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  1. Thanks very much, Mr Metallic. It’s not anywhere near the skill level I’ve seen on here, but a lot of fun and I get a little better each time.
  2. Finished this one, trying to figure out how to move it to the Under Glass section. Not perfect, but I learned a lot.
  3. ‘55 Ford Customline stock version

    I since found this very listing. That’s the route I’m going. Thanks!
  4. Well this is a real head scratcher. No plastic kits made, resin bodies available. I thought about taking this kit and “fixing” it by un-chopping the top, making the trunk normal with no spoiler, fixing the rear wheel openings, etc...then I realized this kit is a Crown Vic drag version. I’m thinking to try it anyway and change the slanted pillar and all. Any other ideas?
  5. It really is a challenge. I have a lot to do yet and haven’t worked on it in a while due to illness. I’m going to post some pics soon if my putty work.
  6. Thanks but I absolutely hate Facebook. I tried trading and selling in some of those groups too, and got hacked three times in one week. Never again. But I appreciate the thought!
  7. Wow that’s a great job! Looks like it came that way. This one won’t look as good since I had to make that top and windows, but I’ll learn a lot in the process. Thanks for sending!
  8. I would be interested in some opinions on the best putty to use. I’ve tried regular old Testors, green stuff, and even Bondo.
  9. I did some filling and sanding. It’s going to take a LOT of that. You can still see the lines aren’t spot on yet, because I have to do it in short sessions due to my hands. I think once it all lines up and gets new door lines carved in and sanded, door handles, hinges, etc., it should be ok. Ways to go yet...
  10. Doors fitted. Lots of sanding and trimming to do. It’s not easy. The hardtop is not fitting well, but I think with some putty it will be ok. Was going flat black for the top, but will try and make it as close to this one as possible. My friend is trying to win one like this for her business, so I figured I’d make her this one ha!
  11. Doors fitted. Lots of sanding and trimming to do.
  12. Some additional progress. The chassis has been done in flat black and will get some gray dry brushing for highlights. I’m on the fence if I want to make this one dusty and slightly muddy...will have to ask the new owner. The scratch build is a challenge. I’m going to have to start making actual measurements instead of eye balling and trimming, but what you see here is going to be puttied over and sanded, and I’ve used some very thin sheet styrene for new doors. I’ll make hatches and door handles the same way.
  13. Gman, thanks so much for all the info and resources. This is a one off for me, as I like to do them for friends. I either do their first cars or favorite cars, and this one she wants the new 2018 four door. I don’t know a thing about jeeps. I figured I’d cut up and amend this one into something she’d like. I hope it turns out ok. I’m still learning but I love to scratch build or customize builds. Thanks again!