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  1. The Mecum Auctions at Kissimee Florida January 2-12 , the Bulitt Mustang is Lot #F150 and goes across the stage on Friday Jan 10th . It's expected to set a new record of over 5 million dollars . I'm an hour away and have hotel reservations for the 9th and 10th , maybe I'll be lucky and get close enough to see it in person ! https://www.mecum.com/lots/FL0120-397388/1968-ford-mustang-gt-bullitt/ https://cdn1.mecum.com/assets/docs/FL20_Bullitt/index.html
  2. Turned out really sharp , great job Roger ! I'm working on the same thing right now and am having the same issue with the ride height , hoping to find a fix . Also like how you handled the trim on top of the front fenders . Again , great job !
  3. Congrats on a great looking '68 Roadster , with and without the top ! That craft paint looks very very good !
  4. TooOld

    41 Willys!

    Good to see a Willys built as a street rod for a change , nicely done !
  5. TooOld

    1950's '32 ROD

    Chopped and channeled , a period perfect Hot Rod ! Great job !
  6. Looks really good to me too , your whitewalls turned out very nice ! Great color too ! I paint outside all of the time with no issues , I think the paint booth fan sucks in dust especially if you're painting in the garage .
  7. Love the Mica Red with the Gold and matching the spears to the top was a great idea ! Also I checked out your build thread and the interior also came out great , nise work !
  8. Congrats on the paint job ! Sharp looking Chevelle !
  9. WOWZERS ! That first pic really jumped right out at me , fantastic job !
  10. Great job , I love Torino Cobra Jets !
  11. Love all of the extra details that you're adding to this ! It's giving me some ideas for a new project I just started .
  12. It was delivered yesterday (11-21-19) on the Sun Coast of Florida !
  13. Really sharp Chevelle , nice job !
  14. That's a great looking color ! Beautiful Cyclone , well done !
  15. Thanks ! Thanks much Carl !
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