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  1. iso dobbertin pontiac j2000

    sorta forgot about this one till you described it, then instant recall
  2. iso dobbertin pontiac j2000

  3. iso dobbertin pontiac j2000

    This is the only 3 pk of Pro Street I remember, Beretta but no J-2000
  4. How to sell on ebay?

    I've sold a good part of my collection recently on Ebay and will continue to do so, yes the fees for Ebay and Paypal end up being between 18-20% when all said and done, but I've found CL users mostly have garage sale mentality and want to offer little to nothing for items, cant comment on FB I'm not on it, as far as pricing I look at completed auctions and come up an average that a kit sells for and that's my starting price, for shipping I use Priority mail, order free boxes online and recycle newspaper for packing, I've never had a shipping problem, printing your labels from Ebay saves a little money, and when listing an item there's a section to enter package information and it calculates the shipping rate for you which is displayed for the buyer based on location, its always been accurate for me, its all very simple and streamlined
  5. Sleeper Kits

    I think the 1st gen Revell S-10 pickup kits and the 2nd Gen AMT S-10 pickups and 2 door blazer kits, I remember these all being on closeouts from distributors now look what their bringing on the secondary market and haven't been reissued to death at least not yet, and no not the Lindberg 1/20th that's currently out
  6. Kit car kits

    yeah same here the first gens were pretty popular, here's a GT 2 barn find that I picked up last fall
  7. What kind of other nerd are you?

    for me its air cooled VW stuff have 3 projects going at this time, 69 Baja Bug, Berrrien rail and a Bradley GT2, then there's the Guitars, Archery, Firearms and 1/4 scale and larger R/C planes balsa and film construction type only
  8. For all you guys who want a Vette wagon

    I kinda like the yellow one and have seen the purple Challenger in person and IIRC it was done very well, guessing these were done years before everything has become considered so darn collectible, kinda refreshing to see some of these old customs that actually stand out at shows instead of getting lost in a sea of Camaros, Corvettes or whatever, Goggle them there were/are lots of conversions similar to these
  9. Would YOU buy this kit if it was reissued ?

    None of the above for me
  10. Anyone buying Revell kits just in case?

    nope and don't see any reason to, the secondary market will keep us supplied for many years, look how many kits are listed at any given time, almost 130K right now on Ebay automotive, and very few kits are so rare you might never see them again
  11. How Old Are You

    turning 51 soon and have spent over 44 years passionately enjoying the hobby along with many others, but honestly starting to burn out on it, all the reissues bore me to tears, kinda like been there done that so maybe I'll start giving aircraft, big rigs or trains a try
  12. Searching for MPC Super Z Camaro

    Still hoping to find one, I know they show up on Ebay pretty regular but serious medical bills dictate I'm not paying that for another shelf place holder so hoping to trade for one
  13. Has anyone heard of The Sales Shack?

    So have you tried to contact them ? if so how did it go ? was planning to order something but wondering about this
  14. Aftermarket wheels for my daily driver

    the quick answer is typically when you stick rwd wheels on your fwd they stick out past the fender openings, possibly causing interference, do some reading first maybe here wheel basics scroll down, if your buying new those bbs knockoffs are available in fwd offsets
  15. Searching for MPC Super Z Camaro

    Hoping to find a MPC Super Z Camaro, looking for unbuilt and very nice box, its kinda of a Holy Grail of mine, I received this kit a couple times as gifts when a kid and hoping to revisit it, have lots of kits from that era to trade