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  1. Sometimes I hate Hobby Lobby

    I use the coupon on my phone because I don't get the newspaper, so once it is scanned I can't use it until the next day. Besides, I was just pointing out the options for the use of the 20% off sale, not discussing various tactics for using the 40% off coupon. As many have observed, all Hobby Lobby stores do not operate the same way. My store will not charge full price and the 40% off coupon on a sale item, for example.
  2. Sometimes I hate Hobby Lobby

    Tom, you sort of touched on the reason that I didn't mention- time. Besides the time standing in line, it takes me about 40 minutes to do a round trip to HL and it takes about $2.50 in gas ( I live in CA). Also, using a coupon three times means three trips to HL. Even if I go there when we are running errands, the HL is not close to our other shopping locations.
  3. Sometimes I hate Hobby Lobby

    One thing needs to be said. If you buy 3 or more kits that are the same price, the 20% off is cheaper. If one kit is more expensive than the others, the 20% off is better when the cheaper kits add up to more than the most expensive one. if the kits are the same price, there is no difference when you buy 2 kits at 20% or 1 kit at 40% and 1 kit at full price.
  4. 57 T-Bird "BattleBird" "update 12-25-injectors"

    Looks good, my friend!
  5. 1/25 AMT '34 Ford Pickup

    Consider yourself surprised, Casey! Why have all of the vintage decals & stuff if you can't replicate the OI box art?
  6. more Art from Bob Paeth!

    There are three good guys in that photo, in my humble opinion.
  7. AMT and MPC Please Put Out Significant Kits

    That's kind of like saying that there's no more GMC, Cadillac, Chevrolet or Buick because they are all under General Motors. Yes, the companies ceased to be independent and are no longer owned by the founders, but remember that the ORIGINAL Ford company prior to 1903 changed its name to Cadillac before being merged into the newly created General Motors.
  8. A guy who called Pearson "a friend' posted it a few minutes ago.Another great one is lost.
  9. Sadly, Dave's house was destroyed in the 1989 Loma Prieta (San Francisco) earthquake. I herd that he lost everything, so it is possible tht these models no longer exist.
  10. WOW! Pics from more than 4 weeks in the future! Congratulations on the trophies and the functioning time machine! LOL
  11. Piranha Drag Team

    I think Garlits and the crew have the ability to do the job correctly, but as my brother in law said after visiting the museum, "They don't exactly appreciate historical accuracy. To them they're just old race cars". I think that if it is supposed to be THE Drag Racing Museum and it goes to the trouble to obtain the original cars, there is a disservice being done to the history of the sport if incorrect "restorations" are done. If the cars aren't restored authentically, why not sell them to somebody who will do it right and use the money to build cars "inspired" by the originals?
  12. Piranha Drag Team

    I would take the pics from the Garlits Museum with a grain of salt. Not that they didn't get the paint job correct-there is no fogging at the bottom of the body. I don't think they were TOO historically accurate with the restoration.
  13. 2 Chevys with the tops cut off

    It looks like someone was going to make a phantom "64 Bubble top with a top switch. Cool idea. Perhaps you could put the bubble top on the '64, and use the '62 chassis under the '64. That might have bee the guy's plan all along.
  14. Porsche 907 engine color question

    Most of the parts you are asking about are unpainted fiberglass. While I haven't seen a 907 engine, I have seen 910, 904/6 and 908 engines at the Monterey Historic Races. The fiberglass that Porsche used on the injectors, fan shroud, and fan are a translucent tan-kind of like coffee with a lot of cream in it.
  15. Diabetic neuropathy relief

    Bob, I have Type 2 also, and my podiatrist told me to put lotion on my feet every day. The lotion keeps the skin soft and prevents chaffing from occurring. The cracks from chaffing are what get infected.