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  1. I did find out that he passed away years ago. Sad.
  2. Sweet! Nice to see one built correctly and so clean.
  3. Probably been asked here before, but does anyone know why 98 percent of the products on RMR's website are out of stock? Are they still orderable?
  4. A friend of mine owns one of these 1:1, and wanted a model built like his. I figured I'd do one for myself while I was at it, since these promos seem to be a dime a dozen. His is the one with blackwalls, and mine has the raised whites. Something fun to take a break from building full builds once in a while.
  5. Wonderful! And perfect color choice! I plan to do the same with mine. Did you just simply fill the large front door gaps?
  6. It's not, it's just an illusion from my pic. It fits in there. Lol.
  7. Just beautiful! I've now got to get one! How did you do the pattern on the seats? Looks perfect.
  8. Paul, you're killin' me with all your gorgeous work, and perfect subject matter! You are truly the master! I see your auctions on ebay and would LOVE to own some of them.
  9. The lighter orange one was the first kit I built as a kid, with help from the old man. Just recently, I used the same kit and built a current one. Not all out detailed, but just a simple shelf kit, like I did the first one all those years ago.
  10. Just finished up this, it was restored from a builtup. Color is factory Diamond Green with Dark Ivy Green metallic vinyl top and interior. I also used the factory optional Mark III wheel covers. Looking at it now, I should have stripped the bumpers and done them in Alclad.
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