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  1. Rebuilding a 1:1

    personally I would do the truck if it is truly rust free otherwise the Newport could be a cool cruiser, didn't you pick up a 66 or 67 Plymouth not that long ago ?? did you ever fool with it ??
  2. If I Ran Revell....

    the local library here already has a couple for public use, I have no idea what brands/models I've never looked in to using them
  3. Old Tool Unbuilt Revell 55 Chevy

    message sent
  4. Fujimi wheels size question

    Thanks I figured that, guess I should've asked for overall height and width of the tires
  5. Fujimi wheels size question

    Sorry brain is mush right now, have lots going on, so here is the question, Is there a chart that list the heights and widths of the various Fujimi tire and wheel sets ?
  6. Fujimi wheels size question

    I just spent a bunch of time searching the web looking for maybe a chart or detailed listing for the sizes of heights and widths in mm of the various Fujimi wheel sets, I've found a couple sets that I want to order if they are sized correctly for the projects
  7. Wanted: Plastic modelkits history / pictures .

    https://www.motorcities.org/story-of-the-week/2015/the-history-of-jo-han-models https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jo-Han https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aluminum_Model_Toys a few moments with Google just keep searching and change up your search words, also there has been a few pics posted on this site so search for those
  8. If I Ran Revell....

    Spot on
  9. If I Ran Revell....

    I would buy it if done correctly simply because of scale, but there is not or will never be a 24/25 scale tri five that I will buy again, been there done all that and its time to move on
  10. Revell '78 GMC 4wd-to-2wd conversion?

    I'm thinking that maybe a 1/24 scale NASCAR square G body kit or maybe a 1/24 NASTRUCK kit would be close and can be found dirt cheap
  11. Michael's coupon 50% this week

    Thanks for the info, didn't know that, I was just passing through DT and seen it, thought maybe I'd try my hand at starting a garage diorama, sounds like it would be better to spend a few bucks and get quality stuff
  12. Wanted: Information on Kits

    Good Luck with your search, I know what you mean about kits getting pricey, there right at about the top dollar I feel their worth especially for the ones with ancient toolings that get a box and decal upgrade so I don't buy many at retail any more I also have too many other hobbies that need money, maybe run a wanted ad on C L you might get a hit, I've done it looking for VW parts and was being offered more stuff than I could deal with, I've also have bought kits at auto parts swap meets
  13. Wanted: Information on Kits

    If you have an Ollie's outlet store near you they get kits once in a while, and if you have the time hit garage/estate, church rummage sales, I average between 4-500 sales a year and have had some success and you wouldn't believe all the other cool stuff you can find also have had some luck at thrift stores, flea markets and little 2nd hand junk shops, and finally search out toy shows that may take place near you
  14. Michael's coupon 50% this week

    Don't know if there's something special or different about that brand foam board but if you have Dollar Tree stores near you check there, its a buck a sheet and I think its 20 x 20 size 1/2 thick
  15. looking for info

    yup here's a quick pic from google, who knows why that was done