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  1. DEL added a post in a topic 1988 - 1991 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Scratchbuild   

    Close to DONE final update pics.  Got the moldings all back on, tailights detailed, small crown & ford badges, added a front bumper lic plate bracket and had to do a bit of mods to the interior tub.(I even made a hood ornament but forgot to include it.)  But I mean it when I 'm finally ready to say this is it. It's as close as I can get on this one. I've learned a lot and it will all help me with the other incarnations. 
    Oh, BTW: I scratchbuilt a Whelen edge 9000 just for kicks to have something to display with it. Hope ya'll like it.

  2. DEL added a post in a topic 1988 - 1991 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Scratchbuild   

    Oh, and another sneak peek of a little thing I'm working on...  here's a hint: I got this from a complete glossary of Sylvester Stallone/Rambo speeches and catchphrases: in other words a 3X5 index card with the word "Yo" printed on it...

  3. DEL added a post in a topic 1988 - 1991 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Scratchbuild   

    One quick update..  I had to tear it up a bit AGAIN..  The wheel well openings were too 'tight' on the tires and the C-Pillar rake was still wrong.  It stood up too straight and less fastback slope.   I have a computer with two screens. Back a week ago I had brought pics of it to post.but before I did d before I did I put a side view pic of the model on one screen and a side view pic of the a 1:1 CVPI on the second screen.  The n I did that thing like the old cartoons when I wa a kid where you had two pics and you looked for the added or deleted things.. Back and forth back and forth ... That's when I saw those items  and I could not leave it be. (Posted pics below for you to see what I mean..)  I'm sorry it's still taking time but I want it to be able to sit on the shelf with your styrene offerings and not look too out of place. Anyway, I do hope to trim it out and finish it this long weekend as all the hard bodywork is DONE...

  4. DEL added a post in a topic 76-77 LeMans Enforcer 0r Smokey & Bandit Sheriff Justice Car   

    I am slow.  Sadly, sickly slow.  I'm NOT proud of it. I just am.  the only good thing about that is by the time I'm finalizing the obvious stuff really sticks out to be addressed.  I guess those makerbots will put a stop to all this scratch building nonsense before much longer.  Still i do enjoy the proces even if I get tikked at myself for dragging..
  5. DEL added a post in a topic 1988 - 1991 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Scratchbuild   

    Thanks guys.  Working late at night and feverishly.  even neglecting the yard work!!
    Hope to have a couple of other things to show soon as well. Stay tuned..
  6. DEL added a post in a topic 76-77 LeMans Enforcer 0r Smokey & Bandit Sheriff Justice Car   

    First of all: No shaker for Justice.  Mostly those were fake-o four screw holes drilled through the hood non operating J.C. Whitney junk.  Looked kinda cool from a distance on the Mississippi HP squads. In one scene from the driver's seat you can see daylight all around the base of the 'shaker"
    First of all I too want to say I have had the same sentiment towards the model companies. Seems like they always only want to focus on two door sport cars or MAYBE a pickup truck here and there.  When I was a kid about 11 or so I wrote Revell (I think) and asked them to do a more modern copcar.  Got back a letter that more or less said THEY chose what to model and did not need any input from a snot nosed brat.  Never forgot that. I mean it really did have a snide tone to it. Their subsequent monetary troubles and sale to...AMT? I dunno, but it gave me no less than a good gloat.  Like you I have pointed out their blindness for anything other than camaro's, firebirds & mustangs ad nauseum but if that wasn't bad enough, you had to wade through a different offering of each of those each model year, from every one of the model companies out there!!   God I hated them all for that. Would it kill them do do a good four door family car as they used to do the Lincoln continental annuals each years? Guess so. They killed that off even  around 1970 I think.
    To all that asked about scratchbuilding, I'm afraid it is simply not as simple as mating this half a model to another half, if I read that correctly.  First you need to find the nearest styrene kit to use as a donor. It's best if there is already a two door version of the car you want but barring that a near sibling helps and is better than total scratch.  Remember that in the 70's, there were many cars that were the same under the sheet metal. Wheelbase, dimensions etc. As in the Buick Regal,Olds Cutlass, Chevy Monte Carlo and the Pontiac LeMans. SO I want to build a LeMans the nearest commercial modeled sibling was the JoHan Olds Cutlass 73-75 versions. They are 2drs but you have to stretch the body and the frame.  Do you're homework on wheelbases and get a good 1:1 - 1/24 or 1/25 conversion ruler. Use Evergreen styrene to stretch the frame first to a 4dr chassis and then the body itself. Re-work the body lines from the 2 to the 4 doors. Oh, and stretch the interior tub as well.   And it may be just me but I search for and copy off the net whatever I',m building. I need pics of it from every conceivable angle for reference. If I can get access to a real one I spend a good while measuring every body panel top to bottom, & width.  Use the ruler to transfer and work slow. Feel free unlike me to spend less than a decade tho!
    The final body sculpting for me is done using 1:1 tube body spot air dry body putty from PPG.  It has tolulene as a base so it 'melts into the styrene and gives the catalyzed body putty (the good stuff) a chance to grab on better.  If you put the catalyzed stuff directly to styrene it eventrually WILL pop loose or crack  PPG non catalyzed air dry spot filler is great for a start and try to do as much in styrene as possible. Putty is easy but it shrinks and has other problems if used thickly.  About all I can think of really  More pics coming SOON.  Thank you one and all!
  7. DEL added a post in a topic 1988 - 1991 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Scratchbuild   

