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  1. duhrambler added a post in a topic 1/8 wheels and tires   

    I bought some wheels from this site and I am happy with them. The beadlock ring is a 1.9 rc crawler part

  2. duhrambler added a post in a topic First post   

    The cowl of the nova got messed up when I cut off the clip so I took it off and added it to the hood so the hood will go all the way back to the windshield. I guess I will black the edges of the glass out to look like lexan where it meets the firewall. Does anyone make resin or machined wheels that match the pro track magnums? I found the front wheels but didnt see anything for the rear.
  3. duhrambler added a post in a topic First post   

    I used the 55 pro sportsman chassis. the cage is too tall for the nova body so I will have to make the main hoop. I bought the scoop from comp resisns. I want to use Pro Track front wheels and dont know what I'm gonna do about the rear wheels. I dont like the wheels that come in the kit. This is not the first try, I have pieces of two chassis from failed attempts.
  4. duhrambler added a post in a topic First post   

    Thanks. I love your builds.
  5. duhrambler added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    First post
    Hello everyone, Let me start by saying I watch in awe the models that are being built here. I have been building on and off as time allows since I was a kid. Here is a nova I have started that is well beyond what I have ever attempted. I am following a few different styles from this board as I'm sure ya'll can tell.

    Hope the pics work

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