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  1. The snow and the cold is sort of an inconvenience but to be expected this time of year. What is not is waking up and thinking it really cold in the bedroom. Wife is doing the usual grumbling about it, but it sure seems cold. Check the thermostat and it says it's 60 degrees. Outside it's in the teens. Furnace went south last night. The place is less than a year old, so I tried calling the HVAC people that did the install. Answering machine until Monday morning and no weekend emergency service. Called the builders agent and he had their Maintenace Manager call and he had me go thru some steps to check and see what could be wrong. Did breakers, fuses, cleaned flame sensors. Gas fireplace seems to be able to keep the first floor around 65 so at least we aren't going to die of exposure. New homes are just to expensive to have an HVAC system go down in less than a year. Our old house was just over twenty years old when we sold it and the furnace never ever stopped.
  2. How do you even find this strange stuff ?
  3. I like how you blended the '58 Chevy rear bed into the body. Great looking paint and color.
  4. espo

    Revell AMG SLS

    Beautiful looking paint finish and interior. How hard was it to get the doors to open and close smoothly ?
  5. Besides the free shipping this should include free oil changes and all other maintenance expenses.
  6. The stance looks just like the pictured car. I don't know just how close you're going to stay to the green car's features, but there are a few that standout to me. The firewall treatment is interesting and don't recall ever seeing one done in this way. The stacks on the carburetors are set differently as well. Usually, the opening would be facing toward the rear of the car or the front and these are facing the side. Using a Chevrolet W engine will make this different.
  7. Well, we got a few inches last night. The Tow Truck companies, and the Body Shop owners have all ordered their new power boats for this summer. Supposed to be in the upper 40's Monday and even hit 50 on Tuesday. I'll wait till then to get out the snow shovels.
  8. The mention of the Oldsmobile 403 engine reminds me of the Firebird Trans Ams built with the Olds 403. Drove one for a little bit with no complaints.
  9. First let me thank you for considering this model and I think it will be financial success for Moebius. Since you are going to include some of the street parts as well would that also provide a standard bench seat?
  10. Beautiful looking Corvette, a great color and finish.
  11. Beautiful looking build. This was one of the best-looking Pontiacs of the time and the interiors were beautifully done. They can be a lot of work, but it looks like you did it justice. The dark blue color shows the body lines well and the chrome trim standout. GHot to have the 8-lug wheel/brake setup on Pontiacs from this time.
  12. Great looking '32. I like the bomber seats and the engine is very cleanly done. The dirt track rear tires look good on this.
  13. Beautiful looking paint job and chrome trim. Painting the bumpers almost makes them disappear and makes the side trim standout.
  14. Great looking Chevelle. I like the Pro Street/Drag look. Very realistic looking vinyl roof.
  15. Beautiful looking build. The smooth paint and color show the body lines well.
  16. Great looking fab work on the frontend. I think the inline 6 looks great as well.
  17. As James D. pointed out the engine in this case represents the 396. The 409 engine was offered at the beginning of the '65 production and was replaced by the 396 around thew first of the year in 1965. The engine callout decals can be found in many of the Chevelle kits from this era. Should you be unable to find any MP me your mailing address.
  18. Was that when they used the Lumina body instead of the Monte Carlo?
  19. That is a 1967 model Super Sport. Kind of a rare find in this condition.
  20. You can log onto their web site to watch or look at future cars coming up or look at what something had sold for if you missed it on the block.
  21. Made me laugh. I got in some big trouble as a youth, and all too often since. My parents were big Bridge Players and always wondered where their expensive cards were going.
  22. Great look. A little rust would be common on a rig this old.
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