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  1. Nice looking paint and I like the showroom look. The engine details with all the correct colors add to the look also. There are some who would spot this "Narc" car a mile away but that was a long time ago.
  2. espo

    ‘66 Mustang

    Very nice paint job and the body trim is very cleanly done. One area that you might consider next time is in the engine compartment. Look at some photos of the engine area of a 1:1 car of your next build. Little spots of color that match the under hood area of the 1:1 will bring this area alive and it's easy to do.
  3. Your build really captures the basic design of the magazine car. I also remember seeing this at the time and also thought it mad the little T-Bird look more modern. Removing the exhaust from the rear bumpers clean up that part nicely. The flat hood also smooths out the overall look of the front end. Great looking paint and the blue interior and exterior trim looks perfect together. I like how you detailed your engine as well.
  4. This has come up in the past, and there does seem to be a small fitment problem in that area. I'm sure others will respond with what their solution was. What I did was to test fit the front end together including the Grill, Hood, and the Hood molding. First I got the Grill and front Fenders taped together and this will have a very small amount of adjustment for the width of the opening for the Hood. The Hood usually comes out just a fraction wider than the distance between the Fenders. A very small amount of sanding along the sides of the front part of the Hood where it starts to turn down toward the Grill is all that is needed. The chrome molding on the bottom edge of the Grill will also need very little removed from the ends so that it will clear the Grill opening. The ends of this molding can be touched up with a Molotow pen.
  5. Great looking build. I enjoyed watching your build and the research you went thru for this one. Very realistic looking finishes.
  6. Beautiful looking pickup. Great paint work and I would like to see more of the engine.
  7. Great job joining the roof and Body and make it look like factory. The finish looks like a sad ending for a one time great looking Show Car. Great job on the weathered looking finish.
  8. Your scale derelict builds always look so realistic. The Red White and Blue paint job along with the Pacer X side trim hints that this might have had a very interesting life at one time.
  9. Great looking models and outstanding 1/1's, especially the Charger Super Bee.
  10. Great looking custom styling. I like the "1954" style side trim better than the '53's. Great looking rear quarter panels and tail lights as well. Nice paint treatment.
  11. Great looking build. There is something very rewarding about building a model of a car that you owned before, and it sounds like you really got to enjoy this little car when you had it.
  12. Enjoy seeing these Box Art cars brought to life. You were able to match the colors as well as the decals and trim along with the engines. These are some of the first models I remember building so thankyou for the memories.
  13. Great looking Convertible with the perfect stance.
  14. Both are beautiful looking builds. I like the style of both of these.
  15. All the right styling Q's and great looking paint. I can't even think of trying to build on in this scale.
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