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  1. Cool project. I like the subtle touches on your motor weathering, such as the metal showing through on the starter etc.
  2. Looks like a very productive year, nice variation.
  3. Danno!!! Sweet, sooo happy to see this is going live again! I look forward to seeing you and everyone else!
  4. Thanks for sharing, a really nice stable of well built models you have there.
  5. Very nice variety and well built models, looks like you had a great year!
  6. Looks good, you are braver than I would be to go outsid.....er paint outside in that temp... 🙂
  7. I would use a very light gray wash around them, which would highlight them nicely
  8. Depending on how you spray it, it can look like fabric, rubber floor matting, bed-liner etc. This is not the best picture, but where I used it for a roof. Despite the color you use, you can spray over it, which is what I did here.
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