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  1. You should have left them a note saying your sorry you missed them but, and here is were you insert the name of another Donut Shop near by, They were able to get you how ever many dozen donuts sounds good to you to make them feel bad.
  2. espo

    '39 Ford 3-W

    I like the '50's style custom. The body work is seamless and all of the body lines flow smoothly. Great paint work. I also like how you resisted going wild with the channel and chop.
  3. I like the colors you used and the way you detailed the under carriage. If you were to look up "sleeper" in the dictionary this would be the picture they would show.
  4. Great looking Olds. These were the factory Hot Rods of their day.
  5. I just use a couple of drops of clear and it will close unless you're doing a very close inspection.
  6. I thought Dale was flying with his wife and daughter and their dog plus the piolet and co-piolet, at least that is what the local news was saying the next day.
  7. We had a next door neighbor couple who were on vacation in Seattle when it happened. They shared a rental car with another couple from Chicago and drove it home after dropping them off there. For the longest time we would see license plates from everywhere on rental cars for at least another year afterwards.
  8. I like the well used appearance. Very nicely built.
  9. I'll bet it was a stolen car. This poor old Caddy looks like it ran into something at about 20 MPH with it's 10 MPH Bumpers.
  10. Always try to keep a smile on your face and show others respect, especially strangers, and pretty soon at the end of the day you might be surprised at just how good you'll feel.
  11. Like so many others I well remember what and where I was at the time. I was at work and happened to be passing thru the customer lounge and saw the TV sometime after the first plan hit. I was transfixed watching the TV when the second plan hit. Hard to describe what I felt inside, but anger would be a polite word. I called my wife at work and told her to go fill her car with gas as I was about to do the same not knowing what was to come next I thought it was best to stay a mobile as possible. This and the assassination of President Kennedy are events I will always remember. When I here someone speak of the Twin Towers attack in a manor that minimizes the event I have to question their loyalties in life.
  12. Interesting build style. I like the spoiler/trunk mods.
  13. This a beautiful looking build of a model not often seen. Great looking paint and trim finish and the interior looks just like OEM. I also like the way you detailed the interior. I built on back when they were first issued by JoHan and needless to say it never looked anything close to this. I left it on my then work bench when called to dinner by my mother. I also left a wood burning tool that I was using plugged in on the bench beside the De Soto. I wish now that I had saved it since building models of cars that have been in an accident has become popular.
  14. I have always enjoyed watching this type of machine in racing so this build looks like a lot of fun. As for your 1:1 all I can say is wow. Now you have to build a copy of that unless you already have.
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