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  1. The ones in the pic above I sent to Greg are exactly what the MH Hubcaps are trying to be. Don't get me wrong, the MH ones were Ok when nothing else at all was available. And I greatly appreciate whoever created them, plus The MH for allowing us to use them. I too thought (by looking at pics of them on other models both earlier in this thread and below again) that they would be perfect for this car. Unfortunately holding them in your hand strips away everything a pic can do to redirect your eyes from wherever it may miss. I understand my modeling may well fall into this same trap once an eager modeler gets one in his hands. I hope not but that's why I took so long to even surface. Seriously, I thought the MH caps were PERFECT too. No offense to whoever created them I mean that, they ARE pretty good. Still someone added a Ford Oval in the center of the cap and unlike above where it is imprinted in the center circle it stands UP, way up above the surface inside that center ring. Also, the very edge of th real one has a small indented edge or 'lip' there. The other one omits that, and is almost flat as well. I took a crack at milling this very hubcap several years ago using my dremel. I have like 5-10 abject failures but I did make ONE that I was a bit proud of. So I put it in a safe place. So safe so far it has eluded me but I have an idea.. Also It just occurs to me that when I sent the master I built of my 1978 Ford LTD to Art Anderson it had no hubcaps at the time. I had nowhere near the skill to do that back then, so he managed to mill up some pretty nice examples. The inner ridge is not as stand-up-ish but I think the little rim at the edge is fairly well represented. It is attached for perusal as well. Hmm. They DO look verra, verra much alike.. Got me thinking about the chicken and the egg paradox. BTW: these hubcaps on both the 1:1 cars the 1978 LTD and the 91 CVPI are the exact same hubcap. One has a crest (the 70's one) and the other the Ford Oval imprinted in the center. The MH Hubcap below on the 91 CVPI. It looks nice! The following three pics are of the caps on my 78 LTD that AA created for it back in 1998. I think you can see that edge lip on it. I might even have a set of these somewhere but the center circle on this one is done as an inlay instead of a reveal.
  2. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    Thanks guys for the encouragement... The interior is almost done, I am trying to do something with the kit glass... We will see. Or we WON'T! And then it would be pretty much done I suppose.. Keep watching. New pics coming soon..
  3. 1976 gran torino

    What he said, and here you go. Any seat surface not where the body contacts will be color keyed vinyl. The backs & sides of the seats, headrests, and the panels below the seating area on the front and back seats. Ford in that era did not waste upholstery fabric on areas not making booty or back contact. Here is in the first pic, a picture of the interior of my restored 1978 Ford LTD Police. Have a look at those areas mentioned and you will see they are all vinyl. You can even see a bit of the back of the front seat just before it disappears down. the area you said you couldn't find a pic of. Also here are two more other LTD's, 75-78 and they will show it done the same way. Ford did all their cars in this fashion in that era. I used to strip out interiors to use in copcars that's why I'm fairly certain of it. A Torino or any other Ford offering with cloth upholstery is done the same way. Even the Landau's if I remember right. Doing a great job on this model, I LOVE your carpeted areas. Super realistic looking and in scale to boot Kudos! The one below is a bit more upscale version, a lower form of the Landau, and a 2dr to boot. Hard to tell but the surface seating areas and the contact points on the armrests are CLOTH. All else is vinyl. Hmm..Looking at the pic below I notice that the front seat back valance under the backrest, leading off the seat surface to the rear is also a piece of color-keyed CARPET. Forgot about that.
  4. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    Thanks! As to Armor all or Son Of A gun read my comments earlier sans curse words about that stuff!!
  5. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    Now the bottom & a bit of shaping. can't be just hard square rectangular.. Ta=Daaa!!
  6. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    No sinister intentions taken. Just thought if you were trying to impart some info or guidance I didn't want to miss it. Moving on.. A couple of thrilling pics of the front bench seat build for the Nova 9C1. After the thrills, you may have to take tomorrow off from work. MAy want to save for Sat. so you have a day to recover. First off had to remove that pesky trans tunnel console shift housing and create a plain-jane tranny tunnel. Then you start with a rounded "L" cut from sheet styrene. Put a back, then a front on the backrest.
