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  1. Thanks very much Bob ! Thanks ! I haven't looked lately but I'm sure the prices are getting way up there . If you have a Tweedy Pie it's the same kit except for the wheels & tires , and I have a complete original decal sheet it you're interested . Yeah it definitely has the 70's look !
  2. Thanks John ! Can't believe you remember , it was at least 10 years ago ! Thanks much Joe ! Thanks you Mario ! The kit comes with steerable fronts .
  3. Beautiful Impala , the paint and detailing are superb ! Gotta love a 348 Tri-Power !
  4. Best version of that kit I've seen yet , great job !! They may be Sox & Martin colors but they sure look good on that Chevy II .
  5. Beautiful Shelby , the paint and detailing look excellent ! Well done Harry ! Just my opinion so don't take offense . . . it needs more rubber , those skinny tires just don't fill up the openings enough . Still it looks great and I'd be proud to have it on my shelf !
  6. This is an older build that I took new photos of for another site , I built it 10-11 years ago when I just got back into the hobby . This was probably my first attempt at running brake and fuel lines on a chassis . I also added a MAD distributor , brass screen to the radiator shell , some gauges , and replaced the kits rear tires with some from my parts box . Nice little kit , it's a 70's version of the Tweedy Pie with all of the fiddly little parts .
  7. Thanks Phillip ! They're a good distraction from from the more serious stuff . Thanks much ray ! Thanks Neal !
  8. Thanks Rick ! They're 2 piece plastic so I sanded the heck out of the . Thanks Joe ! Thanks Tony ! The AMT VW body is a bit larger and better detailed than the Zinger body .
  9. Sharp looking eliminator and in the perfect color ! Great photos too !
  10. Well done Andy ! That color looks great and I really like those headlights !
  11. I wanted to build something quick and easy so I dug thru my parts and came up with this . It's my home built Zinger using a body and front wheels/tires from an AMT 1/43rd scale VW , engine from MPC Popcorn Wagon , headers from Revell Anglia , rear wheels/tires/axle and misc pieces from my Zinger parts box . These are the same parts Dennis Johnson used to build his very first Zinger back in 1970 except he used the rear wheels/tires from an MPC Olsonite Eagle , I had those but decided not to break up a complete kit . It was fun but not so quick , ended up taking almost four weeks to finish ! .
  12. Ooo there he is again . . . well done Bob ! I'm going to get some Vallejo paints and give them a try .
  13. Wow that's nice ! That color is beautiful on this one , one of the nicest 58's I've ever seen !
  14. TooOld

    MPC 1940 Ford

    Well done Pat , I love these snap kits !
  15. That's super nice ! Don't think I've ever seen this kit built , I like it especially with the white walls and that Gunmetal paint . Great job Bob !
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