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  1. Apparently they did. Probably the 72 Challenger as well.
  2. Because this is about the only realistic mold they made. The rest of them are really junk.
  3. Believe me guys, I would have never........but my Uncle built it back in '71, and I've just currently restored it. It's 1:25 scale, and is one of Palmer's more accurate toolings. I restored it exactly like my Uncle built it, unfortunately I did not take "before" pics.
  4. Very cool story! Were they intentionally built without the glass for photography reasons?
  5. OHV 4 cyl, twin carbs, weathered using the salt method and Micro Mark Rust and Dust.
  6. AMT '57 T-bird, built from the 1974 issue kit, in Dusk Rose.
  7. Now that you mention it, I think I'd rather have the promo wheels, they are correct for it.
  8. Found both kits, thanks guys!
  9. Cool. Doesn't matter, I can Alclad it.
  10. Wow, that came out fantastic! I have one and want to do the same. What all did you do to it?
  11. Thanks guys! Actually, I bought this from a modeling friend who has since passed away. He had sprayed it already.
  12. Bought this already sprayed in a shade extremely close to factory Coronado Red, halfway decent, so I sprayed the roof white, and detailed it.
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