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  1. would love to see the Super Z in the Super Z box, yes the box art has sentimental value to me, I think the red issue Pro Street was the last use of the tooling in the mid 80s and not all the super parts are included,
  2. don't know if you have any music stores close by, Guitar Center, Music Go Round etc even small mom and pops or whatever but they have all been very cool around here and let me play any guitar I want, maybe go out and try a bunch first. don't overlook pawn shops either if you know what your looking for, I've bought some pretty good stuff very reasonably sorry cant really offer bass specific recommendations in fact I just traded off my Jackson 5 string found out bass wasn't for me, keep in mind what Dan said about the MIM Fenders that's been my experience also
  3. this example has been the same as my experiences the past few years of selling off stuff except its not the 100% total cost, if you buy postage online add the cost of labels, ink(bought any lately??) tape which you can not get from USPS like you do the boxes and then if you have to buy packaging material such as bubble wrap or peanuts it all adds up so with all that in mind I don't mess with listing anything less than $25
  4. stopped by Lewis Ave Toledo store today and they still had quite a few, didn't see the olds and the flatbed but rest were there, grabbed 1 each of the rigs, I have no interest in the other stuff so grab em before the resellers do, also they had a big red rod in the markdown section I think it was marked $24 but I didn't open it
  5. Mike don't be discouraged sometimes it take a bit of time to find a trading partner for things, I don't think it being used is the reason as long as its works good it could be a nice starter setup for someone, when you first posted it I was interested myself but simply don't have what you posted as being interested in, I ended up buying just about the same compressor with a different airbrush off FB marketplace, maybe try to sell it there if your a member
  6. here is the site I studied a bit when I thought about doing some gun stocks, its the film style and quite a few videos are posted on the site https://www.mydipkit.com/
  7. nice smooth transaction with Sam I Am and hope to trade again
  8. http://www.fireballmodels has the side scoops FMR-081
  9. for me I almost can't stand looking at a stock wheel car anymore or even one with 5 spoke Crager or Torques, it can be the most beautifully over restored car in the world and nothing, I'd rather see something that's been personalized and most importantly used and enjoyed, so I've enjoyed the pro tour, g machine, pro street cars, but the wheels have to be a careful decision, to muck bling kills the look, I like the 1st 2 Challengers but not the 3rd nope and the Duster not sure what the owner was thinking
  10. Tim nice collection and write up somehow I missed it first time around
  11. my Google is pretty strong here is a pic of all 8
  12. I don't remember all 8 but I have the 57 300 and the 71 Charger, and I can say the 57 300 is detail painted the same as the Pro- Shop version except the body color which is black in the masterpiece and green in the pro-shop, seems about the turn of the century and I think in the 20 buck range, I'll dig em out tomorrow unless someone fills in the details tonight
  13. love these vans never seen them before so I have to find one for myself
  14. here is a few random 1/24 -1/25 ones in my collection, the Mopar hauler is smaller and was signed by Darrell at the nats
  15. cool project body looks good for an Ohio car, as former 440 Dart owner I can tell you research your headers thoroughly back when I built mine 15 + years ago there wasn't many options at that time, I bought the 2in primary CPPA ones which I think were $750ish at the time and had to apply the hammer to a couple tubes, spark plug changes were tough and don't think about using the column or console shifter, Hurst cable was what worked for me, maybe things have improved since then, have fun their a blast to drive when done
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