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  1. 1967 Chevy Biscayne 4dr

    Thanks guys! I just noticed I haven't installed the door handles. I built them last night and they will install tonight. also need a door RV Mirror. Only three pics I ever found of these cars in use by the LSP in my state and they're some interesting pics in themselves. The first one below was taken from the observation deck of the state capitol building (tallest Capitol building in the country) Ca. 1970 I think. 69 or 70. I see chevys and fords from 1965-67 at the very least. The second was taken at a big offshore tarpon fishing tournament they hold each year and while the 67's were mostly blocked by personnel you can still see the units in the background.. (I think the one in the foreground is a Buick Wildcat, the one behind with a roof light is a 67 or 68 Biscayne.
  2. 1967 Chevy Biscayne 4dr

    And now general pics of mocked up model..
  3. 1967 Chevy Biscayne 4dr

    Now the hood..
  4. 1967 Chevy Biscayne 4dr

    almost-a dunn. Since I am not too hot at captioning the pics as they go I will just say that the following pics show the progression as such: Grille modified from a 'SS 427" center badge to a plain Biscayne grille by carefully removing plastic and leaving to proper amounts in place to show the proper grille lines. The bare plastic was then covered with a small piece of BMF to get it match for the time being the rest of the chrome. Then the hood had to be modified from the big SS bumped up one with louvers to a simple hood with a centerline crest. And finally, I placed it all together for a look-see, and put it's feet on after I ground out the backs to open up the rally 5-slot wheels. Here we go. Welcome to my world. Please keep your hands inside the car at all times.
  5. 1967 Chevy Biscayne 4dr

    having problems posting..
  6. Thanks, guys! Greg, Mike: looking good! The grille is done and I will be posting it tomorrow. Brace yourselves!!
  7. 1967 Chevy Biscayne 4dr

    Thanks for that Ron. I'm a-lookin!! Snake45 Said: Wow, DEL, you are doing GREAT work. It looks better than the one resin '67 2DS body I've seen. Oh, BTW, do you know that there's a diecast 1/24 Supernatural Impala available? It's pretty darn nice, too--all except the top, where there's something funky going on. Yours already looks better. Snake, Yes I am aware of the Supernatural Di-cast. Don't want to offend DiCast aficionados but I don't care for them. Too 'toy-like' in my estimation. I saw the pic of the LSP 67 above, chacked and saw a 67 Impala SS was available to the basics were there to start with so I decided to go for it. Thanks for the good comments. Diconovaman Said: Most Police cars are sedans... I would track down the resin sedan version to do a service car. I wish a model company would take a chance on a 4door sedan of some kind. Here are some resin 67 Caprice wagon examples too. Preachin' to the choir and singin' my song. The world does not solely exist of pickups & sports cars. The old big 4drs need attention too but the styrenegiants would rather give us each of their individual examples of the next newest years Camaro or something so we have four different versions to choose from. Sheezz.. Oh, and the station wagons are pretty sharp. Wasn't aware another resin caster has done a 67 chevy 4dr sedan. Who is it? I'd like to see it now that mine is almost done. Thanks again to all!!
  8. 1967 Chevy Biscayne 4dr

    Thank you Sir. I thought my model building interest was limited down to 1970 but I'm finding a few topics below it I am warming to. I want to build this model in this end..
  9. Hello Modelers! "Submitted for your approval" .. ( I feel like Rod Serling. Next I'll be seeing strange creatures out my window monkeying with my CVPI!) The start of a 67 Chevy Biscayne 4dr. This takes a bit of doing in that whilst the donor kit is readily available in the 67 Impala SS, it is a fastback and only a 2door to boot. The basic wheelbases are the same between 2-4drs but there is different sheet metal work and termination points on the door tops. The original kit had a very long sloped roof out to the end of the trunk. A conventional "C" pillar had to constructed along with lowering the trunk deck height to sedan like levels. More pics to come but this is the start.. The first pic is from the kit box showing the car's SS (SuperSloping) fastback roofline. That had to go and a new sedan conventional C-pillar built. Yes, it was a PITA. Notice the tops of the doors had to be raised up level to match a new flatter upper roof dripline. A lot of conversions I have seen have left that precipitous drop in door level of the 2dr and just moved on. One was on a STATION WAGON. Anyway, you can see the styrene addition below in white at door tops. Filling it in.. Mor pics to come soon as I am currently building in the solid door window frame uppers. Thanks for looking! Oh, and as I put a notice on the "Parts Wanted' forum, I'm looking for anyone who might have a set of +69 Chevy Nova COPO poverty caps they're willing to part with. In the end, I'll buy a whole kit just to get 'em if I have to but I have to part out kits that way. At any rate, this model will need those one or two years only caps to be accurate. Thanks!!
  10. 1969 Nova COPO

