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  1. No Deposit required, once we catch up on CV and Nova orders this will probably be the next release. Just earmark this this thread and check back. We'll announce it here when it's ready. You're decals look great, BTW! Thanks!!
  2. I'll have a look at my reference materials. If I can find those proper angles I'll see what I can do. I'm just going by the late 70's mentality in that 2dr or 4dr the front windshield and pillars were in most cases the same. I looked at Pics of a couple of 68 (?) Chevy Station wagon models posted on page one of this thread and I think I see what you speak of, the A pillar seems to stand a bit straighter but it makes me wonder: was there a 68 Chevy kit that was a donor for those and did they change the molds? I dunno for sure but I'll look.
  3. Dang, sorry Chris. And thanks! That IS the PLAN. It's part of why I built it, I want a couple myself. When We do I will let you know.. Thanks again..
  4. Thank you for letting us know, Greg. Greg is also doing extensive upgrades to his work area for mold and parts storage to help streamline to kit creation process. I know it's been a wait but do hang on, 'more betters' stuff coming too. (redneck said that to me one time?) That looks like some tough, hard to bend RTA in that pic too...
  5. That's very kind of you Greg, Thank you.. Your cast work is superlative. I feel the same in return.
  6. Looks great! *sniff* My baby's growin' up!! Nah, a new set of molds was finally needed and Mike Schnur gave the 'ol girl a little love and attention around the wheel wells. Added a different kind of wheelip molding too as seen. As always many thanks to Mike for his support and help in so many ways, and especially to Greg on the casting. The solid, REAL artistry in that work there. Welcome too to Mr. Marty for giving Greg a much needed extra set of hands and energy to the project. My thanks to all, as always. And thank you to any and all above who expressed kind views on my original work, in case I missed anyone. Although it's next to impossible to make everyone happy, I hope most are if that is at all possible. As the words of wisdom printed above the urinal once said: We aim to please, your aim will help! Words I try to live by! ..hmm ..wait a sec..
  7. Nice Ron! the first one I've seen close to builtup. I'm working on one myself o so slowly.. I had thought I might actually be the first to come out of the gate with one. But I'm not and glad to be beaten! (In that one way anyway) Nice work again, and thanks for sharing..
  8. I messed up on this (Above earlier message) I should have also said you can contact me at ntvypr@msn.com and I will add your name to a list I forward to Greg every four or five names or so. Please send to us how many kits you want, ($110.00 ea and that includes shipping CONUS) your mailing address and Paypal address. Nothing will be charged until the kit(s) are ready, you are contacted and confirmation received that you still want (XX) number of kits. We are all still coming out of winter hibernation, but hopefully, we will be back up to speed soon. Thanks!! DL
  9. You can send requests to Greg by em directly at mastercaster1@cox,net. Thanks guys! Dwayne..
  10. Hopefully all three versions will be done by end of year. As mentioned before I bought and sold late model used police cars from 1982 to well, now, really. But in total earnest until 2005. I had a partner in Denham Springs near Baton Rouge and he could sell as many as quick as I could get them to him. As a result, I bought and sold personally several in each of those years and the Ford Crown Vic or LTD was my fav of the lot though I bought all of the Big 3's police offerings at one time or other. The following are the thre main differences in the grilles that occurred from 1979-1987 until the version represented by our current 88-91 LTD Crown Victoria kit. The first single headlight grille one is 75% complete, the second header is identical from 1979-87 with only a change in grille marked by the year seperations (and two different versions of Tailights as well) The last one shown the 83 LTD CVPI was my fav of about six i bought and sold into mostly taxi slavery. I really loved that body-style and color keyed rims as well. First The 1979-1982 LTD-S and base LTD.. Next the 79-82 Quad Lamp LTD Crown Victoria with the small crosshatch grille. And finally the last version the 83-87 LTD Crown Victoria with the larger open square grille. I'm sure there's a technical name I just don't know it. Ford-Junkie that I am. This was my favorite of the 83-87 versions, an 83 from the LSP I got in 1986 with 80K miles. I could cry for wishin' I still had it. I had some of the 82 versions in pic 2 as well, but the 83's were 'fancier' and just looked better IMHO.
