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  1. i always wanted to build the IH 4300 or the old COE IH. i haven't posted much in awhile but it was pulling season and over last winter i did a full resto of my real pulling truck so this kinda took a back seat. so i hope to get back into this project soon and finish a few others
  2. lol yes its a tgw truck an when your a farm boy like me an grew up playing with farm toys you have a lot of left over parts. but the best way to get a set is go to tsc an on the plastic toy rack there are some cheap plastic john deere tractors the work just fine.
  3. idk if this is a little to late to put this in but this in my straight six iv been working on for the last year or so.
  4. to tell you the truth the orange blossom tires dont really look like the new duble cut pulling tires they now use. the best ones you can use is the 1/64 hot wheels monster jam trucks. i see im not the only one thats using them for there pull trucks too.
  5. i am a huge fan of pulling tractors, trucks, super farm ect. i have a few pics of my puller i have been working on over the last few months. i would love to find ertls 1466 IH kit but i just have a hard time paying $130+ for something im just going to cut apart. i have made several diecast 1/16 an 1/64 pulling tractors.
  6. pro street is far from dead. nothing beats a classic slammed with a huge big block in it an 30 + in of rubber in the back . i did a pro street nova not that long back i had a lot of fun doing it.
  7. ya its coming along nice an yes its a true ss 74 hatch.
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