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  1. Look to be Mercury Cougar wheels. From the MPC '71-'73 kits.
  2. The console is a seperate piece. The only other kit with the bench seat was the Hardcastle & McCormick GMC.
  3. How about some 22.5 truck wheels that I can't seem to find in scale? I can't find good pictures of the Volvo one but the Kenworth one is easy to find...
  4. Oh, oh, this one too! 😀
  5. Several different colors in the chassis were used up until the early 90s by which point they switched to a uniform light grey across the board. The engine would be a Ford design of 358ci but are usually built by a specialty shop or in house by the biggest teams.
  6. Were they actual sleeper cabs, though? PACCAR and DTNA offer small sleeper looking extensions that are extra storage. Very common for logging, scrap metal haulers, etc around these parts.
  7. The Packard chassis is probably beefier...!
  8. Kootenay 3D Model Parts does Budd wheels too. I know he does them to fit Italeri tires, not sure what else they fit.
  9. You still need the dummy transfer case from the Explorer, though. 😉
  10. The front of the roof where it meets the cab is almost square on the Blazer while the Bronco has a curve to it. The tumblehome on both trucks is different from the other, too. But anything's possible...
  11. No, but it was a sweatbox in the back seat. Black, giant fixed windows, no AC... 😓
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