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  1. sorry nothing to add about the Gecko other than it seems to be older and pricey, maybe one of these for less than 150 ready to run and do a body swap these are all 1/24 http://www.axialracing.com/t/vehicles/scx24
  2. LAST CALL for this stuff if your interested now is the time
  3. I almost like the HW Charger but probably not enough to build another one of those kits
  4. bummer I understand if you happen to come across it and are still interested lmk
  5. when you get a minute please send me a couple pics, Thanks
  6. Thanks Tim for posting these, I wasn't able to attend and am now really looking forward to the ramp truck and the lifted 250
  7. just a Model King issue of the AMT 72 between the Boondocker and Crew Chief 15 yrs ago or so
  8. what are you looking for trade wise ???
  9. someone was doing these in resin, I can't remember who at the second not the ones I was thinking of but here is one example https://www.ebay.com/itm/313706572775?hash=item490a5e6be7:g:4C4AAOSwnzBhY7in
  10. wonderful build, just like I remember Toledo using when I was a kid
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