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  1. Lifetime subscription

    Guys, I have known Gregg for a couple of years longer than he brought out the magazine. He is an honest honorable guy. He has said numerous times that your subscriptions will be honored. If you have 5 issues left, you will get 5 issues. Maybe this will get all of your attentions. KNOCK OFF THE GRIPING ABOUT YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS !!!!!!!! YOU WILL GET THEM !!!!
  2. Lifetime subscription

    Has there been n announcement for those of us NOT signed up for Paypal?
  3. I never had the Brabham - Matra kit, but I think one was F2 nd the other F3, not Formula 1 cars.
  4. Must be fake.

    There was a post somewhere about that . It was taken by a diver in a shark cage. It is real.
  5. GSL- any body got some pictures to post yet?

    There are a number of groups of pictures on Facebook. Steve Hinson, Roy Sorenson, and another (I forget the name) have posted so far.
  6. May 2019 Round 2

    I thought the Dyno Don Comet was the same as the Model King kit. That would make it a '67 with a non-stock grille.
  7. Iconic cars not kitted

    How about a Ferrari 250 Lusso or Cobra Daytona ?
  8. LONG.Long Long Long shot I'm looking for this ?

    Would be the same engine in the Fire Fighter Mustang II?
  9. There is more to the road race Piranha than that, The Man From UNCLE car had a one-of-a-kind nose and tail. All other Piranhas were more like the drag car.
  10. I have developed a couple of medical issues that will keep me home this time. Nothing life threatening, but I can't bend my knee to get into either a car, bus, or airplane.
  11. R2 April 2019

    I zip through it with the sound off. "the cool stuff about this is..uh.. .let me read the box to you because I don't know anything about it".
  12. That's not Jungle Pam

    Barb Roufs has been deceased for about 30 years. RIP.
  13. Pics of your Showrods anyone?

    Too funny!
  14. Boy, is this guy going to take a bath soon!

    Before Round 2 can reissue the Tow'd, they have to realize tht the engine and gearbox are in the Depth Charger and its sister kits.
  15. Sometimes I hate Hobby Lobby

    I use the coupon on my phone because I don't get the newspaper, so once it is scanned I can't use it until the next day. Besides, I was just pointing out the options for the use of the 20% off sale, not discussing various tactics for using the 40% off coupon. As many have observed, all Hobby Lobby stores do not operate the same way. My store will not charge full price and the 40% off coupon on a sale item, for example.