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  1. Are these a new tool or the same old tires from the '70s?
  2. Hey there, Bill, Any thoughts on making F-350 badges for the 73-75 Fords? And how are those door panels coming? 😎
  3. Then with what's left over you can make a 60 F-100 flare side! 😎
  4. That's a rather interesting roof. Looks almost Land Rover-ish.
  5. Well, the real trucks used the same cab from 80-96, so the kits should be really close if not the same. I know that the 1:24 kits are slightly different between '80 and '87 versions.
  6. Check this link out for a run down on them: https://www.blueovaltrucks.com/ford_articles/the-ford-highboy-f-250/ Yes, that's the kit I'm referring to. They have been going up in value, for sure. Depending on how comfortable you are with bodywork, you could start with the AMT 92-96 F-150 kits to get a cab and inner bed structure. You'd need to switch the front clip over from the Bronco as well as transfer the wheel arches from the Bronco to the F-150 bed.
  7. The Bullnose F-series trucks have a completely different setup with the twin traction beams. The F-150 used coil springs while F-250 used leaf springs. The Fireball conversion kit is correct for '61-'72 F-250, as well as up to '77 Highboy F-250 trucks. The regular '73-'79 F-series had a wider frame than '72 on down. The Bullnose Revell Bronco kits have the leaf-sprung TTB setup, even though it is not accurate for a Bronco. And not as detailed as the MPC coil spring version. Convert that setup to leaf springs and you'd be good to go. You could also use the Revell Styleside Pickup as a starting point. Use the Bronco parts to make it a long bed.
  8. Definitely not a T680 grille. The 680 is curved this one is flat. More like a taller version of the 880 SFA grille.
  9. I am planning to build the service truck as a '66 F-250 4x4 with Fireball's kit as well. I have also, however, converted the flareside kit to 4x4 with the AMT '79 Ford 4x4 parts and everything fits great. Worth noting is the following modifications are needed: the front crossmember needs to be thinned down to slot into place and the relief in the frame for the leaf springs needs to be filled as the 4x4 rear springs mount a little farther forward. The AMT wheel backs slot perfectly into the Moebius wheels and those wheels fit perfectly in the AMT tires!
  10. Man whenever I see those trailers I swear they are taller then me and I'm 13'6! 😲
  11. Interesting! I only knew of the wide six lug pattern used on 3 ton and up trucks.
  12. Great! Listed as out of stock, though...?
  13. Is there anyone out there that makes the Mopar Performance valve covers for the 426 Hemi? Or even a set of finned covers in any kit?
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