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  1. Snake , don't know if you remember my Eliminator II build from last year . I used a stock Cyclone body on the MPC Cougar F/C chassis and merely moved the entire rear suspension/axle rearward to line up with the body . Very easy and no mods were required . But the MPC chassis is a Stage I and I believe the Polar Lights is the correct Stage II chassis .
  2. I was going to pick the 2C or the Dino coupe as my favorites but to be honest I really like them all ! I wouldn't mind seeing some individual photos of these posted . Still kicking myself for selling all of my slot cars a few years ago .
  3. Place the yellowed plastic in a clear glass jar full of Hydrogen Peroxide and set it in the sun , a few hours later the yellowing will be gone . The HO slot car guys restore their old Aurora bodies and windows this way . . . I've tried this and it DOES work .
  4. TooOld

    '70 Buick GSX

    Beautifully done ! I had a couple cars set up just like this back the then , love the look !
  5. Now that's a real beauty ! Always like this body style . Great job !
  6. TooOld


    I see nothing wrong with it and I love the color ! Great job Bill !
  7. Beautifully done Roger ! The conversion to a wagon looks like it came out of the box that way !
  8. TooOld

    64 Park Lane

    Nice custom ! Beautifully done !
  9. Great looking Ramchargers' cars ! Never tire of seeing these beautiful race cars .
  10. That's maybe the nicest one I've seen posted , congrats on a really great looking roadster ! Just proves that a cleanly built box stock can look as good or even better than the super detailed builds .
  11. Here's the Under Glass thread .
  12. Beautiful paint and detailing ! Very nice work and I agree the wheels look perfect on it !
  13. That's a really sharp looking GT in a great color ! Nice work !
  14. Sharp color Dan ! Looking forward to seeing what you do with this as I just started rebuilding/restoring an old '62 Buick Special Wagon promo .
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