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  1. I know the man that restored that Connecticut 78 Ltd in particular his name is Tom Weglarz. he bought that 78 LTD as a partially wrecked barn find stored for about 30 years and only has like 50 thousand miles on it. He restored it for the CSP Museum if I remember right. Tom and I have been friends and 75 to 78 LTD fans since the mid-90s . We traded Parts and pictures over the years. he's a good man.
  2. You are very welcome Mike. I hope you enjoy building it and find it simpler to construct than most other kits out there. I really tried hard to make it so. (Apologies to Picard)
  3. I know exactly what you mean Wayne, but I came at it from a kind of a different angle. At 17 yoa my SECOND car bought in 1977 was a 75 Ford LTD 4dr. Looked like an unmarked police car and since I wanted to be a po-LEEC that was FINE with me. Just marched right past all those Mustangs and even 2dr LTDs to get to that 4dr! (Added advantage: lots more room on dates. ) The big Fords of 1978-79, the LTD, Grand Marquis and Lincoln Continental were the biggest most planet punishing cars ever fielded by Ford. Just huge. One time I put my LTD on the scale where they weighed big 18 wheelers. My 75 LTD weighed about 5500 pounds. Mind boggling. And so yet I grew up with these being the 'norm' in everyday transportation. After the 75 with the anaemic 351C engine I finally bought my own actual police package 78 Ford LTD 460PI from the Louisiana State Police in 1982.. Well, you couldn't have given anyone a free Lincoln and made them happier than I was driving that beast home. 70K miles and a sgt's car to boot. Only drove it to the office. I KNOW that's the way it is the LSP. cuz once they get past trooper they're mostly office animals. Plus it had four new tires on it and I got it for..wait for it... $550.00!! It was like I bought a set of tires, and they threw in a police car!! I only drove it about a year and then my buying and selling of late model ex-copcars began so I always had something newer to drive, so I put the 78 away meaning to do a full resto on it. In 1988 I started a resto that did not complete until 1998. It took me TEN years. During that time, my marriage of 15 years ended and I almost shoved it off in a creek. But it was a labor of love. So when I got it finished in 1998, you have to realize how much full size Fords had changed. From Box panther CV's in 1988 to the 'egg' style of CV's with the bowtie taillights of 97. Seats got WAY more comfy, and the cars lost something that was a big deal: the hood. By 1998 the hood sloped down so far you could almost not see the end of it. SO, when I sat down in my 78 for the first time in ten years I noticed something right away: the hood was as big as a football field. The hood ornament was a mile away. If I got in an accident (God forbid) it would happen so far away way out front that it would wind up being like some tragey in a 3rd world country. It's sad, but it's so far away it really doesn't affect you much. That and riding on the police spec heavy duty flight bench seat was like a TRAMPOLINE by comparison to late 90's cop buckets that cradled you in it's loving comfortable embrace. The passenger door panel inside was a mile way. The backseat could house a family of four. All this used to patrol the highways daily when I was a teenager watching for the familiar silhouette of car/lightbar/spotlight coming down the road. I got off on a tangent but I really LOVE those LTD's and Custom 500's of 75-78. Can you tell? The following is pics of mine right after resto in 98. Yours truly luvvinit. The fore mention baad "C" code 460 PI! Full frame off resto on engine body and frame. Showin' my tail. All equipment was actual stuff from the LSP that they used in these cars in that time period. Lightbar too. My dept. had several of these webought from the state and thye left all that on it. just removed the markings. When they decided to stop using this stuff I helped them store some of it. FS PA 70 Console. Top of the line in the 70's.
  4. Thank you again Takahiro, No, I have not been to Japan I am sorry to say. Just keep an eye on my threads. All the vehicles you mentioned are either done, close to it, or in the immediate future to be started. Greg W. will announce their availability once he is ready to do so. So like Greg says: Save your pennies ..er, or yen. Whatever you use to purchase models. We are going to become the "gettin' place" Take care..
  5. Hello Takahiro! You did an excellent job on that 78, and thank you for the kind comments on the master I did waaay back in 1998. How about that guys? I made it in Japan. Not even Elvis ever went there! Thank you Takahiro, that made my day. There is another version in the pipeline, a 75-77 Ford Custom 500 and another 77-78 Ford LTD will be along soon as well.
  6. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    First thank you again Anthony I appreciate that. c69 I don't mind helping anyone, but what I need to do is a better job of documenting my process from start to finish. I'll try to remember to do that on one of the upcoming ones. Usually I dive in and I'm a good third of the way in before I remember to take the first photograph. that's not very helpful. I will say this; practice helps a lot and one needs to learn how to work with styrene strip and sheets much more than finding another car that has a part on it that you can cut off and graft.. At least, that's never really worked well for me. Look up the car you doing and get the specs on it, it's wheel base, dimensions, things of that nature see if anything has to be changed from your donor kit. And then get you a ton of pictures of it from every angle. That is my basic starting point. like I said the next one I start from scratch I will try and be more photographically sensitive and document each step along the way. other than that if you're doing it yourself and have any questions, please feel free to p.m. me and ask.. I'm happy to help.
  7. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    Sent it to Greg Wann. Thanks!!
  8. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    John! Thank you again for the fine words. Next time I'm blithering out at 1:15 AM I'm gonna reflect on that and keep goin'. Yes, you are on my list for sure at like #4, and I have already handed it over to Greg. Now I can't guarantee where you are overall but I promise you are and I will double check and make sure I add you to each of the others as well. Matter of fact I have a list that just says notify on all and you and a couple others are on that. And thanks again for the button caps, I PM'd you about. I can't say how much I appreciate all the help and support and PATIENCE I've received on this board. People here are great. Thanks!
  9. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    A man after my own heart. I was ALMOST on a first name basis with the local troopers in the late 70's. City cops, I actually was! Added you to the list Roger. Thanks!
  10. Greg Wann. He is the caster. I've already submitted my list to date to him. Thanks!
  11. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    Those that know them well, Like Anthony and a couple of others might see a diff but far as I can see the only thing is a bit of refined detail in the grille. The body & interior remains virtually unchanged, as far as I can see..
  12. to be a LEO, but when I made it there in the 80's we too were being given only the smog/emission choked 302's, 318s, 351s and 350's. So depressingly sad. Pity the poor deputy who just wanted to chase the Bandit.
  13. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    Michael, Alexis, you are both on my Nova list. Thanks!!
  14. That's the thing about all TA's, Camaro's, Mustangs, Nova's et all: They're basically a powerful motor with a couple seats and a steering wheel strapped to them. MAkes them light, strong and FAST. We had a 83 Malibu police at my sheriff's office that year. 305 engine, nothing fancy. But it amazed me at how fast, zippy & nimble it was. And only a 2bbl!! Didn't last long. Got T-boned at an intersection at about a year into it's life with only 20K miles or so on it. I hated to see that little car go.
  15. Nice cars you have there Michael. I've added you to my notify on each kit list I have. Thanks! Thanks, Pete. Absolutely nothing detrimental taken. I know we have posted progress but have yet to actually finally announce filling of orders, and that yet some time passes between posts. That has been explained a bit (I hope) That memory thing is getting to be a HUGE issue for me. I was never good with memory overall but I have to admit I've gotten a lot worse these past few years. I used to have a wife who kept me on schedule but now very little helps. Except alarms. Alarms in my phone with a message. I know, TMI. Thanks again to all!!