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  1. Finally some progress on my 1979 Trans Am.

    You mentioned your research and that makes me curious as to just how many Blue/Blue Trans Ams were built. I just don't ever recall seeing any myself. They obviously were some built and it does look nice but I just don't remember ever seeing one.
  2. 56 Pontiac or Olds diesel?

    I agree with Bill on the timing. like Tom mentioned this guy was in his 80's and he could easily be off by a decade or so. I remember well when GM got the hair brained idea to make a Diesel out of a stock block Oldsmobile V8, what could possibly go wrong ?. Well if you know anything at all about these engines they were gutless, short lived, and very prone to head gasket failure. I was the used car manager at a Toyota dealership and was off one day and the general manager was going to show everyone how good he was at working a deal. He appraised the 100k mile 1/2 ton Chevy long bed pick-up trade giving it a bonus for being a diesel. At the time it was common knowledge that these things wouldn't bring half of wholesale in perfect condition when selling them too a retail customer. So he put a TON in this dog only to find out the next day that the engine as toast. BIG loss in the Used Car Department that month and guess who got blamed.
  3. Good To Be Home! (hospitals suck)

    A couple of years ago a local Hospital changed hands and many of the doctors that I had seen there left their practices at that Hospital. In the last three years every time I have gone to see the General Family Doctor I have seen three different Doctors as the "old" ones had left. The same thing with my Cardiologist. They do a cursory heart beat check and just refile my med's that they never prescribed in the first place. I guess I had better start looking also.
  4. Roy Clark Passed Away Today

    Very sad, he was a highly respected Entertainer and as a person in general. We just got back last night from Branson Mo. and had even attended a show at his old venue.
  5. 1991 Dodge D150

    AMT used to have a Dodge kit of "the little red wagon" short bed step-side pick-up.
  6. LS what?

    Displacement unknown, but most LS engines look alike on the exterior. I would think any of the latest Camaro or Corvette kits would be a place to look. If you want the very best you should check out Fireball casting in the Aftermarket/Resin section.
  7. AMT 55 chevy 2 dr sedan

    The old AMT '55 Nomad kit had a crude looking straight axle front suspension option. The better front suspension might be found in the Gasser '57 Ford wagon from Revell.
  8. 1970 Dodge Hemi Charger RT in factory B3 blue

    This build should win any contest in the Showroom Stock category. Excellent paint finish, vinyl roof, and stripes. The detailing under the hood is much like looking at a real car.
  9. Finally some progress on my 1979 Trans Am.

    I would never have thought of the blue interior but seeing it I think it looks perfect.
  10. Barris '70 Impala

    Very impressive design. Reminds me of some of the designs you see in the Low Rider Magazines. With the colors you have on the spoons this should be really exceptional looking.
  11. 1960 Chevy, a custom mix !

    Great job on the interior. The pattern looks just like OEM. The next time you're looking for colored inserts for an interior you might want to check out Keith Marks Decals under the After Market/Resin section. He also has decals of the instruments for many different models also.
  12. Revell update

    I would have to have one of those just because I enjoyed the movie so much. My be they will offer some of the other characters if "McQueen" sells well.
  13. 40 years!

    The first models I can remember were oblong blocks of wood with a dip in the in the center to represent the interior. The kit included two thin pieces of soft wood to glue to the sides and then sand them smooth with the body that would represent the doors and narrowed toward the "front". This was supposed to be some sort of early street rod or something. There were two small pieces of wood to represent the axles and the hard rubber tires were attached with nails also provided. I used early air plane type paints to brush finish. Let's just think of it as a good fireplace kindling. I think it was in 1953 that I got a plastic kit of a '53 or '54 Ford hardtop. This was pretty much a Promo with no interior and large screws thru the flat metal chassis to attach the chassis to the body. Again everything was brush painted. I don't recall it there was any spray paints at that time, and if there were I don't think I would have been allowed to use them. I recall getting a '55 Dodge hardtop and a '57 Olds. 4 door hardtop after that. This was about the time Revell started to offer the '56 Ford Sunliner convertible and a step side pick-up and a stake bed also. They later came out with a '56 Chrysler hardtop and a Cadillac. These were in 1/32nd as that was what they seemed to be promoting along with their Military models. I do remember doing a Jeep at that time that was molded in O.D. colored plastic. The first kits that I really started to get interested in were the then new AMT offerings in 1/25th scale around the fall of 1957 I think. These were basic unassembled promos but with interiors and many offerings of options, these were the first 3 in 1's that I recall. They offered most of the Ford and GM line and Jo-Han was also starting with the Chrysler products and American Motors. By this time the local hardware store started offering brush paints specifically for car models in addition to keeping a good supply of models on the shelf. Looking back at that time period and then looking around my work bench, an old converted roll top desk that I have had for 40 plus years, with all of the tools, air brushes and spray booths, Dremels, and paints of every color of the rainbow in brush and spray cans not to mention formulas for your air brush. Till Bill brought this up I had just sort of taken this all for granted. I look around my "office" area and all of the kits and especially the quality and verity of subjects we have to work with today I really am amazed by it all.
  14. We got a dusting this weekend but the streets were dry. Now we're seeing a little more and it's sticking. Most of the real snow is south of the metro area and way north so it's kind of going around use. I'm waiting to see just how much we are going to get since I have to go about 10 miles from here with my 4X8 trailer to finish cleaning out a rental. Even with our Wrangler I would rather not get out on the road with all the crazy drivers with a trailer in tow.
  15. 2018 LIARS Challenge

