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  1. Thanks ! Thanks and same here ! Thanks very much Bill !
  2. TooOld

    1955 Chrysler 300

    Beautiful Chrysler 300 Alan ! Nice detailing and that paint is gorgeous !
  3. Beautiful '57 Jim , really love that Root Beer paint !
  4. Thanks Rusty ! Actually this is the one and only '32 on my shelf . Thanks Larry ! I bought several of the early AMT kits many years ago just for the box art and never built any of them , maybe I'll build a couple more .
  5. Vey very cool !! I'll take a Pepsi !
  6. Looks good to me too ! Like the color combo and those wheels and the cowl induction hood really work on a '55 !
  7. I was looking for something quick and easy so I grabbed this out of my stash , mainly because I love the Box Art ! Fourteen days start to finish which is great for me since I only get an hour or so at my bench every day .It's built right out of the box except for lowering the front and adding a distributor and coil . The chassis is just one piece with only a front axle and wishbone being separate parts , so I did a little creative painting to pick out some of the details . The only issues I found with the kit are the fit of the windshield frame and the taillights seem way too big to my eyes . . . I almost left them off ."Snake Eyes" is painted Tamiya Metallic Red topped with Clear Red to tone down the metallic . I finished it off with a 1966 Florida plate , which is the year this kit was released .
  8. Where can the rest of us get a set of these ?
  9. I found these by "Stain" not "Macstain" on Shapeways but they don't look like W11 hubcaps . https://www.shapeways.com/product/RRD9CPKV6/25-scale-1971-plymouth-valiant-hubcaps?optionId=194215721&li=marketplace
  10. Really interested in the Cougar , it looks beautiful ! Will the caster be announcing here ? I don't do Facebook .
  11. Nice one ! That Royal Plum with red interior and Redlines looks great !
  12. Thanks guys ! The older kits can be fun if you ignore the inaccuracies and just build'em .
  13. Thanks very much guys !
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