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  1. Making some fruit liqueurs

    You know some Chocolatiers sell infused candies like this. Good luck with your experiment.
  2. Your efforts paid off with this. I agree this is not the easiest kit to build, but you made it look good.
  3. Victoria Day Weekend Speedfest

    Lots of great looking photos. I like the close ups in the Pits.
  4. West Australian Hotrod pics

    Thank you for sharing. I enjoy seeing what is going on in other parts of the world. I'm very partial to Manaro's and owned an '05 Pontiac GTO . I wish we could have gotten the Ute's but GM shot themselves in the foot instead.
  5. 65 Impala SS 396

    Great build. As others have pointed out the attention to the chassis and engine detailing is very convincing. I like the "Road Splash" on the lower body.
  6. 1975 Chevrolet Camaro RS

    Looks great. I worked at a Chevrolet dealership and we painted many Camaros in inventory with those stripes to help sell them. I wouldn't worry about the chrome Bumpers, the real ones were just a lightly polished aluminum anyway. This was a weight savings to compensate for the Battering Ram front ends the Gov. required at the time.
  7. Nissan Gloria 280E "Gulf"

    Very believable weathering on the exterior. I noticed the Lucky Strikes and the Play Boy decal on the dash. Very funny.
  8. El Camino!

    Nice clean looking build. I like the SS style interior and exterior. Ask anyone else who has owned a Monte Carlo SS, Chevrolet didn't do any better with the fit and finish on the rubber noses on these cars.
  9. 40 ford

    Nice smooth paint work.
  10. 69 COPO CAMARO

    Outstanding paint work, super smooth. In addition to the parts box tires those wheels are interesting, I like that style myself. I owned a '69 Camaro for 18 years and the only thing it shared with your COPO was the color combination. It got me tickets when I wasn't even doing anything wrong. Loved that car but it almost cost me my license.
  11. Essex Wire Cobra Finished

    Great paint work and very believable detailing on the engine and chassis.
  12. 1960 Chevy "Hard Luck" Impala

    Looks great. I'm glad you finally were able to beat it into submission.
  13. 76 amc gremlin

    I like the color and the paint job looks great.
  14. 14 stingray

    Very nice clean build. I like the color combination.
  15. AMT '70-1/2 Camaro

    Sorry to hear of your problems with this kit. I have the same kit but it is done in the standard white plastic, other than a little flash here and there everything seems fine. One thing I noticed was your box doesn't seem to say it is cast in the orange plastic. When this kit was reissued a few years ago I know that it was offered in both white and orange plastic. The kits with the orange plastic stated as such on the box. I avoided these since I didn't want to deal with the issues sometimes encountered in painting colored plastic. My point is it possible that the orange plastic compound is some how different, and why wasn't the fact that the plastic is orange but not stated on the box ? Just an FYI on the wheel trim you mentioned. Having owned these wheels in 1:1 scale I may be able to offer a little insight into their appearance. The trim rings were a brushed aluminum finish and not chrome like. If you look closely at the outer edge of the wheels you will notice what looks like a light ridge running around the outer edge. This would have been part of the painted wheel. The trim ring was about 2 plus inches wide and sat down into a grove in the wheel. The rest of the surface is the wheel and it is designed to look like a mag wheel. If it should matter, the wheels on the factory Z-28 package at that time were painted a dark gray with chrome lug nuts and they were also offered on Chevelle SS as an option. In later years, around '77 they were offered again as part of the Z-28 package but were then painted the same color as the body. These wheels were also offered as an option on some El Caminos and the GMC counterpart. This kit may take a little extra effort but I have seen many here who have built some great looking models from this kit.
  16. I don't know what clear you ended up using but it sure looks good.
  17. Unpleasant task

    You might check the fittings where the plastic lines meat the brass fittings. These have a tendency to leak over time. Extended exposure of the hydraulic fluid to other surfaces is not good either.
  18. Primer for resin?

    Like most of the others here I will clean the Resin body or part with Dawn dish soap before and after any body work that is needed. I have been using the Tamiya primers with good results but the last couple of Resin builds I have started using Automotive type primers and feel that they maybe just a little bit better for the first coat of primer. After that I go back to the Tamiya primers and what every color coat I'm going to use. If you are not already doing any sanding or other body work on a Resin model away from your normal work area I suggest you start. The dust from sanding Resin can and will get on other components and give you problems with any future paint work.
  19. My '62 Chevy Belair Weekend Drag Car

    What can I say that hasn't already been said. All of the details you did on this build are just so realistic looking. I like the subject and I really like how you have presented it.
  20. 1964 Plymouth Belvedere

    Great looking paint and perfect fit and finish. I like how you detailed the grill and bumpers.
  21. Ford GT - Polar Lights

    Very smooth clean finish on this GT.
  22. Scale vehicle inspiring a 1:1 vehicle

    Man I love your Impala. I had a '66 Impala SS that I bought new and have always like the looks and lines of the '65 and '66 bodies. The wheel treatment on your chrome wheels goes back to when there was very few affordable options for a daily driver. Rod & Custom Magazine had an article about the treatment you have done. Besides the solid color they also suggested using a tinted clear over the chrome mush like a candy Paint job. The chrome Spiders are perfect with the chrome valve caps. Sometimes "old becomes new" again. Take good care of your beautiful Impala.
  23. Experimental WagonRod

    I agree with everyone else on the Headlights. That change alone made this a much better looking and realistic. The only suggestion I could offer on the Wood Graining would be to add some Wood Grain effect to the dark Brown colored portion, just a very little as sometimes less is more if you know what I mean. Well built.
  24. 1970 Pontiac GTO promo build

    Very nice redo on this GTO. The Red Interior really sets it off well. The Wheels and Tires really look perfect for this car.
  25. 50 stud conv resin

    Does the caster offer the Starlight coupe also ? Even as a child I thought the unique look of the "Built Nose" Studebakers was special. Nice looks convertible. Did you open the wheel wells or did it come that way ?