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  1. same here and dating sites also, I assure you these are not generated by tracking and no one else uses this computer
  2. yup good trade with tbill Tom Thanks again
  3. I'll claim the bronco, here's my offerings all sealed but the Cuda does have writing on it, years ago there was a mistake box that listed it as a 70 but its really the 71
  4. Darn it I was just getting a couple pics together to grab the AMX LOL
  5. maybe it will pick up when the weather turns and people are looking to build there's 2 here I would've have picked but missed em both so lets keep it going
  6. about sums it up, and hopefully this isn't too offensive,but this site doesn't encourage offering constructive criticism unless asked specifically for by the builder kinda like everyone who plays wins a trophy the same trophy as everyone else mentality
  7. pretty cheap on the auction site
  8. How do we know that Round 2 is paying Coke a licensing fee ? maybe its the other way around and Coke is paying an advertising fee to keep the name in front of prospective Coke buyers/collectors, why not they spend millions on advertising
  9. Ray great build, inspires me to get back to one I've been thinking bout the decals to build the black car are available now, here's a picture that predates the others
  10. absolutely love it super job
  11. Any other clues ?? was it square, oval, enclosed round, triangle or some custom style ?? was it for multi carbs or single ?? was it multi media like posted in pic or just PE ?? any unique design such as flames or something etched in
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