  7. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    Huh? Did you mean to post a pic? Does not compute, Will Robinson.. Currently, I am scratchbuilding a front bench seat for it. When done it will be plain, flat stretched cowhide like the deck of an aircraft carrier and whatever color you want to paint it. Like so:
  8. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    Espo, Thank you! I do hope we can get it out sometime very soon! OCF: If you think it sits low NOW, you should have seen it at it's natural allocated ride height. The top of the rear wheel arc was even with the top of the wheel well opening! If you look at rocker panel area you can see the side of the frame/chassis plate which is supposed to be up inside the body. I 'propped' it up a bit. Fear not. I will correct what MPC hath wrought and get it perched up a bit higher there before i am done..
  9. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    And in addition as a progress report, I sourced some pretty accurate looking Hubcaps that are almost 100% perfect for the 76-78 Police Novas. See what you think..
  10. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    Well, I opened up the ModeMailBox last Saturday and found a single lone robin's egg blue Easter pastel colored envelope. I brought it inside & sat down at my workbench & opened it up after noting the return address from Anthony and thinking he must'v had a few extra Easter envelopes left over.. And inside was a CARD. With Nova PARTS! I literally laughed out loud! Thank you Anthony! And you are most welcome as well..
  11. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    Anthony, that is a sharp ride and I understand why you kept it so long. I owned my 78 LTD from 1982-2008. I had sworn all along only death would wrest it from me. Then The Hell happened in 2008, as it did to so many others but my personal one had added another component; divorce. I needed cash to keep someone out of my retirement and in an extreme moment of weakness, I let myself believe I was finally 'done' with the 78 and could let it go and would not miss it. So I sold it. God, I was SO wrong. Bad, BAAAD thing to have done. The div despondency passed, the MAJOR seller's remorse every day since HAS NOT. I should NEVER have done that. Still, I do hope to recover it one day, and if I don't, I still have another one I could restore but boy o boy is it in rough shape. Jeff, if you have any others of my SSP I would be eternally grateful for them. I have it torn down at the moment and all the separate components restored and boxed up waiting for the climb back up the hill to the re-build and completion. Heck, I even have all the period police equipment and markings to boot.
  12. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    You are without a doubt the DiscoNovaMan. I was a radio DJ in high school and the first couple years of my working life prior to LE. I was a part of the "Disco Sucks" movement back then. ... But I like a good bit of it now. Time gives perspective. Especially by comparison to TODAY'S garf that masquerades as 'music'. Never thought it'd leave me but it did.\ Still, I'm ah, ah, ah ah, Stayin Allliiivvveee..YEAH. PS: That AMT does look funny..
  13. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    That's FUNNY! Was MPC the only kitmaker to do a 75-78 Nova? I thought I heard mention of AMT? The fact that the 9C1 version had the flat plain stretched cowhide vinyl seats makes the interior a lot simpler to do for obvious reasons. What is quite a bit more intricate is to try and replicate the kit's seat fabric pattern on the new extended 'shoulder' portions of the upper back cushions. Sometimes it's rather simple, sometimes darn near impossible to get an acceptable ingrained extension of the upholstery. But it must be done! Maybe those other body parts will be in the 'ol model mailbox when I get home.. :-)
  14. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    Thank you Sir! Anthony, it would seem the good folks at MPC did you a big favor with that 2dr Sport Nova kit. I guess the only thing different was the grille/header? Which you worked on I could see. As Danno and a couple of others said here though I never drove one of these I bet it was a blast to drive. My dept. got an unmarked 1982 Chevy Malibu. It came with the smog-choked emissions/power killer 305 and a o... God, ...a 2bbl. STILL, I was just amazed at how quick and peppy the little thing was. I almost lost it on wet roads a couple of times, and while I preferred the official full-sized look of the LTD, Impala or Diplomat for day to day patrol, the Malibu was fun for short trips around the state. One of our guys got t-boned in it by a red-light runner so it died a quick, young death in less than a year or so and almost no miles. I was sorry to see it go. So I can certainly understand the appeal of the 4dr Nova with a 350 4BBL. In addition to the multitude of many late model ex-copcars I owned over the eyars as personal DD's, I also have had a Trans Am, Monte Carlo SS, an LTD LX. The LTD LX was a 1985, and it was the decked out Fox-body mini LTD with a 302 & throttle body fuel injection. A 4dr Mustang in effect. It was a blast to drive as well. I also currently own a 1993Mustang SSP, currently undergoing a glacial resto. Here is a pic of it (the exact car I now own. Not another like it, THE very car) back in it's day that someone snapped and put on the net way back whenever. The second pic is of it a couple years ago before I started the resto. I bought it from the state in 2002, it was the last they disposed of out of only 12 they had bought that year. I have not put 5 miles on it in my 16 years of ownership.