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  1. ethical situation

    If you haven't already, verify with your friend that these people do or don't have his permission to be selling these models. If he is incapacitated who has the authority to look after his personal property ? Are these people "trusted friends" and how are they obtaining his property ? If he is not in an agreement with these people to be selling his property he should call the Police or Sheriffs office right always.
  2. 32 Ford Vicky - AMT

    Very nice build. The way you used different colors to show off the different components. Great looking color and finish on the body.
  3. '32 Vicky Cabriolet

    Great looking paint and finish. I like the way you detailed the chassis, engine, and wheels and tires. Cool looking Flat Head. Hard to tell if it represents yesterday or today as far as build style. In other wards it looks timeless.
  4. Slant 6 cross ram

    I would like to find a model of the early Lancer GT or the Valiant as long as it's a two door.
  5. 1/25 AMT '40 Ford Sedan

    Their side exhaust was kind of nice but not that accurate as I recall. The Moon discs in the kit also left a bit to be desired. To give you an idea about the time I first built this kit, I would go around to the local Auto Salvage and find any "Late Model" '59 - '60 Fords looking for the Dash Knobs. I would remove the shinny metal knob centers from the plastic knob. I think these were Aluminum and I would shine them and they fit perfectly in the AMT wheels of the day and when flipped them over they looked for all the world like the Moon Discs. Most of the Moon Discs I have seen in 1/25th cover the entire wheel and actually stick out to far. The original Moons that we bought at PEP Boys or where ever fit into the wheel and the "fingers" would grip the wheel. This left the "Bead" portion of the wheel exposed much like an OEM Hub Cap of the day. I don't know if that is a good enough description of the Moon Hub Caps, but I think you can get the idea from this.

    I drove a '75 Nova LN two door Demo for a time. I seriously considered ordering one for my self but I already had several new and newer cars at home that I didn't drive that often so it was hard to justify buying another. The love of the automobile is what got me into the car business to start with, plus an invitation from the dealer I ordered my new '74 Step Side from. Building a copy of the four door is going to take a lot of fabrication since I know of no models that shared that roof line, and even the AMT '76 Nova Model Hatchback is only close at best. Good luck to you on finding a sedan body.
  7. Found these aircraft photos from2012

    The first photo showing the Constellation reminds me of the first commercial flight I toke with TWA Airlines many years ago.
  8. You have a great selection there. Please share any pictures of the built models on display. I always enjoy seeing what others are building.
  9. 1934 Ford coupe 4 cylinder

    I like that you're using the 4Cylinder engine on this . I don't know for sure about what Ford used on the '34's for wheels but I think they would have been Wires, or maybe even the "Wide Five" steel wheels.
  10. 1970 Charger

    I like that you tried something different with the paint color, it really stands out. Very nice engine room.
  11. 1968 Roadrunner

    Very nice and well detailed. I like how you did the Steering Wheel and the under side. All the trim looks great. Good luck at the show.
  12. 1/25 AMT '40 Ford Sedan

    Either way I think the '39/'40 Fords have always been very good looking cars. With the availability of the parts from this latest reissue and all of the others out there you should be able to build what ever version you want. Isn't that what this Hobby is all about ?

    Your description of the 9C1 Nova is dead on. I was working at Home Motors Chevrolet in Santa Maria Ca. at that time. The dealership was making a TV commercial at the same time that our Fleet Manager was trying to sell some 9C1 Nova's to the local Law Enforcement Agencies. Chevrolet had sent him a Nova with a black & white paint job to use as a demonstrator. I drove the Nova while the Film Crew were in the back of a pick up. At the time my personal "Demo" was a Nova SS with the F-41 Suspension and I had a '77 Z-28 at home in the garage. The Nova's handling was much closer to the Z than the F-41 Nova SS. This leads me to think that for the 9C1 at least Chevrolet used far heavier Suspension components than the civilian issued cars.
  14. You're off to a great start on the Model as well as your 1:1 pick-up. I also have a personal attachment to the '56 Ford F-100 having owned two different trucks at different times. The nice thing about your 1:1 is that with even with basic mechanical skills you can do almost anything your self even on a tight budget. There're far more after market support now than when I built mine, so I wish you luck on that. You might even think about finding another '56 Ford F-100 kit and you can tryout some 1:1 ideas for the future.
  15. Traditional '40 Ford Coupe Custom

    You seem to have the ability to save the unsavable when it comes to old Glue Bombs.
  16. The Striped Tomato

    The paint finish is looking super smooth. I like the color coordinated Spark Plug Wires.
  17. RIP Dan Gurney, 1931-2018

    I just finished reading the Feb.12 issue of Auto Week magazine. There is an interesting article written by Mark Vaughn that has very insightful information about Dan Gurney's career in Motor Sports. This issue also has a Guest Column that is authored by A.J. Foyt about his friendship and racing experiences with Dan Gurney. I thought I would share this information for those who may be interested.
  18. 67 Charger

    Great looking build. I agree with the others, the color really shows the body lines and you have a perfect finish on it. Very nicely detailed Engine and Chassis.
  19. Just another Willys

    Very interesting build. I recall seeing several Jeeps converted into Drag Cars thru the years.
  20. 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

    Very sharp looking build. That particular model is not well known for its fidelity but you would never know it looking at your model.
  21. What Pleased You Today!

    Many of my formative years were spent in the 'burbs of Chicago, Arlington Heights, Willimett, and Barrington. The weather in the winter especially can best be described as Brutal. That is why I'm FROM there. As soon as I was old enough to control where I wanted to live I moved to California
  22. Maybe a steady hand and some Flat or Semi Gloss Black paint. I would suggest going around the Rub Strip you are painting with a sharp #11 blade just enough to create a stop line so the paint doesn't flow onto the Bumper.
  23. I never thought about the quality of the spoons before, but this is a very good point. The brand I use is Dixie that I got at the regular market. I'm sure there are others but I can vouch for the Dixie brand if that helps you out.
  24. Live and learn my friend. You are taking the correct approach by asking questions. There are many builders here that will gladly offer advice to try and help you along. I often learn something new just by reading others advice and I have been building for many years.
  25. '67 SS-396 : Correct Cooling System ?

    The absents of a Fan Shroud seems odd to me. After looking at the picture of the original 395/325 Chevelle it seems as if it may have been removed at some point. The design of the Cross Flow Radiator was a big improvement for cooling purposes but to be effective in stop and go traffic a Fan Shroud would be needed. At say highway speeds there is enough air flow thru the Radiator to cool the Engine. This changes dramatically when the movement of the car isn't pushing air thru the Radiator. The Fan will pull a small amount of air but with the Shroud in place it becomes far more effective. This is just my thought.