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  1. kataranga added a post in a topic A '69 Blazer and a '70 Jimmy   

    If you have a problem with the engine I'm using you're really not going to like what colour I painted it...!
    But, seriously, though, I do know the engine isn't entirely correct. I'm also using another one of these engines in a '75 K10 I'm building. I'm using them because I have them on hand and 1) couldn't get a Trumpeter Nova or two and 2) was unaware there was a resin source for the engine. I am doing a bit of tweaking with a different carb and air cleaner and adding an oil filter to the block in the appropriate location. It'll pass muster for my standards.
  2. kataranga added a post in a topic A '69 Blazer and a '70 Jimmy   

    So far I have a radiator from a Monogram Bronco for the Blazer and one from the MPC Bronco foe the Jimmy. I have a few extras of the MPC squarebody kits so I may go that route.
  3. kataranga added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    A '69 Blazer and a '70 Jimmy
    Quite a few years back I purchased a parts lot that had two Blazers and a Jimmy; the Jimmy was built and the two Blazers were partially assembled. I also managed to snag, in another parts lot, a '69 Blazer grille. The Jimmy's body was severely warped and I decided to instead find a donor kit and use the GMC-specific parts to build a Jimmy. Years passed, plans came and went, and eventually Round 2 saw fit to re-issue the Blazer kit. I purchased a kit early this year with the intent of building a Jimmy. Again, plans came and went up until about a week ago when I woke up one morning and lost interest in all the kits I had on my workbench (don't you love it when that happens?). So, I packed everything up and dug out my Jimmy project. While I was rooting around for parts, waiting for some glued components to set, I found my '69 grille and decided to do a dual build of the '70 Jimmy and '69 Blazer.
    Here are the chassis (chassises?):

    The Jimmy (white frame) is getting a SBC. When starting to assemble the kit unit, the block and transmission appear much larger than 1:25 scale, probably closer to 1:24 or larger, so I sourced a block/transmission, oil pan, timing chain cover, and water pump from the parts bin. The heads, valve covers, intake manifold, transfer case, and rear transmission support are all kit items. The Blazer (orange frame) is getting a six cylinder from the AMT '60 C10. Transfer case and transmission tail shaft/mount are kit items.
    Body shots:

    Now, because of the way that the kit is molded with the separate roof and tailgate, the body ends up being quite wobbly and weak. Since I'll be displaying both of these trucks with the roofs on I decided to glue them, the tailgates, and the rear hatches on for stability. I ended up using the reissued kit's hood and tailgate on the Blazer as they were in much better shape than parts I had available. Also, the roof on the Blazer is from another of the kits in the parts lot as the orange roof had sink marks where cab lights were glued on.
    Moving on to the grilles, I sanded down the back of the Blazer grille to open it up to match the Jimmy. The hood bowtie is from the same C10 that coughed up the six cylinder. I've also opened and enlarged the radiator openings on both bodies in order to fit better radiators.

    The Jimmy grilles I have are both old with faded chrome. I stripped this one and painted it with Krylon Matte Aluminium. It looks decent, but I may play around a bit to get a better finish. The Blazer grille will get the same treatment.
    While the firewall opening is mostly correct in the kit, V8 trucks had a panel slightly recessed. I haven't been able to find reference pictures of an I6-powered Blazer or Jimmy, but in order to get everything to line up correctly the engine is just about touching the interior tub. I may fill in the gap between the firewall and tub, or not...

    Both trucks also received missing panel lines between the fender/cowl and fender/rocker panel:

    Finally, the wheels. The Blazer is getting the deep dish chrome steelies in the kit but with corrected rears while the Jimmy is getting a set of chrome spoked wheels from the MPC squarebody kits. Both are using Formula Desert Dog PCV tires.

    Thanks for looking! 
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  4. kataranga added a post in a topic Quonset Speed Shop decals   

  5. kataranga added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    '37 Chevy Coupe Gasser
    My club just completed our Passin' Gas Challenge, where members were challenged to build a gasser kit out of box with no additions or scratchbuilding. The only exception was the wheels and tires as previous issues of the AMT '33 Willys kit had horrible tires. My entry was the AMT '37 Chevy coupe kit. This was my first (completed) gasser build and I'm starting another!

    Thanks for looking. 
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  6. kataranga added a post in a topic Moebius 67-72 Ford Pick-up news   

  7. kataranga added a post in a topic 1/25 MPC California Sunshine Datsun Mini Pickup   

    No stock grille? Unfortunate. I wonder how well the Revell piece fits?
  8. kataranga added a topic in Wanted!   

    Quonset Speed Shop decals
    I am in search of a few sets of the Quonset Speed Shop decals that came in I believe the AMT 69 Falcon modified stocker. If there are other kits that have this decal, I'm not aware of them. I'm hoping to track down two or three sets as I wish to rebuild the truck below and add a partner to the fleet. Many thanks!

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  9. kataranga added a post in a topic Is Round2 models down?   

    According to IIDRN round2models.com is indeed down.
  10. kataranga added a post in a topic Barracuda....Back from the dead   

    Here's the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, BTW: http://blog.caranddriver.com/jeep-confirms-hellcat-powered-grand-cherokee-to-dealers-reveals-0-60-time/
  11. kataranga added a post in a topic Subaru Sambar Fire Engine   

    I have a 1/72 model of a WWII Fiat pickup truck; I can just imagine how tiny this robot thing will be!
  12. kataranga added a post in a topic Subaru Sambar Fire Engine   

    A deployable fire fighting robot in 1/72?! 
  13. kataranga added a post in a topic 1/24 Monogram Ford F-150 Ranger Flareside   

    As I recall, that particular truck was built using the AMT 92 F-150 and the MPC Bronco kits. The grille is definitely the MPC Bronco and the inside of the bed looks like the AMT F-150.
  14. kataranga added a post in a topic 1/24 Monogram Ford F-150 Ranger Flareside   

    About what you'd expect. Similar to the recently reissued GMC pickup with plow. 
  15. kataranga added a post in a topic 1/24 Monogram Ford F-150 Ranger Flareside   

    Indeed it does.