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  1. Does this look familiar?

    only as police type or get a way type cars, but they did use models
  2. Does this look familiar?

    actually that one could be a leftover from the 2005 movie, the leftovers from the tv series were already in private ownership by then, the included pic if I remember correctly is how the Charger registry found them before they were sold off, several tv series from the 80s early 90s used leftovers from the show, there's one in a Knight Rider episode and they blow up a Cooter's wrecker in the X files the TV show only wrecked 300 or close to that 68-69 Chargers, which back then wasn't a big deal they were just old cars which they made a great number of and the scrapage rate was very high anyway, I lost count of how many semi rare muscle cars I used to see walking around in scrap yards back in the 80s. what's sad now is the classic cars that are now considered scarce or rare that they are still wrecking for movies
  3. good to know, I've never seen one in person but thought for 9 bucks it might be a starting point, hopefully one of the 3d printer guys will step up and create a good one
  4. I noticed that but thought maybe as a starting point, I've never seen one in person and he says pics don't do it justice thought it might be worth the 9 gamble
  5. here you go maybe you can work with this the bed and decals were also available at one time have not seen that listed in a while
  6. Clearly Scale

    guessing you used Paypal or a credit card to pay ?? so just take the steps to obtain a refund and be done with it
  7. here's one and another and another yes there is and have been for some time various grills listed on Ebay, also the 4x4 parts cast by BNL are out there
  8. Spotlight Hobbies?

    20 plus years here and never had a single problem
  9. AMT '70 Challenger flat hood

    Hart's Parts right here
  10. 11" Finned Drum Brakes

    Maybe something here would work but I have no idea what Mustang drums should look like
  11. 1970 Dodge Superbee Restomod

    looks great !!! where did you get the soft 8s ??
  12. Reveal your user name origin

    I've always had lots of project cars and a 1st gen Dakota with a 440 was one that was going on when I first started online many years ago so it just kinda stuck
  13. Crinkled Paint

    your always safest using like products or systems but when mixing brands and types I've always have had success using enamel over lacquer, enamel over enamel or lacquer over lacquer but never lacquer over enamel because the solvents that make lacquer dry quicker are chemically hotter, can't say exactly for water based cause I don't use it but guessing it would be safe over any dried/cured primmer
  14. someone else used to cast one of these cabs and interior tubs, not sure if I should name him cause there was a lot of unhappy customers, wondering if this is a rip of that