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  1. Sort of. I'm building a '73 F-250 service truck but I'm only using the cab from the Super Stones kit; everything else is Moebius. But, considering how well the AMT 4x4 suspension fits the Moebius frame, going the other way should fit as well. Getting the FMR-155 kit as well helps.
  2. I hauled a container chassis with that suspension last week. Not as rough as I was expecting once loaded!
  3. Considering that the market for these is exclusively California, I'm surprised they're still making them.🤷‍♂️
  4. Something neat to see with all these hubcaps would be taller versions for full-float axles. 😎
  5. The only long beds I have seen offered are for the 1:25 scale kits, unfortunately. I did start making my own for this kit, however. Should get back to that one of these days.
  6. Round2 has the monopoly on brand tie-in kits? 🤔
  7. Like the others, Bill, I am rather slow building these days. Although some of your newest parts will make their way to me soon! 😎
  8. UPS uses just about everything in the Northeast. Kenworth T680, new and old Cascadias, Sterlings, International 4900i, Mack Pinnacles...
  9. Are these a new tool or the same old tires from the '70s?
  10. Hey there, Bill, Any thoughts on making F-350 badges for the 73-75 Fords? And how are those door panels coming? 😎
  11. Then with what's left over you can make a 60 F-100 flare side! 😎
  12. That's a rather interesting roof. Looks almost Land Rover-ish.
  13. Well, the real trucks used the same cab from 80-96, so the kits should be really close if not the same. I know that the 1:24 kits are slightly different between '80 and '87 versions.
  14. Check this link out for a run down on them: https://www.blueovaltrucks.com/ford_articles/the-ford-highboy-f-250/ Yes, that's the kit I'm referring to. They have been going up in value, for sure. Depending on how comfortable you are with bodywork, you could start with the AMT 92-96 F-150 kits to get a cab and inner bed structure. You'd need to switch the front clip over from the Bronco as well as transfer the wheel arches from the Bronco to the F-150 bed.
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