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  1. here is a gone fishing set, boat engine, trailer deck, storage box and carpet has been painted but not very well, it is missing 3 trailer tires and nothing else, the Ramcharger is missing wheels and tires, no paint or glue, does have a slight lean on the roof guessing its an easy fix my want list is kinda narrow cause I just don't see the point in trading for things i'm not interested in just to have and re trade them especially with the cost of shipping looking for air cooled VW Porsche Moebius Ford trucks just the 67s and up, Golden Camando AFX 72 Blazer or GMC Jimmy Revell Land Rover or VW camper bus AMT Gremlin modified or 80 Hilux snap MPC 78 Dodge pu or Subaru Brat
  2. interesting I was set up at the last show where he signed off and wrapped it up, wish i'd seen this earlier would have set up again
  3. for the heck of it I just checked the Jo-Han from 1987 $5.97 prices that were posted the other day and only $14.35 today, so yeah I think the models are priced above the inflation curve a bit
  4. most of the stuff pictured above was multi kit packs like the custom fun cars by Revell and were $5.97 for all 3 now according to the calc would be $40.24 today its getting to the point were the same old worn out reissues are pushing 35-40 if you buy them in the wrong places
  5. the Super Coupe wheels would be cool, not sure how noticeable it would be in scale IIRC they were 15x8 wide where the fleet/cop wheels were 15x7
  6. I'll admit I didn't watch much of the video as that car has zero appeal to me, but what I did see looks about like the Eagle moss cars, where you buy 3 or 4 kit packages that contain a few parts every month, and takes about 3 years to accumulate all the parts to finish at about a 15-16 hundred dollar cost, I sorta looked at the BTTF release when I first seen it, but for me that's too much money for what it is and having to keep track of all the parts and sub assemblies for 3 yrs till complete no thanks too much can happen in that time period, company goes away, lost parts etc, he is a quick read I found about the Eagle Moss cars https://www.hagerty.com/media/news/superbly-detailed-movie-car-scale-models/
  7. no problem, and I don't think that kit is super hard to find
  8. great trade with DPNM will trade anytime Thanks Jim
  9. great job love it, was wondering how you would handle the stripes and they came out great
  10. any chance that store has some Pete cab overs ?? or drag truck ?? I made it to Monroe Mi and Lewis ave and both just had some leftover cars
  11. as a kid it was almost anything, then it became anything and everything Mopar then started to branch out to other brands of muscle cars with a few classics thrown in (mostly tri 5) and a bit of drag race stuff. I guess I've built bought traded and sold way to many of those type kits cause now I won't even look at them and haven't bought a kit from those catagories in years and can't think of a single new kit they could make that would interest me, so now its pickups and other lifted 4x4 stuff, air cooled VW, Porsche and big rigs which I have been buying quite a few of
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