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  1. Great looking Mustang. The first thing I thought of was the Gas Monkey car since I would see it so often when watching the show. All of the added trim looks just like the photos of the real car.
  2. Great looking color combination. I like the stance and the wheels and tires. Enjoyed watching your build on this.
  3. The paint looks like it is a mile deep and smooth. Clean trim and the stance looks great.
  4. Beautiful replica of the car in the movies. The color and finish look just like the picture and all of the trim looks like the picture as well. Annette was my boyhood crush from the time she wore Micky Mouse ears in the Micky Mouse Club on TV.
  5. I was pleasantly surprised to see this back on the work bench. You mentioned the rear leaf spring mounting points. The kits leaf springs have the frame mounting points on the ends. The very flat looking ends represent the hangers that were attached to the side of the frame on the 1:1. The kit has some very slight indentations to represent the mounting points. Your approach looks very convincing. I don't know how much attention you're going to do with the trunk area, but the mounting for the rear shocks will show inside the trunk if built as the instructions show. The upper shock mount in the kit is a hole that goes all the way thru the floor area. This will show in the trunk area if you're displaying the trunk open. I suggest shortening the upper mounting peg on the shock and smoothing over the floor area under the rear window so that the shock mounting will not show. The 1:1's had the shocks mounted to the trunk floor with no frame support when new. When we would modify the originals, it was common to run a small diameter support cross member between the frame rails and then mount the shocks to that. Driven hard it was not uncommon to bend the upper mountings because of the lack of support and with age and undercarriage rusting this part of the floor would tend to rust out as well. Look forward to following your build on this.
  6. A couple of possible places to look would be any arts and crafts store that offers book making materials. Also consider using a dark colored embossing powder and then a dust coat of the shade of red you're after. I suggest spraying light coats so as to not lose the texture and hold the object you're painting at arm's length so that it will lead to a rougher texture as well.
  7. The roll pan may be the cleanest look. The later vans, I'm thinking around '80 or newer, had the factory option of the same rear bumper with license mount built in as the 1500 and 2500 series pickups. The window combinations from the factory not to mention aftermarket are endless. The factory rear door windows were almost imposable to see out of and you sat high enough that you could lose sight of a full-size Caprice anyway. This is the reason you would see so many with large door mounted rear view mirrors. None of these details are absolute when working in 1/25 scale plastic so just build it the way it looks best to you.
  8. They are little 5-year olds trapped in that furry little body after all.
  9. The rear tire mount on the rear door was one way to free up interior space and a place to add something unique on the tire cover. Some of the high-end van conversion companies at the time would include a fiberglass tire cover that had their name featured on them. Most were a canvas type cover loke you would see on a Jeep today. There was many after- market covers offered with some being almost obscene in nature if you know what I mean. The only drawback is that the rear doors can start to look cluttered if too much is going on. All depends on the look you're going for.
  10. Got hung with the nickname in school since most couldn't pronounce my last name and there were already to many Davids around. Funny thing is that my father had the same nickname when he was in school.
  11. I had a favorite Aunt, my father's older sister, who had a high position in the State of Illinois Labor Dept. She was a truly brilliant person and knowledgeable on just about any subject. She was very kind and loving with all of her Nieces and Nephews. I remember talking to her on the phone and she started asking me about my address and where I lived. She asked me several times as if she had not even remembered asking me before. I called my father later that day and told him about your conversation and expressed my concerns. He almost sounded irritated that a brought up the subject but said he would talk to her. I didn't hear from dad for a while after that, I think he was mad about me bringing this up, but when we next talked, he seemed very distant. About a month later my stepmother called to tell me dad was slipping. Not easy seeing people you love and respect slip into the darkness. Scares the living you know what out of me since I share their gene pool.
  12. Great looking buggy. The chrome engine bit was pretty common for one of these that someone was dressing up. The engine cooling cover along with the valve covers were often chromed as well as the air cleaner. These were all parts that were easily removed and chromed along with pullies and all depending on the depth of your wallet. Your build well represents how many were done and looks cleanly put together.
  13. Having never seen the show I didn't realize all of the features this model was supposed to have. Your build seems to be very cleanly done and respect all of these features as well.
  14. Your conversion is looking great. Your mention of license plate lights, if it is that important to you. A couple of small round "bumps" on either side of the plate mounting could look much like the lights often used for this. They would be very small and would just depend on how far you want to go. Been watching your build and really like how you brought this all together.
  15. Like seeing this body shortened. I remember seeing some vans that had a rear roll pan with the license mounted in them or even a rear bumper from a pickup that had a license mounting along the bottom. TooOld mentioned that interior heat could be a problem, and it was. Many used to add roof vents with scoops that had interior vent openings and even dark tinted side windows that could be cranked open. Just depends on the look you're going after.
  16. Like the engine and the super charger. The suicide front end might put your frame below the front wheel rim and compromise ground clearance. Maybe a little less rise on the hanger and a smaller diameter front wheel and tire combination?
  17. Great looking paint and the trim and engine look very cleanly done.
  18. The basic pickup has great looking paint work and I like the "stock" appearance. The crane and the details in the bed are exceptional looking. Great attention to details, like the mounting bolts for the crane. Can only imagine what it must have been like to pick up a car doing this by hand.
  19. Great looking build. Whatever you may feal it lacks in chassis detail it sure makes up for it in appearance. The paint finish looks great, and the trim fits the look well. Cleanly detailed looking body.
  20. You can see a lot of reflection in the paint, so you know that is well done for sure. All the trim looks very cleanly done and the stance looks good.
  21. The suggested brake fluid method can be disastrous on some older plastic kits. You might want to try a sacrificial part in the brake fluid as a test before committing the entire body and interior. I learned the hard way when restoring a '61 Valiant years ago. The brake fluid removed the paint but the chemical reaction with the plastic body turned it into something akin to a potato chip and would crumble whenever I handled the body. Better safe than sorry and just test a small part that can easily be replaced.
  22. So many great looking cars and trucks. The setting is beautiful looking as well.
  23. So many great looking cars. The '41 Ford, first picture, has to be the cleanest one of those I have seen in many years. The '64 Catalina wagon would be fun to fix up a little. The '67 SS396 is the same color as my personal '67 El Camino was so I had to stare at it for a time. The '61 Chevrolet one year only flat top has always been a favorite also.
  24. Always liked the "Sleeper" look. Great paint work and the rear wheels sort of give it away. The engine looks like it's all business.
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