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  1. 1966 Falcon Gasser

    You have done wonders restoring this. The front ride height seems a little high, but that all depends on what you're looking for there. The paint shouldn't be hard to replicate with only the decals being an issue. There are plenty of generic decal options out there if it doesn't have to be 100% like the box image.
  2. I have seen other builders create an engine plate in some of their builds. What they had was a thin plate that would attach to the front of the engine as if bolted to the water pump area and slimed down on each end to a new mount on the frame or some other support structure on either side of the engine compartment. This way it would have no connection to the stock front cross member or any other front suspension you are using.
  3. And in this case it would resemble a '48 or earlier engine in a '50's pickup. This could work, but I was under the impression that jolly Sipper was wanting a '50's Flat Head for this build.
  4. That's not Jungle Pam

    My father used to say something like that to me. He said "he was a young man trapped in this old body". He was injured badly skiing at Mt Rose at Lake Tahoe in his seventies. Doctors told him he would never ski again. Two years later they finely said he could do a little Cross Country skiing.
  5. Weird cars Post em here.

    I was thinking the same thing. This would look great in PD Livery, the bad guys would just give up rather than trying to out run this.
  6. If you happen to have the '65 Chevelle Wagon that AMT released at the same time as the El Camino, all of the goodies interchange. Both have been reissued many times and should be easy to find.
  7. I would make sure you're not stepping on any ones toes when it comes to copy rights and such. Otherwise I buy one or two carts.
  8. 1970 GTX

    Beautiful looking build. I agree with you on the GTX stripes. I like the stance and the wheels. I'm going to have to get one of those 6 pack setups, they're just to cool looking.
  9. 1966 Falcon Gasser

    I built this kit when it first came out. It was one of the old 3 in 1 AMT's. I also built it using the parts on the box as a Gasser. The original kit had the option of enlarged rear wheel opens including a glue in wheel opening flair. You are lucky in that the original builder didn't open up the rear fenders. The relief on the inside of the body is far bigger than need be and with yours still standard I think it looks much better. The work you have done so far on the body looks great. This might even look good with the famous Ford tear drop hood scoop.
  10. Revell Audi DTM

    Wait a minute. My knowledge of the 1:1 car is limited, It looks like the driver is sitting next to the gas tank ? The few times I have seen these on TV I was impressed with the racing.
  11. That is a very nice Flat Head, but if you're trying to stay with a '49 - '53 Flat Head you'll have to remember to use the later Heads and Distributor.
  12. That's not Jungle Pam

    I know what you mean. Seeing these pictures when these ladies were the focus of the crowed remind me that at that time I was thick of hair and thin of waist unlike now.
  13. RIP Dick Dale

    He and his sound will be missed. I'm looking around in a couple of local used record/book stores in the area to see if any of his old albums are still around.
  14. Hot Rod 51 Chevy

    Very clean looking build. To bad the 1:1 car didn't receive proper care. The build looks very period correct.
  15. Olds 67 Cutlass, Lindberg, black

    Beautiful looking Cutlass Supreme. I like how your vinyl roof turned out. Very clean chrome trim and the interior looks perfect.