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  1. Tim- one of the owners of Atlantis models is named Peter Vetri, so he is likely the Peter V that reviewed your book.
  2. So Atlantis won't be supplying Revell decals for the Mooneyes dragster?
  3. Now I have a parts question. What were the front tires that were used on the first issue of the AMT Double Dragster? My guess is either the original Trophy Series tires or the Firestone Supremes used on the '60s annuals. I think the tires in the most recent issue are way too wide.
  4. Number 5 is a scoop from a Revell VW Bug, but it is meant to be used on the roof. The other scoops are paired up and replace the rear side windows.
  5. The only 1/24-25 El Caminos of that body style were the MPC in 1/25 and Monogram in 1/24. Revell Germany owns Monogram.
  6. Two of Steve's builds are on pages 30 and 31 of the SA Contest Cars 2020.
  7. The Brabham/Matra, Ferrari P4/Porsche907, and Renault Alpine/Gordini kits were Heller kits sold in AMT boxes. Some of them have been reissued as solo kits by both Heller and Union.
  8. I remember your stuff pictured above. Very nice. The 2021 show has been cancelled by Santa Clara County. I haven't heard about 2022 yet, as I'm sure the Bay Area guys have not heard from the County. We will just have to wait and see.
  9. Those tires were in the original issue of the Willard Battery Indy Roadster and also in the Bonneville-only issue of the '53 Studebaker (orange car on the box). At some time they were replaced by a two piece version. The two piece and solid ones might have also appeared in other kits that I don't know of.
  10. Hello John! I see one of your photos is from NNL West. I have been on the staff since 1990 and my job is to show vendors to their tables before the show opens. I'm one of the guys walking around with a cane and I often stash my stuff behind the registration table. Did you know Randy and Cassie Vandraiss from San Jose?
  11. Randy, Stan, and Steve were all friends of mine. I have gone to every NNL West and have been involved with putting it on since 1990. A huge loss to the Bay Area modelling community.
  12. I would guess that less than 5% of the cars ever made were issued, so this could be a LOOOONG thread. In the mid 1980s, I was photographing the cars at the Goodguys show in Pleasanton, and a man about 30 years older than me said he had seen me at the model display. He asked me if they made a model of a 1948 Hudson 4 door with the lay down seats. I told his that I read the model companies needed to sell 100,000 kits (at that time) in order to break even. He said they didn't make that many of the real car, but that HE would buy one. He got a bit mad when I told him that he just needed to line up 99,999 more kit sales.
  13. I always thought a metal body model of a Corvette was hilarious.
  14. I read somewhere that the flower power boxes were meant to be put under a "black light". Can anyone confirm this?
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