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  1. That looks super nice , excellent work John !
  2. Beautifully done ! Love this look with the wheel and tire swap .
  3. Great variety of subjects ! Love the Honda Monkey and BD-5 , and can't wait to see the Lola finished !
  4. Thomas I love them all , great classics each one of them !
  5. TooOld

    2020 Builds

    Great variety of subjects and excellent work on them all ! Looking forward to more in 2021 .
  6. It's the FIRST and it looks GREAT !
  7. That's purty ! Always liked the lines of those GP's .
  8. Great Mustangs Snake ! Looks like you had a pretty good year !
  9. Very nice ! I've played a little with Paint and other than included shapes all of the lines are done freehand , not an easy thing to do . Again you've obviously had a lot of practice . I've been using Paint.net for many years now for most of my stuff and I have Corel Draw when I need to do artwork for decals . Paint.net is FREE and is like MS Paint on Steroids ! You might try it , once you get used to the features it's amazing what can be done with it . They also have a forum for help and to add all kinds of fancy stuff to it . Below is a link . https://www.getpaint.net/index.html
  10. Pretty cool that you've built model of your own cars , they look awesome !
  11. TooOld

    My eight for 2020

    Great looking collection Tim ! I'm old school and really like how clean and nice this Black Widow is .
  12. TooOld

    My Class Of 2020

    Thanks much guys and thank you Alan ! The Banditos were fun , I hadn't built a TD kit in a very long time . And the Fairlane has been on my to do list for years , my brother-in-law had a black one and I loved it !
  13. There have been 204 views and I guarantee that not a single person has ever attempted to draw anything with MS Paint , if they had they would know how impossible it is to draw anything ! You obviously have been practicing and have learned a few tricks , I mean how can you do that without layers ? It's not like photoshop or other programs that give you picture perfect results . Your T-Bucket is very impressive considering it was done in Paint . Keep drawing and post more !
  14. Alan you had an amazing year at your bench ! All beautiful quality builds !
  15. TooOld

    2020 Harvest

    Beautifully done ! Love the GT40's but that Mirage is really sweet !
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