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  1. I've seen it in a picture someone posted from hobby expo show in rosemont ill. had a tag with 2012 on it also had picture of the 1/16 Pete
  2. looking good Tim , you have a trailer for this too ? website looks good the links I used worked , I was doing some follow up on pete 353 info for 2 projects I have planned , thanks for sharing your pictures , Ray
  3. oh yeah and other versions in pdf format can be found here don't rememner what page its on though http://www.revell.de/index.php?id=779&L=1 Ray
  4. you can downlad a pdf version here http://www.revell.de/index.php?id=210&KGKANR=0&KGKOGP=10&KGSCHL=62&L=1&page=1&sort=0&nc=&searchactive=&q=&SWO=&ARMAS4=&PHPSESSID=e77be304db9d34ea8a02ae41a2bed76e&KZSLPG=&offset=6&cmd=show&ARARTN=07497&sp=1
  5. I've been thinking about building the RG KW aerodyne and puting the V8 CAT motor from the RG KW t900 kit in it , then I sat back and considered adding the RG KW wrecker body , if the wrecker body fits ok, what do I do with the fuel tanks? as I suspect there would be a conflict there or do you think the aerodyne would not make a good wrecker? anyone with input and thoughts on this please reply, thanks alot, Ray
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