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  1. Like the original looking body and wood finishes.
  2. A lot of different design elements in the body and trim. Like the rear fender flares. The interior design looks good, and the engine details are really well done.
  3. Beautiful looking old Caddy. Like the lighting effects reflecting on the body lines and the dark clouds overhead.
  4. Got the final coat of Tamiya gloss white and clear. A light polish and a little chrome foil trim. Wheels and tires are done. Time to put the interior in place and put it on the chassis. I have tinted the windows and adding chrome foil to the moldings on the windows.
  5. Beautiful looking color and finish. The chrome trim is all cleanly done.
  6. Remember reading an article in either Hot Rod or Motor Trend about a cottage company that was putting LS2 engines in Solstice for fun and profit. Could this be one?
  7. Not able to get a picture since I was going west on a four-lane divided HI way in a construction zone and Kansas finest had someone pulled over in the east bond lanes. What caught my eye was the squad car was a Dodge Challenger with a blue colored body and a silver roof and rear deck lid. Till now I have only seen the KHP using mostly Dodge Chargers in either black or white and Dodge SUV's in black. The paint job reminds me of a KHP Charger I saw at a Quick Trip gas station last year with the same paint job. The driver was taking a break with another officer in a black Charger and the unusual paint job is what I noticed. Maybe that Kansas is either changing their color scheme or the new colors may denote some other special type of service. So, if you're pushing the speed limit in Kansas, I suggest that if you see a blue Challenger, hood scoop and all, coming up on you from behind, just know they may be there to ruin your day.
  8. Great looking paint finish and the body trim is all cleanly done.
  9. Great looking paint finish and like the bright green color. Good engine detailing. Like the wheels and tires.
  10. Great looking paint color and finish. The flame decals look good. Like the stance and the way, the wheel and tires tuck up under the fenders.
  11. Great looking Ford, and I think it looks better without the stripes. The trim and interior are really clean looking, and I like the stance.
  12. Plus, the suspension is what used to be called "under slung" since the axle and the frame are mounted under the leaf springs.
  13. I think you nailed the look. Sun baked all summer and left out in the one or two winter rain storms. Left to sit out for a few years and this is what you get. Like the way you did the seats and the rubber floor mat.
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