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  1. Great looking Woody. The wood trim is very well done. I like the paint finish and the color.
  2. Did you tell them you wanted the interest on the 62 cents ? You know they would have charged you interest if it was the other way around.
  3. We left Sacramento in the summer of 1996 so we're out of touch as to what has happened there. Sorry to hear how the Bee has gone the way of so many other news sources. Now we're left with the Net and we all know how great that can and can't be as to what really is going on in our world.
  4. Once you get past the tong in cheek humor of the subject, and I also got a big smile out of it, this is really a great looking very cleanly built model. I would like to know what paint you used for the body. Love the flames along the sides.
  5. The local newspaper changed ownership a few years ago. We used to live in Sacramento and the local Kansas City Star was comparable to the Sacramento Bee that we had read for years. Under the new ownership of the Star it became a joke and we soon used it to replace the old Sears Catalog if you know what I mean. So we really don't have a newspaper around here anymore.
  6. All of your hard work and fabrication made a great looking model.
  7. One thing you might want to avoid is packing them in a way that any plastic bags come in contact with the model especially the paint work. Not always but often the chemical make up of some plastic bags and wrappings could interreact with some paints. Built kits I have wrapped in a paper towel and put them in the original box if you still have them. This should protect the finish and catch any small parts that might get knocked off the body. Store them in the basement is a good place but it could be better if you can get some pallets to store them on. I have used Moving Boxes from U-Haul to stack the kits in and card board being cardboard it can wick moisture from the floor. and the pallets will keep the air movement under the boxes.
  8. Great looking Camaro. I like the way you detailed the engine and chassis. I'm sure Motion Performance would have put 3 duces on one in the day for you.
  9. Beautiful looking build. Great paint work and trim.
  10. Looks great. I like the color and paint finish. The vinyl roof looks very nice also.
  11. I picked up an AMT '67 Chevelle Pro Street kit at 40 % off. No coupon needed. Might want to check out Hobby Lobby near you as they're selling all kits at 40 % off.
  12. Stopped by a Hobby Lobby to day and found that they're having a 40% off sale on all models. No coupon needed. I have no idea if this is everywhere but it may be worth checking it out in your location. I got the AMT '67 Chevelle Pro Street kit. Thank you Round 2.
  13. This is a more common problem then you my realize. I keep a small projector beam type flash light in my work bench drawer. I have to get down on my hands and knees and shine the light across the floor/carpet or what ever combination you have on the floor. This will usually show the part and some other things you forgot that you lost, also you realize it's time to dust and vacuum the floor. Small parts seem to gravitate toward the legs of a work bench or along the base board. No I don't know why but that's where I usually find my parts.
  14. Great advice. There are honest dealers out there, it just seems harder to find them anymore.
  15. Most dealers recon the used cars to at least look as good as possible and if they're going to short cut the recon expenses it would be in the mechanical area. I know every area does things a little different, but even the "Pot Lots", "Buy here pay here", type lots around here usually touch up any obvious paint problems. A local new car dealer has sold us 4 of our last 5 cars. The 5th car was a model that they didn't stock normally so it was purchased from another dealer that is even closer to our home. The regular dealer had an outstanding service department and were always enjoyable to deal with. A couple of years ago the long time owner retired and under the new ownership the service department has suffered horribly to the point I will not take my car there anymore. I it wasn't for the particular Salesman I wouldn't have bought our last car there either. The point is this dealership used to offer late model cars and truck as well as a few older models but in perfect condition unlike now. I would consider looking at private party used cars in that you can maybe get an idea of how the used car had been maintained.
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