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  1. Glencoe Models

    Cool old models ! I'd be interested in a couple but I went thru every link on every page of the website and there's no place to order anything .
  2. Revell Porsche Diesel Farm Tractor

    That looks really nice Ray ! Not into tractors either but I like it and I may just get one myself .
  3. 1953 Hudson Hornet

    Oooooo that's a nice color , beautiful !
  4. '71 Duster 340

    Nice one John ! Gotta love those pre-painted kits !
  5. SHORTSTER: custom 57 Chrysler roadster

    Very very cool , and great execution ! I tried this very thing a few years ago but it never looked right , yours does !
  6. 71 Cuda

    Looks great Ken ! This kit was always a bear to make look right , you got it right !
  7. "DIGGER"

    Thanks guys ! Like I said this was my first Weird-Oh since '63 , I might have to try another !
  8. "DIGGER"

    Thanks very much guys !
  9. "DIGGER"

    Thanks and I understand completely . While I do like building Toon models I've stayed away from the Weird-ohs , they just seem to be poorly done from the get go , in fact the last time I built one was 56 years ago ! It takes a bunch of plastic surgery to make one look decent but it's worth the effort , I hope you give Freddy a shot some time .
  10. "DIGGER"

    Thanks guys !
  11. '56 Chevy

    Looks darned good to me , beautifully done !
  12. "DIGGER"

    Thanks much Ray and Jim !
  13. "DIGGER"

    A little fun building this for the "Ed Roth - Rat Fink - Weird-Ohs Reunion Contest" . It's built to appear box stock but the only parts not modified or replaced are his hands , the steering wheel , and his helmet . I started by redoing the eyes , moving them closer together and adding a more pronounced brow line . His body was narrowed about 1/2 inch and the arms were molded into the body , then a racing suit was simulated by adding the velcro collar and appropriate stitching with paint . It's finished by modifying his parachute to replicate a WWII pack and harness , along with a release lever . Digger's hot rod was also narrowed , reshaped , and a new cowl/firewall added so it looks like a T-Bucket . The frame is drilled and new front suspension added along with wheels/tires from Acme Diecast . Rear tires are modified Gridiron Grabber parts and the rear wheels from Forward Resin were modified to fit . The engine is from an Eye Gone Wild kit as are the modified headers . Mounting brackets were added to the Moon tank and a "Flying Eyeball" was added to the shifter . Finally the tire smoke and flames were made from sheet plastic and I printed my own decals .
  14. 1962 Studebaker Lark Regal hardtop

    Looks right to me , very nicely done SFD !
  15. 1963 Plymouth Fury (Jo Han)

    Great looking survivor in a classic color !