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  1. 1969 Beaumont front bumper/grille

    I had not known about this car until you told me about it, but I like it a lot. Fantastic work you're doing on the modification too. Very nice..
  2. Yeah, cause the folks that did S&B were such sticklers for accuracy, eh Bill? One thing I always wondered was how do you get from MS to TX by way of Ar. totally skipping LA? (I wanted to see some LSP cars tore up too!) Very little made sense like if time's an issue, why leave the I-20 to hang north through the foothills of the Ozarks thru AR on twisty curvy two lane roads to go to Texarkana, when good ol Marshall or Longview Tx was right on the interstate and a straight shot from/to Atlanta? Best not get too deep into inaccuracies. I had to keep reminding myself it's not a documentary. Well, at least they got most of the state uniforms/cars the right colors. (Sorta) So, here's a whole website full of the mistakes in S&B's plot and pictures to help you wile away your much-deserved retirement: https://www.moviemistakes.com/film1181/factual
  3. Chrome Platers - Again...

    Got it. I understand..
  4. Chrome Platers - Again...

    No offense Pete but I would have a heckuva time seeing any impurities in chrome work on those parts. at least by the pic. They look nice! Small objects with many twists and turns and bump ins & outs lend themselves somewhat to playing tricks on the eye. Like trunk & door jambs & openings on 1:1 cars. My analogy is when I cleaned up or changed colors on a car. The big open flat panels of the hood, doors roof & trunk those were the hardest to cover blems and make right. And yet, all that bent, curved and twisted & formed metal-work in the door jambs; a painters dream almost. Once you get past scuffing it up to make it stick once the color goes on then a good coat of lovely clear and ALL of it looked beautiful. Hard to screw up a door jamb.
  5. Chrome Platers - Again...

    Well, I would have no problem racking my own parts and making them clean prior to chroming, unless the chromer specifically preferred I did not. I could get them as clean as possible then put them into a fresh ziplock bag to try to reduce contaminants re-introducing themselves. Also it follows a basic protocol I had when I was restoring copcars that required painting: do as much of the tedious detail edge stuff you can do yourself. For one reason it was where the paint job would start to come undone in short border if not done properly. And secondly and most important since it is a fairly crucial step almost no one you pay to do work for you is going to do it as accurately and cleanly as you would do the job yourself. Simply because to them, your job is just one of many that come in and out their door in the course of business. But of course your job matters to YOU much more than that. So, the old 'if you want it done right" axiom. Thanks, guys for the contact info and all the input. Plenty to think about.
  6. Chrome Platers - Again...

    I mean, that is just gorgeous right there!
  7. Chrome Platers - Again...

    Thank you Steve. I do know it's a costly process that requires quite an investment in equipment to do that particular process. I read a lot of posts before I posted back. I wanted to use GT KK because the pics looked so nice. And at the outset, it seemed he was quite attentive to those that contacted him and all that used him had nothing but good things to say. Exactly what I wanted to hear. Then I noticed a drop off in response and then the beginning of posts by others they could not get a return email. Somewhat perplexing for someone who had stated he wished to keep things going to the standards of the previous owner. That's all I meant by my post. If he is still in it and in it big I wish he would say so and let us hear from him. I want to give him my work if I have enough to make it worth his bother. Just hard to do if no one answers an email, that's all. Thanks again, Steve.
  8. Chrome Platers - Again...

