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  1. I'm trying this concept on one of my builds right now. I must admit yours is impressive. I hope mine turns out half as good as yours.
  2. With paint..... Next I'll be focusing on the body. Since I can't paint inside, my wife is very sensitive to the fumes, i have to rely on the weather cooperating, which doesn't happen often in Iowa this time of year. Since I don't need a shiny finish hopefully this won't take long. Updates to come....
  3. Update: Life has kept me busy, but i do have some progress. I wanted to put bomber style seats in my truck due to it being a flying truck/hotrod. Here is a mockup.
  4. I got this from a friend for my 40th wedding anniversary. Not a subject I would have picked, but let's go with it anyway. I've always wanted to build a flying/hover car. So here goes. I've collected some misc parts for years for a project like this. This is a beginning mock up.
  5. I'd be embarrassed to claim that butt ugly piece of BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH.
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