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  1. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    Gee, I uh, couldn't tell, there, Anthony.
  2. That is where we always meant to be. Thanks, Pete. D
  3. Got a little present from the guys the other day. Had two signatures on it. So I added one and put it in a display case to go with the others!
  4. Well, you are the 'Master". May be same guy, wants to build a 2dr version.
  5. Finally, that did it. Why it kept rejecting I don't know. Perhaps length.
  6. Keeps saying "Error 404 page not found" let me shorten it. Thank you Ronnie. I can't say it enough, I appreciate it and Greg & Mike do as well. peteski, 6883michaelw, mls60442, Kayma367 and repstock, I have you on the list. Please know if you read this you're on the newfangled updated with Kung-Fu grip and life-like fur 1991 CVPI list! Anyone else interested is also welcome to PM me at any time or email me directly at ntvypr at msn.com , and if you don't get an answer pretty quick same day or next, except weekends, I'm not around the 'puter then much) feel free to twist my tail openly here. Tim I dunno about the partial. Greg will see this and I will ask him as well. I know he is working on them as much as he can. I think we've both been surprised at how many want not only one but two at a pop. Thank you one and all. Greg's workin' harder than a Santa elf with the cat-o-nine tails marks to fill all the orders. Thanks, guys..
  7. Hmm. I can't seem to send an answer. Keep getting an error 404 (?)..
  8. 1971 Ford Galaxie 500

    THat's the way THEY see it!! And, Thanks Jeff!!
  9. Thank you Peter for the comments on the kit! I've sent you a PM. And I've done the same for Joe as well.. If anyone else has sent a kit request to Greg or me and did not get a response and are still interested please PM me here, or contact me at my direct EM at ntvypr@msn.com. I am very sorry for the nonresponse. I THOUGHT I answered each and everyone who PM'd me on each and all of these projects. I am forgetful, but I have no unread msg and only 30% of my inbox is used so it's not an overflow. Thanks guys..
  10. 1971 Ford Galaxie 500

    Guy I work with bought a Registered Main Coon cat with papers. A male & a female, and kittens (uh oh) were produced. This is one of those supposedly that will get planet-punishing big. That's a KITTEN, or teenage cat. It was Born in February this year. It's 8 mos old, and already larger than the big male yard cat I have. Kinda looks like a wolf, so I named him Lobo. He gifted me with this guy in July and I swear he's almost doubled in size since. He's doing promo shots for me modeling the 71 Galaxie. (actually he jumped up and took up residence on my work bench. An animal this large goes where it pleases pretty much, so.. he's uh, modeling.)
  11. 1971 Ford Galaxie 500

    Now I've moved on to the front bumper. Another PITA because best I can tell... The front bumper turn signal lights on the 70 Galaxie kit are too small to be the proper ones for the 71 front bumper. So gte this; after much study it came to me. The old backup lights I relieved the 70 rear bumper of seem to be the perfect size for the 71 front bumper. And vice versa for the backup lights. Simply put the backups become the front T/S's and the the frontT/S's become the backup lights! A lot of work to sculpt this front bumper. A few pics to show it in the first stage and very rough. If you look at the pic the 71 frt. T/s's are somewhat larger and almost square. If you look above at where I removed the larger square-ish backup lights from the 70 bumper you may see how more appropriate they are for the front.
  12. 1969 Beaumont front bumper/grille

    I had not known about this car until you told me about it, but I like it a lot. Fantastic work you're doing on the modification too. Very nice..
  13. Yeah, cause the folks that did S&B were such sticklers for accuracy, eh Bill? One thing I always wondered was how do you get from MS to TX by way of Ar. totally skipping LA? (I wanted to see some LSP cars tore up too!) Very little made sense like if time's an issue, why leave the I-20 to hang north through the foothills of the Ozarks thru AR on twisty curvy two lane roads to go to Texarkana, when good ol Marshall or Longview Tx was right on the interstate and a straight shot from/to Atlanta? Best not get too deep into inaccuracies. I had to keep reminding myself it's not a documentary. Well, at least they got most of the state uniforms/cars the right colors. (Sorta) So, here's a whole website full of the mistakes in S&B's plot and pictures to help you wile away your much-deserved retirement: https://www.moviemistakes.com/film1181/factual
  14. Chrome Platers - Again...

    Got it. I understand..
  15. Chrome Platers - Again...

    No offense Pete but I would have a heckuva time seeing any impurities in chrome work on those parts. at least by the pic. They look nice! Small objects with many twists and turns and bump ins & outs lend themselves somewhat to playing tricks on the eye. Like trunk & door jambs & openings on 1:1 cars. My analogy is when I cleaned up or changed colors on a car. The big open flat panels of the hood, doors roof & trunk those were the hardest to cover blems and make right. And yet, all that bent, curved and twisted & formed metal-work in the door jambs; a painters dream almost. Once you get past scuffing it up to make it stick once the color goes on then a good coat of lovely clear and ALL of it looked beautiful. Hard to screw up a door jamb.