    As well as each of the other incarnations of the 79-91 box body Panther platform in due time. I HOPE to do at least one of each of the big 3's four door police offerings from 71-91.  Hope hope hope.  Some are already in the pipeline. Baked in the cake. frigged in the pudding (?!) not sure on that last one, but I'm sure they used it on one of the current news shows.
    The folks that love creating new euphemisms over just saying something simple like...  it's coming...
  8. DEL added a post in a topic 76-77 LeMans Enforcer 0r Smokey & Bandit Sheriff Justice Car   

    Hello Doctor Larry,  Nice to meet you.  A very nice version you have there.  Do you have any pics of one built up?  I'd really like to see that if you do.
    Did you extend the frame as well?
    I bet it took you a lot less time than me. I'm ashamed to say I've been working on this one since 2009.  I have a little cat that was born the month I started it.
    She's getting OLD..
  9. DEL added a post in a topic 1988 - 1991 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Scratchbuild   

    Thanks Tom!  Hey Greg!  I tried to call you a while back to catch up but I missed you.  The last six months have been busy and very unfun.  If I haven't had a health issue someone else in my family did but I have been steadily grinding away at it.  They found a something by accident in December that had to be surgurated out in February so I was down and out for some time. Still some of the recuperation time helped the overall projects.  There's this 91 that's the main thing I'm trying to knock out, then the 77 LeMans Enforcer over on the Workbench forum, plus a 73 Chevy Bel Air 4dr and a 77 LTD II all in various stages. Hopefully this one will be done soon. Soon soon.
  10. DEL added a topic in On The Workbench   

    76-77 LeMans Enforcer 0r Smokey & Bandit Sheriff Justice Car
    Another project I am working on simultaneously with my 91 Ford LTD Crown Victoria P71.  A 76-77 Pontiac LeMans Enforcer, or in other words, Sheriff Buford T. Justice's ride. :-)  Also used by many other dept.'s across the country including my buddy Bill in DFW who is waiting oh, so patiently for this one. So I THINK I am  finally getting past the 80% mark. Apologies for the pics. My regular camera died, and I don't know much about adjusting the controls of my video cam that also takes pics but here are a few of it as best I could get.  On top of it all they removed my fav. pic grooming program as well from my 'puter.
    Still a bit rough, but almost ready for drip moldings, trim, tail lights and other fine details and then it will be done. At least to me. Feel free to criticize & point out deficiencies, and thanks for stopping by..

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  11. DEL added a post in a topic 1988 - 1991 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Scratchbuild   

    Well, here's a couple of pics of where I am at.  The majority is done.  Though I admit I keep seeing.. stuff. to do.  I got intricate on some of the other details, raised the roofline, thinned out the A pillars, corrected C pillar angle, and a couple of other tiny details. 
    Screech if you see something off. 

