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  1. kataranga added a post in a topic Anyone know the kit source for these wheels?   

    The Cobra wheels have holes in the center caps for the quick-release spinners; these wheels appear to have a center cap/no hole.
  2. kataranga added a post in a topic 1977 GMC K10   

    All done. Under Glass thread here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/112792-1977-gmc-k10/
  3. kataranga added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    1977 GMC K10
    Finished this one up today. Base kit is the recently reissued GMC plow truck. I sourced the fenderside bed, tail lights, and wheels from an earlier Chevy issue of the pickup kit. I had to make my own tailgate as the Chevy tailgate has embossed lettering and it was half melted by an oversealous application of tube glue. Cut down the frame to single exhaust and fabricated a y-pipe. Pared it down to four shocks instead of eight, added a spare wheel in the correct location, and removed the driver's side tank. Tried to depict a low-option truck with a 305 V8 and manual three speed transmission.

    I tried to add some more detail under the hood. Heater blower is from an MPC pickup, brake booster is from a Jeep CJ-7, clutch reservoir is from the parts bin. I also cut out the extra battery. I didn't realize until afterwards that the clutch reservoir should have been mounted lower to allow for the wiper motor...ah well.
    Thanks for looking!
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  4. kataranga added a post in a topic 1977 GMC K10   

    My master bedroom is currently undergoing mold remediation, so it's contents are spread out between my model room and my daughter's room; we are staying at my inlaws for now. Modeling is difficult, but I made myself a path to my workbench and I've been working on this truck while the remediation guys work. I have the chassis just about all done, just need to hang the spare tire.

    As with the Blazer, I had to fabricate a Y-pipe. I tried a different method, didn't work so well. I cut little slivers and styrene and glued them in the front centrecaps; together with the red paint they look like manual locking hubs. From a distance, anyway.
  5. kataranga added a post in a topic A new shop   

    Speaking from experience as someone that has crammed their workspace and ~500 models in a 6'x12' room, currently in an 8'x9' room, I would say 10'x10' would be a bit on the small side!
  6. kataranga added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    1977 GMC K10
    The base kit for this build is the GMC plow truck kit. I'm using a fenderside (correct GMC terminology) bed from an earlier Chevy issue along with the GM truck rallye wheels. I cut down the chassis to have single exhaust and single tank. Like the Blazer I just did, I used a piece from a scrap frame to fill in the crossmember where the second muffler was.

    Then I went and cut out the second molded-in battery and filled in the "hinge" openings in the firewall.

    One feature that I really don't like about the Monogram pickup kits of this era is the separate rear cab wall. I have glued this one in and reinforced the inside with melted sprue so that it will stretch enough to get the interior tub in but won't break the glue seam. I smoothed out the cab/cab wall transition as it was rather square.

    Here's a mockup of how the truck will sit. The bed is from a gluebomb so I've actually had to cut out the floor (to be replaced with basswood) and make my own tailgate.

    And here's how it sits now, a mockup with paint.

    The color is Testors Aztek Dark Grey. I stripped the wheels and bumper and painted them white; the grille was stripped and painted Krylon Matte Aluminum. As the kit is molded, it has a SBC with a column-shifted manual transmission, so I decided to build this one up as a base model truck. In my mind the engine is a 305. 
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  7. kataranga added a post in a topic 1976 Chevrolet Blazer   

    I finished this one up, forgot to post about it. Only have the two pictures so far; once I do a proper photoshoot I'll create an Under Glass thread.

    The spare tire carrier is from the pickup kits, the spare tire itself is from the recent GMC plow truck kit.
  8. kataranga added a post in a topic What cool trucks (rigs or pick ups) have you seen lately?   

    Looks like a Peterbilt 320. I spent a lot of time at airports working FIFO jobs so I've seen lots of funky airport equipment. Never saw a fuel truck that big, though.
  9. kataranga added a post in a topic Watch your accounts very closely   

    You know for being two of the most similar countries on Earth I often forget just how different the banking systems of Canada and the US are. We've had chip debit cards for about eight years now, tap + chip debit cards for 3-5 years. On the other hand, Visa debit cards that work as a credit card online but draw from your bank accounts are only a couple years old here. My current bank card is all three
  10. kataranga added a post in a topic 1976 Chevrolet Blazer   

    Well, look at that! At least that's an easy fix.
  11. kataranga added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    1976 Chevrolet Blazer
    Trying to get myself back into building, decided to try and start with something simple. Good old Monogram Blazer kit. This started out as a partially built Mad Mudder kit, cobbled with a GMC Jimmy parts kit. Unfortunately between the two kits I didn't have a correct intake manifold, so for simplicity's sake I glued the hood shut. Spare tire and carrier are from the pickup kits.

    I just couldn't let those tiny door handles stay so I shaved them off and carefully cut a set off a spare pickup cab.

    I cut out one set of the molded in exhaust and used a piece from another Blazer chassis to fill in the gap in the crossmember.

    The one thing that always bugs me about these kits is the grille just doesn't look quite right. I paint-detailed this one as best I could, even painting the appropriate grille slot grey where the displacement emblem would be.

    The colour is Testor's Aztek red.

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  12. kataranga added a post in a topic Why do so few post pictures? Is it the hoops one must jump through to post ?   

    When I started looking around for photo hosting sites nine years ago, I settled on Picasa as it seemed to fit my needs the best. Google has since purchased Picasa, merged with their Google Photos service, and are now shutting down Picasa. I migrated everything over from Picasa to Google Photos, consolidating my two Picasa accounts into one. Now I have discovered that Google Photos has apparently disabled image embedding functionality. 
  13. kataranga added a post in a topic MPC 1984 GMC Pickup (Video Review) 2016 Reissue   

    Looks like this: https://goo.gl/photos/kFrrLNsUguK25QDr7
  14. kataranga added a post in a topic MPC 1984 GMC Pickup (Video Review) 2016 Reissue   

    If one isn't too fussy about what the backs of the wheels look like, the smaller insert for the 1:20 wheels fits inside the 1:25 wheels to be able to mount them.
    Another option for the bench seat is to cut the seat from the Revell (not Monogram) squarebody kits, it fits pretty good.
  15. kataranga added a post in a topic MPC 1984 GMC Pickup (Video Review) 2016 Reissue   

    The tires in all 4WD versions of his kit are 1:25 scale versions of the Formula Desert Dawg PCV. The wheels will also work with AMT/MPC Commander XTs or Firestone All-Terrain T/C.
    As for the bench seat, it is a separate piece and fits in perfectly but I have not come across a resin repop of it. With the reissue of this kit and the modern cottage industry I would imagine someone will be offering the seat, 2WD suspension, stepside bed, etc.