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  1. WOW! Pics from more than 4 weeks in the future! Congratulations on the trophies and the functioning time machine! LOL
  2. Piranha Drag Team

    I think Garlits and the crew have the ability to do the job correctly, but as my brother in law said after visiting the museum, "They don't exactly appreciate historical accuracy. To them they're just old race cars". I think that if it is supposed to be THE Drag Racing Museum and it goes to the trouble to obtain the original cars, there is a disservice being done to the history of the sport if incorrect "restorations" are done. If the cars aren't restored authentically, why not sell them to somebody who will do it right and use the money to build cars "inspired" by the originals?
  3. Piranha Drag Team

    I would take the pics from the Garlits Museum with a grain of salt. Not that they didn't get the paint job correct-there is no fogging at the bottom of the body. I don't think they were TOO historically accurate with the restoration.
  4. 2 Chevys with the tops cut off

    It looks like someone was going to make a phantom "64 Bubble top with a top switch. Cool idea. Perhaps you could put the bubble top on the '64, and use the '62 chassis under the '64. That might have bee the guy's plan all along.
  5. Porsche 907 engine color question

    Most of the parts you are asking about are unpainted fiberglass. While I haven't seen a 907 engine, I have seen 910, 904/6 and 908 engines at the Monterey Historic Races. The fiberglass that Porsche used on the injectors, fan shroud, and fan are a translucent tan-kind of like coffee with a lot of cream in it.
  6. Diabetic neuropathy relief

    Bob, I have Type 2 also, and my podiatrist told me to put lotion on my feet every day. The lotion keeps the skin soft and prevents chaffing from occurring. The cracks from chaffing are what get infected.
  7. In case you haven't heard, it has been officially announced that there will only be TWO more GSL contests. There will be a two year gap after 2019, and the last GSL will be in 2022. So if you have never attended, your chances are running out.
  8. Hi from California

    Welcome Kirk! I am a fellow Modesto resident. I live on Lakewood Avenue. PM me your phone number if you wish to talk.
  9. 1/18 MPC Hydro-Vee Boat

    The Skipper is on Gilligan's Isle.
  10. Al (and his wife Susan) are well known at swap meets and shows for selling models at reasonable prices and hosting semi-annual model meets at their home. "Okie" Al has been in failing health for about a year now, and was put into hospice last week. My heart goes out to Susan and their family and friends. Rest in peace old, pal.
  11. Homebuilt Guitar Appreciation thread

    Nice work, guys. I wouldn't even tru to make one from a kit, let alone by scratch. I just buy Martins and Guilds...
  12. Porsche Outlaws & Hot Rods

    I remember the 911 speedster from Road & Track magazine in the 1970s. It had a 356 Speedster deck molded on and the windshield frame was made from two speedster frames. Unthinkable now!
  13. Gasser kits that didn't start out as Gasser kits

    Snake, if you look At the H.A.M.B and other websites or magazines, it seems tht the majority of the members/readers consider anything with a straight axle as a gasser. That is the definition that I was using. Of course, you are right (and I agree with you), but also consider that people build models and 1:1s out of cars that have altered wheelbases and refer to these as "gassers". Furthermore, gas class cars such as the later Opel GTs, Montgomery's Multi Maverick and Fred Hurst's Barracuda were more closely related to a Logghe funny car or Grumpy's Vega than they were to the SWC Willys. So the "gasser" term is open to many interpretations.
  14. Gasser kits that didn't start out as Gasser kits

    All of the AMT altered wheelbase funny cars ('63 Tempest, '65 Nova, '58 Edsel, etc.) could be included since they started out as annuals.
  15. I don't think Albert was on this site, but he was very active on the Spotlight board, and was known by many. He was a true model car and 1-1 car guy, and had a huge personality and sense of humor. He travelled to many car and model shows in California and attended NNL East once or twice. He always had his trusty camera along and posted thousands of car guy pics. His great friend David Dale announced his passing from cancer. I'm sure allof you that knew him will never forget him I know tht I won't.