  12. DEL added a post in a topic 1982 Dodge Dip - Louisiana State Police - Custom Parts   

    it is actually a  Motormax Diecast 1/24 1986 Dodge Diplomat Salon, in plain white I bought some time back.   Other colors are available on Ebay as well.  It may also be available from some of the diecast sellers still too.
    I didn't really want to use the diecast as I feel it has somewhat of a 'toylike' appearance rather than that of a scale model.  I had built myself a scratchbuilt Diplomat some years ago using the old MPC 1978 Roadrunner kit, but I never got around to replicating it so I just did this quick diecast.  Pics of my scratchbuilt 82-84 Diplomat attached just for giggles.  One of these days I'm going to copy it.  Till then I'll just content myself with this one.

  13. DEL added a post in a topic 1982 Dodge Dip - Louisiana State Police - Custom Parts   

     It was (is ) an award.  Five recovery AND arrest of stolen vehicles and that made you an ACE.  Be the guy who did it the most across the state police for a year and you got the VERY coveted award of "BLUE MAX" plate.  If you look at the front fender of the car you will see little red lightning bolts by themselves, and then a couple of lightning bolts through the state outline circled by a blue oval.  If I recall right the single bolts were vehicle recoveries, and the other one was recovery with arrest of perp. Back in the late 70's & early 80's you sometimes saw a unit qith the whole front fender covered with them, and I even saw a couple that started to bleed into the leading edges of the DOOR.  The program is still in use but they only issue the plates now.  So some troopers have a small stack of them.  La. was (is) not alone in this kind of program, there are some other state lice/highway patrols that do it too. I think Indiana or Illinois or Idaho also do it.  Oh, they also have special plates for there for SWAT and K-9 and other specialty divisions.
    Al the talk about Celebrity's (shudder )  The only comparable thinga round here were the poor MP's at Ft. Polk, which is in my parish.  In the early 80's they bought them Chrysler K-cars, God forbid.  By the time about 4 years went , they had almost 150K, and were just beat all to s**t.  Some you could actually look down through the floors and see the road going by.  Just to show you what the feds were doing not 100 miles down the road in Beaumont, Tx. the GSA at that same time yearly was disposing of fully loaded police package loaded 1988-1996 Caprices and LTD Crown Vics that the FBI had used for about two years.  Street colors, unmarked, no radio holes not a blemish on them.  Every one looked like it was still on the showroom floor inside, out underneath and in the engine bay. The highest mileage I saw was less that 20K, the lowest like 1,800K. Usually there was like about ten at a time. We bought them off sealed bid (privately) for around  $2K each for re-sale.  Made a killing!  Poor MP's.
    But they got way nicer stuff NOW.  Still FWD Impalas but better than the horror K's.
  14. DEL added a post in a topic 1982 Dodge Dip - Louisiana State Police - Custom Parts   

    "Agent G:
    I recall the Dip's seats being slabs of smooth vinyl, no pattern, no stitching, nothing.  
    Gutless is a polite way of expressing the car's performance. Still we laughed because the county cops had Diplomats with six cylinders"
    That was THEM!  The state had nicer seats than ours, they got this kinda hounds-tooth patterned burlap cloth. But we had that exact same stretched vinyl not a single stitch in the surface flat bench seat. Our inmates on the washrack would clean the cars between shifts and sadistically pour on the Son-Of-A Gun, that vinyl 'protector' but was really a just a milky lubricant.    IF you managed to get up to a high speed on a call and came roaring around a curve and didn't have your seatbelts on the driver or the passenger could easily wind up in the other's lap depending on whose side the curve was. Between the rubber floor and that flat vinyl seat lathered up with that stuff it was next to impossible to get a good handhold or dig your boots in and get purchase. Forget it!  I'd forgotten about that.  The old-timers complained they hurt their backs too as I recall. But at 24 you can sleep on rocks.
    Six cylinders??  Oh, that is just SAD.  I saw them but not as copcars, I saw civvie versions of them.  I think the NYPD had those kind too.  Poor devils.  Oh, well, we at least had 8 cylinders and the AC worked.