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  1. COOL !! Great colors and love the license plate !
  2. Looks cool to me , the way it was meant to be built ! Much cleaner with no scoop and those wheels & tires are perfect for it!
  3. TooOld

    Surf Woody

    A very fiddly and difficult kit to get right . . . Excellent job on both of them , glad you stuck to it and finished them ! I built one way back in the early 70's and it didn't go well . . . still have a couple "Surf Rod" versions that I may try one day .
  4. Started working on the rear window opening last night , the Ranchero is larger than the El Camino . The left half has been enlarged using a small file . After some more work here's the result . Another advantage is this also moves the window out so it's closer to flush with the body . I've also removed the front wall of the bed so it can be replaced . For the front wall I made a buck and used a Vac-U-Form to make the new one . New front wall temporarily in place , I also made a pattern for the window . The opening needs to be a bit larger and the window isn't as flush as it should be . Doing any more work is going to be tricky since there's not a lot of strength left in the window area , and removing the bed side walls will make everything pretty flimsy . Before proceeding any further it's time to glue the body together . As soon as that sets up completely I can continue . Thanks for looking !
  5. Absolutely , after sleeping on it I'm going with them !
  6. Thanks for the offer Bill , I appreciate it but I've got it covered !
  7. Thanks for those pics Robert , those are really nice looking wheels too ! The trim ring is definitely thicker but not objectionable like AMT Torino wheels . Since I have the Cougar wheels I'm going to use them and make some GT decals for them .
  8. Thanks guys , should be able to get some more work done this weekend ! In the meantime I received the AMT Mustang Mach I kit yesterday and the wheels do look very nice . Here's a comparison to the AMT Cougar wheels . The Cougar wheels look more correct to me so I'm still undecided which ones to use . Here's pics of the Ranchero GT wheel .
  9. Wow that longnose looks pristine ! Your work on the Gasser is looking great , I really like the torsion spring front !
  10. Thanks Anton ! I did the front by making my own grille , modifying the bumper and using headlights from a '77 Monte Carlo . Thanks Mike ! It's neither , I modified an MPC Stock Car kit .
  11. Here's a few from several years ago . First a '60 El Camino that combined a Revell Impala with an AMT '59 El Camino . Next a '76 El Camino combining an MPC Stock Car with an AMT '68 El Camino . And this a Motor City Resins "72 Ranchero . Last one is my current project , a '69 Ranchero GT .
  12. Sharp looking promo Rex , it looks just right !
  13. Beautifully done , all of your hard work definitely paid off !
  14. Oooo that's nice , and love that Italian Red ! Personally I think it looks much cleaner without the extra stripes , and your trim work is excellent as always !
  15. That's pretty , and in the perfect colors for a '64 ! Great job !
  16. Thanks Curtis ! That's really good to hear , thanks much Patrick !
  17. Really sharp looking in those colors , great job ! I think the engine looks perfect like you have it and I can relate to getting burned out and just wanting to finish it !
  18. Sharp looking display and great paint jobs on both ! Very cool tribute to Roth , nicely done !
  19. Thanks Ray ! While I'm an El Camino guy I've also owned a couple Rancheros over the years and also love the body styles . Thanks much David ! Still need to modify the bed but I got lucky with the tailgate and was able to get it on the first try . As for paint . . . I have a couple cans of Phoenician Yellow but will save them for future builds so I've ordered a can of Meadowlark Yellow from Automotive Touchup . I've used their paints before and had great luck with them .
  20. Forty years ago in 1982 my late Brother-in-Law and I started a three year full restoration of his '69 Ranchero GT , it had a 390 Automatic and was painted Meadowlark Yellow with a black interior . I don't have any photos of the finished restoration but I found this one on the web that's exactly like his . I've had this idea in my head for a long time and finally decided to give it a shot so a couple of weeks ago I gathered some parts and got started . So far it's just been cutting and fitting plastic to get the correct shape , still quite a bit of body work needed but it's getting there . The body and chassis are from an AMT '69 Torino kit and they have been shortened a scale 3" to a 113" WB . The bed and rear window are from a Revell '66 El Camino and have been narrowed slightly to fit . The bed rail trim is the correct shape but the bed itself along with the 'B" pillar and window will need some work . In the rear I need to work on the transition from the tailgate to the taillights and finish modifying the bumper . Those taillights were done on my printer and are for the mock-up only , I'll cast some finished ones later . Not sure where the GT grille came from , I've had it for a looong time . The wheels in the AMT Torino kit aren't the greatest so I have these '69 Cougar wheels as a possibility . I've got an AMT '69 Mach I on order and the wheels in that kit have the GT emblem molded in so if they're as nice as the Cougar wheels I'll be using them , if not I'll print decals for the Cougar wheels . That's all for now , still lots of work to do but I'm hoping to start the body work next week .
  21. Nice work on the mods to add the Quick Change rear , this will look killer when finished ! I always planned on doing a yellow Little Deuce too but that was years ago when I did my "little " builds , got side tracked and just never got back to them . Really happy to see you doing one !
  22. Ordered on the 11th and received today the 13th ! On the right is my old sheet next to the new sheet I just received , I didn't dig out my micrometers to measure the thickness but using calipers they both are approx .001" thick . I cut a small corner off the new sheet to measure the thickness and to test applying it to a part , the adhesive is good (not too much) and it sticks just fine . It has a smooth finish and looks just like the original stuff . . . I think we have a winner ! Hopefully Steve's results will confirm this .
  23. Sorry to hear you may give up on making masters , I do understand but as good as printed bodies are they're not perfect and need some prep work . . . we still need great resin bodies like yours . As for the 72 Montego GT , put me on the list !!
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