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  1. i'll also mention that the 57 nomad was last issued in the Skip's era iirc
  2. wow that was fast, email is time stamped 5:39 pm and I posted when I read it
  3. I am in no way connected with this, just an email I received and figured someone might like it https://www.autoworldstore.com/product-p/awfreemodel.htm?mc_cid=4e2d838566&mc_eid=e3f3748320
  4. been on Ebay since 01 myself both buying and selling, haven't sold much the past couple years because it seems they wanted to push sellers into the store type format with automatic listing renewals and collecting taxes on the sellers behalf plus the fees were getting to be about 20 % of the total, I don't know if that's still the case or not and will look into it soon cause I have several lifetimes of kits and die cast to thin out the thing I just noticed is looking in automotive models and kits category, filtered by US only listings there's only approx. 8500 listings for auctions and buy it now listings are approx. 98,000, I didn't know there was that much imbalance
  5. late model Corvettes also there's a bunch of resin ones on the auction site
  6. wish somebody would do these in the correct 17in oem size
  7. yes its Lee 1 which is in the opening credits that jumps off the dirt pile at the college the wheels in the first 2 pics are just some old aluminum slots that were painted gold when they were touring the car around before the restoration, should be easier to find they was very popular maybe these would work http://www.fireballmodels.info/images/FMR-076.jpg tv episode car had a wide steel slot style wheel notice the thickness of the wheel lip and the slot openings, maybe some old dirt track kit
  8. yup Hart's https://hartspartsresin.com/product/mpc-79-80-dodge-pu-hood/
  9. here ya go, he also has the 74 style if that's what you need and grills can be bought separate if that's all you want https://hartspartsresin.com/product/mpc-72-73-dodge-pu-covnersion/
  10. yes MPC and Revell both did them in 1/25 scale most are pretty easy to find in the secondary market, Monogram did 1/24 Cobra and GT convert which I mention because its a source for the pony wheels
  11. Awesome thank you, been thinking about this a bit and thinking I might try and build a copy of my Berrien rail, I should try to build a couple cages for practice first
  12. looks great are you doing fish mouths or notching the tubes where they intersect with main tubes ?? if so what are you using ? what is your glue of choice ??
  13. just like a lot of Round 2 stuff, just reissue after reissue of worn out tooling or tooling of kits that never fit together very well in the first place
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