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  1. I remember this one now, I wondered what had happened to it. Beautiful paint finish and the color is very rich looking.
  2. Great idea for the rear window repair. I have a forty on the shelf that I built many years ago, so I'll be watching for inspiration to do something with it.
  3. I like the "Whisky hauler look". Sort of "Walk softly and carry a big stick" to quote a past President.
  4. My My how styles have changed with time. Now I liked the Hollies and their music. One does have to wonder though if their mothers knew where her blouses had been.
  5. Thankyou for the additional pictures. This looks really well done. Did you use the inside bed of an El Camino ?? I also enjoyed looking at your other photos. I like your varied build styles.
  6. I'll bet I can still spill it. I'm like a Cub Bear in a hammock sometimes.
  7. Beautiful looking Charger. In my opinion this was the best color they offered at that time it looks the best on the Charger body. Excellent chassis and engine detailing as well.
  8. Great looking collection of Impalas. I would like to see more of the El Camino conversion one.
  9. Love it. I like the way you modified the grill bar without the emblem. I don't think I have ever seen that done that way before. The front bumper without the "Dagmars" looks a lot cleaner also. These two mods clean up how the front end looks.
  10. I'll have to look for one of these. I'd like to do a model of our '19 Charger GT. I might have to do a little work on the front facial but nothing to radical and you have the correct deck lid spoiler for our model also. I can change the wheels and tires since ours are the 235/55x19's.
  11. As Rodent pointed out the step-side truck bodies with a two tone paint was with the roof only painted a different color from the factory. Dealers were free to do something special if the customer requested. The factory did offer a few striping options starting around the '76 model year and this was done in white with striping on the hood, front fenders and doors, with additional striping on the flat surface of the rear fenders. This was an option on the midline Scottsdale model. The Scottsdale included the Silverado seats and bucket seats were an option but with rubber floor covering. Carpet was an extra cost option. The instrument cluster face was done in black plastic like the basic Custom model. The Silverado and the earlier Chayanne Super were the only ones with the simulated wood grain dash finish. The fuel tank and the optional duel tanks were mounted out board of the frame rails and did hang low enough that they could be partially seen from some angles. As for lowering the suspension this was normally done with replacement spindles that would usually give you at least two inches of drop. Many would add shorter front springs for an additional inch or two. The rear would either have longer shackles for an inch or two lowering in the rear. To make it any lower required , and kits to do this are still available, mounting the rear differential on top of the rear springs instead of the factory mounting below the springs. This would require what was called a "C notch" in the frame for clearance for the differential. I wish I had pictures of a few of the trucks I had owned from that era to show you what it would look like but I think if you went into Google and request pictures of the era of truck you're wanting to build you would have many examples to look at.
  12. I have to agree with everyone else on the Mercury and the colors look perfect for the time period. I remember having an Oldsmobile toy with a friction motor and no interior in the same body style as your model. I removed the friction motor and flipped the metal chassis over to lower it and I must have repainted that thing a dozen times, it was my favorite at the time.
  13. I really like how you did the records. The setup with the picture, I'm guessing, of the band on the screen reminds me of a player that used to be in some "drinking establishments" that I may have visited long ago. What they had was a larger Juke Box with a TV type screen mounted on top. I think they used to call it a Scope a Tron or something like that. You would play a selection and it showed a music video of the artist that was playing. Great idea here, along with everything else you've done on this build.
  14. Super clean and shinny looking finishes.
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