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  1. Great build! I was planning on doing the same, but like you say, knowing Moebius, they may kit the thing in the future.
  2. I don't have anything you can use either, but I love the '58 Olds! Anything else your looking for?
  3. Lacquer clear? You can shoot this over enamel?
  4. Super nice! Can you share a pic of the clear you used? It's amazing!
  5. Reinell Jet Flight.......I have a resin '59 Impala 4 door hardtop "flat top" that one of these would look killer behind!
  6. No longer available, please remove post if possible.
  7. Have this one (sealed) for trade. Need the gasser kit.
  8. Bill, what are you planning for the interior for your '77 'Yorker? I want to buy one of these soooo bad, but I in no way can build a scratchbuilt interior for it.
  9. Thanks! I thought that's where you may have gotten it. Wish I ordered those interiors had I know what was to come! Super job on the build by the way!
  10. Beautiful build! May I ask where you got the interior for it?
  11. I can do that for you. PM me.
  12. Just spotted this on the 'Bay tonight. In my watch page. I would love to own it!
  13. I've since found the Jordan and the Bugatti, but need parts for those as well.
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