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  1. 70s bug

    Looks bad (good) almost looks like it's been in a fire.
  2. Moving the rarer or pricier kits long distance

    Thru the years I have made several moves and have found that each one was different for what ever reason. Sounds like you're going back and forth to Washington state and I would suggest renting a large 2 axle U-Haul type vehicle in which you can control what happens to your models and any other irreplaceable items. This could include gas powered lawn equipment and any house plants, moving companies don't like these items and they even have some regulations that will not allow them to transport them. Over twenty years ago we moved from Sacramento to Kansas City area with only one of the rockers on a rocking chair being damaged, over 10k pounds total. In 2000 we moved about 20 miles from our old residence and while we boxed everything our selves the "Neanderthals" that moved use managed to damage a lot of items and I had some torn boxes that were marked Models and I think someone was taking inventory. If anything error on the side of caution since even with the moving insurance lots of luck collecting on that. No one is really looking out for you but you, act accordingly.
  3. No Barrett again this year

    I know what you mean about not being the same. It's like once you've seen the circus nothing else is the same.
  4. About the above mentioned Ford Mustang II. I knew a young lady who bought one of these new and it was the 4 Cyl. 4 speed. I even drove it a couple of times. It was more Pinto than any Mustang. Also had an occasion to drive a very clean 302 Auto. car, I thought it was a 6 cyl. at best. Sorry Ford guys but this should never have had the Mustang name associated with it. That '80 Challenger should never have happened also. The 442 Oldsmobile ? Well lets just say GM really lost their way and that is one of the reasons Oldsmobile went away. These companies were trying to sell junk with big markups based on an established name recognition and all they did was give up their market share to all the imports that were trying hard to win your purchasing dollars. Fear not, those responsible for this were richly rewarded and the people trying to make the product got laid off.
  5. AMT '65 GTO

    I have one on the shelf that I built when this kit was first released. The Tail Lights fit perfectly and the kit is really very nice considering the technology of the day. I'm surprised by the problems you and others are having with your rebuilds, but as the molds age and are not cared for I guess this what we are all left with. Wish I could be of more help.
  6. Off Road Off Topic

    I wonder where he stores the ladder after he gits in ?
  7. Looks just like all the other Dog Ugly what ever you call its running around. Can't tell one from the other. No, GM in it's infinite wisdom is going to call this a Blazer ? If they want to call something a Blazer then make it a Blazer based off of the C or K 10 chassis and body and only as a two door, just like a real Blazer was. A four door version would be a Suburban. If this is such a "Newest" "Latest" or "Greatest" then give it an appropriate new name, but not Blazer.
  8. No Barrett again this year

    Sorry to hear about your knee. You can still watch BJ on TV.
  9. AMT '65 GTO

    I think the original builder may have installed the tail light lenses upside down and on the wrong side. If they are easily removable you might try switching them around and see if that doesn't improve their fit.
  10. Revell 1960 Impala.....

    I think you might mean "drowned in syrup", and I agree that just doesn't look natural to me either. I built what I thought would make a good looking '60's Ranchero and used Pearl Green as a body color and the only way I could get it to look shinny to my self was with a coat of straight clear.
  11. I'll have to consider this for a replacement of my present light. I have one of the old 5" round style lamps that I have had for years and years. I have to tighten the adjustments with a pair of pliers to get to hold a setting.
  12. Weird cars Post em here.

    That reminds me of an old Johnny Cash song. This would need a V8, but it's not a bad idea if you liked Bikes and Travel Trailers. I didn't know that you had Palm Trees in N.C.
  13. The First Air Force One, Flying Again...

    My first commercial air travel was on a Trans World Airlines Constellation from L.A. to Chicago, it was some time ago.
  14. Another 67 Impala SS

    Beautiful looking SS. I also remember such a car in Marina Blue with White interior on the showroom floor when I was ordering a new '68 at model change over time. Almost bought the Blue one until I checked with my insurance man. The insurance payments would have been almost as much as the car payment.
  15. 67 Impala SS - Capris Cream

    Great looking color combination, not what you would first think of with a 427 SS car, gives it more of a luxury car look.