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  1. For this project, I was inspired for this one by a Hot Wheels item, their 63 Studebaker pickup, but I will be using the recent AMT reissue 60 Chevy pickup. While I think the HWs design implies more the modern Pro Touring theme, I will not be putting a full modern/race chassis in my build. I tend to think about most of my projects in terms of what the average Joe could do in their garage, without the budget of an automotive TV show. I will instead be using most of the original components. I am most likely replacing the kit motor with the 455 from the 69 Old 442. I typically fill in holes that I will not use/need and that should not be there, typically with with some stretched sprue glued in place. Cut, but still needs sanding smooth. Cut down the rear springs 3 scale inches. Still working trough what method I will use to lower the front end, and found some old racing tires in the parts bin of unknown origin, with old Shaboo Scale dry transfers I have had for ages. I narrowed the kit rear axle today using the following steps. I started by drilling out holes for piano wire After marking the line so the wire could be placed back in to hold the ends true, I cut out approx. 4 scale inches on each side Getting everything trued up Final placement More to come next week.
  2. As for what I have been "doing", I have been using some of my older stock/stash of the good stuff for smaller parts where I need the adhesion, and the foil to really form fit. I use the newer not as good stuff for larger items, such as side trim, or window trim. Still have issues, but better to save what I have left of the good stuff for the smaller bits.
  3. AH, my mistake, I was thinking of the block as I was comparing and deciding whether of not to use that one or the one from the Cinderbug kit. Each block has it's highs and lows. I did not check the rest of the parts. Thank you both, and thanks to everyone for the very kind words. It was a very fun build, despite providing extreme frustration at times. I try to do at least one a year, but the last few have been box stock to keep in line with my childhood. This one was a bit more work, but also more rewarding.
  4. I do agree that older foil loses it's adhesive properties over time, but I have never had some lose so much I could not work with it. I would gladly buy up a hobby stores entire supply of original foil if I ever found some, over any of the new stuff or other options out there currently.
  5. Looking really good! Nice job on the build, and the cool back drop photography on the 'street"
  6. Thank you sir, I know there is a Frontenac in the AMT Fruit Wagon, but it is missing some of the hope up parts. I THINK there is also one in the Mod Rod double kit reissue.
  7. No flare, just the bead/lip that you see here on this 1:1 body
  8. Thanks everyone! I am still on the fence about putting on more decals. I paid someone to recreate them from a scan of the originals as they were too far gone to use. The word Cinderbug was to go on the sides, but would be covered by the ladder on one side, and just above the axe on the other. I felt it looked a bit "too much". I have also broken the bird off the grill twice, may leave it off and leave only the wings. It may be the most fragile thing I have ever put on a model. David, that is the kit Frontenac motor, almost identical to what is in the Fruit Wagon. I ground the molded in water house from the left side, added one off the front of the motor (which cannot be seen so turned out to be unnecessary) Exhaust that came with the kit, would not actually fit once the motor was in place, scrapped it and went with the unit above. This picture shows a better view of the shaft driven magneto and water pump, which almost cannot be seen in the final model.
  9. Calling this one done. Literally off the bench this afternoon, so even the glue behind the headlight lenses is still drying, and this picture shows way more dust than I noticed when I took the pictures, but I was in a rush before the sun set. I almost packed this one up and put it away a few times, as I have issues with the paint, and the third time was going to be the last. It is an old can of Testors Red Hot Candy over gold, and I was on the fence about polishing out the paint as there are a couple spots that I thought would be covered by decals, which I decided not to use, so this will certainly be no contest winner, but I am pretty pleased with it as a shelf model. I scratch built the shaft driven magneto (mostly hidden by the headers), most all "chrome" is Spaztix as this old kit was laden with seems and misalignments, parts box wheels and headers, AMT tire pack tires, Tamiya braided hose. For those interested, the in process pics can be found here. https://public.fotki.com/machman/in_progress_model_cars/cinderbug/
  10. '66, I have several options already in the stash. Fairlane, Riviera, Ford truck. I am in if it is the year.
  11. Missed this one somehow. Very nice looking model sir. I have considered the Splendid Hotel version, but was not sure of the quality, or if it had a motor etc.
  12. I am having the same issue, but I have been told on another list that it may not be the ink, but the tip. Seems they are replaceable. For me, I like them for small items, dash pieces, grill emblems etc. I need to try and decant what is left in my old marker, and see if it works when either sprayed, or applied with another brush.
  13. I certainly think that if you consider your time spent a "sunk cost" because you are going to build anyway, that is no longer part of the equation, and sure, you can profit on materials. To me, I would personally see it more as a way to "offset" my costs in the hobby at that point. As it stands already, I do not think any amount of selling, either unbuilt kits, or finished kits, can cover the cost of what I have sitting in my hobby room. Between suppliers, paints, tools, kits, it would be hard to quantify the overall investment. That being said, I really only want to build what appeals to me personally any way. Either in general, and at any given moment in time. Time spent building a subject I have no interest in would start to feel more like work to me, and step away from why I personally build. Much like my wife asking me to paint a room, because I like to paint models. NOT the same thing. Over the years, I have given several models to people, and built some FOR them, but I still have to have interest in the subject matter.
  14. Hello, looking to locate an AMT Cuck Wagon kit, preferably for trade if possible. The last re-issue I am aware of is the 2005 Toy Fair edition below.
  15. I keep decals in zip lock bags, in a Rubbermaid drawer system. My Photo Etch is keep in the little parts bin drawers.
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