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  1. You'll probably have more luck asking over on CC2 , here's a link : https://coffincorner.proboards.com/ Scroll down to "Wanted Kits / Parts" .
  2. Website says they're not shipping parts to the US at this time . Guess I'm out of luck .
  3. This is a cool looking aircraft ! Love the vintage PanAm livery .
  4. Thanks david ! Thanks David ! Get it out and take some pics . Thanks very much Anton !
  5. Thanks Carl ! Thanks Bucky ! Thanks Much Jim ! Like a lot of colors this one really looks better in person .
  6. Another busy week but I actually accomplished quite a bit . Monday I detailed the bumpers and grille with some black paint , a black wash , and finished the headlight buckets with some Molotow chrome . Tuesday I finished going over the body and sprayed two coats of white primer . Wednesday morning I sprayed two coats of Vermillion Red and Thursday morning it got one coat of clear . .
  7. I checked my records and this is where I bought mine . https://www.mydogtag.com/military?msclkid=ea67565bb3fe172761873718d94c577b&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Search - USA TP - Military&utm_term=military dog tags&utm_content=Military Dog Tags https://www.mydogtag.com/military/vietnam/1969-1974-air-force
  8. Looking forward to this one Curtis ! I picked up a mint kit last year and plan on building it in Meadowlark Yellow . Also have a resin hardtop that will be Lime Gold , great color !
  9. Do an online search , there are several places that make replacement tags . I was in the USAF during same time period and found the correct "stamped" replacements . Be sure to read the fine print , some only make the newer "embossed" dog tags . And no I don't remember where I bought mine .
  10. Haven't checked in for a while and you're doing an excellent job ! Your top turned out great and in my opinion the wire wheels really look perfect , always like the Hillbillies wheels and tires .
  11. Beeeeautiful Caddy ! The '61 and also the '62 were so much better looking than the '59 .
  12. I only have an hour every morning to work on this so this is another small update . To fill the sink mark on the trunk I used Evercoat Polyester Putty . People complain that it goes bad to quickly but I've been using it since the early 80's and have never had any problems with it . If you mix the contents of the can thoroughly every time you use it , and keep the lid clean so it will seal properly , it will last for several years . Eventually after many years it will be unusable but I've had this can going on five years and it's still good ! Last night after sanding the area with 400 grit I taped off a small area to spray with primer . This morning I taped a slightly smaller area for the putty . Never try to mix a tiny amount , it will never work ! You need to mix about a spoonful with a dab of hardener to get it right . It's ready to sand in about 15 minutes . I sand it to shape with 220 grit using a craft stick as a sanding block , then finish it with some 400 grit . I need to check the entire body again for anything that needs fixing then tomorrow I can prime it and hopefully get some color on it Sunday .
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