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  1. Just found this post. Hang in there Harry! You got this. You will have bumpy days ahead but you will come out of this stronger in so many ways. ?
  2. Wanting to know if someone has the ability to make these wheels? They are 3 piece ccw classics in 18x9 18x9.5 and 18x 11. I'm wanting to build a model of my 1:1 mustang cobra. Using the rm 97 cobra convertible kit. If possible I would take several sets here are my wheels
  3. I agree Ron. I've been wanting these for years. Could someone post a good pic of the ones that are availible?
  4. How does the chassis/ engine bay from the revell lx notch fit under there? That's what I would use
  5. Just use jo-Han covers. Way better. This is going to be awesome
  6. I made this setup for my twister. Used the shaker from the 69 mach 1 kit. Scale difference is not so bad. It did what I needed it to
  7. Here is where I set the ride on my touring 69. Not too low but got the look I was after. Can't wait to see more of yours
  8. The tragically hip are my all time favorite. Seen them 21 times now, have a bunch of signed stuff, met the guys and I've never had seats worse than 4th row??
  9. I just saw this. She is very lucky! Thinking of you guys.
  10. I can go with the auction route and funds for kids. I wasn't really aware of what the museum likes or does not like. Lol. Never been there. I hope to someday. As far as the timelines and "calling out". Yes, I had the engine for a long time. Opposite of you I got sent to work away from home and you were laid up so I guess it was a pot/kettle situation and I apologize for being a jerk if I was. We were offered to do this as a group and I feel it was a great group. There have been some popping in and being jerks about how long it has taken to build it but I say let them say what they want. We should be proud of ourselves for what we have done. I would work with any one of you again as its a hobby and the timeline is not as important as having fun and turning out a beautiful product. Can't wait to see what special touches you have added Ron and hope there are no hard feelings ?
  11. I would really like to see if the model museum wanted it with a write up of who and how it went together. It's very rare that these make it to the finish line. I mean come on, it's been in 2 countries!? Option 2 would be to auction it off and give me money to the museum. Either way would be fine with me. I'd like a crack at owning it?
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