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  1. The New NASCAR

    Hey,,, Mr. P........Yes everyone does have the right to an Opinion, and the right to Express it......Never said that they didn't.......Everyone was expressing their's so fast, I just thought that no one caught Mine..... And as far as my Mother telling me Not to Quote Myself......No She Didn't....In fact, She said to keep doing it till, I"VE Made My POINT ......... .......And it's not like I haven't seen you not do it, anyway!!!!! MOE.
  2. The New NASCAR

    It doesn't matter what any of US (Fan's or not) say or think,,, It's All Controlled and run by NASCAR.....They're going to do what they have to do to make a profit and stay in bussiness.........Plain and simple, like it or not....
  3. The New NASCAR

    LOL.....At all this bickering from you guy's.... Change is nothing new to NASCAR.....In fact it's been making changes to ,,Car's,,Rules,,Safety(driver,crew,spectator),,Track size & Shape,,# of Lap's,,Pit speed,,Gender & Race,,and so on ,,,,Since it first became an orgination in the late Fourties.......Since I was born and raised in the South,,,,Where it all started,,, I've heard both sides of all the complaint's/ praises for over fourty year's now.....NASCAR is a Bussiness,, And the product they are selling is RACING,,,,,AND yes, I hear all of you saying Racing is a sport,Which it is,,,But Stock Car Racing is sanctioned by NASCAR,,,, And NASCAR will continue to make the changes it feel's necessary to it's product, to make money.....Big Money...That's why it's still around after Sixty + year's,, and still going.......I Personally have both liked and disliked many of it's Decision's for change through-out the year's,,,But have come to the concolusion that,As long as NASCAR's Top People,(The France family and major stock-holder's) Are satisfied with the way the Bussiness is opperating and continues to bring in the revenue for them, It will never change.....Track and Team Owner's have little, to no say over any of NASCAR'S Decision's or changes......And neither does You or Me......... MOE.
  4. 1970 Ford Galaxie 500

    Great job....Eric......Your '70 Galaxie 500 Color's look just right for that Era......And the solid white letter Tires and stock rim's with the "Dog bowl" hubcap's.....Remember them well, I do.......Your interior is done nicely for the time period as well....... .CovairJim.....Rob is right,,,,It is indeed a Galaxie and not a Custom 500....My mother owned a 4-door '70 Custom 500....Was the car I learned to drive in and was the car I used to get my Driver's License with......Was Medium Green with a Green Vinyl Top....With a two tone green interior...The little 302 it had under the hood would do the 120 on the speedometer,,If'n the stretch of road was long enough...... MOE.