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  1. I bet I would like it there Greg, except I am a sorta a UnaBomber woods-loving kinda guy. Whenever I travel west and I get past central Texas and the trees give way to wide open flat panhandle I get nervous. No natural defensive cover. I guess it's all in what you're used to or grew up with or can adapt to. I don't do well with change. But I would like being around other model building like-minded friends. The biggest hobby around here is killing Bambi or gutting Nemo. I have better things to do on a nut-frostin' winter Saturday mornin' at 4:30. The progress is fantastic by the way!
  2. Chief Joseph @ FB Modelworks is head and shoulders above the others in all respects in every area he deems to tackle and produce for our hobbies. The attention to detail and accuracy is exquisite, overall design/build plus cost per piece cannot be beaten. While I have not personally purchased every item he produces what I have done I can say nothing but superlatives. I wish we had a hundred more like him.
  3. I have done so Joe! To Greg & Mike: WOW!!! Greg, first, thank you for the kind words on the detail of my work but let me return the same to you on what you are doing in the arena of the casting work. Perhaps with a LOT of practice and the expenditure of a great number of resources on my part, (in the immortal words of the great Eric "Otter" Stratton; "..It could take years, cost millions of lives...") then, I might be able to approach the level you occupy at this moment. That is what I feel makes this a great partnership. I do this part you do that part and what you do is every bit an art in and of itself as it is a science. Fantastic work Greg! And thank you too, Mike! Waiting to see what comes out of the molds next!
  4. Organization!! That's what it takes. And WORK!! Fascinates me! I can sit and watch it for HOURS!!! (as the old joke goes) Happy to see it all coming together. The build of the facility is a major undertaking all in itself. I am MPRSD!! Thanks for the help to Greg too, Mike...
  5. 1973 Chevy Bel Air 4dr Build

    Thank you, Mr. Jackson!
  6. Annual 68 or 69 Impala SS Button Hubcaps

    GTX/Bill: Thanks! That is a set I have never seen before I don't think. The center part looks like the eventual button cap used from 1974-1990... Still, not bad, I'm going to get a set for reference. May be useful somewhere.., Kayma/Mr. John! YESSS!! That is the jewel I seek! I will try to contact the info listed and if I can get a set that way I will.. If NOT, and you can spare them, I would be happy to get those from you and tickled to pay you for them as well!! Gosh I love this place. So far someone somewhere has had what I needed in some form or other and/or I have been shown things I had no idea even existed. Like the caps Bill referred to. I have searched Ebay from time to time for a while now and as yet had not found those particular wheels/caps at all. Thanks to all who responded and provided information. GREATLY appreciated!!
  7. Thanks, AM.. As I've said before in other threads, I subscribe to the MAD Magazine philposophy of modeling:. Take a lump of plastic or whatever and a knife. Using the knife, skillfully cut away everything on the lump of plastic that DOES NOT look like you're subject goal. VoilĂ ! A intricately detailed model of your favorite subject. Feel free to use it as you wish with no restrictions.
  8. Annual 68 or 69 Impala SS Button Hubcaps

    Rats! I knew they were pretty scarce but I did not think they were THAT scarce. Great. Thanks, Mark.
  9. Hello Friends, I am looking for a set of button/poverty hubcaps (pics below) that as far as I can tell were only included on either AMT or MPC 68 & 69 Impala SS annual models. They are needed for my police models of 1969-1973 on full size Chevies. Happy to purchase if available, or trade something, I have lots of unopened kits. Or even a loan to copy in RTV molding and returning them unhurt. Thanks to all!! D.
  10. And midnight work last night brought it to here.. Please excuse the crappy camera/operator/settings et-all..
  11. More pain(full)staking progress...
  12. Thanks, Anthony!! And all... Ahem; ..."War is Hell" Well, I have my own take on that adage: "Carving headers out of stock strip styrene is HELL!" A few pics of the in progress of the early 79-82 LTD - S Single-headlight header panel...
  13. (Very nice, Paul..) But if ya gonna hang out in places like this, you should wear a badge on yo didies, er sumthin.... Take the cuffs off, Junior...
  14. Built another cheap wooden boat model

    GILLIGAN!! Nice build, seriously. I started out with sailing warships and battleships before I fell under the spell of cars, so I really like this. Good build!
  15. 1976 gran torino

    The grille is very nice and using paints and wash effects I would say that is as close as you could possibly get to recreating the look of the grille/turn signals without a major workover. Another way of doing it (the major thingie) would be to use some Oyumara quick mold, make fast slush molds of the grille edges, and then cast those edges in clear resin. Then carefully remove the plastic kit molded in signal lenses and substitute the clear cast resin versions. Lotta work tho.. Still, barring that, (and I'm not even sure how good that would look, maybe not as nice as this) I would say that's as good as it gets using paints. I almost feel like I'm back in the 70's and looking at the REAL DEAL. Makes me wanna walk over and open the door!