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  1. The engine has to be deep enough in the chassis for the snorkel to clear the hood. You either have to press down on the engine really hard to get it to snap in place or trim the mounting tabs on the water pump. IIRC they adjusted the tooling and the newer releases have been corrected.
  2. I do believe that one of the marketing gimmicks of the Longhorn was that you could put your camper in and close the tailgate.
  3. There was also a Datsun pickup with the same trailer and wetbikes
  4. https://www.sprue.xyz/articles/monogram_squarebody
  5. Sergey, I think if you search for chassis you should find what you need!
  6. Look to be Mercury Cougar wheels. From the MPC '71-'73 kits.
  7. The console is a seperate piece. The only other kit with the bench seat was the Hardcastle & McCormick GMC.
  8. How about some 22.5 truck wheels that I can't seem to find in scale? I can't find good pictures of the Volvo one but the Kenworth one is easy to find...
  9. Oh, oh, this one too! 😀
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