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  1. There was a segment where a GM guy told Jay Leno that the purpose of wraps like that is to throw off the autofocus of the spy photographers. As you can tell, it works REALLY well, doesn't it? LOL.
  2. It might be the interior floor from the Phantom Vicky.
  3. The real question is have they fixed the leakage trouble?
  4. It was posted on one of the threads here tht it will be reissued as the "Surf Wagon" with a new roof rack & surf boards, but I can't seem to find the listing, so I don' how soon it's coming.
  5. The humorous tone of the model belies the fact that the guards were brought from Russia so they would have no second thoughts about shooting any defectors who entered the "kill zone". My wife's cousin, who was born in East Berlin the year the first wall went up, is terrified of dogs to this day because the guards would turn their guns and attack dogs toward him every morning and evening as he drove his Trabant to and from work.
  6. I wonder how it felt to "land" in one of those flying boats. I imagine it could be pretty rough in some of the smaller ones.
  7. Gerry, the Villa Riviera also has the nose and tail extended, plus the hood is extended in the center. There was an old magazine called "Super Customs and Hot Rods" that mentioned the amounts of extension. I remember that they were different, and somewhere in the 10 to 12 inch range. When I did mine that was in the Oakland Roadster Show diorama, I used two kits.
  8. Hiway, yu showed a picture od the Bruce Larson Vega Pro Stock that has been promised foryears. The listing says that it is a funny car and doesn't mention a driver or sponsor.
  9. I wonder it the new Vega FC might have begun as an MPC tool, such as the Barry Setzer car?
  10. Lee Iacocca had two big failures at Ford before he hit a home run with the Mustang. For 1956, he was instrumental at convincing Ford to emphasize safety (seat belts, padded dashes, and deep dish steering wheels) rather than performance. Chevrolet killed Ford with their "Hot Ones' advertising campaign. Then he pushed the use of marketing research to show how great the Edsel would sell. Unfortunately, the use of Statistics and polling was in it's infancy, and the Ford researchers didn't realize how many of the people who were being samples were saying what they thought Ford wanted to hear rather than what they really thought of the cars they were being shown. Granted, there were other factors to Edsel's failure, such as the nations first post WWII recession, but as far as Ford was concerned it was Strike2 for the hot young executive. In 1962, marketing research techniques were much improved, and Iacocca once again suggesting using previews of the new Cougar (it was renamed Mustang before going into production). Ford still distrusted the marketing research to the point that in 1963 the company took a preproduction Mustang convertible and had it chopped and customized, named it the Mustang II and sent it to several auto shows and racing events. The public's and media's reaction was so positive that Ford execs began to believe Iacocca's marketing data and gave the Mustang the go ahead. But the execs made it VERY clear that it was Iacocca's LAST chance. So you see, Iacocca had a LOT to do with the Edsel.
  11. Don't forget his biggest failure...the 1958 Edsel. There are lots of them for 8 bucks at Hobby Lobby
  12. Mam that Dh88 is pretty. And I really appreciate you guys putting in the identifications. Actually, I was surprised by how many I did know. Keep them coming!
  13. Pryor still lives in the Santa Rosa Area, and I saw him at the Western Nationals. I don't have his contact info, but I'd bet Roy Sorenson or the GSL guys will.
  14. For those of us aircraft ignorant, could you guys please identify these? Especially that red twin engine? Thanks guys.
  15. For those of us aircraft ignorant, could you guys please identify these? Especially that red twin engine?
  16. Does this mean that the NASCAR Chevy teams will have to change their noses and tail panels to Corvettes or SUVs?
  17. I suppose the Vega Funny Car will have Coke Sponsorship. Well....SOMEBODY had to say it!
  18. "When you see a better car, buy it." I did. It was called a Honda Prelude.
  19. Just was at our store this morning. Nothing on sale.
  20. I guess people have forgotten the Golden Rule.
  21. Chuck, I don't think that there is a rational explanation for either viewpoint, since it is a matter of personal preference. Mark Gustafson and Hank Borger went round and round on this in Scale Auto Enthusiast about 40 years ago. The builder that does a nice paint job on the body and paints the rest black will have one opinion, while the person concerned with the firing order on the distributor will have another. If they are both enjoying their own builds, then they shouldn't have to agree.
  22. Beautiful. Where did the 908LH body come from, and what scale is it?
  23. The "new" Dukes of Hazzard snap kit and the three shop dioramas are all new tools from Round 2. Just sayin'.
  24. In case you are wondering, yes I am better at taking paint off than putting it on, LOL.
  25. I have had good luck with Tamiya and Testors lacquers by soaking the parts in 99% alcohol that I buy at the Target pharmacy section. A pint is about a dollar and I have a few bottles, since I need to add some new alcohol every few uses. It also strips acrylics and pre painted models. I've heard that 90% alcohol also works. Also, my Purple Power is about 5 years old and has been used straight from the jug. I also add some fresh when it weakens or gets low. It works much better when the temperature is in the 80s or more as opposed to 60s or less. I strip unknown paint in the order of cost. I try alcohol first, then Purple Power, and lastly Scale Coat. Scale Coat is great, but last time I bought it -2 years ago- it was over $8 a pint.
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