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  1. Well Spring is on it's way.

    The talking heads on TV are saying we have only a chance of a little rain Friday night into Saturday morning. The last 3 weekends we have had rain and sleet and last Saturday night I watched the Royals lose again with the snow flying and they called the Sunday game because of the weather. While it's not unheard of for this kind of weather around here it is getting a little old if you know what I mean.
  2. Very nice looking truck. You are correct about the fitment of the hood and the body. I had to massage the one I built also, but it still makes a nice looks little pickup.
  3. I like the "ageing" on the finish. That is an unusual license plate.
  4. 36 chevy

    Very nice and I like the smooth finish. Could almost use a minor top chop, but it looks good either way.
  5. The color looks good. What all did you use to get that look ??
  6. JDM Legends

    I enjoyed the first program with the 240 Z. While I like their style so far I just hope the directors don't start having them throwing wrenches and start the imposable dead line stuff they like to do. They need to let these guys do what they do.
  7. I use the same approach to mounting all small items in any case, I use staples from a normal office type stapler. I'll drill the mounting points on the objects being joined and insert a staple cut to length and glue using regular Model Master Cement. This works great for exterior mirrors and door handles as well as carbs to manifolds. The staple gives a lot of stability to the small parts and they don't get knocked off with handling of the model.
  8. In the first picture you have a grill from a '57 Plymouth and a grill and rear bumper from a '59 Pontiac. I think in real life the Pontiac was that much bigger than the Plymouth. The '59odel was the first year of Pontiac's Wide Track suspension and all of the '59 GM models were wider than their '58 models. The second picture looks like a lot of small block Chevy parts. The gray intake manifold would be for a front mounted super Charger like a Potvin unit. The tow holed object would be the fuel injection for that unit. You have three Stromberg carbs with two small air cleaners for them. A couple of crank shaft pulleys. The beige cylinder may be part of a small fuel tank for nitro or something. You have what looks like four chrome fuel tank ends with mounts on them. A pair of chromed early style small black Chevy racing headers and one OEM style cast iron exhaust manifold. A couple of distributors and a clutch/ brake pedal setup. Two small air cleaners for a four barrel carb. The two small wedges on top of a circle look very much like the tail lights for an Edsel that were an option on the old AMT '57 Ford kit. Is this a test or something ?
  9. 1953 Ford Hotrod

    I like the black painted wheels and wide whites. If small hub caps are in the future think about the '60 style like in the AMT '60 Starliner.
  10. 67 Camaro

    Your hinge system is very impressive. A thought on the latch for the trunk, I didn't invent this as I learned it on this Forum from another builder. They used mini magnets as a latch to hold the door or trunk closed. You wouldn't need a very strong magnet, just enough to hold the panel shut when wanted. I like the realistic looking inner support panel for the trunk.
  11. Don't chuck V8's out just yet....

    I have to agree with the lovers of all things V8. I have always owned primarily eight cylinder cars all my life, and most were the High Performance versions. In recent years there have been a few V-6's like a Grand Prix GTP with the Eaton super charger, and my wife's '14 Avenger RT with the 3.6 liter and a 6 speed auto. That little car will get with the program and sound good doing it. I sold my beloved '05 GTO with the LS 2 and 6 speed manual in 2014 because at this stage in my life getting in and out had become an issue since the neck just doesn't bend like it used to. That is when I inherited my wife's '10 Charger RT with AWD. The 5.7 Hemi engine has the cylinder deactivation system which I'm not that big of a fan of but it is very effective when it comes to fuel economy. The large and heavy sedan gets into the 20 mpg range during the summer months and around 17 - 18 Mpg during the winter. This has to do with the fuel formulation changes during the year. You must know that at home I'm sometimes called "Lester Lead Foot" and my usual open highway speeds are in the upper 70 MPH range so I'm not driving for mileage. This car has run over 25 MPG on long trips with the same driving style, so there is what I consider reasonable mileage to be had with a V8 and you will never be for want of power when you need it. Nothing sounds better than that Base Growl of a V8 and especially when it reaches the upper RPM range. Ya you could call me a member of the V8 camp.
  12. 1/4 scale Dodge engine

    You mean that's not real ?? Looks like someone has worked on the 1:1 engine.
  13. Perfect combination. One Show Truck towing another Show Truck.
  14. Great looking interior and I like the stance as well.
  15. Foose '48 Caddy

    I also like the brighter Candy Red than some of the darker colors you usually see. Very clean looking build.