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  1. Bringing this thread back to the top. The Revell roadster looks to be good for an August release. A little birdie told me so.
  2. A Ranchero would be a welcome and likely variant, but I'm guessing Revell will wait and see how the Del Rio sells over the long term.
  3. No promises, but I'll try to scan the decals tonight and post them.
  4. What mrm said. I've used R/C paints on models, and it's fine providing you do some prep work first.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aluminum_Model_Toys For those interested in the AMT story...
  6. From Wikipedia (in part)... Though simply cast, promotional models were exquisitely detailed and proportioned, and by 1960, AMT became the main supplier of the pre-assembled model to American car companies. AMT worked most closely with Ford Motor Company and General Motors Corporation, but promo contracts among the model manufacturers seemed to alternate year to year (See Doty 2009a for a nice history of AMT's Ford Galaxie). Shapes of the vehicles were near perfect, though in the 1950s, cellulose acetate, the plastic of choice, was prone to serious warping. In 1960, AMT and some other manufacturers switched to styrene (the brand name being Cycolac) and by 1964, all of the major model car manufacturers had changed over to the new plastic. This solved the problem and styrene models 50 years later still maintain their form. 1961 was a key year for the switchover. For example some early 1961 Mercury Monterey two door promos were done in acetate while most for that year were done in the new non-warping Cycolac
  7. Like Art said. Back in the seventies, there was a period of time when AMT used "re-grind" styrene in their kit manufacturing process, and the plastic quality was nominal at best.
  8. I bought the short bed with a VERY nice six-banger. I have plans...
  9. I picked up a Del Rio last week at my LHS. The rear bumper minus any kind of bumper guard is a wee bit peculiar, but I have a plan to remedy that. On the whole, the kit is a home run, and I'm betting Revell will sell bunches!
  10. Like AGG and John B. said. I know it when I see it, but probably can't describe it accurately.
  11. Heads up all! The Del Rio is starting to arrive in hobby shops that belong to Revell's Preferred Partner Program (RPP).
  12. I've seen earlier test shots in person, and all I can say is that the tooling and detail engraving is top notch! This kit will ROCK!
  13. It's expected in distribution any day.
  14. The Del Rio is in country and likely shipping to Revell's PP (Preferred Partners) stores soon. Very soon.
  15. I rattle can or airbrush most everything. The airbrush is a bit of a pain to clean, but I've gotten used to it over time, and I prefer the control I have using an airbrush.
  16. Wow! I remember that kit, and it wasn't very good. You've buffed up a turd, and it looks fantastic!
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