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  1. Too late to join in? I must just be able to get one done in a year. Lol
  2. Thank you and everyone else very much for the kind words.
  3. I had never heard of them before so I checked them out based on your reference. Who does not like a good deal right? The relevance is that I was clarifying that "most" kits do not start at $19.99 and as of this post only 9 out of 340 1/25 scale kits are that price. I certainly concede that they do indeed have great deals and I will likely buy from them. I have found that no single source will always have the best deal on all kits all the time. Online, my two go to hobby shops are primarily MegaHobby and Hobbylinc, but if I am in HL, and they have a great deal on a kit that I could use, why not? I wish you well and hope you find no need to "stick it" to anyone.
  4. Thanks for sharing those links, good looking models.
  5. Great job, thanks for sharing the link!
  6. Cool and unique project. My mom had two different Colts back in the 70s when my dad owned the body shop connected to a Dodge dealership.
  7. A few years back I was putting in a lot of time on a highly detailed hot rod, had built a nice rear end kit backing the pumpkin from one kit, aftermarket bolt heads, airbag mounts, and aluminum tubing. Got it all mounted, and during the painting, I felt it was too thick. My solution, just dropped it into the purple pond, only to return the next day and discover aluminum does NOT like the purple lake. Fortunately, I was able to rebuilt it.
  8. Bingo. Despite having been in this hobby for the majority of my 56 year life, I still have less than 300 in my stash, and while I do still buy kits, I resist the urge to "buy em all" as I am also aware that my build rate is still slower than my buy rate, so it is about having the parts yard and option to build what you want when inspiration hits. Nothing in my stash is "collected" for the sake of being collected and held. The only kits I have that are unopened are ones that I have multiples of, as a big part of the fun for me is opening the kits and perusing through them. (used to be called groking)
  9. Nothing earth shattering, just a small tip from the bench this week. After cutting down some rims, leaving the surface "as is" would not look at all realistic and would be way too thick for scale. After trimming out the section, I used a blade to bevel the edge. Once sanded and painted it will look much more like a true rim lip, and give a more realistic appearance of the tire seated to the rim in my opinion.
  10. Thanks Everyone for the kind words. Rich, I setout to replicate every car I have owned, but know I will never get them all completed, and some are unavail. In addition to this Supra, I have completed an FRS, '74 AMC Hornet Fastback, '68 Olds Cutlass (non-442 converted from the 69 kit), and an 'Mitsubishi Galant.
  11. Nice rendition on what I would agree is not a good looking truck.
  12. Tamiya kit built box stock, shot with Scalefinishes.com factory correct Turbulence Grey to match the 1:1 I owned. Great kit, with loads of detail, great fit etc., but for some reason, the tail light covers are not molder in red. (Please excuse all the lint, I did not notice it while outside taking the pics, the camera sees much better than me) Accepted file types: gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png, webp, mp4, 3gp, mov, ogg, ogv, mpg, mpeg, flv, webm, wmv, avi, m4v UPLOADED IMAGES
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