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  1. What Irked You Today?

    I have seen guys reach across the bar and grab the bartenders tips that customers have left. This is supposed to be a nice family restaurant and bar. I don't even carry any paper money in my wallet anymore.
  2. What Pleased You Today!

    I have been watching that also. The thing that I'm noticing is that some of the prices on certain cars are much higher than Mecum and others are about the same. Some just seem to defy reason. Now if I could just win the Mega Million I could catch a flight in the morning.
  3. 48 ford

    Nice looking paint, lots of metallic in it. I like the big Ford Cammer engine also. The wheels might be a little oversized but that depends on your own personal likes, this is your build after all.
  4. I think one of the reasons the front fender seems off to you is that the shape of the grill is not finalized at this point and the picture shows an "egg create" grill pattern more like the '55 passenger car than the final grill with the larger and wider spacing. The front bumper is also different and that can sometimes make everything around it seem different also. The Panel truck in the picture looks like the commercial truck that was offered with no windows. Chevrolet used moldings stamped in the body panel to define the area plus add strength and cut down on the booming effect as the body panel flexed when being driven. This area was designed to also be used to display company signage and was even offered in a contrasting color for an additional cost. This same area would receive windows on the Suburban models. I always enjoy looking at these old styling proposals and wonder if some of the styling ques might not have been better than what finally went into production.
  5. Revell 58 Corvette

    Your new color reminds me of the Chevrolet color called Fawn Beige that was very popular in the early '60's. This should look good with the White Cove or even a lighter or darker shade of the same body color you have now. The '58 Corvette in the picture looks great and you could also do a flip of those colors painting the Cove a darker shade. This is a great kit and I look forward to seeing what all you do with this build.
  6. A tip on your new top and rear window. This is a job you may want to do in the spring or when the ambient temperature starts to warm. The top material will loosen up in the warmer temps and be much easier to work with. Also if it is done now even in a semi heated garage in the spring and summer months the material will "relax" and you could find yourself with a floppy top. It has been many many years since I have owned a convertible and I'm sure advancements have been made in the materials used, but physics is physics and expansion is still expansion. Just some food for thought as they used to say. Good luck with your car.
  7. '58 Impala

    Beautiful looking build. Your exterior and interior colors look perfect, it's 1958 all over again. Sure miss the bright colors of long ago.
  8. 1958 Plymouth Custom Suburban wagon

    Very real looking build. I like how you created the seat materials to match the 1:1.
  9. '64 Pontiac GTO

    The thing to remember about this kit is that it was designed many years ago and it reflects kit designs of the day. The instructions also show how to make it a hardtop by removing the B pillar and some of the side window moldings if that is a consideration.
  10. This looks remarkably close to a production '55 Cameo pickup. They may have been considering a Unibody design for the cab and the bed. The production trucks were all had separate cabs and to my knowledge Ford was the only manufacture to offer a Unibody pickup. Looking at the styling model in the picture and then look at the production '53 pickup and you can see just how far General Motors advanced it's styling.
  11. Really neat looking build. I like how the color, flames, wheels and tires all go together. Great looking seat.
  12. I always enjoy how you distress your builds, and the Ranger is no different. I have to ask which came first the story or the build ? This reminds me of all the old trucks I have seen in the past on the highway. Sometimes you just wonder how they got that way and how are still running.
  13. Boat Engines for AFX's inquiry

    In the late seventies and early eighties I used to go to Ming Lake in Bakersfield Ca. Always enjoyed the Boat Drags there.
  14. 1957 Dodge Coronet 4 dr. ht. Texan

    Beautiful conversion to a more door. This build looks like it should be on the showroom floor at a dealership.
  15. 1951 Chevy for my dad

    Fine thing you have done for your father. Wish him well soon.