Still messed up, but dramatically better. During this same time, I then discovered I had gotten some on the lower right front bumper and the paint in one place. The paint I could fix, but afraid to work on the chrome bumpers..Finally, the last several years, my new years resolution was simply "test fit more often".....I failed, and despite chassis alterations, the wheel placement/chassis length from center hub to center hub was off, so I had to cut/correct that. Most of these I consider to be rookie mistakes on my part, mostly because I started to rush at the end....
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