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  1. "My Year In Review" Threads

    Ops. That would be me I guess.
  2. "My Year In Review" Threads

    While I agree with you on the "New" builds getting shoved down. I have seen this also and I feel sorry for someone who has put their efforts out there for all of to see and then watches as it slowly sinks too the second or third page. I know that some post builds that they may not have shown threw the year. Your idea of having a separate place to post year end picture seems like a great idea and maybe if there is a practical way to do that the moderators could see their way to get it done.
  3. I don't for see buying the reissue only because I have several in the stash now. This is a very nice kit with only one exception in my mind. The body side moldings are just wrong. The kit's moldings go straight across the door and it should start to drop a little before it meets the cove on the rear fender. This puts the fender cove just a little to far up the body side also. I know most including my self tend to over look this but to someone who owned a '57 Two Ten Hardtop years ago it just hits me as wrong. I have to agree if you're looking for a more accurate '57 the AMT Bel Air with the open trunk would make a much better choice.
  4. 2017 - Year In Review

    Outstanding builds. You seem to focus on competition builds and by their very nature they are more detailed then most. Your Pro Mod is a perfect example and shows your attention to detail. The paint and decal finish on the NASCAR builds are perfect. I remember watching the Fed Up build and besides being a great looking build I really liked the Flame paint job.
  5. 1962 Bel Air Bubble Top - AMT

    Beautiful looking build. The 1:1 car is one of my all time favorites and the kit was one of AMT's best efforts.
  6. Custom Dodge Rumble Bee

    Very nice, makes you wish you had a 1:1 truck like that.
  7. Great looking Ford. The black wall tires and base hub caps along with the black paint give it a sinister look, I like that.
  8. 1970 Road Runner finished

    Looks very nice and a great color choice. You mentioned you wouldn't put it in a OOB show, I don't know why not.
  9. Revell's 68 VW Beetle

    Your interior looks perfect. Your mentioned a desire to better define the folds in the seats and door panels. Some suggestions, and of course the spoon test before going near the interior. I have used Pigma Micron pens that I got at HL. They offer several different ink colors. I use their black for door lines and such but they have a gray that might work for what you're trying to do. Tamiya offers a translucent black called Smoke X-19. This may be to dark but if thinned just a little it may work. Also used often to give depth the engine and chrome parts. I like how you have detailed the chassis on this.
  10. This is an interesting topic and I think the only way to know for sure would be to find phots taken when these cars were new. Unfortunately most of the undercarriage pictures I have ever seen from that era were in black and white so it would be difficult at best to know for sure. The photos shown here are great examples of what I've seen from many professional restoration shops. That said they always look just a little to perfect to my eye. I wonder if the shops are basing their painting based on what they found in their initial cleaning of the body or what. My contention is that when these cars were coming down the assembly line they were just the next build as they reached each station on the line. The people on the line were responsible for a set task and had a limited time to do it. As long as the shinny top side looked good that was good enough. They really weren't considered as anything special at the time. As mentioned, in the paint booth you would have at least two different people on opposite sides spraying paint. That in it's self would mean some inconsistency in paint coverage. So now say one of them has a cold and sneezes. That side has a little less coverage than the other side. My feeling is that the restoration shops are striving for what they feel is the perfect as assembled look and in fact the look is too perfect and not truly reflective of what these cars looked like when new. So I would just paint your model they way it looks best to you and have fun doing it.
  11. Stupid Is the New Smart

    That hurts just to look at. Brings a new meaning to the term Half Wit.
  12. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Please tell me this is Photo Shopped.
  13. 58 Edsel kustom

    Nice looking build. Unusual color combination. In that era it seemed that Detroit was trying all kinds of tutone color treatments. The Edsel could be ordered with up to three different colors all on the same car. With the lowered suspension and the side pipes this build looks longer and sleeker.
  14. AMT 1962 Pontiac Catalina

    Beautiful paint job. Great looking Low Rider.
  15. Nice clean looking build and the color really catches your eye.