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  1. Six lug Ford ?

    Interesting! I only knew of the wide six lug pattern used on 3 ton and up trucks.
  2. 426 Hemi Valve Covers?

    Great! Listed as out of stock, though...?
  3. Is there anyone out there that makes the Mopar Performance valve covers for the 426 Hemi? Or even a set of finned covers in any kit?
  4. The long bed was last offered without trim so this makes sense. I will definitely be picking up a few of these as well! Unfortunately all of the kits I have are glue bombs so I won't be able to show a parts tree comparison.
  5. Also it is a long bed, not a new tool short bed.
  6. Cars made under licence overseas

    The tooling for the 2001-06 Chrysler Sebring was sold to GAZ and transformed into the Volga Siber. The Buick GL8 in China is still based off the Chevy Uplander platform, IIRC. In Brazil the 67-72 F-series tooling continued until 1992 with cosmetic upgrades; the 60-63 Falcon was built from 62-91 in Argentina with cosmetic upgrades; and the 66 Ford Galaxie was built in Brazil up until 1990. All those South American Fords continued with locally produced upgrades of the Y-block engine as well.
  7. The display with the service bed truck seems to have the stock bed behind it painted the same as the cab. I wonder if the kit will include both beds?
  8. Stopped for the day; turns out the old log book ruler is still useful for something. https://media.fotki.com/2v2EeU2v4xAUC7m.jpg I don't have any Round 2 boxes in the truck with my right now to compare with. But I think Rob was right, it is actually four short boxes for 3 tall ones.
  9. 2019 Revell (Germany)

    One needs only to look at the latest Escalade reissue to see Revell still doesn't match box contents to box art.
  10. I ordered this and the Chevelle when they released and finally was able to pick them up today. All this talk and no one has mentioned that the kit box is Round 2 sized instead of the traditional Revell box size. Might not mean much to most, but the way I store my stash I've always been able to stack two Revell boxes or three Round 2 boxes per shelf. Perhaps the new Revell is changing their shipping methods?
  11. Modern Street Tires

    You might have to start looking on Shapeways for wheels like those. I haven't come across any that big from resin suppliers.
  12. If you're looking to build the 3500HD all you can use from the MPC kits is the interior tub. The 3500HD trucks had a straight frame and leaf spring solid front axle.
  13. Terrible Box Art

    I believe that the California Pickup descriptor is supposed to reference the bed, which is not a factory piece but an aftermarket item from a conversion company. I seem to remember reading on here that a lot of box art from this era was requested on such short deadlines that the kits photographed came from collections and were not actual box contents. So you end up with the Nova and Mustang already mentioned, wheels on the box that aren't even in the box, a longbed C10, etc.
  14. Sadly it was an image of the box art in a newsletter and not an actual kit. Also nentioned was early 2019 availability, six cylinder engine, and two sets of custom wheels in addition to the stock steel wheels. The Torq Thrusts are a shoe-in but I wonder what the second set is?