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  1. A great looking build , you have done real nice work as these are not easy to do . I really like the 1/43 builds , I am working on a few Starter kits myself at the moment .
  2. I like this , a real nice looking build , nice decal work . I built one of these as well , just did my own livery on it .
  3. This looks great , I have not started mine yet but if it comes out as nice as yours I will be very happy .
  4. A great looking build , still looks awesome , just got myself the 1/12 Tamiya Vaillant version , will get around to doing it some day , hope it turns out as nice as yours .
  5. Nice work in this , looks great , well done . Nice to see the little ones .
  6. A super nice build , very well done .
  7. Tamiya kit , a top class kit to build , just did my own version using decals for a BMW M1 for something different .
  8. He said they are Indycals decals , a bit of a pain to wrap around the rear end ( as any decal to go around there would be ) but otherwise no worries .
  9. Built by my mate Richie . Did his own version , I think it looks really nice .
  10. Tamiya kit , built by my friend Richie , aftermarket decals .
  11. Not pushing in on your post I hope but you asked about my build , this is it .
  12. Nice build , I like this colour scheme , black wheels always go faster .
  13. I built this kit in a different decal scheme . I like your version , it came out really nice .
  14. I like this , a nice build , I change a few liveries to suit me , it is all about doing your own way .
  15. A real nice looking build , well done . I have the decals coming to do this build , hope mine turns out as nice as yours .
  16. A great looking build , well done .
  17. A great looking little build , I like to see the 1/43 builds .
  18. A lot of real nice work in this , looks great.
  19. Really nice looking build , I like to see the 1/43 kits on here .
  20. Very nice looking builds , well done .
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