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  1. Curiously the Blazer for the catalog shoots has the correct door handles! I like the catalog Pulldozer graphics better, I think.
  2. I'm sorry, did you write the article? My original title was pretty specific, I thought. You're the first one to complain in eight years. 🙄
  3. Thanks, Hakan! I figured if anyone on here would find holes it would be you. 😁
  4. You might be better off getting another rear axle and converting it to an offset front axle.
  5. Any 1950 Chevy pickup with four wheel drive from the '50s would be an upfitter like NAPCO or Marmon-Herrington. Those components might look different than what you'd find in any kit. Swapping the body onto a newer 4x4 chassis is fairly common and the Deserter chassis is the easiest one available.
  6. If this set was released after 1991 they could both be 1:24 Monogram kits in Revell boxes.
  7. That was indeed a typo and has been fixed. Thanks for catching that. Whoa, that is interesting! It is listed as 1:25 scale, suggesting that it isn't related to this chassis. It does look like a rebox of the Pennzoil Firebird with smoked windows, though. If only there was a number on that box!
  8. Could it be that the front and rear body pieces are straight from the '87 GTA kit? 🤔
  9. My interest in this particular set of kits stemmed from coming across the Model King issue of the Firebird in a closeout shop. I looked for more information on that kit, it's relationship to the Camaro kits and, well, just had to write an article! https://sprue.xyz/2020/04/12/history-of-monograms-gm-f-body-alston-pro-stock-chassis/ As with my previous articles, please help me increase my accuracy of you know my assumptions to be false. Thanks for checking it out!
  10. Now if only someone offered the correct bumper... 🤓
  11. Not that I've ever come across. Only the wrecker.
  12. I tried the '65 camper on a '59 El Camino body once. It doesn't quite fit properly... 😔
  13. Are the massive slick tires typical of this style of race car or track specific? I confess I don't know much about the style of racing these cars would do, but they are fascinating to me. I just keep thinking that they should be running something closer to Nascar sized wheels?
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