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  1. espo added a post in a topic 1978 AMC Pacer Pickup Conversion   

    A great conversion. That would make a great light duty around town hauler in 1:1. Since the winter is coming I noticed you already got the snow tires on your rig. I like it a lot.
  2. espo added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    In reality the best way to care for your lawn is to mulch every time you mow. Also best to get the correct mulching blade to get the maximum benefits. The clippings break down and become nutrients for the lawn. I try to keep the grass at a 3" to 4" to help keep the lawn weeds at bay. A funny store on myself last fall. We have several larger trees in the yard, Maple, Oaks, Sycamore, a Purple Ash, and a Crab Tree. The Cedars drop just a little and it all stays around their base. The leaves were several inches deep and I just kept going back and forth in the yard with the rider mower. Leaves were building up between the mower deck and the chassis and engine. I stopped for a drink of water when I started smelling something like a leaf fire. I was able to grab the garden hose and putout the flames before they destroyed the mower. Melted the air cleaner on the front of the engine and the plastic engine cover has a couple of  "caricature " dips on the top from the heat. I would suggest keeping the mower deck clear at all times.  
  3. espo added a post in a topic Help looking for certain resin seats or kit with them.   

    I think the first issue of the Revell '69 Nova SS had the seats you need. Otherwise any first generation Camaro kit could provide what you need.
  4. espo added a post in a topic 1965 Buick Riviera   

    Beautiful build. Great color and interior combination. Just like the 1:1 car, these make great cruisers.   
  5. espo added a post in a topic 1971 Pink Plymouth Duster   

    Great looking build. The wheels are period perfect for the early '70's.  A note on the mirrors. The easiest way to know which side the mirrors should be mounted. The mirrors are offset to one side of the support arm. The greatest offset would be away from the car. What the designers were trying to do is to give the driver the greatest field of vision away from the sides of the vehicle, so they had the side of the mirror closest to the body would be the closest to the upright support.   
  6. espo added a post in a topic Ford '33 GAA Maximum Pressure   

    Very creative engine and induction systems. With the dark green color you don't see the parting line for the roof to come off. Very nice looking interior. With the yellow frame you can see just how much you channeled the body. I like the wheels and especially the rear tires.
  7. espo added a post in a topic Revell '57 Chevy Convertible.   

    Look real close at the two different engines and see if one has a manual transmission and one a Power glide transmission.  While not mentioned in the instructions they did the same thing on the Black Widow kits.
  8. espo added a post in a topic '41 Ford Custom Convertible   

    That is a great looking Kustom. Your build looks like the early post war customs you used to see in the "little pages".  
  9. espo added a post in a topic Fairlane 427 stock w/ some detail   

    Perfect representation of one of Ford better ideas. As I recall these cars all looked like they were going uphill when new. I think you captured it perfectly.  
  10. espo added a post in a topic '71 Cuda Gill Vents   

    Good to know, as much as I like the show its self his actions are really hard to watch. I'm afraid what happens all to often in the automotive centric programs is that the director/writers want a lot of drama and for someone who watches because they enjoy automobiles in general it just gets frustrated the way they make the actors carry on for no good reason.
  11. espo added a post in a topic New Plastic @ Hobby Lobby   

    I noticed the MSRP on the Suburban kit at $29.95 is $5.00 more than what I paid last month at the local hobby shop. With the 40 % of coupon it will be less but not really 40 %.
  12. espo added a post in a topic '65 Chevy C-10 Stepside   

    Looks great. I like the "work horse" theme, most of these trucks were worked to death and never really appreciated for their service.  
  13. espo added a post in a topic 72 Chevy tow truck   

    Very realistic looking bed and tow boom. I like his latest tow, how fitting.  
  14. espo added a post in a topic 1968 chevelle resin body.   

    Did you check the directory on this site ??
  15. espo added a post in a topic Jo-Han 1970 AMC Rebel Restoration Complete   

    Beautiful looking build. Very realistic looking build of a much under appreciated car.