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  1. Beautiful looking paint finish on the body. Like the drive train swap idea.
  2. Amazing looking paint color and finish. All the body fitment looks great, and the interior looks like some place you would want to spend some time, were 1/25th of my size.
  3. Beautiful looking paint finish and color.
  4. Your build looks great. I like the family history on this, and the day two look with the wheels and headers. Cleanly detailed builds like this offset any problems with the basic kit.
  5. Would be nice to see any pictures you care to share of the model show. The 1:1 cars as well.
  6. The clearance problems you're experiencing was a problem in full scale as well. I had a '34 Ford pickup long ago with a problem clearing the generator. Ya it was that long ago. Anyway, it was a common thing to add side blisters to the hood side panels that would clear whatever was in the way on the engine. Should that fit the look you're wanting maybe leave the side panels off of the hood as that was a common way around the problem also.
  7. Great looking paint work and nice to see something that has been overlooked in the past. The engine and under hood area is well done and realistic looking.
  8. espo

    3 SurfWoody

    Great attention to details on all three builds. Nice to see just how many different ways this can be built.
  9. Beautiful looking Deuce Coupe and era perfect. The white firewall and under fenders used to be called "Sanitary". The interior looks great, to bad it's hard to see with the chopped top. The engine looks very cleanly detailed.
  10. The paint surface looks really smooth already. Popular color for that era as well.
  11. I think it was AMT that also offered this same body style at one time. Their version could be built a couple of different ways. The area of the body around the base of the roof and top of the cowl had interchangeable body parts. One of the options was a chopped top three window or a stock height roof as well as a roadster option. I don't know if any of these parts would scale out the same as your Monogram kit, but maybe these parts can be found in someone's spare parts box.
  12. Been enjoying watching your build and this concept. You mentioned you weren't sure about the molding on the front fender area. A quick Google search for pictures of full-sized Chevrolets of this era may give you a better idea of what the original looked like in this area. One thing I noticed has to do with the hood. My personal experience has to do with owning a '51 Chevy O so long ago. The kits hood should wraparound under the cowl and above the fender. The small gap between the chrome molding that runs across the body under the windshield should be covered by the hood. A check online will give you an idea of what I'm trying to explain. Keep up the great work here, looks like a fun build.
  13. I think the turning point for the Revell kits came about after they combined with Monogram. I don't recall the exact time this happened, but I do recall being disappointed in the Revell kits execution overall. I'm old enough to have delt with Revell's multi part bodies that this then young builder was unable to deal with. The good news is that whatever transpired after joining Monogram the Revell kits became desirable builds rather quickly.
  14. Shows amazing attention to details and finishes. Your 9-month build looks like the effort was well worth it. I like the way you displayed it with the front wheels turned.
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