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  1. Thanks Eric ! Thank you Dominik ! Thanks Pappy ! Thanks much Bill !
  2. Thanks Eric ! I agree . The Polara was also nice but to me it was a little over done . Thanks much Greg ! Thanks Glen ! Thank you Tom ! The photo was taken shortly after moving into the new house . The yard/landscaping was typical of that time in Texas .
  3. That's really sharp looking ! Not sure about the track being too narrow , seems all of the early Mopars were like that .
  4. I like the interior color , not sure if it will look too light when it's finished . Nice wood insert on the steering wheel and detailing on the dash and console ! You say O-rings for the bezels ?
  5. Nice job detailing the rear panel and taillights , it looks great ! Also the redline tires look like they were pad printed , nice that they were molded with a groove .
  6. Great save Phillip , looks great ! The AMX had great lines and the Keystones look perfect on it !
  7. Really like the Cobalt Blue with the light Beige (?) interior ! I was going to suggest de-chroming the headers and painting them but you're way ahead of me , for some reason they don't look right chromed . Even a silver , like powder coating , looks better .
  8. That color is great ! Too bad about the problems . Maybe if there is enough paint on it you can lightly wet sand and spray some clear to smooth it out .
  9. Thanks Bucky ! The top is from the Monogram '59 Impala Convertible , with a little tweaking it dropped right on . Thanks Bill ! Thank you Tom ! Thank you very much Tim ! The interior was the most important part of the build so I spent most of the time working on it . Your Modelhaus Dodge looks like a nice kit to me and you did an outstanding job on it , beautiful paint and foiling work ! Sorry I missed it when you posted it last year . Seems like a car like this really leaves a big impression when your just a youngster .
  10. Thank you Terry ! Thanks Rich ! Thanks Tim ! Thank you Gene , I appreciate that !
  11. That turned out really really nice Jim ! First one of these I've seen built and I like it a lot !
  12. Thanks James ! Thanks Mike ! You're absolutely right , sometimes the simpler the better .
  13. Thanks Lee ! The windshield requires some creative masking to get the faded bottom edge , then sprayed with Tamiya TS-72 Clear Blue rattle can . The Clear Blue needs to be sprayed in two or three very very light coats so I'd practice on an old windshield first . Thanks very much David ! Thank you Phillippe ! Thanks Josh !
  14. Thanks Tom ! Thanks Pat ! Thank you Bob ! Thanks very much Ray !
  15. I've wanted to build this for a long time and it made it to my bench earlier this year , it took eight months but it's finally finished . Growing up we had several cars but this '60 Dodge was my favorite . Purchased new in the fall of '59 it was big , red , and a convertible ! The only photo I have of the car is this one taken in front of our house in Texas . . . To build a replica of our family car I started with a pristine JoHan kit . Besides removing the top I also built an all new interior and chassis using parts from various sources . Even with all of the pre-fitting that was done there were still a couple minor bumps during final assembly but they were easily overcome . So here's my replica of our family convertible . I only wish my Dad was still here to see it , I know he'd be grinning ear to ear ! Here's the build thread . Thanks for looking !
  16. Great little Cobra Ray , I like the shorty look but not so much the wing . I'd be willing to bet that somewhere somebody has built one just like this !
  17. She's a real beauty ! Love Clear Orange over Mica Silver paint job and those wheels are the perfect addition , great job !
  18. I'd work with the wrinkled stuff , the old foil is soooo much better than the new stuff ! I found that by slowly lifting your piece of foil off of the backing it's possible to smooth the wrinkles out as you lift it , any remaining marks will disappear after it's applied to the body . Worth a try ! Fellow USAF Vet here .
  19. I love the Tamiya Light Blue , this is gonna be pretty !
  20. I like your inspiration and am sure you'll do it justice !
  21. Excellent ! That's the nicest build of Alan's championship car I've ever seen , well done !
  22. I realize that you've got a lot more to do but that engine looks fantastic sitting in that bare engine compartment !
  23. As a fan of 60's I like the hardtop look , great job ! And I like the Continental kit too , never would have thought of doing that .
  24. TooOld

    1966 Nova SS

    Nova's look great in black , especially if it's an SS . . . well done !
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