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    I guess I need to find the older style grille to make my truck accurate! 😃

    I'm a dork for inline 6 engines and incorporate them whenever I can. 😊
  3. This past week I've noticed some Western Express trucks hauling Walmart trailers around here.

    No, this is an AMC 258ci, which was an optional engine in the later years.
  5. Where were you based out of, highway? I run strictly New England and only ever see Prime hauling for Walmart. Well, aside from Walmart's own trucks that is. There's a Walmart DC in Lewiston, ME that I drive by six times a week so lots of Walmart trucks coming and going.
  6. I never did end up getting the Moebius trailers so I don't know about the differences between them. In addition to those you mentioned, reefers have insulated doors that usually have a diamond pattern on them. Plus reefers have corrugated metal floors and dry vans have wood. And then you get into ducting... ☺

    One piece interior tub/chassis, no understood detail, spring/axle combo, integral roof; really decreases the parts count. I had to do a lot of digging to flesh out this engine compartment:
  8. 4 X 4 1966 Suburban

    Ah! I'm used to seeing modern hyrails with the train wheels at front and back rather than in the middle like that.
  9. 4 X 4 1966 Suburban

    What's that riggin' under the door on those things? 🤔
  10. AMT MOUNT 'N GOAT Jeep Commando

    I picked up one of these kits today. There are actually four wheel options in the kit: stock steel wheels, 1:20 wagon wheels, plated wheel covers, and plated deep turbine style. The sticker on the wrapping proclaimed three wheel options; since the turbine wheels don't fit either of the tire options that may be why. I hope someone will make resin copies of the full length roof and interior panels. The window pieces for the roof are still in the kit.
  11. If the only difference is the reefer unit itself one of those kits is inaccurate. There is quite a different between a reefer trailer and a dry van/plated trailer.
  12. 1/24 Revell '78 GMC 4x4 Pickup

    Is there anyone that makes a 73-74 grille for this?
  13. Love's Truck Information

    I did an image search for old Love'stankers and couldn't find much. Surprisingly a bunch of Flying J tankers showed up; they didn't look as good back in the day.