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  1. espo added a post in a topic Top gear   

    I watched the this episode only because of it being set on the Rubicon. I have just never gotten that excited about the US version. I wanted to see just how rough the Rubicon was. While difficult it didn't seem as terrifying as they made it out to be.  
  2. espo added a post in a topic Chevy Engine Red/Chevy Engine Orange   

    While I shared my personal experience with the engine color thing, it may well have to do with what plant and when the engine was built. My experiences are while living in southern California and most of the vehicles were either built in South Gate, Van Neys, San Jose and Arlington Texas. While not a small block , I remember a friend that had a '58 Impala with the 348 engine and it was the red color from the '50's small blocks. I was working at a Chevrolet dealership in '74 in Santa Maria Ca. when first '75 Nova's arrived and they had the blue 350 4bl carb. motors at that time.  I think the whole deal with the Corporate  Blue engines came about because GM had put Chevrolet engines in some Oldsmobile and Buick vehicles so that they could meet government smog standards. The owners raised a stink and sued GM. The sticking point was that GM had not disclosed the Chevrolet engine and the attorneys took it from there.  If any of you have been in or around the car business then you know nothing is set in stone as they say.    
  3. espo added a post in a topic Custom Corvair   

    How and where are you going to put the radiator ? or are you going to stay with the stock engine ?
  4. espo added a post in a topic 1957 Ford Del Rio Ranch Wagon   

    Your wagon looks dead on, gold inset aside. I have owned two different '57 Fords years ago and the were every bit as nice as the '57 Chevrolet that I also had.
  5. espo added a post in a topic Custom Corvair   

    This looks like a really great build. A real shame about the first paint job. You mentioned that you changed the front end and in one picture you can see just the edge of the front, so what have you done there ?
  6. espo added a post in a topic New high-end Rodding E-Zine   

    Thank you for the information, will have to check this out.
  7. espo added a post in a topic Chevy Engine Red/Chevy Engine Orange   

    I believe the color transition came about with the '58 model year products. My reasoning comes from ( yes I'm old enough) looking under the hoods of brand new '57 Chevrolets before they were delivered to customers. I owned a '57 Chevrolet when it was considered a late model car and was purchased from the original owner. The engine was the darker red color and had never been touched. About this same time a very good friend of mine received his parents '58 Chevrolet Impala as they were buying a new car. He had the 283 engine and it was the red/orange color and had also never been changed in anyway before he got it. This leads me to believe that that is the time of the color change. While it was at a later time I purchased a new '66 Impala SS with a 396 and 4-speed and the engine was the same color as my friends '58 Impala. All of the engines in Chevrolets that I bought new after that time were the same color until the last being a '74 Chevrolet 1/2 ton with a 454 engine. Some time around '75 Chevrolet went to the GM Corporate Blue color and then all engines were painted black after a time. I hope this helps.
  8. espo added a post in a topic Moebius Belvedere   

    Well I tried to contact Moebius on their web sites "customer service". I think there is a problem with my server and it would not let me send. That's when I called direct. The unidentified man I spoke to knew of the problem and said I would just have to scribe the panel lines and said that I should just let the frame reshape the body. I mentioned the Ventura that I was finishing and its badly warped frame. The warped frame didn't get straight by mounting it to the interior floor and it rocks a little after mounting the suspension and tires. So so much for that idea. I feel that when dealing with Moebius in the future it will be a buyer beware type deal. I may be criticized for what I'm about to put forward, but it is what I feel. I have built and enjoyed the Hudsons and could not have been happier with how they turned out. I have done the Chryslers and it was more of the same. When I saw the Ventura came out I was a very "happy camper" since this was something I personally have wanted for years. I over looked the faint body side moldings and even tried to work with the warped frame. Then the Satellite came out. I did a cursory inspection and thought I could deal with the panel lines but didn't even check to see if the body would sit flay since this has never happened with any of there other products. Then the Belveder I shows up and this just happens to be the type of vehicle that hits my personal "hot button". After looking inside I couldn't help but notice that the panel lines were just not acceptable. After seeing other here mention the warp body I checked, and sure enough it was warped that made me go back and check the Satellite and it is also warped. The stance I got from Moebius was that I just had to deal with it. I always do the panel lines on a build anyway but the Belvedere has to be turned just right under a light with a magnifying glass to find the panel lines. Let me say that it is my opinion that Moebius should be praised for their engineering of frame and interior design, and most certainly for offering some truly great subjects to build. Up to this point I have gladly paid the premium selling price and feel that I have gotten my monies worth. But based upon the two latest purchases and their lack of interest in making it right I will wait and see what others here find in the box before I purchase another one of their products.   As I said buyer beware.      
  9. espo added a post in a topic Johan 69 SC/Rambler kit GC-2500   

    I think I agree with the "B" paint scheme,. 
  10. espo added a post in a topic 41, Lincoln Continental Custom   

    Looking good. Don't forget to save the hump, you just never know when you may need something like that in the future.
  11. espo added a post in a topic Moebius Belvedere   

    I just got the Belvedere I yesterday and the body is warped also. This made me look at the Satellite that I was getting ready to build. The body is also warped and the door seems are just about as bad as the Belvedere.  
  12. espo added a post in a topic '69 Yenko Camaro   

    Just the way a Camaro is supposed to look. Your outdoor pictures make the Black Mt. look almost like a very dark Gray. That would have made a great OEM color but styles were different then.  
  13. espo added a post in a topic 1957 Ford's - 7 Different Versions   

    They are all beautiful builds and accurately depict the OEM paint schemes.   
  14. espo added a post in a topic Citroen Mehari   

    Are you going to build as "out of box" or do you have bigger plans for this ? On Wheeler Dealer on Velocity TV they redid a Citroen van that looks very similar to this. I understand that these are very popular in parts of Europe at this time.  
  15. espo added a post in a topic 41, Lincoln Continental Custom   

    I can understand your wanting to change the boot or trunk on this, but it was one of the original design elements when new. The only big problem I can see is the transition between the trunk area and the base of the roof or convertible top. It would seem that who ever had this kit before was going to modify it with the extra parts you mentioned. There was someone else here modifying this same area and if you can find their post you might learn from the problems they may have had. I will be interested to see what you come up with  on for this build.