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  1. After the 1991 CVPI is in production and available, this one and the 73 Chevy Bel Air are next on the list to be copied. So, all goes well the LeMans should be available by march or April, perhaps. Tag the thread, and thanks again for the good comments on the work so far. Have a great weekend! D
  2. It's all right! Sorry I didn't get your reference. I saw The original Robocop movies in the theater (dating myself) but all I remember is that Peter Weller played the character. And I am amazed as time goes on how much he looks like a skeletal version of the Robocop. Kinda chilling..
  3. I'll bite.. What? Curiosity killed the cat. (calm down kitties, in this case it'l be ME, not you. )
  4. Which of course was the objective! Oh, and making sure the engine had a good source of fresh clean air too, I suppose. In my earliest driving days, my aunt had a 75 Buick Regal 4dr (one of the group of four GM A-body cars and mechanically just the same) but it only had a 350 2bbl. But that car would just flat TEAR the tires off!! You had to be careful leaving after a red light if you did it using a bit too much pedal they'd break loose and bark. Of course my teenage self LOVED that car! I can only imagine how it might have been with a by God 455 in it. Ahh the days of the big block. I was at a car show looking into the engine bay of a 88 CV police car that had a 351 Windsor when I overheard a guy impressing his girlfriend with his automotive knowledge. "That's a BIG BLOCK" he said. A 351 Windsor. I almost cried for various reasons. Anyway, I've owned two Police LeMans Enforcers, one 4dr and one 2dr. The 4dr had the 455 and the 2dr had the 400. Also had about four LeMans Can-Ams. here is a pic of my 2dr Enforcer going away, and the best one of the four C/Ams I had.
  5. A few pics of my process of conversion of the joHan Olds Dashboard into LeDash for the LeMans. :-)
  6. Fantastic news. I had ONE I had managed to mill out on my Dremel, after about 8 tries. Always nice if someone else can give it to you. Sorry to hear MH stuff won't be available any more at all, though. I suppose..
  7. Looks like it is coming along nicely Mike. AND it looks like you will not be able to tell it's been amputated after all is said and done. Perfect! Thanks for the help on this again. To the both of you!
  8. Gotta say it's one of the most realistic looking depictions of body damage in scale form I've ever seen. It's TOUGH to get styrene to look that way! Again, great job! And thanks for the comments on mine.. D
  9. 1973 Chevy Bel Air 4dr Build

    Ron H: You hit that one on the head. All you need are some steelies and dog dish caps, and we will be watching a TV show of the 70's. Thank you, Sir. I do intend to either find or make the proper DD's for it. I thought I had a source for them from a fellow modeler but that.. fell through. Always fun to free-hand lathe something on the 'ol Dremel. Tom Geiger: Dwayne my friend! You are killing me! I love 4 door conversions and would kill for a 71 Belair 4 door sedan like my father once drove! Thanks, Tom. Like you I have always wanted the four doors. Funny, the styrene folks seem to mostly only offer the middle digit where those are concerned. Or, they finally have a 96 Ford Crown Vic come out by Lindbergh and many years later Revell decides to do one and .. does the same BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH exact one. Come ON! An unfunny twisted joke. But as I may have mentioned my goal is to do each year's full-size Chevy offering from 70-78. I already have a 70, 72, 74, 75 and 76 in possession to do those years. The 77 & 78 will be a ground up scratcher. Huh, the 71 is the only one I don't have! Have to keep my eyes peeled for one on the Bay, tho. ChrisBcritter: Great work, Dwayne - must have been a real bear to get that roof and rear window correct, but you've nailed it. Chris, you said it. Getting that whole angle/treatment of the area from the C pillar to the transition to the rear window valance and trunk lid was a MAJOR PITA. For me anyway. That's where 70 images from every conceivable angle comes in handy! Paul Hettick: Wow that's great! Please cast 'em up! Thank you, Paul, and yes I hope we can. After the 91 CV is done, and the 77 LeMans, this would be next. Still, I don't want to kill off Greg W, but all these years working on 1-5 different masters at different times is finally about to bear fruit with at least three coming out hopefully this year. Got to lean in on the 1972 Polara too. It's in the pipe as well. Many thanks to all. I even got an attaboy from the UK, from Anglia 105E! Thank you, Sir.
  10. Good work on the conversion and the body damage is VERY realistic. Take that model, set it in a diorama setting with some real vegetation in the distant background and you could fool someone into thinking it was a real car in a real place. Did you mess up the styrene fender & hood or did you tap out a new steel hood then twist it up? I've seen that done before. Good work! Dwayne
  11. 1973 Chevy Bel Air 4dr Build

    Thank you Jack. I'll get back there. Just may take a bit, since where I live they have to pump oxygen in much less internet! Hope you are well..
  12. Attached are a few pics of a project I've worked on for a couple of years and am now nearing completion. I like 4drs. Mostly so I can build my police car models but also because they are just so very rare in offerings from the styrene tyrants. This was a bit of a rough one. I used a promo for the base and unbeknownst to me, these promos are evidently injected in some kind of ABS or something NOT styrene. SO, you can't just work with grafting on styrene to build what you want. It all has to have styrene superglued to it as a base to work off of. Still, it is finally about done. I modified the tub, modded the rear bumper to create the four tailight base version over the six one on the Caprice. Another scrap grill donated the "Chevrolet" script for the header panel and I added the Bal Air's Chevy Bow Tie to the center of the grill. Make some door mirrors and find some button caps and it's done. Thanks for looking..
  13. 1966 Chevrolet Impala SS 396

    Excellent work. Super realistic interior detail as well. Love it!
  14. The Striped Tomato

    The "Hero" car from the movie with Stiller & Wilson resides about 7 miles from me. Guy I know bought it from Movie Mike about four years ago, the guy who built all the cars for the movie. THAT car has some kind of internally modified 351W with a Holley 4bbl. Looks tiny in that engine bay. I would have personally preferred a 460 police version of a 2 door Gran Torino but those are rare as, well, RARE. He also has about three or four other Starskys. Way big into them. Has a couple videos of his car(s) on YT under Torinoman. Good luck on the build! Looks great so far..
  15. Thanks 72! I really appreciate it! I've had a couple of calicos over the years, but this particular one of the feline queens at my place is named Kylie. Cats are a trip. Like I said, I had dogs mostly and they're great. But the cats I've had over the years do things sometimes that just make me bust out laughing. They're thinkers and plotters. I think they'll inherit the earth eventually. Sometimes they're a bit aggravating, but I love 'em just the same. Looks like your two have created the dreaded 'cuddle-puddle'. Usually, in a place you need to use. Hope it wasn't your chair. You know you've had 'em too long when you hate to wake them up or move them. Kylie is the smallest cat I've ever had. Full grown she is tiny and barely 5-6 pounds. But she is TOUGH. Thanks for those pics. I had heard of the station master. And an Alaska town that had one as it's mayor!