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  1. Nice Ian....looks like the Dan Blocker z/16....😎
  2. Outstanding, Thomas.....reminds me of mine oh so many years ago!...
  3. Thanks, Brad.....the figures are McFarlane from about 15-20 years ago. I found the Slash one with Marshall stack at a yard sale for a buck, and when I saw on eBay what they went for I was hooked. There are more pictures and special guests on the Diorama section put there last year....it's been a fun diversion from other modeling and like everything I have, it will always be a work in progress!....some equipment is stuff I have found at work, guitars are miniature keychains, etc.,....big fan of your work also.....what's up with you guys in the desert, anyways?!......rock on
  4. Looks like a great new book released soon by two Swiss modelers recreating iconic photographs from the past......a must for my library.
  5. Totally agree, Bob....it all fascinated me as a kid. I think I still build models to keep me in my youth now....after 50 some years, I finally completed my Civil War News card collection. Back in the day, we did not collect for investments like now....most of my cards are graded K for kid use!....(still wish I had my 69 z/28 I bought new, though...lol)...often thought the cards would make ideal subjects for resin models....maybe I can start a movement!.....
  6. Outstanding, Bob!....this is great...loved Frazetta. I still have my 4 original Blazing Combat magazines my parents let me buy 53 years ago with Frazetta covers....
  7. Chris.....what can I say that hasn't already been said?.....a truly gorgeous model that I have followed you building through the years. I believe you have given me the impetus to complete my version of this great kit. It was involved in a nasty wreck with a house cat years ago, and now it will be converted to run the Nostalgia Circuit campaigning as the Blood Assurance "Vein Vega" .....if it comes out looking a tenth as good as yours, I will be ecstatic!.....thanks again for your outstanding tutorials and am eagerly awaiting to see your next projects.........Chris
  8. ...anyone else watching ",The Terror", on AMC?......I think this is really cool.......
  9. Thought this limited edition (5000!) diorama of Seinfelds' apartment is really cool, though at $499.99, I won't be getting one!.....
  10. No, David, I didn't build this...saw it on a Facebook modeling site and thought I would share it....
  11. ...really like this.....
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