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  1. Beautiful looking build. Great paint and the trim is all cleanly done. I'll bet the interior is just as nice.
  2. Life is on hold

    So glad to hear of your sons progress. Whish him a speedy recovery.
  3. Weird cars Post em here.

    The white Mustang must belong to an over the road trucker ?
  4. Pot stocks

    Without knowing for sure, the lines may have been ex "heads" that hadn't inhaled in years and now that it's legal they're thinking why not.
  5. My own Blues mobile

    One of the Peterson publications ran an article over several months where one of the editors had bought an ex sheriffs Ford in California. They followed his modifications and the lowering of the car over several months. We got a new '10 Charger RT in a dark gray color when the Kansas Highway Patrol was using similar looking Chargers. When driving much over 70 mph on the freeway it was like the parting of the sea as everyone scrambled to get out of our way back then. Very funny at first. Since they all use the later model Chargers in white now it just doesn't happen anymore. Sure was fun while it lasted.
  6. Titanic bouncy toy

    I love that when they say something is based on a true story. The original participants often can't agree on what was true and what was not in any story. So just think about what Hollyweird will come up with.
  7. On the issue of rollers or sliders, The rollers would work well if the trailer could not be submerged enough to get under the hull for loading and unloading of the boat. The draw back to the rollers was rapid deterioration and pressure on small parts of the haul. The two boat/trailer combinations that I have owned were both the slider style and this spread the support of the haul over a much wider area and these were Fiberglass hauls so that was very important. I built one of the Hemi Hydro kits last year and the kit represents a combination of the two styles. Assembly is a little fussy and the mounting points for the rollers are very iffy to say the least. The kit provided parts for a hand cranked pully assist for loading the boat. The scale is off, but if you think about it it would be very hard to replicate the 1:1 in 1/25th scale anyway.
  8. 1957 "Ch-emi" Nomad

    Great looking weathering on this.
  9. 1/25 Tribute Hot Wheels Custom Camaro

    I have to agree with everyone else, you got the Hot Wheels theme perfectly. You should send a picture to them of your build.
  10. 68 Mustang 2+0 Short Wheelbase

    I followed your build and I think that is the only way someone can appreciate what all you did with this basic kit. In addition to all the major body modifications the finish is very cleanly detailed and a beautiful paint job.
  11. 1932 Ford Coupe

    Beautiful clean looking build. I like the "candy stripe" interior and the body color and finish is great looking also.
  12. 47 Chevy

    The gauges look so real, amazing.
  13. Tired of your normal build subjects?

    While you have to admirer the builders ability to blend all of the different styling elements together in a somewhat smooth transition, that still doesn't mean that you should.
  14. The Studebaker and Hudson trucks are arguably the most handsome looking trucks of their time being based on their passenger car siblings. The trunk conversion that ChuckyG1 shared was offered thru many dealers during that time frame. I have no idea of the distribution details, but a very similar universal "Kit" was offered to convert the trunk in a coupe into a small pickup bed. By the very nature of this conversion I think it would be safe to say most of those were used up and worked to death. Any or all of these trucks would make a great kit. AMT used of offer their '40 Willys coupe/pick up drag kit that could easily be built as a basic pick up.