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  1. Tom, I had to file down the top of the firewall on mine. It's been a while now so I don't remember exactly what I ended up having to do, but I have no doubt that you'll see it if you focus your peepers on that area.
  2. Excellent! Type III junkie here...I've owned 3 squares and a fasty and always lusted for a T34. I'll be watching to see how you do with it as I'm considering ordering it too.
  3. I'd make one if someone were able to provide measurements. It's a pretty straightforward body, as far as contours go. And how cool is this.
  4. I typically use Chrome, but have tried your site with FF and Opera with the same results. This is the first I've known that there was no functional "Parts" page, though. That's likely where the majority of my issues have come from. That, and that wherever I go, I have to back up to a particular starting point rather than click through as one would intuitively do. Bad case of "Can't get there from here" itis. lol. And I hope you guys know that I tell you this not to slam on ya...more like a psst yer fly is open. Love the stuff you guys are doing!
  5. That's okay, Mr. Stephens. Our opinions are rarely in sync, and trust that I lose absolutely no sleep over that. Thank the gods, though, that you were here to point out that you disagree. I'm not sure the forum could have stood wondering. One of these days, though, you may want to consider un-wadding your panties about the fact that I like old cars and have no personal interest in new ones. Just because I don't like them myself, doesn't mean I don't recognize the need for the suppliers of our hobby to be diverse. Unless you'd care to form more of my opinions for me...in which case I can happily go back to simply ignoring you. Thanks, Rob. I was pretty sure it was around then, but sometimes I find I've missed something that happened during those few years I was out of the loop. And you're right, it is unfortunate. See, I'm not always against everything just because it's newer than I am. I'd like to see them as well. But I don't think the companies will spend the dough to give them to us. Not because it wouldn't be worth it to tool up a new truck kit...I have no doubt it would sell well. But, you can't just tool up one new truck kit, now can you? Ford would never stand for not being represented if Dodge or Chevrolet were, nor would either of the latter if the shoes were on the other foot (feet?). So that's where my naysayer comes out in full force...not because they're new, but because it'd be expensive as %@&*, and while trucks are 'bout near always cool the new ones are not cool enough to overcome the bean-counters sphincter tightness. A new '56 tool would be great, but I don't see that happening for the same reason. We have one, long in tooth or not, and while I agree it's a fantastic design, it's no '63-'64 Impala, tri-five Chevy, or '57 Ford. Anyway, Ford bumpsides are cool. I wants one. Or five.
  6. Count me among the hoard who can't wait for a fully-functional Missing Link site! I know you guys have tons of cool stuff, but the only time I've ever seen it all was in person at a show. Come on guys it's 2013! Broke n' busted websites are so 2003.
  7. Our last full-on dose of new pickup kits was when? 1999? 2001? I can't remember right now. While I agree that we're due again, new pickups are really not that interesting. Yes...yes...they're kinda interesting, but they're not "spend a million in new tooling to cover the main ones" interesting. So I don't see that rash coming on for a while. I think most would settle for a diecast that doesn't totally suck, that we could at least steal a cab/box from...but I wouldn't even hold my breath for that. I'd slay things in a highly over-dramatic manner for an early Bronco. I keep just missing the far-too-infrequent listing of the Cheez Cast resin version on the bay. Some other guy built a master a couple years ago and posted the build over on Jeffs off-road forum, but he turned out to be a major tease...got it about ready to cast, then up n' awol'd. It looked pretty dang good, too. Really, really really want. The drag version doesn't cut it. Anyway, since the thread has kinda come back down to earth for the most part, can we expect any new teasers soon, Dave? We're ready for a peek at...anything! lol.
  8. Nice! Sure don't see those every day.
  9. Nice job...hard to beat a black chevy boat with cragars.
  10. Great project, Rich. Colors look mighty fine.
  11. Yeah. Excellent color choice. I fell for that "yellow" as soon as Testors came out with their synth lacquer line. It'll look great on that fat curvy body.
  12. Gotcha. I had the car 'zine wrong anyway. I didn't even have the model company right. The one I was thinking of was a Revell, from their Car and Driver series. Ah well, I am a year older today so my memory should prove itself failing. lol. Either way, yours looks pretty good.
  13. Sharp Ponch. I'm also wondering what color?
  14. Is that the one that had the Road & Track box art at some point? You did a fine job on it.
  15. Bill, wait! Where's the scale bead roller? Looking very fine, indeed...
  16. Very cool build. I have to echo Bill's sentiments on needing to know what you're getting into. It's one of those cars that if it were a woman, it'd be the type that dragged you around on a chain and collar...but those legs...those lips...worth it!
  17. I've always thought the molded-in exhaust was kinda funny on this one, considering the rest of the kit. As for which engine, I'd imagine any one of the plethora of late-model Mustang engines would be perfect...but I'm sure someone will chime in with which of those has a really nice one to use.
  18. With the heavy sectioning of the hood and the appearance of the rear axle being pushed back, I fully expect one of those "Oh look, no engine!" hood-up shots and an accompanying "Here it is!" shot of a Toro drivetrain sitting in the box. And if that's not what you're doing, I may have to steal the idea for myself.
  19. Decant it. It's no big thing. Yes, the contents are under pressure. The problem with contents that are under pressure is when you have a SUDDEN release of that pressure. Do it so it's not sudden. When I have one that won't put out anymore, I just drill a very small hole in the side near the top. Go slow, as in twisting the bit by hand, until you make that initial penetration of the metal. The pressure will slowly seep off, then after a few minutes you can drill a larger hole and simply drain the can. Easy peaz.
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