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  1. Master cylinder fittings

    Another off the wall place to look for small fittings like this is one of the Hobby Lobby/Michael's type stores that offer jewelry parts. I have found many odd shapes and sizes for next to nothing not to mention tools there.
  2. Partial to Monte Carlos too

    The first year model MCSS's were White with Blue interiors. Late in the model year and into '75 they added a Mt. Blue or White. For '76 they added a Dark Maroon and Black and I think the Blue went away or I don't recall seeing one. They added the Aero rear Window to make it legal for NASCAR and those were a hard sell at the time. They trunk opening was almost nonexistent and the fit and finish around the rear conversion left a bit to be desired. I agree that a good bright Red might have helped sell a few more.
  3. Madgnific: Monte-Carlo based custom wagon

    Beautiful looking build. Great concept, a Montemad. Looking at the rear and side windows, interested how and what you used there. I like how you created the tailgate.
  4. VW Bug 1303S and the Gooseneck trailer

    Very nice looking Type 1, I like the warmed over engine. The Trailer turned out great. I enjoyed watching all of the detailing you put into this.
  5. OOOO NOOOOO, That's me as a child, and things haven't changed much even today.
  6. Outstanding weathering and ageing on this build. Looks just like an old work truck in 1:1.
  7. Partial to Monte Carlos too

    Your correct, that is a Mustang. I'm surprised that I didn't notice that until after you pointed it out. I guess I was just looking at the colors. The Dash should have tipped me of also.
  8. 1968 charger rt

    Great looking stance and color. You may have learned a valuable lesson with the purchase of this built up kit. Just like in the 1:1 world the seller will often tell you what ever you want to hear just to get you to by what ever used object they are selling. At least you were able to make a very nice build out of what you got.
  9. 1932 Ford Chopped 4-Door Sedan Conversion

    Great job chopping the top, just like the 1:1 cars. You really should think about casting this one. I like the Artillery Wheels.
  10. Cats like boxes. Even big ones.

    Now that's funny.
  11. What Pleased You Today!

    Congratulations !!! The best part is you can spoil your grandchild and then give them back, and if you time it right you wont even have to change a diaper.
  12. Victoria Day Speedfest

    Thank you for the great pictures. Nice to see a Dodge back in race trim again.
  13. Dandy Dick Landy cars done!

    They look great. You can almost smell the Cigar smoke from here.
  14. Partial to Monte Carlos too

    Not a kit you see being done often anymore. The interior picture looks as if the hood in the background that you added stripes to the hood ? Like you I'm a Monte Carlo fan and previous owner. I had a super clean 1 owner '72 and a new '86 SS that I sold in 2001. Both provided perfect service with only standard maintenance and both saw 100k miles.