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  1. Good thing. I had a neighbor git his Dodge 4x4 totaled hitting a deer a couple of years ago and he was almost stopped when he hit it.
  2. Beautiful looking build. The color and the stripes plus the interior look good together. MoPars and Cragars just look right together. great clean looking engine details without going overboard.
  3. espo

    57 Chevy

    Don't know how I missed this one when you first posted it. The color and paint finish look great and the stance with the wheels and tires really look good.
  4. espo

    '56 Chevy

    Big fan of the middle Chevy of the Tri-Fives. Love the day 2 look and all the trim is neatly done. Got the stance. Great looking paint and colors, the Bel Air style two-tone paint on the 210 was very commonly done. Nice looking engine details as well.
  5. A thought if you are looking for an independent suspension differential. Revell offered a model of the Mercury Cougar, and it had an IRS setup in it.
  6. Great looking collection of Oldsmobile's. Like the attention to the color detailing under hood. Paint jobs all look great.
  7. espo


    Much more cohesive looking build now.
  8. Like the realistic looking paint finish. I understand this and many vehicles like it are pretty common in different parts of the world. Like seeing something unusual like this, especially when done like this.
  9. Beautiful looking paint finishes and trim details. Also fought the windshield on a couple of these and I don't think they ever had the glass as big as the opening for the windshield. Good idea for the tailgate magnets.
  10. Great looking build. This and the Malibu Wagon kit were very popular when they were released. Very clean looking finishes and the decals laid down nicely.
  11. I like the Camo finish better than the box art. Nice detailing with the muddy tires.
  12. Great looking paint and color. Like the stance.
  13. Beautiful looking paint color and finish. Cleanly detailed engine. Like the wheel and tire combo style.
  14. espo

    1965 Chevy II

    Like the clean looking paint and trim details of this more basic model Chevy II. This is what would have been far more common seen trim level.
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