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  1. Your changes to the wheels look great. The correction of the roof is very noticeable after viewing it side by side with the before picture. Now I have to do that on the up coming Camaro build as I now can no longer stand the look of the body as it comes out of the box.
  2. That is a very hard to find kit.
  3. Your floor covering is very realistic looking.
  4. These adds are like the "Snake Oil Salesmen" of old. They try and sell you a drug for a sickness you didn't even know you had. The Insurance adds are truly false advertising but they pay their co-conspirators well. My feeling is that one of the reasons our insurance coverage is so expensive is the advertising expenses. Last year with a big increase in our Home & Auto. Insurance I shopped around with the different companies that promise to save us hundreds. Not only were the companies I checked with in a Big Mac of the old policy they somehow knew what our premiums were now. The inquires to the credit bureaus also meant our credit score was effected and we have had no credit issues and no claims. Now they want to prorate any claims for roof damage since our "40 year roof" is now 15 years old. They aren't adjusting the premiums except going up, and only reducing the protection. Now these same advertisers will not let us read our Forum in peace. Do I sound upset yet.
  5. I have used Tamiya Putty white and been pleased with the results. Easily sanded when smoothing the area afterwards.
  6. If the chassis mounting pins are going to be visible the Brass or paper clip ideas might work best. Should this be only for strength and not be seen often just a portion of a staple from a normal desk top stapler might serve the same purpose and they can easily be bent a little if need be to align the mounting.
  7. Land Yachts you say. Round 2 has reissued an old MPC kit of the '70 Pontiac Bonneville that has several build options. The kit represents a Convertible with the option of being built as a pickup. The chassis is the old metal axel thru the engine style that can easily be changed. A Hard Top could be barrowed from kit if need be. This was a large car, and the kit is a long full size car so this may be a thought and the complete kit can be had for less than a Resin Body alone.
  8. The mark on the door looks more like it was exposed to some sort of heat. I'm sure you inspected the body when you opened the kit and this would have been noticed. just my thought, but it looks to me as if the body came out of the mold before it should have been or was exposed to a heat source and was rubbing on something. I guess paint damage is possible but I think the damage would appear differently. This shouldn't be to hard to repair. I like how your color on the chassis turned out.
  9. espo


    I had a friend in SoCal that went to work for the SP and was training to be an engineer. He said they had a couple of instances where they "Kissed the Train". I.E. they would jump in front of the train. He said he was warned about it but there was no way to avoid it so he was told to bring the Train to a safe stop and not lock the wheels. Makes me sad that anyone would ever want to do that.
  10. Sounds like some quality sanding time. That is a bummer. I like the seat colors also. The reason I mentioned Cows instead of Pigs is that the Cow's offer better coverage and more interesting splatter patterns.
  11. The reason I asked was that it is something I have thought about buy never have gotten to. I was thinking that I could graft the frame and or suspension front and rear so that I wouldn't have to destroy the appearance of the C1. The tread width may have to be narrowed some.
  12. Ya, I saw this pop up and had wondered also. This was off to a great start.
  13. espo

    62 Comet

    Great looking Comet. I like the little extra paint touches on the side of the body.
  14. As everyone else has commented, The paint is outstanding. I like the wheels also, I might have put just a little less camber on the front but that is the style. You should be very proud of how this turned out.
  15. Beautiful looking build. Looks like it is on the new car showroom floor.
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