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  1. There sure is a lot in common with the 1:25 kits. Very similar designs for things, such as the overall cab shape, the grille, grille guard, engine parts breakdown, even the aftermarket bed sides.
  2. The two short wheelbase trucks should still be viable, according to my research.
  3. How about these tires? From a Heller/Humbrol/Bobkit truck kit. Seems to be rubber and they do fit fairly tight. Haven't decided what to attach them with yet.
  4. I sure hope it has a current engine instead of the same old V8 we've had. Also hope they didn't go with a one piece chassis...
  5. I've been using a CPAP now for maybe 10 years now? It made a life and day difference in my life. I'm currently using a Fisher & Paykel Sleepstyle with the nose pillow type attachment. Works great for me.
  6. Aoshima has what you're looking for. 😉
  7. The wheels in the Open Road camper to turn it in to a trailer are pretty darn close to that.
  8. Strangely this generation of truck hasn't gotten a lot of 3D printing support as of yet, even though the 1:1 trucks are blowing up in the scene. It would be nice to have a corrected 94-98 Chevy grille as well as both GMC grilles with emblems. And don't get me started on correct 4x4 suspension...!
  9. Looks like MiniArt is tooling up some 1:24 versions of a few of their 1:35 tractor kits. Hopefully these do well and more comes along!
  10. The roof from the TJ snap kit is the one you want.
  11. MPC did a '72 with a sleeper and stacks. Revell did a couple squares with big rig styling.
  12. Try one of these: https://www.sprue.xyz/articles/monogram_alston
  13. The only ones I don't have, Steve, are the Super Dually and the Hardcastle truck. 😀
  14. It was once thought that the long bed Dodge was never going to be reissued due to damage. Anything is possible. 🙂
  15. The same Goodyear tires were in the Bronco and Ramcharger kits, too. In my research on all of them, I never came across anything other than this issue of the Blazer getting the MPC tires. Curious indeed. 🤔
  16. And here we are rolling into 2022 and they're still in service.
  17. My first ride (home from the hospital) was in a '79 with a four speed. They could be had with a Borg Warner T18 or a New Process 435. I think my dad's had the T18.
  18. Coming to a hobby shop near you in December... 👀
  19. The Italeri Opel Blitz is also a good base for the Revell '41 Chevy and AMT '55-'57 Chevy.
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