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  1. Ford vs Ferrari movie in 2019

    Shortly after Le Mans "66, Ken Miles was killed testing the Ford J car.
  2. NEW Round2 AMT 2018

    My brother in law went to the Garlits museum when the Pihrana was being "restored". He told me that they aren't too careful about historical accuracy. Notice that there is no bronze fogged along th bottom of the pearl yellow, as Gene Winfield did in the original paint job.
  3. Let's see your TV and movie cars!

    madhorseman (or anyone else) : A friend of mine wants to build the mustang from "Starman" . could someone scan the Cobra II decals and post them? He knows how to change the color if they are not in black. Thanks.
  4. The First Hollister NNL - Date Change

    Thanks. You were missed at the Los Banos show today, but I got a good chance to visit with Steve. Pretty sure I'll see you in Sept.
  5. NEW Round2 AMT 2018

    There's more to the Villa Riviera than just using the kit parts. The front and rear fenders need to be lengthened, the hood lengthened at the center peak, chrome inserts made for the hood and taillights scratch built. The front and rear fenders were lengthened by different amounts, but I don't remember by how much. These mods are needed on top of the aforementioned reshaping and flaring the wheel wells. For the model that I had in the Oakland Roadster Show diorama, I used two kits and referred to a magazine called 'Super Customs and Hot Rods" from the publishers of "Collectible Automobile. It was only out for 2 or 3 issues in the mid 1980s. The car was painted candy burgundy at the time. Someone then bought it and restored it to candy red with all the Barris stuff that came along with the car. I recently saw a picture of it in black and with a new owner. I hope the Barris parts were once again retained when they were removed.
  6. Weird cars Post em here.

    I think Bertone built it on a pre-production Stratos chassis provided by Lancia.
  7. Weird cars Post em here.

    I seem to recall that the Stratos Zero used the windshield for access to the interior and vaguely remember seeing a picture in a magazine with the windshield open and the driver's head sticking out over the roof. Not practical, but it sure was a beauty. And yes, it had a Stratos HF chassis with a Ferrari Dino engine. I think it was shown before the Stratos HF rally car debuted.
  8. You are very welcome. I love good karma.
  9. Dyno Don Funny car coming next year 2018

    Not the gold on the cover of Hot Rod. Way more subtle than in the later shots.
  10. I can set you up with one. Send me a PM

    Good points. The videos could also be to drum up demand from the stores and therefore the distributors. They also inform builders what can be purchased directly from Round 2, therefore increasing Round 2's profit. Round 2 also sends out emails to generate direct purchases.

    James, I think the problem is that we modelers don't understand that Round 2's customer is the distributors, not us. Round 2 is telling the distributors what the company is sending the models to the distributor. Round 2 is not taking into account the amount of time it takes for the distributors to invoice the kits and get them to the stores. That part is not Round 2's responsibility. So we modelers should do what you've figured out - expect the models some time in the month following the video.
  13. Model car related abbreviation?

    MIB-Mint in box
  14. Old MPC / AMT '28 Model A todor Sedan Rumored to come back

    Spex84, Dennis Doty is one of the greats in our hobby. He wrote articles for model magazines in the 60s, and was a consultant to Monogram. He is a model car historian and wrote the model kit histories in He writes Automobile Year Book of Models back in the 80s. He was also a partner in Model Car Journal magazine. He writes the Collectable Models column that has appeared in every issue of Collectible Automobile magazine. As you can see, his qualifications are impeccable.
  15. My wife and I are planning on going.