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  1. You got James West driving a V-8 Thunderbird with the visible shift lever in park and sounding more like an XKE going thru the gears. Now only in Hollywood would be able to drive at highway speeds and not lose your cowboy hat or get your hair messed up. Tires are squealing with the slightest movement of the car. Have you ever been to Palm Springs in the Summer ?? Trust me you wouldn't be wearing driving gloves or a coat of any kind.
  2. As others have mentioned the question of weather to build it or not is up to you. I would suggest buying a reissue and have at it. I'm not into small Imports myself but like you I had friends who had a few 1:1's. These were a truly great little car for their time and this is a kit I would highly recommend to anyone with even a passing interest in the subject. I built mine with a 1973 #1440 BRE Datsun 510 kit. This was the race car only version of the kit and that was the way I wanted to build it anyway. The kit goes together well and with just a little addition of hoses and spark plug wires I think it's an outstanding looking build.
  3. The little scooter and all the other accessories are just as interesting as the figures.
  4. Super clean looking build even after all these years. This kit was considered "State of the art" in 1962.
  5. A little Nova Wagon, now I just need to get a couple of Surf Boards and I'm heading to County Line.
  6. Very realistic looking weathering. A lot of great little details on the interior. I'm guessing this guy isn't going to buy it based on his dogs disapproval.
  7. You have every right to be proud of this one. I like the neatly done trim.
  8. These are great looking and I look forward to seeing more of your builds. I like the showroom stock nature of most of these.
  9. Beautiful looking paint and trim. You got the stance and wheel & tire combo also. Nice updates on the engine.
  10. Beautiful looking build. Great looking color on a Corvette, and most any car really. I like the clean looking white interior. The last of the redline tires look just right here.
  11. misterNNL's suggestion for larger rear tires and maybe even larger wheel openings might be a consideration. Maybe duel rear wheels or some large Pro Stock type tires with a taller sidewall ?
  12. You are to kind in your description compared to my thoughts.
  13. I remember that now that you mention it. I saw him open a connection to the fuel rail and get some gas to flow. If the fuel pump was really bad it wouldn't have had any fuel plus being a port injection system the throttle body is dry anyway. Also back to when he's talking about the new overhead valve V-8 engine replacing the "V-6 engine". The problem with watching many of these shows is if you have even a basic knowledge of the subject you find yourself going nuts with the constant misinformation they keep spouting like they're the experts and you just know some poor guy is sitting on the couch at home thinking this is all factual.
  14. One thing that sort of stands out is the moldings where the body and the top join. The molding under the side window that matches the door skin ends at the back edge of the door. This could be blended into the body with a small addition of plastic in that area. I wonder if the Chopped Top is based on the option from the AMT '36 Ford Coupe/Roadster kit ? Overall the body looks good.
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