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  1. realgone58 added a post in a topic 1979 Cadillac   

    Just beautiful! Love the color!!
  2. realgone58 added a post in a topic Starsky; Father & Son   

    Super cool builds Al! I love the silver one. I think I'm going a similar route when I build this kit. 
  3. realgone58 added a topic in Under Glass   

    Tee Vee Dune Buggy
    The re-issue AMT Tee Vee Dune Buggy is actually a real buggy. It's the Berry Mini T. I used Model Master Citrus Yellow for a base, followed by Krylon Citrus Dream metal flake, then several coats of 7480S clear. Only part I used that was not in the box, are the vintage rear tires. I also applied yellow lines to the tires from Vinyl Nation. Good to be building again after a short hiatus. 



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  4. realgone58 added a post in a topic 1937 Ford convertible w/trailer   

    Cool looking build Jim! Interior is fantastic on this one. What can we scrounge up to fill that trailer with?
  5. realgone58 added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    58 conversion for Revell 57 Ford Del Rio wagon
    Wondering if anyone is offering, or currently doing a '58 conversion for this kit?
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  6. realgone58 added a post in a topic Model King 69 Ford Truck   

    PM sent
  7. realgone58 added a topic in Trading Post   

    A few kits for trade
    Here are three, unbuilts. The dio is 1:43 scale, the Citation is still sealed, the John Butterra kit is not sealed, but mint, complete. Below the pics is my want list, let me know what you may offer.

    MPC 80 Volare Duster
    70 Monte Carlo, any issue as long as it has fender skirts 
    Lindberg Dodge Dakota
    64 Galaxie, any issue
    65-6 Bonneville, any issue 
    80 Mercury Capri
    Ford EXP
    Monogram '93 S-10
    Chevy van Open Road camper
    MPC Buick Skyhawk (Superhawk kit, like Monza)
    65-6 Buick Wildcat any issue
    Dean Jefferies station wagon dune buggy
    Model king '70 Bonneville with boat
    80's MPC Ford Bronco 
    Moebius 71 Ford pickup
    Moebius 69 Ford pickup
    Moebius 65 Plymouth Satellite
    Moebius 54 Hudson
    Revell 49 Mercury wagon
    68-69 Bonnevilles
    65-6 Olds 88
    Dodge Neon promo in Nitro Yellow-Green
    always looking for old built annuals, restorable, especially JoHan stuff, X-EL reissue promos
    MPC Pontiac Fiero (not the Monogram one)
    AMT 1977 Pontiac Phoenix (Ventura)
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  8. realgone58 added a post in a topic Test   

    WOW!  Gorgeous Plymouth in my favorite color.....Chrome Green! Do more test posts please!!!!  lol.
  9. realgone58 added a post in a topic any rust out there   

    Here's a couple of weathered rides I built.

  10. realgone58 added a post in a topic Show us your 6 powered cars   

    Here's the only two I have completed so far. Chrysler slant six in a rail, and Chevy Citation V-6

  11. realgone58 added a post in a topic 1936 Ford convertible   

    Great color and wheels, nice "shiny" build Jim!
  12. realgone58 added a post in a topic '81 Chevy El Camino   

    Luckily, the tires came on the promo, along with the factory wheel covers. The only year they used these wheel covers on a promo.
  13. realgone58 added a post in a topic How about some love for the BIG Pontiacs   

    Here is the only one I have done. It's a detailed '56 promo re-issue in Olympic Blue and Sun Beige.

  14. realgone58 added a topic in Under Glass   

    '81 Chevy El Camino
    Cleaned and detailed this promo recently. Color is factory Sandstone metallic.

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  15. realgone58 added a post in a topic 63 Fairlane Restored Promo   

    Very very nice Al. I did the '62 instead of the '63.