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  1. Nice work Al , looks just like the photo !
  2. That black primer does look great ! The spacing is something nobody will ever notice unless you tell them , even then I doubt they would see what you see .
  3. Those first stripes look sharp ! I just recently tried the Tamiya tape and was surprised how well it works , I didn't spray any clear before the color and still had no bleed under the edges .
  4. Had no idea this had been bumped , Thanks very much everybody for the nice comments !
  5. Nothing wrong with building your way and I like it , the colors look great ! I build both ways . . . sometimes I like to detail and build an accurate model while other times I like a simple out of the box build .
  6. Looks like your booth gives plenty of light for photographing models , that's seems to be a problem with a lot of them . Sharp looking Ramchargers Dodge ! Good call cutting the stripes apart !
  7. Everything about this kit can be real bear to do but you pulled it off , congrats on a beautiful Beatnik Bandit !
  8. Love that color combination on a Charger , beautifully done !
  9. TooOld

    Yellow streak.

    Never seen that kit done better , congrats ! Curious what yellow paint you used , always hard to find nice yellows .
  10. Found em' they were tucked way inside the flaps of the boxes . I looked earlier but with not much light I missed 'em .
  11. Received my two kits yesterday and as said earlier everything looks great ! I especially like the new tires ! One thing though is that neither kit had any decals , are there supposed to be any included ? Not a deal breaker for me , just curious .
  12. Great restoration ! The addition of the gold stripes really sets it apart , well done !
  13. Beautiful Vette ! Very clean and well detailed , great job !
  14. Beautifully done , the paint and foil work is excellent !
  15. Ooooo that's nice ! Great color and you're right , that's a good photo .
  16. Thank you Carl ! Thanks much Steve , they were a real challenge for sure ! I doubt the current thicker foil would have worked .
  17. Thanks David ! Thanks Dan ! Thanks JR !
  18. It was sprayed directly over the red paint . These chrome paints spray very heavy so you need to hold the can at least 18 inches from the part being sprayed and move the can side to side quickly .
  19. I sure like those open vents ! I'll have to try that on an old body before screwing up something nice .
  20. It's been a while since I posted an update but finally had some time last week to work on a few things . After painting the top boot I applied the snaps by dabbing a little clear and then positioning the washers , when everything dried it was sprayed with some semi-gloss clear . Also glued the headlight lens in place to finish the grille/bumper . The big task was foiling the body . Not a lot really but it was more difficult since I was piecing together small pieces of the New Improved Chrome I have left . The side trim for example used six or seven pieces and took a couple of hours to finish each side . The rest was pretty straight forward except for the taillight bezels which are a combination of foil and Molotow Chrome . There are several small details to take care of and then I can start the final assembly . I might just finish it this year !!
  21. Ooooo that's nice ! A really clean well detailed build , beautiful paint and great job painting the stripe !
  22. It may be a basic kit but it's a great body style ! Looking forward to more .
  23. Beautiful job ! Love the pearl paint job and the rear tires are a big improvement .
  24. Beautifully done ! Love the red paint and great job on the stripes !
  25. I also build very few race cars but like all kinds especially from the 60's and the GT40 is one of the best looking of all . Yours looks excellent to me , correct colors and just the right amount of detail . Great work !
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