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  1. Lost Bumper

    I first thought Hudson because of the size and shape. No go on that after looking at the one on my shelf. I also looked at a couple of Oldsmobile's and I don't think that's right either.
  2. 1978 VW SCIROCCO

    Very nice looking build. The trim all looks very clean and the more modern color looks good on this.
  3. Great looking Broncho. I like the OEM look of your build. The El Camino is a very old tool of a kit designed at a time when AMT didn't put as much effort into the details, and so to build one today and have it look like what we have all come to expect is very hard. That said your looks very nice and again I like the OEM look of your build.
  4. Corvette

    Beautiful looking Corvette and your Garage is the perfect setting. I think the tires maybe the old Good Year Rally tires. I agree they don't do your great model any favors.
  5. Some works in progress.

    Amazing looking body work. This sort of modifications are only for the most talented in the 1:1 form. Doing this in 1/25th is just that much more difficult.
  6. 1957 "Ch-emi" Nomad

    I like the looks of your project. The NASCAR type single 4 barrel intake is unusual and I like that. The picture of the rear of the body looks better than the old Revell '57 Nomad in 1/25th that I remember.
  7. The straight 6 is back

    Thanks for the information. I'll watch and see how this goes. As far as the Wrangler goes we would need something with a lot of low end torque since it sees some pretty steep rock climbing when we go Wheel'n.
  8. The White Stripe is the best looking.
  9. The straight 6 is back

    I would appreciate any additional information on the Jeep. We have an '09 Wrangler with 99k and are thinking can we afford a new one or put an LS motor in our old one. We had a TJ years ago with the 4.0 liter 6 and it was a good setup at that time.
  10. The straight 6 is back

    Interesting to see that Mercedes is going with an inline 6 program. A lot of money and R & D had to go into the development of this engine. BMW has in the last couple of years also has developed inline 6's again. One of the biggest inherit advantage to the inline engine is the smooth power delivery. One of the past problems was even fuel distribution, but with modern Fuel Injection systems I don't see where that would be a problem any longer.
  11. From the factory, 1959, El Catalina

    I have to agree with everyone else on the desirability of a Pontiac El Camino. I also saw where someone was auctioning an Oldsmobile conversion using a 442 trim. I think it was on Mecum earlier this year. While we all think that would be neat to have today, you have to wonder just how well it would have sold when the different manufactures divisions passed on the idea.
  12. I agree on the shrink wrap for the chain, it gives it that extra depth of realism. On another note, I'm looking at the picture of the 1:1 truck with the doodlebug cycle in the back. I'm thinking since you live in Kentucky and the Bug is licensed in Kentucky that the California plates on the truck for show only. I know a lot has changed since I left California in 1996, but on the old Black/Yellow plate on the truck would have been for a trailer and not a truck. Truck plates from that era would have had a prefix of a letter and two numbers then a space and three numbers. The left side renewal sticker looks like 1965 and the right side looks like 1970. I see these pop up at swap meets around here sometimes and I know they are considered popular for what ever reason. I have noticed a lot of owners here in Kansas are now getting retro plates from the year that their car was first on the road, I think that is pretty cool thing to do.
  13. 47 Chevy

    Great engine and chassis detailing. I like the Mexican Blanket theme, are you going with something other than white for the rest of the interior ?
  14. garage

    I would get some Balsa Wood strips. They come in many sizes. Also check any Craft Stores in your area that cater to Doll House builders. They offer some amazing accessories for the garage.
  15. I like the oil filter and the dip stick.