    Hello! I am in search of a set of wheels and the button or poverty hubcaps from the 69 Chevy Nova COPO kit for use on a 4dr 67 Chevy Biscayne I have in the works right now. I'd hate to trash a whole kit just for those items. (as shown below) Open to purchase or even the loan of a set so they can be RTV molded for casting. Thanks for you're time! DEL.
  11. Grille upgrade update. Pretty much done. Just neatening it all up. I also think the necessity of it made me do a little better job this time around. I even managed to inset the Ford Oval like Mike wanted..
  12. Please suffer me one more explanation and I will shut up for good. I meant no offense to anyone here, nor to the admins of this site nor am, I trying to 'start' anything. I just stumbled on this particular thread and after all these years I suppose I just finally ran tired of the 'he's really a good guy' thing. He probably on the whole is, we had more than a few phone conversations back then, he seemed such. I will admit he taught me a few tricks back then I had no idea of and extended my working knowledge of scratchbuilding.. (here it comes) BUT.. If you have happened to see either of my threads on the scratchbuilds I am doing elsewhere even the most casual observer can see by post dates how terribly slow I am at what I do. It took me 8 years to do that 1978 LTD and it was my third attempt. Almost five to do the Diplomat. I simply would like to have them back. Please. Now I have watched these mentions of Art on other sites (including Hobby Heaven where he held forth regularly for years and I kept silent) that run a gamut but mostly along the lines of a good guy who got a tough health break. I'll acknowledge that, it was terrible. Would not wish that on anyone. Still twice he promised to return them then stopped answering my calls and letters. Once, ONCE on the HH webboard I made an innocuous post on one of his threads and when he realized it was me he burned up my phone line to call me and promise again (third time) the very soon return of my masters. That was around 2001. Hasn't happened. And yet from that point to yesterday, I have not publicly said another word wherever or whenever I saw these mentions. Mostly because Terry Jessee advised me to just let it go and build others and I valued his counsel. I did do a repeat of the Dip but not the LTD. Then yesterday I saw this umpteenth post about poor Art, just by accident. I am sorry, it got me. 17 years I have bit my tongue and kept quiet, and yet it still burns that my hard work is just sitting in a box somewhere in Indiana I guess. I just don't understand why he would refuse to give me back my property. What good's it doing up there? We never agreed he would be allowed to keep them forever. I still have models I built going back to when I was ten in 1970, but I don't have those two. Now I don't want to bring down the level of discourse here, but in my defense, I will point out threads are created in other sections to warn others about poor, slow or unscrupulous sellers when encountered and those seem to have been tolerated. They get pretty rough. But fear me no more I will not say another word on this here. I just thought if someone here had current contact with him I might somehow finally manage to dislodge that which I worked on for so long and put tham back in my personal collection where they belong. For that, I would be happy to acknowledge it and say thank you most graciously. My sincere apologies for my unsettling comments to the good members here and the fine administrators of this wonderful site. DL.
  13. I almost let this go by as I have let so many mentions of AA I have seen over the years go unremarked, but I finally just have to say; Great. Glad to hear it. No offense to you personally at all Mr. Elliott, but if you do not mind, and do have contact with him... Ask him to kindly and finally return my master of the 1978 Ford LTD I had loaned him, that he copied and sold multiple kits of, and quite a few from what I can tell. I only ever received the 1 of the five kits promised for the use of the master. Anyway, despite repeated phone calls and letters that went unresponded to, he never did send it. He promised twice when he answered the phone accidentally back around 2000-02 he but never did. Oh, and the 1983 Dodge Diplomat master I had also sent him just prior to his closing down. That also disappeared along with the 78. I made them, I'd like them back just because I did. Kindest regards. Dwayne Larriviere
  14. I just read through this thread and everything about it blows me away. One question of ignorance if I may: What is Moltow Chrome and where does one find such? (EDIT; Found it. Wrong Gig Settings) Beautiful work on this project. I don't see how such clean straight smooth cuts are made in bodies. Kudos!!
  15. Thanks Ronnie. As a fellow southern LEO of the 80-90's I know exactly what you mean about the CV's vs the Dips. And chevies. Those dips had a stretched vinyl cowhide seat that would have made a trampoline company proud. When we got the 86-87 Caprices & 87 & up CV's with cloth buckets we thought we'd finally got a seat that wasn't a twelve-hour torture rack. Right now I'm sharpening up the grille for the 91 and then Greg & Mike should be right on top of the body process. Hers' a pic of the new grille texture. Far more intricate definition than the first one. BTW this is the SECOND stab I made at the grille after spending 8 hours one the first one Saturday I had to trash in the end. Such is scratchbuilding. Following order is old grille, actual grille, new grille with finer & more accurate blade texture. Just gotta shoehorn it into that surround.