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  1. Harry I'm really surprised. These are my sentiments exactly. I don't understand the "need" someone has to make sure others will carry on a hobby. Let natural selection take its course. There will still exist a core of people who build Models because they like it, not to be noticed by others. Internets and Forums do not accurately show the number of people who build Models. Internets and Forums only show a few Modelers who enjoy posting on Forums. Modeling, even plastic car Modeling, can't die, but so what if it gets thinned out a whole lot. Why desire people to do something they don't really want to. Let the Hobby crash and be rediscovered in 50 or 100 years. Harryhausen didn't whine when CGI took over his style of Modeling. He continued to work his craft right up to the end. CadillacPat
  2. I wouldn't use a Flat Black base for these or any other color shift paints. Go with a Gloss Black. Just about anything should work. Even a cheap spray can enamel Black. These paints contain only a pigment from House Of Kolor and were formulated especially for good adhesion to plastic. CadillacPat
  3. Austin I know excatly what Dr. No or No.1 would do. They would Nip It In The Bud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CadillacPat
  4. Absolutely Dennis, The 10 pak Clear InkJet Decal Paper from Papilio.com is Item # 1AS8511K The White, which there are uses for, is W1AS8511K While there are uses for White it is a mistake to assume you can trim excess White Decal Paper from the edges of a printed Decal and achieve anything other than a grossly recognizable edge. Choose the cheapest shipping offered. CadillacPat
  5. Keep the new Off Topic area where it is, out of sight and down at the bottom where it doesn't clutter up the board. Having the Off Topic area already shows a definite presence of those who only post Off Topic comments and subjects. It has already cleaned up the site. CadillacPat
  6. Oh the Humanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CadillacPat
  7. Retro, There's already a thread talking about other graphics programs, a few of them if you'll check past pages here. This is about PhotoShop. If you'll Google----- Graphics Programs------- I'm sure you'll find several of them. As I have said, you may be able to get versions of PhotoShop free online. I've used several graphics programs and discarded them all for PhotoShop. I don't use Gimp, Foozle, Dingo, TontoFast or any of them. You might post a thread over in Questions so we don't get this thread flooded with off topic graphics programs. Maybe someone will write a Tutorial to explain it. Follow along, and try to get one of those free versions of PhotoShop. CadillacPat
  8. In your Yellow Pages. Your local Medical Supply Store will have them and graduated medicine cups for mixing paint. CadillacPat
  9. Bill you would need a microscope to detect any molecule sized gaps left when using ScotchBrite on plastic. Just as I'm sure the same tiny gaps would show up after brushing with Ajax. ScotchBrite works fine for recessed and molded areas. Just squeeze and twist. It's what most AirBrushers use for painting Plastic. Adhesion is not problematic. There are different colored gauges of ScotchBrite, I use the green. CadillacPat
  10. Let's hope this will bring some credibility back to the General Section. At the moment it is more of a Chat Section. CadillacPat
  11. Pick up some ScotchBrite Pads. I use the Green and it gets down into tiny crevices. Then just wash with a toothbrush, soap and water. CadillacPat
  12. Carl, I'm writing these for my own websites and since I'm not using Videos or screen captures the info needs to be precise for anyone to follow. It takes longer but written words impart info that is easier to follow and retain. When you add up the graphics I design and the runs of cars I create, plus walking Dixie everyday and every evening, there's not a lot of time left to write. With all the misinformation on the Net about Decals I want to assure that anyone using my techniques is successful. In the meantime why not elaborate on what you will be wanting to do with your Decals. I can help you with what you intend to make. Have you begun using your PhotoShop yet? That's the first step. Stay tuned and ask all the questions you need to. Hang with me, I'm working on a piece for the interim to get you going through the paces of PhotoShop. Other websites that I have written for gladly increased the character limit on posting but I have asked repeatedly for such info here and never been answered. Go figure. More than likely I will have to break up my Tutorials into pieces of a main post and several consecutive replies to try and maintain continuity. When I post I will also enter links to where they can be read completely as one piece. CadillacPat
  13. Sjordan I understand your strong feelings for the subject but when you quote terms like "estimated 3 million" and "widely accepted", everything gets real iffy. I'll give it a big deal in South America 20 years ago, but worldwide or one of the 5 most famous people, I can't do. CadillacPat
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