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  1. just like my daily driver! do it in pewter silver metallic with tinted lights and windows and you've got my truck
  2. Love the project, is there anyway i can get a couple of those door handles?
  3. The truck is going to be sweet, but as far as I know that motor isn't a diesel, its just a big v8 gas engine.
  4. The diorama is sweet, but I got a kick out of the title. My baseball had a team party at one of the players house and one of the guys "butt dialed" 911. Cop showed up and asked who dialed 911 and he goes i butt dialed! I called back and told them it was a butt dial. It was pretty funny as no one was expecting a cop to show up!
  5. sorry about the bad pictures, my camera broke and I have to use my cheap cell phone to take pictures.
  6. Well I bought this about 2 months ago right before the start of baseball season thinking I would have some time to build it, but I didn't and with baseball season Over I have hit this one pretty hard. Ill let the pictures speak for themselves.
  7. Heres mine. Its my first, just got it a few weeks ago from ym dad. it was his old work truck. 2003 Silverado. 4.3 v6 with a 5 speed manual trans. Has 85,000 miles. I payed my father 2k for the truck and have already put another 1k in it(tires, change fluids, new brakes, fix the backup lights, and get the speedo fixed. Please dont mind the messy interior. Doesnt look like that, thats how i bought the truck.
  8. Thanks! I appreciate the kind words! Thanks! Its from a rattle can. Its Plum Crazy Purple from the Model Master line
  9. the front is actually a semi front end, i belive moebius(hope i spelled it right) casted it. Not sure of the kit. Ill have to give it a look though, edit: the International Lonestar
  10. I spent the weekend painting the willys. Its Plum Crazy Purple from Model Master with gloss clear. 3 coats of primer, 4 coats of paint, and 4 coats of clear! What do you think? PS. the hairs on the car arent actually in the paint.
  11. awesome build! and the bmf looks awesome! If you didnt tell me I wouldnt have thought it was your first try! Good Job! Lets see the next one!
  12. so smooth transitions and subtle changes that it looks like they were ment to be from the show room! Great build!
  13. nboldman

    50 Olds

    I dont like it, I LOVE IT!
  14. 1/24 th scale is what im worki ng with and i want to replicate the standard gauge rooll cage for a drag setup.
  15. As they title states whats the best size of rod styrene to make roll cages?
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