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  1. https://culttvman.com/main/big-news-from-moebius-models/ 1966 Ford Custom Cab F-100 4 x 4 for 2nd quarter 2020 1967 Ford F-100 Service Bed pickup for 2nd quarter 2020 48 foot cambered trailer – previously announced 2nd quarter 2020 1953 Hudson Hornett reissue 2nd quarter 2020
  2. Interesting that the 40' container and chassis is going to be on the market as both Italeri and AMT.
  3. Yes, the engines are your generic small block Chevy. It seems only the stepside and Blazer kits got the stock intake setup. The fuel injection thingy doesn't really resemble anything from that era, more like the Rochester setup from the tri-five era.
  4. It would seem as thought Scenes Unlimited was looking into casting them.
  5. He is taking orders but they're not listed on his site. The kits only come with one tailgate, so specify on ordering. They are $12 each and he has a lot of orders! Might take a bit.
  6. Automatic for work, manual for pleasure. 'Cause shifting this in traffic and hilly terrain is painful.
  7. Sort of. I'm building a '73 F-250 service truck but I'm only using the cab from the Super Stones kit; everything else is Moebius. But, considering how well the AMT 4x4 suspension fits the Moebius frame, going the other way should fit as well. Getting the FMR-155 kit as well helps.
  8. I hauled a container chassis with that suspension last week. Not as rough as I was expecting once loaded!
  9. Considering that the market for these is exclusively California, I'm surprised they're still making them.🤷‍♂️
  10. Something neat to see with all these hubcaps would be taller versions for full-float axles. 😎
  11. The only long beds I have seen offered are for the 1:25 scale kits, unfortunately. I did start making my own for this kit, however. Should get back to that one of these days.
  12. Round2 has the monopoly on brand tie-in kits? 🤔
  13. Like the others, Bill, I am rather slow building these days. Although some of your newest parts will make their way to me soon! 😎
  14. UPS uses just about everything in the Northeast. Kenworth T680, new and old Cascadias, Sterlings, International 4900i, Mack Pinnacles...
  15. Are these a new tool or the same old tires from the '70s?
  16. Hey there, Bill, Any thoughts on making F-350 badges for the 73-75 Fords? And how are those door panels coming? 😎
  17. Then with what's left over you can make a 60 F-100 flare side! 😎
  18. That's a rather interesting roof. Looks almost Land Rover-ish.
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