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  1. kataranga added a post in a topic Revell 4 Quarter 2017   

    Any pictures? Nothing on the website that I can find except the Wagoneer body. I picked up two of these kits at reasonable prices so of course it's being reissued....
  2. kataranga added a post in a topic Hobby Lobby made my day   

    I live in Saint John, NB. As far as I know, Hobby Lobby doesn't have Canadian stores. The closest store to me is in Bangor, ME, which is 136 miles. However, I am a long haul truck driver and I have easy access to the HL in Auburn, ME, which is about 221 miles away. I've also been to stores in Niagara Falls, N.Y., and Alamance Crossing, NC. I'll be looking for the Molotow pens now that I know they carry them.
  3. kataranga added a post in a topic Only 18 Percent Of Americans Can Drive Manual. :(   

    I will say, driving a manual in heavy traffic can be rather tiring. The Cascadia's clutch is really heavy, but I don't use it much. Usually go between 4/5 but in a 13 speed that involves a range change. I have a Mazda 5 now for puttering around when I'm home and it is a 5 speed. My pickup is a 93 Chevy that I inherited from my dad; wish it was a manual but I won't be changing it.
  4. kataranga added a post in a topic Round 2 February 2017 Product Spotlight   

    He says the 60 Starliner has two complete engines; the 352 and what is the other one?
  5. kataranga added a post in a topic hobby shops in Atlanta GA   

    Do any of these places have easy access to the interstate and truck parking?
  6. kataranga added a post in a topic 1/25 Jeep Gladiator   

    Casey,  I have to ask out of affinity for the venerable six cylinder: have you considering putting the AMC 258 in this from the MPC Pacer?
  7. kataranga added a post in a topic Matty Winspur's "The Fabulous Hudson Hornet".   

    Now that's cool!
  8. kataranga added a post in a topic Re-careering   

    I'm enjoying being on the road so far! I have about 16,000 km in now. I have been down as far as Georgia and as west as far as Iowa. Most trips I get are on the 5-7 days range, usually home for two days. My most recent trip had me out for 12 days. My company is really good at letting drivers decide how much home time they want. 
    I got to visit the Iowa 80 truck stop, what a place! Unfortunately the museum was closed when I was there; hopefully I can get back when it is open.
  9. kataranga added a post in a topic Yet Another Hobby Lobby Clearance Post..   

    Went to the Hobby Lobby at Alamance Crossing, NC and they have a bunch of kits on clearance. I picked up the Piranha, a 65 Mustang funny car, and the 23 T delivery truck for $30!
  10. kataranga added a topic in Truck Kit News & Reviews   

    Revell 1966 Chevy Suburban
    I was at my LHS today and talking with the owner and he showed me a listing on his suppliers website for a new tool 1966 Suburban that is being issued the same month as the Foose F-100. This was the first I'd heard of this; anyone know more?
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  11. kataranga added a post in a topic Re-careering   

    Wow, its been a while since I updated this thread! I finished my course at the end of August, finished my internship last week and now I've been cut loose with my own truck. I leave for my first trip tomorrow morning, headed to Greensboro, GA.
    I was a little spoiled by my trainer's truck. It is a 2015 Kenworth T680, Paccar MX-13 and an Eaton 13-speed.

    Some pictures I took during the last four weeks...
    A very tight spot I parked a trailer in:

    Literal steaming piles of poo at a mushroom farm in Temple, PA

    Driving into a building and backing to a dock at the Wegmans distribution center in Rochester, NY:

    And now my assigned truck. It is a 2013 Freightliner Cascadia, Detroit DD15 and a Detroit DT12. It currently has 621939km on the clock.

  12. kataranga added a post in a topic History of Monogram's GM Pickups   

    The only thing that is shared between the Monogram and Revell squarebody kits are the subject material. Check out my history on the Revell kits: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/75490-history-of-revells-squarebody-pickup-kits/
  13. kataranga added a topic in Truck Aftermarket / Resin   

    Kenworth Wheels
    I was wondering if these Kenworth wheels are available in resin anywhere:

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  14. kataranga added a post in a topic Italeri is asking for new kit subject requests.   

    Some more modern trucks would be a delight to see. Italeri makes a great Volvo VN780 which I may be driving in the next couple of weeks. But how a bout a new Peterbilt 587 or 579 or any Peterbilt with the new cab. Kenworth T660 and T680. Hopefully if they do a bunch of Paccar trucks (could do some DAFs, too!) they would tool up MX11 and MX13 engines for swapping around. And, of course, a Freightliner Cascadia. Seeing as how everyone kinda missed the boat on the Columbia when it was relevent.
  15. kataranga added a post in a topic Kit-Bashing - Where do I find individual kit parts?   

    You are correct, sir.