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  1. I like all the extra details, Mountain Bike, Wench, Roof Rack, and the License Plate Frame.
  2. 67 Mercury Cyclone

    Looks nice. These were great kits. Now that Round 2 is offering the '66 Fairlane maybe they'll also do the Mercury.
  3. Mobile Starting Gate

    This is really something special. Beyond the paint and interior finishes, the making of the swing gates is perfect. I remember see this type of vehicle used at the Arlington Race Track out side of Chicago when I was growing up.
  4. Anyone for 'T'?

    Very nicely engineered. I hope the driver doesn't smoke. You built it with the parts you had laying around much like someone would have years ago. I like how you detailed the engine. I remember distributor conversions for the early flat Heads like you used.
  5. Green Inferno '53 Hudson Hornet

    I really liked how you modernized this Hudson, especially the grill and hood scope. The engine looks like it belongs there. Nice paint and the chrome trim is nice and crisp.
  6. What did you see on the road today?

    I remember seeing a few of these in commercial use years ago. One was an auto parts delivery.
  7. What did you see on the road today?

    I wonder how long the salesmen who were involved in the demos have worked for their dealerships, not counting today.
  8. Rest In Peace Aretha Franklin

    An amazing person, an amazing talent . The world is a better place for having had her in it. Her beautiful songs are often playing in my head.
  9. dremels

    I have tried the Stand that kitbash1 suggested and while it works well mine now serves as a hanger for my air brush. Not sure of your lighting situation, but I use a large magnifying / light that clamps on the corner of my work bench. The base has an electrical outlet and that is where my Dremel is plugged in. The Dremel has a metal loop on the end where the electrical cord meets the motor. My Dremel cord has a raised notched affair on the plug and the loop fits perfectly. It is as if they designed it for this purpose.
  10. What did you see on the road today?

    I hope he had Stated Value Insurance, otherwise this will truly be a write off.
  11. hobby lobby

    Hobby Lobby's owner chose to close all of his stores based on his personal religious beliefs. I remember reading that his feeling was that his employees should have the day to observe their beliefs also and so he closed his stores on Sunday. Virtually my entire working life was spent in retail and that meant that you almost never got a weekend off unless you were looking for a job. So I applaud any employer who places the well being of his employees before what little additional income he might realize with the workers toiling day in and day out and miss out on family weekends and the ability to go to their place of worship if that is what they want to do on Sunday. Not going to Hobby Lobby on Sunday hasn't changed my life one bit, but I would bet it has meant a great deal to his employees.
  12. Very realistic looking ageing. I would like to know how you got the cracked paint finish on the tops of the rear fenders and bed rails. Many years sitting in the Sun works on the 1:1's but hard to do in scale.
  13. BUCKY'S Meyers Manx

    Great looking Manx build. The paint treatment really makes it stand out.
  14. Jim Jard's 1955 "Bird of Prey" T-Bird

    Very well done. Matches the 1:1 perfectly.
  15. AMT 57 Ford started

    Interesting project. I see what you mean about the Carburetors being out of scale. Maybe you could use Carbs from another kit. You mentioned altering the ride height or stance by raising the rear. You may want to consider lowering the front to get the stance the way you want. This kit like most has a rather high ride height anyway, and raising the rear suspension only would make that worse. I have not seen those Distributers before and I would like to get some, I'll checkout their web site.