    Thank you for sharing your photos. So many great looking builds and some inspiration for future projects.
  16. Motor City NNL 2018...more :)

    Thank you for sharing your photos. As always your photography is outstanding. I remember several of these models as I followed their builds on this site. So much creativity displayed in one place at once.
  17. 350ci Tri Power ?

    I think everyone would be correct on the Rochester 2G carbs. The physically smaller Strombergs would usually appear on Flat Heads. The reason I pointed out the Intake Manifold was because of it's appearance and what I feel is it's accuracy. The casting provides an opening, very small, for the Distributer and the Thermostat and it is a very clean casting with great details. As for the use of Holly Carbs., since this would be an after market type of modification so almost anything would be possible. The most likely being the afore mentioned Rochester 2G. The general shape between it and the standard Holly 2 br. Carbs. would be similar but the high performance Holly's with the center hung floats have a very distinct appearance. If you have access too one of the Revell '67 Corvette big block Tri-Power intakes and Carb. set ups you will see what I mean. This casting is in 1/25th scale so when looking for the Carbs. that you want to use remember a 1/24th part may appear somewhat larger than you may want. If you remember exactly what was on the car that should give you an idea of what you should be looking for. Good luck with your build going forward.
  18. Good To Be Home! (hospitals suck)

    Glad you're OK for now, but the new Doctor and or Hospital sounds like pretty sound advice to me. Whoever the "Doctor" who was supposed to be checking you out goes and "scrubs in" with another Doctor sounds like they had a T Time. I went thru much of the same problems minus the Ambulance ride a few years ago. A single flight of stairs at work had me panting like I had just run a 4 minute mile. I ended up having a Stent in the LAD 2 Artery, the one they call the "widow maker". I spent one night in the Hospital and walked out the next day. Your Cardio. Doctor should be all over this with more than a Stress Test. That only tells them how you're doing at that moment and not if there is any blockage. You have to follow this closely because it sound like the only person thinking about you is you.
  19. 350ci Tri Power ?

    Check out Replicas & Miniatures part # SRD 1103. This is a perfectly done 3 - 2 intake manifold. They also offer the carbs. and shorty headers part # P-123.
  20. I followed your build on this and really like hoe it turned out. All of the detailing you did during the build shows. I like the subdued factory type colors you used on the body. The bed looks perfect.
  21. Turned out beautifully. I did much the same a couple of years ago trying to replicate the '67 El Camino I owned many years ago. I ran into the same problems you mentioned. I thought the Revell '67 Chevelle SS and their '66 El Camino would have been much easier to combine but the Firewall and the inner Fenders are different but they should be the same. Oh well yours turned out great. Look at my Avatar for an idea of how my attempt turned out.
  22. I like how you aged the paint finish. Well thought out build and a perfect theme build.
  23. 1948 Thames

    Your "Timmy" looks well beyond "pretty good". The color and paint looks good. Any more information you care to share ?
  24. Real "Period Correct" Speed Racer Mach V

    You took an otherwise uninteresting kit and really made something great out of it. The way you finished the body and decals make it outstanding. For myself it's the way you did the interior and all of the fine detailing that really make this such a standout.
  25. What did you see on the road today?

    The paint shows the signs of a desert "Sun Burn". The good news is that it should be relatively rust free, providing it didn't spend much time around the Gulf.