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  1. I tried the '65 camper on a '59 El Camino body once. It doesn't quite fit properly... 😔
  2. Are the massive slick tires typical of this style of race car or track specific? I confess I don't know much about the style of racing these cars would do, but they are fascinating to me. I just keep thinking that they should be running something closer to Nascar sized wheels?
  3. New Brunswick Elm City Hobbies, 1773 Hanwell Road, Hanwell, NB Nova Scotia Maritime Hobbies, 1521 Grafton Street, Halifax, NS Nautilus Aquatics & Hobbies, 6442 Quinpool Road, Halifax, NS Maine Ray and Robin's Hobby Center, 65 Gray Road, Falmouth, ME
  4. Yellow frame on the left is from the original 1987 issue, black one is from a built-up reissue of USA-1. If it is a modification, it is quite an extensive one. It looks to be different enough to be a separate insert. That being said, the stock long bed was last issued in 1989 and the first USA-1 kit was issued in 1990. Looks like I have some digging to do for a new kit history article...
  5. FedEx Expedited uses a lot of these, as well as Landstar above and Black Horse carriers. All team brokers where this truck is their only home. For when something absolutely needs to be somewhere ASAP. Have never seen a tandem truck, always single drives, sometimes a lift axle.
  6. https://culttvman.com/main/big-news-from-moebius-models/ 1966 Ford Custom Cab F-100 4 x 4 for 2nd quarter 2020 1967 Ford F-100 Service Bed pickup for 2nd quarter 2020 48 foot cambered trailer – previously announced 2nd quarter 2020 1953 Hudson Hornett reissue 2nd quarter 2020
  7. Interesting that the 40' container and chassis is going to be on the market as both Italeri and AMT.
  8. Yes, the engines are your generic small block Chevy. It seems only the stepside and Blazer kits got the stock intake setup. The fuel injection thingy doesn't really resemble anything from that era, more like the Rochester setup from the tri-five era.
  9. It would seem as thought Scenes Unlimited was looking into casting them.
  10. He is taking orders but they're not listed on his site. The kits only come with one tailgate, so specify on ordering. They are $12 each and he has a lot of orders! Might take a bit.
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