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  1. I shouldn't have said "rumor". Tower Hobbies had bad information, but I can say for a fact that "limited supply" isn't entirely accurate either.
  2. No. The Del Rio ('57) wagon. Rumors had it discontinued, which isn't true.
  3. Not true. Tower Hobbies lists it as discontinued, but that's a miscommunication between the parties involved. I say again, NOT TRUE!
  4. My '32 Victoria. I'll find better images of the entire car later.
  5. That is a HOOT! Great idea, and well done!
  6. Micro-Scale sells a small bottle of foil adhesive for about $4.00. Sounds a little expensive, but a bottle will last a very long time. It's great for affixing PE. Micro Metal Foil Adhesive is what to look for.
  7. I'm guessing that Revell is looking at ways to get more mileage out of the Rat Roaster '32 with a revamp.
  8. Time out for a public service announcement! The Del Rio's are arriving in distribution now. Should be in your LHS shortly.
  9. The L99 engine in Revell's (full glue) 2010 Camaro kit should fit. All the engine frontal junk might have to be modified.
  10. I'm old enough to remember when a radio was a big deal in a car, and having a clock in the dash was a bigger deal. Real "uptown".
  11. That's actually Brett above. Made me laugh out loud!
  12. New Release schedule from Revell! The '29 roadster appears for August! Woo-hoo! June Revell new release schedule 6_25_15.pdf
  13. Stevens has it listed on their site, with a $6.50 MSRP (for all sizes). TAM- 87177 Masking Tape for Curves 2mm TAM- 87178 Masking Tape for Curves 3mm TAM- 87179 Masking Tape for Curves 5mm
  14. Very, very nice build! I look forward to seeing your touring car project.
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