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  1. Great looking build. You made it look like a normal well used work truck. All of the extras you added including the Pipe Rack really make it realistic looking.
  2. Scion C10

    Your conversion really looks great. You should send a picture of your build too Scion as a product suggestion.
  3. 1993 Chevy Taxi w/winter weathering

    Looks great but I would want a discount if I was riding in that cab. Winter can be brutal on a car.
  4. 1975 VW 1303S Cabriolet

    Very clean looing build.
  5. 1932 Ford

    Very nice looking 3 window. After Steamboats comment on the headlights I had to relook at your pictures. I agree the headlights have just a hint of off chrome that shows the fluting in the lens that you usually cant see in a picture.
  6. Johan 1969 AMX glue bomb resto

    Beautiful restoration and I really like your color choice.
  7. I have enjoyed how you have expressed your inner most feelings about these developing future leaders of our society. After seeing the pictures you have provided I now understand why it is I haven't seen any of these people around here, If they were sighted in any drinking establishment or restaurant in this area we would be seeing the aftermath on the 10 PM news for sure.
  8. I guess I've led a sheltered life, just not familiar with any of these problems that you seem to have. I guess there is something to be said for living in a "Fly Over State".
  9. Revell's 68 VW Beetle

    The engine looks good. Very well detailed with the different colors you used.
  10. That's a great way to get a chassis done. On your tires, I don't know if you're familiar with the AMT tires from Round 2 ? That seems to be the measurements of there 8 tire Racemaster Slicks kit. They offer Wide Whites, one side only, Whit Letter, Narrow White Walls and White Wall with a Red Stripe. They have the "Pie Crust" design if that will help.
  11. 64 Dodge Polara 500 GB

    Nice save on the A pillar. What else have you got in mind for this ??
  12. The Pubs need to hire some Bouncers whos knuckles drag the ground when they stand erect, problem solved.
  13. I got a matched set. Bye, bye gas station.

    I'm glad to see that you're using Solar Panels. I just don't understand peoples thought process when they buy an Electric Car and then plug it into the wall to get their "Fuel" that comes from a Coal Power plant.
  14. A couple of ideas on your Headlight Bezel color. You could brush on some Flat Clear. I have used Tamiya XF-16 Flat Aluminum or X-32 Titanium Silver for such trim.
  15. There is a tool with a suction cup on the end that is designed for picking up and handling very small parts. I would check HL and your local Model Shops and see if they have anything on that order. I had a similar problem with the rear window on a '50 Olds build and a '57 Chevy Bel Air side window that came out. I used a product called Quick Release that I got at HL. These are plastic sticks about 3" long with a rubbery sticky end that you can use to grab and hold the window in place till the glue sets.
  16. Great build. Very well thought out with the wrecker rigging and all the other details.
  17. Pinto wagon

    Very nice looking. I can't remember the last time I saw one of these built. Great job getting the correct look of an interesting little car.
  18. What I wanted to enter in the NNL

    Your build looks just like the picture. I remember seeing this picture in Hot Rod Deluxe. If he went down at speed I don't think he would even need to worry about a helmet since the salt would rip every inch of his skin off anyway.
  19. AMT Showcase

    Thank you for the heads up on this product. I had never seen this product before. As Snake45 pointed out there are many ways that this could be used.
  20. 1969 Camaro Z/28

    Great looking paint and color. Nicely detailed interior and engine. Like so many others who enjoy these cars I got to own one. I was the second and forth owner and drove it for 18 years. Still regret selling it.
  21. Revell Torino

    Great looking build. I like how the side stripes blend with the body color. At least on my screen it seems Potobucket is holding some of your pictures hostage.
  22. Fantasy box art

    You might want to drop down this page and look for What you would like to see as a model by jeroen3 from Dec. 3. Some interesting requests but also some very creative Box Art that some of the people who showed their ideas with a Photo Shopped Box Art of what they wanted.
  23. I wonder if the mold is busted.

    Have you tried contacting Revell about this ?? It is probably something they already know about and only Revell could give you an accurate answer.
  24. Revell 2009 Challenger Brock Yates Tribute

    I like your build idea. Very impressive engine room detailing. I'm looking at the Radiator Over Flow Tank and wondering how you got such a realistic finish on it.
  25. Hay man, calm down. You could always dress up as the Grinch just to mess with them.