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  1. Stupid Is the New Smart

    I see they are having difficulties with the video feed ?? Please keep an eye on this. Your information seems far more accurate than anything I can find in the "Main Stream Media".
  2. I'll have to remember your idea on cutting the Fish Mouth for may next build.
  3. The trim is very faint on the body and is easily missed. I think the 1:1 Suburban would have been a thin rubber gasket around the windows. Since I wanted this to look like a more upscale trim I went ahead and used foil around the side windows since I thought it looked nicer. Thank you for your interest.
  4. Sharp looking Truck. I like the center strip and the stance.
  5. Seventies Land Yachts?

    There are some older models that have been reissued that would represent the "Boats" you might be looking for. The down sizing of the American Automobile was brought on over time by the increase in the cost of fuel and the Federal Government regulations for Emissions and Fuel Economy rulings. After a time the cars on the road all started looking like a wet bar of soap. The models of these "Land Barges" are still around and several are still very good builds even if they are somewhat less than what we have come to expect from the Model Companies. Round 2 has reissued the MPC '70 Pontiac Bonneville in the last year or so. Can be built as a stock two door hardtop or convertible. Also has the option to convert it to a Ute type pick-up. There is an AMT '76 Chevrolet Caprice and a '70 Impala also. Several versions of the full size Chevrolet from '62 thru '67. There are still many '60's and early '70's Ford and Chrysler models being offered. I don't know if this will help with any build ideas but I would like to see any you should build.
  6. Revell '32 rat roaster

    Very nice clean looking build. The way you used detail paint treatments makes it standout even without any extra wiring or hoses.
  7. At long last...

    My condolence for your personal loss. Your model turned out great. The Rust effect looks as if someone didn't spray any primer after they did the body work.
  8. 49 merc Kustom

    I also think you got the Winfield paint treatment correct. Very clean fit and finish thru out. Fifteen years, I guess it's just like ridding a Bicycle, you just jump right back on and ride. Look forward to seeing more of your builds.
  9. 57 Chevy Nomad - revell

    Outstanding interior detailing. I'm going to steal your shift boot idea. That looks better than what comes in most kits.
  10. VW GOLF GTi mk1 - stanced yob racer

    Your engine compartment looks realistic, a slightly unkept look.
  11. Revell 32 5 window Coupe

    Very nice smooth chopped top. There is no sign of the body work that I can see on the outside.
  12. Hot Rods to Hell

    The reason I asked about the squealing tires in the dirt is somewhat tongue in cheek, I'm not without experience in this type of activity. I know the sound is not necessarily from what the car was doing at the time. The point I was trying to make was that in the lose dirt, what I'm somewhat familiar with, the sound you would most often hear would be the dirt hitting the inner wheel wells. I have been around enough Sprint Car races to both see and hear the tires spinning of hard packed surfaces . For me seeing these gross misrepresentations being presented as being normal as opposed to being isolated incidences is what I find irritating . I have also had occasions during my misspent youth resulting in confrontations with authorities in regard too my driving style. I paid my fines and suspensions and all has been forgiven. I also noticed a lot of engine smoke on the Corvette that got worse as the movie went on. If this car had been pieced together as Mark mentioned the 6 cylinder engine in the Corvette that would explain both the sound and the smoke.
  13. Hot Rods to Hell

    Looking at these old movies it's no wonder Hot Rodding in general had such a bad reputation. The movie companies presented unrealistic situations with really bad acting. By the way does that Corvette sound a lot like an old Jaguar and how do you get tire squeal on dirt surfaces ?
  14. Model T Reverse Engineered

    Nice to see an original Model T, as you mentioned they are usually heavily modified.
  15. Citroën 2CV "Sauss Ente"

    Very realistic looking. I agree with everyone else on the weathering, it looks perfect. I like how you even hinged the side windows. The 1:1 car has a very interesting history as I'm sure you are aware.