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  1. Nice clean looking build and the color really catches your eye.
  2. I didn't even know that this kit existed so I'll be interested in your restoration. The Windshield frame looked scary to start.
  3. '58 Impala

    Looks great and I really like the color combination. I enjoyed watching your build and I'm glad you went with the Chrome Revers Rims, that would be my choice also.
  4. Great looking build. I have always enjoyed reading about the TROG races.
  5. It's snowing down in Dixie...

    Shame on you. That car should NEVER be left out in the elements for any reason. Theft alone would be enough reason to keep it inside. Very nice car by the way.
  6. Curtis Turners First Win in NASCAR

    Is the #27 car a Kiaser Frazer ??
  7. Winning Corvette

    Great looking replica.
  8. My dad's Mercedes 170V Roadster

    Amazing looking build. You got the colors perfectly. At first I thought the rear wheel opening for the rear tire looked like the wheel base was off and the opening its self was shaped wrong. Then looking at the 1:1 picture I realized that the factory made it that way. Your Mother should enjoy this model.
  9. The body proportions look perfect and the ride height looks spot on. I like the finish on the wheels. Or you going to leave it shiny or go with a flat finish ?
  10. Your flames turned out amazing. I wouldn't normally do a Flame Paint job on any of my builds but seeing how this turned out I think I would like to try at least one or more, just don't call the Fire Department just yet.
  11. 64 Dodge Polara 500 GB

    This is going to be a great build. I always liked the MoPar colors from that era.
  12. Drag racing parts sources?

    Check the Car Aftermarket / Resin section on this forum. There is a list of many suppliers of parts and many specialize in Drag Racing. Since you're not in the continental US shipping may be expensive, but other than looking for Drag Racing kits to strip for parts it might be a good place to start.
  13. Small World...

    Great story, I think you should try restoring it. You have the basic body that needs some repair work on the windshield frame and there are suspension parts that will need repair or replacement. I guess it's up to you as to how much attachment you feel for this model. I have no doubt you have the skills to return it to it's former glory. Find another Blue Flame Six and redo your old build.
  14. Great looking build. You made it look like a normal well used work truck. All of the extras you added including the Pipe Rack really make it realistic looking.
  15. Scion C10

    Your conversion really looks great. You should send a picture of your build too Scion as a product suggestion.