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  1. Beautiful Mustang Ray ! Great color and it looks better without the Boss decals .
  2. Well done Randy ! Great looking Dart in black and those wheels/tires look awesome !
  3. Well done John ! Love the colors and those wheels look perfect on it !
  4. Thanks David ! Yes the lamps are on the small side but they do stand out if you look at photos , like you said they are easy to make .
  5. I like the "shorty" van idea , I did the same thing to one of these as a kid ! I'd leave the rear doors , it gets hot in those vans when parked .
  6. Thanks everyone for the comments ! As for casting . . . I don't think so . With the way people nit pick bodies to death it's not even close to being good enough . UPDATE . I've finished the B-Pillar trim and added the drip rails , a small Ranchero emblem will be added later with a decal . Also added the gas cap and side marker lamps , and wheel opening molding . The wheel center "GT" emblems are also decals , the wheels will get painted a light Argent color . I spent a lot of time trying to get the bumper shape right , finally deciding to quit while I was ahead . It still needs license plate lamps added but I think it will look okay once it's finished and chromed . I also tried printing decals for the taillight lenses , much easier than painting them ! That's all for now , comments and suggestions are always welcome !
  7. It's hard to say anything that hasn't already been said , absolutely gorgeous ! I do have one obvious question that hasn't been asked yet . . . what scale is it ?
  8. Great looking Manx Bill ! I don't have any problem with the chrome engine , it looks good like that . And that color is really nice , what is it ?
  9. Great photos of some great looking cars ! I'm really impressed that the owners allowed all those vinyl stickers to be applied to their cars , I like that !
  10. Great stuff Steve and some excellent paint work ! I'd really love to see a full pic of your tribute display . You should check out the forum linked in my signature , lot's of Ed Roth and Weird-Oh builds there .
  11. Still not getting a lot of bench time but I managed to get the shape of the tailgate blended into the taillight areas and scribed the tailgate opening . The taillights were made with Evergreen strip , it's hard to see but there's clear lenses in them that will be painted later . I worked on the bumper so that it fits properly but it still needs some work before it can be chromed . As for the F-O-R-D letters on the tailgate they'll come from the ModelCarGarage PE set for the Moebius pickups . After finishing the bumper I still need to add the side marker lamps and gas cap , then add the B-pillar molding and drip rails to the side windows . Hopefully it won't take another two weeks to get that done .
  12. TooOld


    It was worth all of the extra effort , it looks awesome ! Personally I don't read those 1000 word essays describing what was done to a model (sorry guys) so the extra photos are much appreciated , they do show the work you've done much better . And your decals look great too !
  13. Nice one Ray ! I've always liked this kit but they really missed the boat with those decals .
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