    Did a little research both here and on FB. GH seems to have acquired GT KK about a year and a half ago (?) at the time he listed who he got it from and I think if I read correctly made it sound like he did the work himself in his own facility. Then I found some more recent posts but still some time ago on FB and at that point GH seemed to be doing some kinda PR/damage control telling his customers to 'puuulleez' (quote) put a list in with their order of exactly what they sent him as he could not be held responsible for melted, damaged or lost parts. Two or three posts along this vein with added info making out like he is a middle-man and that he himself actually plates nothing, that he sends work out to ANOTHER outfit. (if so what does he do? Rack them?) That's it. And finally, then subsequent posts by a couple of folks on FB saying like me that they email him and get no response, these are from him about a year ago. I don't know what to think. GT KK seemed to be the 'best' by comments and at one time had quick turnaround but now folks can't get an email response. I don't care for the idea of shipping parts blindly un-acknowledged to an address and just hope they come back freshened up, as some folks seemed ready to do. Chrome Tech seems to have few supporters and that leaves LKK, but their return time is longer seemingly. I suppose I will contact them next. Thanks, guys.
  9. Chrome Platers - Again...

    Hey folks. Did a search on chrome platers and found two that came up recommended with GT Kustom Khrome seeming to come out on top and a George Hernandez as owner & point contact person. Found contact email info too. That was from January 2017. I sent an email last week, and as of yet have not heard back. Just wondering if anyone else has had any re-chroming done recently and who they used. I saw a Little Motor Kar company listed as well. Haven't tried them yet, just thought I'd see if anyone had recent experience to share. Saw a reference to a Chrome tech, but most commentaries seemed to be less than happy with most recent results. Of course in the end, beggars can't be choosers if these outfits have checked out. ... Thanks!!
  10. 1971 Ford Galaxie 500

    Oooo-Kay, Class!! We have an update on rear bumper building this weekend. Some would probably have just left the embedded backup lights alone where they are on the 70 Galaxie bumper and worked out from there but I couldn't do it. They are almost right next to the lic plate opening to the left and right on the 70, whereas they move over a few inches on the 71-72 Ford. It's a MAJOR PITA to cut them out and regraft them into the bumper for the sake of a scale few inches but it would not have seemed or looked right to me otherwise. Here goes.. Drill holes, then thread a jewelers coping saw blade thru and start carefully carving them out.. Here they are removed. Then backfill the holes. (Also had to fill in the cutouts for the tailights on the 70 at each end of the bmpr) Using sheet styrene start to create the accent 'spears' left and right on bumper. Primed and ready to begin carving out new B/up light holes. Holes opened up, and I only got started on relocating one lense to the right. Going to try and make them "pluggable' so maybe they can be cast in clear and won't have to be made into the bumper & just be chrome.
  11. Yes it will Bill, just as it will in LSP markings AND.... B.T. Justice 'Texas T-Brown" It's up next after the Nova, which Bill is studiously working away on in his secret subterranean De. Evil-esq MasterCaster Lab. Heckuva a place I hear. Retinal scanner locks and bio-feedback redundancy guards to prevent unauthorized entry. Subcontracted that work out to a security genius. A Mr. Looms. Shartin Looms I believe. (say it like Bond would: Looms, ...Shartin Looms. Shaken not stirred) Boudreaux is on TDY security duty assigned to the newly created moat that surrounds the compound. Or as I like to call it, the CRW, or Copcar Ranch West.
  12. 1971 Ford Galaxie 500

    That's a nice rendition of the White Lightning era ASP Fords. You even detailed the black in the hubcap ring. Nice! I see by the grille/bumper/hood it is supposed to be either a 71 or 72 Ford Custom or Galaxy. Hmm, it has no body spears to speak of. It just looks like someone just got rid of a short piece of the thin bodyside molding on the original 70 Ford Galaxie kit. Nevertheless a beautifully executed model. Kudos!
  13. 1971 Ford Galaxie 500

    Thanks! Even better when I get the center detail in with the Galaxie Script...
  14. 1971 Ford Galaxie 500

    A little update on the rear panel and the roofline tho it may be hard to see..
  15. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    Wow! A SUNDAY?!? They must be in terror for their very existence! Funny to see a (nicer) pic of something you looked at for a year from another locale. Thanks, John. That was a very interesting article about the 74 Nova 9C1. Maybe I will get to that one day, or at least I will keep my eye peeled for a donor kit. It may be rare. A quick search of eBay showed no styrene versions active or complete, and only one resin kit.