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  1. Spent most of the summer working on this one . I started with a busted up resin Elvira figure , an old Monogram Thunderbird body and parts , and used an engine - wheels & tires from my diecast parts box . Entered and won 1st Place in the Halloween model contest .
  2. I like it , nice work Alan ! It's great to finally see some Jawbreakers !
  3. Thanks ! Thanks Alan ! I just ordered one of the reissues too !
  4. Agreed ! That's the way they were meant to be built and your's is a great example , very nice !
  5. Cool little dragster ! And yes I remember these from the late 60's , seems I even saw some with small block Chevys .
  6. Thanks much Ray ! Thanks Larry ! Thanks Andy ! The new reissue is out now .
  7. Thanks much Snake ! Other than building it out of the box there's not a whole lot that can be done to it . To fix everything that's wrong with it you need to box it up and start over with different parts , like I did with my Eliminator II build .
  8. I sold one of these kits 5-6 years ago and regretted it ever since , so a couple of years ago I started searching and ended up with two of them ! I built all of these AMT Funny Car kits back in the late 60's and as a kid I thought they were great , so this is definitely a "Nostalgia" build . Even with the recent reissue there's something about building 50 year old plastic . Built right out of the box (including the plastic tires) except for a MAD distributor and some decals I still think it's a cool looking kit . And I had fun building it , brought back lots of memories ! Here's what I started with . I bought the Dyno Don decals on ebay a few months ago but decided not to build another Eliminator II . Paint is Model Master Hugger Orange Lacquer and the glass was tinted with Tamiya Clear Orange . Here's the finished engine and chassis .
  9. Holy Moly there's a lot of info there ! Go back to the Main Page and you could spend days ! http://oldcarandtruckpictures.com/
  10. I like it too , it's a great looking kit ! Always wondered why more aren't built .
  11. Dang that's nice ! Outstanding job !
  12. Very well done and nicely detailed , great job painting the black hood and lower side accents !
  13. Always a challenge stepping out of one's comfort zone but it looks like you're getting the hang of it , excellent job ! And BMF does takes some practice but it's worth it !
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