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  1. I'm impressed by how the body turned out. I would have canalized this kit after stepping on it.
  2. Great looking color and finish. Like the stance along with the wheel and tire combination. Like the engine finishes and the blower.
  3. Rich looking Candy Green paint. Like the Highboy look and the stance. Great detailing on the Hemi and the chassis.
  4. Well-seasoned looking undercarriage.
  5. Great looking pictures, thank you for sharing. Like the up-close photos they show a lot of the detail on the builds.
  6. Popups are getting out of hand again.
  7. Hopefully someone will have pictures to share for those who can't attend.
  8. Lee Plastic's lenses were an inexpensive way to change the appearance of your taillights. I bought a set for my '57 Ford through the old J.C. Whitney catalog a very long time ago.
  9. Already have a standing order for the Charger at my local model shop, going to have to add the Aqua Van and Drag Boat.
  10. Really captured the look of the era. As Techman pointed out, putting washers between the hood hinges and the hood to raise the back edge was inexpensive modification at the time. Beautiful looking paint color and finish. The interior looks great and is a good contrast to the body color. Like the way you detailed the engine.
  11. Great attention to the fine details. Lots of scratch-built components.
  12. Like the color. I had a neighbor who had a '69 Road Runner the same color that I coveted for years.
  13. Like the extensive chassis detailing. Nice hinges for the doors and the trunk and hood.
  14. Great looking paint finish. Like the engine and the stance.
  15. I have built several of his casting and have a few waiting. Beyond the normal cleanup they seem great.
  16. The solid red tail lamps on the D/Gasser were a style then, guys would use the lenses from a '55 or '56 Buick. Made a big difference in appearance for little money.
  17. Beautiful looking paint work and trim. Like the big engine with the sleeper looking exterior.
  18. Very cleanly detailed assemblies. Like the colors and the lay out almost looks like one of the American Motors cars as well.
  19. Like the rich color and the smooth paint finish. Nice looking chrome trim and engine detailing. You got the stance.
  20. espo

    1961 Impala

    Welcome back to model building. Great looking colors.
  21. espo

    Chopped T

    Great looking build. The engine, chassis, and the under carriage all look nice and cleanly done.
  22. Beautiful looking color and finish. The interior compliments the exterior as well. Like the dressed up 348.
  23. Great smooth looking finishes. Looks just like the real car.
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