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  1. espo added a post in a topic Here is a Duster I did a few years back. I'm on a Mopar Kick again.   

    Another great MoPar!!
  2. espo added a post in a topic 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner COMPLETE 2-19-2017   

    Beautiful looking build. That looks like a showroom fresh '68 Road Runner. Glad to see you are recovering.
  3. espo added a post in a topic 71 GTX first kit of 2017   

    This looks great also. I just got done looking at your Duster and they both are outstanding.
  4. espo added a post in a topic 70 Dart Resin, the most difficult model I have ever built.   

    Your build looks dead on. Turned out great. I have used a couple of Resin bodies and experienced the same paint issues you described. There are many here with far more experience and I'm sure they could offer many tips on painting Resin parts. What has worked for me is after the normal clean up is to use  automotive type self etching primer so the final coats of paint have something to hang on to. Another thing to think about is if you are doing any sanding at all this should be done away from the other parts and then cleaned  and primed before you start working with the plastic portion . It is possible to contaminate the plastic if you have any of the sanding dust on your hands from the Resin.
  5. espo added a post in a topic 1970 Pontiac Bonneville V12 pickup   

    Your stained real wood looks great. More realistic than decals or trying to paint wood. Are you going to raise the rear bed wood section to be level with the forward floor section or just have it stepped ??  I like the center blue spoon, but it depends on how you are envisioning the car. The 389 - 400 -421 - 455 engines all look alike. The differences are internal with different bores and strokes.  
  6. espo added a post in a topic What kit had a 1/25th Moon Gas Pedal?   

    The Moon Gas Pedal has appeared and disappeared in several reissues thru the years. If you have any older kits that are offered with a Drag Racing option that would be a great place to look.  
  7. espo added a post in a topic Calling it done. Revell 57 Ford Custom Wagon   

    Great looking wagon. I like the pin striping decals.
  8. espo added a post in a topic 61 AMT RANCHERO   

    Beautiful clean looking build.
  9. espo added a post in a topic 55 Crown Victoria   

    The engine from the '56 AMT kit will be fine. Ford offered the 239 cu in Overhead Valve engine first in 1954. In 1955 Ford changed the bore and stroke around to offer a 272 cu in and a 292 cu in engine based on the original  239 engine. For 1956 they had the same offerings and late in the model year they offered a 312 cu in version. All three displacements were offered in 1957 and in 1958 with the new FE engines starting at 331 cu in they dropped the earlier Y Block engines except for the 292 cu in that was kept as the base V-8. From the outside the Ford Y Blocks all looked alike. A 6 volt battery can be found in many of the Revell offerings of '30's and 40's Fords.  
  10. espo added a post in a topic Dodge Q3 light turquoise   

    MCW might be the best bet on accuracy. A little more expensive but it will be right. Or see if anyone carries Duplicolor paints.   
  11. espo added a post in a topic 1/24 race exhaust?   

    I would look at the local hardware store for brass or aluminum stock. This will give you the strength and yet be thin enough to look in scale.   
  12. espo added a post in a topic British Racing Green?   

    Tamiya #TS-43 Racing Green is a non metallic green that looks every bit the part of BRG. They also have #TS-9 that is listed as British Green and is just a shade darker  than TS-43.  
  13. espo added a post in a topic My version of Little Red Wagon   

    Very impressive so far. Did the exhaust headers on your build come with this kit ?? I'm looking for something like that for a different Hemi build.
  14. espo added a post in a topic Revell 83 H/O build   

    I have been enjoying following your build. I had a Monte Carlo SS that I ordered new in '86. It was white with the dark red cloth interior. When I built a model of that car I used Model Master #2904 Klin Red for the interior. It is a gloss finish but with a light dusting of flat clear at arms length the finish looked just like cloth. Just a thought for the future, but the interior dye spray might be even closer.
  15. espo added a post in a topic Amt 57 Chrysler 300C   

    The paint finish is awesome. Great painting detail work on the firewall and head lights.