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  1. There's four of them in that series now; they're really neat!
  2. I just picked one up for $26.99. from the store so no shipping! 🤷‍♂️
  3. Unfortunately that particular truck hasn't seen use in years as the transmission have up the ghost. I'm swapping the interior into my other truck one of these days...
  4. They're also way better than the plastic tires they used to have...
  5. Which Actros are you building? Can you share pictures of the items in question in the instructions? 🙂
  6. The chassis plate for the long bed was extensively modified for the USA-1 truck as well as the hood. The stock long bed kit will probably not see the light of day. What they could do in the vein of the Nova and the '64 Galaxie is start pumping out unassembled promos. They kept going right up until 1998. Tool up an additional interior tub and a new chassis plate and they could do all the different configurations of the truck from 88-98.
  7. Revell of this period took a lot of shortcuts. They tooled up essentially the same chassis and California Stepside bed in full-size and mini-truck size. The full-size ended up being limited to Chevy trucks while the mini-truck was shared by the LUV, Courier, and Datsun. All versions used a generic small-block Chevy. I think both size beds were available in parts packs, too.
  8. I just checked those renderings against a kit I have and the pattern on the door panels is completely different as is the seat. So, looks like new parts. Here's the instructions from the original.
  9. And it's only been issued those two times. Getting ridiculous prices these days.
  10. How about a reissue of the '79 Bronco? And re-working the '79 truck into a proper F-150? A guy can dream....
  11. I have the same build in my to-do pile! What colour blue did you use? It looks great!
  12. Lindberg '37 Ford is a great 1:24 custom chassis. A Coyote is available either from 3D/resin vendors or maybe the '13 Boss 302 kit?
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