  11. I am. The 79-87 version is one of about four I work on in rotation. I had used an existing resin copy of the 91 CVPI and already made the trunk and rear valance modifications, and I have started on the front header panel. The first one being the 79-82 one headlight LTD-S version. When that's done I'll do the 83-79 version. That one is the version used in the MIB shows I recall. And also in Dan Aykroyd's version of Dragnet in 1987 as well. The one he drove so slow he tikked off Tom Hanks Strebeck character.
  12. He IS... and I was gratified to receive a call from him yesterday sounding in good spirits. I hope you keep feeling more betters, Greg..
  13. A question for the knowledgable Nova modeling enthusiasts in residence: What happened to the MPC Squad Rod? When I obtained a kit early last year to build the 4dr Nova they were everywhere and very economical. So much so the conversion kit here was created as a trans-kit for economy to the buyer and allow them to choose what version of chassis they wished to use. Now they have almost vanished from eBay and the ones that remain are steadily rising in price. Was this a limited run/time offering? I really thought it would be more readily available. Very dismaying... UPDATE: Well it seems it is a discontinued model and pretty much out of stock in many locations. Some places have even begun to charge the 'silly prices' for the kit. I believe this was re-popped by Round 2, so I'm a bit surprised it was only a limited time offering. Oh, well...
  14. Geez Greg, Sorry to hear that. I went to ER a year ago with bad stomach pain and an x-ray caught the edge of 'something' on my kidney at that time. Turned out to be a abscess on my R kidney. Had surgery to remove last January. This last thing was a 3+ week bout with bronchial pneumonia. And as I used to say when I was a radio DJ in high school; the hits just keep coming. But enuff of me. I hope it goes well and you bounce back well and quickly. We'll talk soon.
  15. I am, thanks for saying so. I sat around praying for winter and relief from upper 90's & high humidity levels all summer. The old adage of being careful what you ask for came to play. Thing is we had virtually no fall here. One day it was the above and in the course of a week we got miserable, wet, freezing temps. Just threw a switch from summer to winter. I generally don't get sick (nt like THAT, anyway) in the summer.. They are. After putting out a call to those in the know and determining that no kit I know of ever had the proper button caps (first set pic) I moved on to the scouring the net and eBay to see what other kits HC's offered that could be close, modded or altered. Absolute closest I could find after some searching was the second set/pic. The actual Nova cap has an inset ring at the edge, the closest I could find had a small ridge but otherwise was perfect in size, shape and dimension. Hope that helps you.
  16. Well, it was an illness, and I'll just say I've probably been worse off at some point earlier but i really don't remember when. And, it WAS a lovely development! The wonderful GM casting elves(GregMike) have put to good use their time and effort on this one as well. Another beautiful edition to the catalogue.
  17. Oye Como Va! lovely to return to the land of the living (don't ask don't tell) and find this one moving along nicely! I too add my regrets on the outcome of your parent's estate Greg, I also dealt with much the same when my father passed. As always when I build one I find that the final resin cast incorporates all the sometimes delicate aspects of the original styrene donor plus the fabricated conversion into one strong solid unit that makes it solid, whole, strong and final. I too can't wait to attack this one. I know that due to oil crunches of the 70'sthe LSP's Fleet Research here experimented with almost every form of mid-size replacement to take the place of full-sized units, but their only foray under that was with about five of these at HQ. Something of a pink dinosaur. Thanks as always to Greg & Mike for all their hard work, and to all others for the compliments of our efforts so far.
  18. Thanks Jef! And thanks to you OCG, believe me I am not done with that front bumper by a longshot. Getting that center cut/bump-out just right.. well, ...it's been a journey to get it to this point. I've got pics from 17 different directions an it just defies description to me to get it just right so far. But I'm not done yet...?
  19. And a bit more for the front fascia.. Getting all those mods and that cutout just so is a bit of a headache. Now what remains is to build the hl/grille assy and another project is mostly done!
  20. A little more progress on the 71. Das Butt. :-) I used the wrong compare pic. I used an LTD instead of the Custom 500 but you can see the bumper details. The backup lights will be done in clear resin. I know my cruddy camera is not being crystal clear but I was able to put the 'Galaxey500" script where it belonged, in the trunk valence panel.
  21. Gee, I uh, couldn't tell, there, Anthony.
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