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  1. I thought I did. Epic fail, but thanks for posting the Merc Woody!
  2. We'll try Thommys trick... <a href='https://public.fotki.com/DonaldAnthonyBanes/dons_model_cars/20160513-163913.html'><img src='http://media.fotki.com/1_p,rtdtwdkqffkktfdxtwdwqqkbbwgs,vi/brqggwgwsxbsbfrdbrrxbrwbqgtbb/7/730953/2641453/20160513_163913-vi.jpg' style='border: 1px solid black;'></a><br><a href='https://www.fotki.com' style='font-size:12px; font-family:Verdana; text-decoration:none;'>Hosted on Fotki</a>
  3. The first time I tried it (from Fotki), it was fine. No go since then. Any advice is welcome, and thanks!
  4. Thanks Bernard! I'm just"getting my groove" with building. Each one gets better.
  5. I didn't, but fear not! I'll get around to the new airbrush soon enough.
  6. Thanks! The decals came from Revell's '41 Chevy pickup, and rims came from their Ford dually kit. Tires are from their current Bronco kit (along with the seats).
  7. A recent finish, and one that I've thought about building for years! More to come later.
  8. Back to Lego blocks for me! Your Deuce is just stellar!
  9. Ahem! Worthy we're NOT! Just outstanding! I may go back to building things with pop-sickle sticks.
  10. Like Brett said! I was counting on a 4-71, and that was the original plan for the kit. Things get changed during kit development.
  11. Any recent update on your fantastical garage diorama?
  12. I'd own the Speedwagon 1:1. It's different, although I'd be tempted to do a mild makeover of the car.
  13. eBay find. AMT 1959 El Camino from the seventies "Street Rod" series. From the original owner, or so he said.
  14. Howsabout this 'un? I'm a sucker for earlier issues, and I have more than a few. http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NzYwWDEwMjQ=/z/HQ4AAOSwKrhVX3Ka/$_57.JPG
  15. Emmmm. This is mine, in this particular issue (the first). I can't help myself! http://www.westburymotorsports.com/Revell/1932FordHiBoyStRodRoadsterModel;Kit.jpg
  16. I might just buy one for grins, and fiddle around with it a little.
  17. I'd guess nowhere near 90 PSI. You'd need to adapt a regulator to that reusable can in an effort reduce the PSI to about 20-30.
  18. The description from Amazon: Multipurpose reusable refillable aerosol spray bottle can spray water, thin oils, household cleaners, penetrants, solvents, etc. • Air pressure up to 90psi using air compressor or bicycle tire pump through the built-in air inlet valve stem. • 16 fluid oz bottle can hold up to 8 fluid oz Maximum liquid contents for spraying. • 3 spray tips sizes, 4 extension tubes, 2 replacement valve cores and O-rings included • NOT for use as a pressurized air duster or with paints/primers. Note that it's not intended for use with paints.
  19. Sometimes, an ongoing thread on this forum can turn into... http://brotherpeacemaker.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/cains-train-wreck.jpg
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