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  1. No but Hasegawa has , unfortunately most stores are out of stock (no surprise) . There are a few Japan vendors on Ebay that still have it but be prepared for some sticker shock . Hasegawa TF1 Mirror Finish :
  2. Beautiful Falcon and very nicely executed , the rear openings look great ! What color is that ?
  3. Thanks Larry and Peter ! I don't have Photoshop , I used a free program called Paint.Net . I'm sure it's no where near as good as Photoshop but with some practice you can do quite a lot with it . Below the original photo is on the left and with my Shuttle is on the right . Besides replacing the Shuttle I also changed the sky and widened the photo to use it as a desktop background , maybe about 30 minutes work total .
  4. Thanks Tony ! Since I've got my camera figured out I'm starting to enjoy taking pictures more . Here's a little fun with an editing program .
  5. Great color and good masking job for the windows ! Glad I came across your build as I have the same project up next on my bench .
  6. Beautifully done Lee , nothing prettier than a classic old Chevy !
  7. Great colors and it looks like you managed the BMF just fine , well done !
  8. Don't see many in white , it looks great !
  9. Thanks David ! Thanks Bart ! The pre-colored parts are definitely an improvement , hopefully they do a bunch more .
  10. Thanks Perry ! You're right , I did an F-18 and a Corsair a few years ago and they seemed kind of plain so I never bought another until I saw this one .
  11. I started this the day after Christmas and over the next ten days it took about 14 hours to finish . I built a couple of their planes a few years ago but they were nothing like this , they only had a dozen or so parts . This kit had 80 pieces ! As stated in other threads the instructions were a challenge and shaping the curved parts takes lots of patience , but it was worth the effort and very satisfying to eventually finish the model . I think everybody should try at least one of the Metal Earth kits , you might enjoy it ! I take lots of photos , hope you like it . I experimented with different ways to take the photos and ended up putting the model on a raised platform in front of a blue background .
  12. You did a great job Bart , that looks excellent ! I like the display you made with the track and bed to go with it . I just finished a Metal Earth kit and they can be quite a challenge , like you said it takes some patience and a few tools but the effort is well worth it .
  13. I really like that , very cool !
  14. Great conversion and painted in the correct colors too ! It always bugs me when a TV show or movie has FHP cars painted black and white , or even blue !
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