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  1. I was stationed on Okinawa 1975-78 and remember seeing several RHD T/A's there , all 77's or 78's . Maybe it was a conversion done in Japan ? These and a few Cadillac's were about the only "new" American cars I saw on Okinawa .
  2. Well done Rex , you built it just the way it should be done and the way I remember ! I built one when they first came out (not a complete disaster) and have one stashed that I may try again soon .
  3. I was just about to reply to your WIP thread and thought I'd look here first . . . There's not too many if any kits that can be painted and built in 3-4 hours and look this nice , just think if somebody spent serious time and really detailed one of these !?! Well done Ray and if it ends up in pieces I'm sure it was worth the fun !
  4. Not much to these but they're great little kits and look very good when finished . It's gonna look great in purple , sure your grandson will love it !
  5. Great paint , the red and white really looks sharp !
  6. Super nice work Bill ! I know that you're not offering anything for sale but man o man that's a nice looking GTCS ! And those wheels are without a doubt the nicest anywhere . . . why the heck can't kit manufacturers get these right ?!?!
  7. Beautifully done Chuck and in a gorgeous color ! Like so many kits that are said to be terrible or just plain garbage this one builds up into a very presentable model .
  8. Wow that's super nice , very well done Ryan ! I've got two original flat box kits to build , I can only hope they are close to as good as yours .
  9. Looks great , I preordered mine a few weeks ago ! I still have the MPC kit that I built way back in '72 , it's one of my favorites .
  10. That '70 is a really nice kit , wouldn't mind finding one myself ! Those are some great prices , unfortunately the HL near me really blows and never discounts any models .
  11. Wow that came out super nice , lots of great detailing for a 1/32 kit ! And that color is perfect !
  12. Same here . Now prices are getting ridiculous , luckily I still have a couple that I want to build one of these days .
  13. A couple of 1/32 Box Art builds . And a 1/87 scale resin Cheetah . And I have this 1/87 Willys Jeep that I may do one of these days .
  14. Beautiful paint and some really great detailing , nice work ! I really like your display piece !
  15. Oh that looks just beautiful ! You may think it's not your best but considering the origins of that kit you've done a wonderful job !
  16. Neat little car and very well done Mario ! The diorama in your photos really looks nice too ! I have the Tamiya kit stashed away waiting for a rainy day .
  17. Beautiful work Rich , I really like the look of the polished plastic on some of these older kits ! Your detailing/foil is excellent ! How do you do the scripts - emblems - door handles - etc . . . ?
  18. Never seen one of these kits before , very cool ! Thanks for posting it !
  19. TooOld

    59 El Camino

    That's one sharp looking El Camino , very well done ! 1959 and '60 El Camino's are my all time favorite having owned a couple of both . My avatar is one of my 60's .
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