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  1. I don't know about the wheel covers, they just look kind of Impala to me. I was unable to read the name badge, but looking at the length of the trim part it does look more like it would say Caprice rather than Impala. This is a design proposal and the reason I thought it might be an Impala was based on the roof line. Starting with the '66 year model Chevrolet had a different roof line than the Impala. That said Chevrolet offered the Impala as a Custom which gave an Impala a Caprice roof line. Maybe, just maybe, Chevrolet was considering doing the same on the Caprice model or just use one roof line for both models. That would have saved a lot of cost in my mind. This is the reason I enjoy this thread is seeing what all the possibilities could have been.
  2. They look like parts that might be from the Stacy David '32 Ford roadster.
  3. I question his lack of interest in her. I like real cars as much as anyone, but between the two I'm going with the bikini. At least this guy could do is offer the lady a towel or something other than the view of the back of his head. The advertising of that time always seemed to me like someone cutup a bunch of pictures and mixed them up like shuffling a deck of cards. Then they would line them up with the product they were promoting and non of it made any sense. This is just an example of what was being done at the time, and I'm just mocking they way it was done. Always good for a laugh if you think of the absurdity of the way the did it.
  4. espo

    1956 Chevy Bel Air

    Beautiful looking Chevy. As others have mentioned, the way you did the interior cloth finish is very accurate looking. The body proportions are off on this kit but with then paint work and trim detailing it looks very much like the real car.
  5. Great looking finish on this build. I commented earlier on the interior and I still think it is outstanding the way you did it. The roof rack is a different touch but does make this standout. I like how you did the carb. and air cleaner.
  6. Your build looks just as "bad" as the real thing. Like the color and the stance. Nicely detailed trim and interior.
  7. espo

    1971 Duster

    Great looking Duster. I followed your build and the interior and it's color are really nice also.
  8. Very nice clean looking build. I really like the color and the paint finish looks great.
  9. This looks like an almost production ready '67 Impala. I may be wrong but the area from just above the center of the rear wheel and the rear bumper seems just a little stretched to my eye. It could be the way the photo is taken.
  10. This has to be one of the most absurd picture advertising in GM history. Imagine the young man is out for a drive in his beautiful new Oldsmobile stops and backs his car up to the edge of the swamp, the day is cool enough that he's wearing a turtle neck. Then a beautiful young damsel in a bikini comes out of the water and he's more interested in his new car. Ya I always hated that when it happens.
  11. Do the frame which ever way looks best to you. A chrome frame would standout and even reflect any colors you might add to the under body. Painting the frame the color of the main part of the body color would blend in nicely also. It all boils down to how elaborate you want the undercarriage to be. Please keep us posted.
  12. I think like many builders I become distracted when a new idea pops into my head for a different model than the one I'm about 25 to 30 % done. That seems to be the time line on the ones I have set aside. I found at first this seemed to be triggered by having 2 or more projects going at the same time. I started limiting myself to one build at a time start to finish. Lately, this year anyway, I have one build that I got about 50 % done before I boxed it up. This one is a Corvair with an LS engine in the back seat. I went on to build a few all the way thru. Now I'm coming to a halt on the reissue AMT '60 Chevy pickup. This one is my version of a Cameo pickup prototype. I added all of the additional chrome trim and opened up the rear window and dressed up the interior. I'm at the point where I'm putting a "348" optional engine in it and I just feel like I've hit a wall. The interest just isn't there any longer. The box is starting to close on this one I'm afraid. I just want to build another Hot Rod or mild Kustom.
  13. I remember in the early '70's when a lot of guys were putting small blocks in their Vegas there was another guy running around town with a dark brown Pinto Hatchback with a hot 289 in it. That thing would fly. I'm thinking that's the way I'll build mine with a Cobra equipped small block Ford engine. It will not be brown .
  14. Beautiful looking Chevelle. I like how you did your stripes better than the Yenko stripes. The Rally Wheels look better than alloys on a build like this.
  15. On the OEM's the bottom of the front struts don't allow the front tires or spindle to be raised. If you shorten the top of the strut this would allow the front tire and suspension to move up and lower the front and just shorter rear springs for the independent rear suspension. Maybe that could help on the 1/24th ?
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