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  1. Excellent. Pls see the private message I sent so we can talk.
  2. Great to see you here my friend. Trying to PM you.
  3. That’s right haha. I’ve seen a few Jans in pans. I think his will be a tad different.
  4. It is. A friend of mine was contemplating doing a scratch build of it so I was consulting.
  5. Very nice! They’re a lot of fun. I recommend doing them all...at least the Frank, Drac and Mummy. Really fun builds.
  6. Almost done. Will add a spent rattle can and staples on his wounds, some weathering.
  7. Used a Monogram Luminators Frankenstein Kit for this one. At first I had imagined doing it in the same solid colors as those on the cereal box, including the base and tombstone. I planned to have him holding an open cereal box, but since I went in this darker direction with him I will just have one lying around crushed somewhere. Anyway here are some shots of the clay work, painting and placement of parts.
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