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  1. Very nice, but that is NOT a cheap kit. Anyone cast those that you know of? OR, a spare that anyone would be willnig to let me cast?
  2. I like how you captured the Hobby Shop there in the background!
  3. That is looking fantastic! Are you sure that is not 1/12 scale? VERY nice detail work.
  4. I did not mind the green, but this really looks great.
  5. I am originally from Indiana, but work brought me to the Phoenix area about 6 years ago, still here. We have a good model show here in town called the Desert Scale Classic, those folks are putting on that show 04/21/12 this year in fact.
  6. Thanks gentlemen! Thanks for the feedback man. How have you been sir?
  7. The Ala Kart axle needed to be narrowed a bit, so while I was at it, I decided to make new spindles so the front wheels could be posed. I got a lower lip on the cowl to retain the windshield, and started modifying front suspension pieces from the Ala-Kart to use.
  8. Very realistic wheels, great project in the making
  9. Oh, and here is a shot of the cowl after molding the Milliput on there as well. Now it fits down over the frame/fenders like it should.
  10. Got more done on C-N-Things. Found a seat from an old Monogram kit, but since it was molded in the bucket I had to cut it free which resulted in no sides. I used some two part Milliput putty to mold some in. In this picture below it has the rough coat of primer/filler and still needs sanded. I also am using the 32 grille from the Switchers kit. Also, since this is on the 60s style of custom, I am making a Tonneau cover and then covering it with simulated tuck-n-roll with half round plastruct, still drying in this pic so not yet trimmed.
  11. looks great for a first attempt for sure.
  12. I have not seen any responses to this post, are there many people on this forum planning on being here?
  13. @ Rommel and Mooneyes, feel free to keep a lookout for me as well. I will be at the Phoenix Desert Scale Classic. I did post a flyer over in the upcoming shows folder as well.
  14. Quick question/thought regarding the condition of the covers etc. I stopped almost all subscriptions to model magazines about 10 years ago for that reason, I got tired of scuffed and torn covers. I know you mentioned earlier the numbers game. Many magazines I have read in the past would certainly prefer me to be a subscriber because it adds to the "circulation" number which equates to rates they charge for add space etc. Does the number of magazines that a Hobby Shop gets add to your subscription rate any different than say a book store would? (which I assume to be zero for circulation count) The reason I ask is this, I usually buy my ModelCars Mag from my local Hobby Shop in Tempe Arizona which I think supports my "local" Mom and Pop hobby shop, (which I try to do as much of as I can) and of course almost guarantees that I do not have a messed up cover. Does that "hurt" Modelcars Mag? Having said that, some folks may be willnig to pay a slightly different subscription rate to have their's bagged. If the cost was too high to do all of the issues, maybe it could simply be that a portion are bagged, and those that want them could pay to have it that way. This, I am sure, is probably nothing new that you have not already thought about though. Hope the back improves Gregg, Mark
  15. While I am fairly new to this forum, I have been building models and involved with various onlnie groupd and live clubs for many years. Some of you may know me. This is myself and my wife around a year ago or so.
  16. Very cool, I like oddbal subjects like that
  17. Nice job! I have seen this car in person, it is quite striking for sure. It was with the 7 and 9 at the Imperial Palace auto display in Vegas about 3 years ago.
  18. Very nice end work, I can smell the salt water from here.
  19. Very nice job for a new person to the Hobby!
  20. I would not worry the least on any kind of approval as this is a model kit. Not so sure how Rolls could even hold an owner accountable for the repairs to thei vehicle, unless it is something they as a company are paying for or subsidising etc. If you own it, it is yours, beat it with a sledge if you like and use it in your yard as a decoration. (My wife's ex-parent's in law have one, and treat it like ######, it was left to them in a will) Now, if you are a repair shop, and you want to maintain your "authorized RR repair" status, that would be a different issue. That falls back on the shop, not the customer.
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