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  1. Bill, what are you planning for the interior for your '77 'Yorker? I want to buy one of these soooo bad, but I in no way can build a scratchbuilt interior for it.
  2. Thanks! I thought that's where you may have gotten it. Wish I ordered those interiors had I know what was to come! Super job on the build by the way!
  3. Beautiful build! May I ask where you got the interior for it?
  4. I can do that for you. PM me.
  5. Just spotted this on the 'Bay tonight. In my watch page. I would love to own it!
  6. I've since found the Jordan and the Bugatti, but need parts for those as well.
  7. That would be wild! The trailer was a 1959 Nashua.
  8. They are out of the '76 Impala kit.
  9. Super nice build! Ironic that I chose the same color combo for mine! You are correct in not foiling the trim on the landau top. They had painted trim from the factory.
  10. Finished up the first build of 2022 after taking a year off of building. Feels good to be back! 1978 AMC Pacer Coupe with a 304 V-8 from the Revell Jeep Honcho kit, wired, paint is factory AMC Captain Blue metallic, wheels are the optional DL hubcaps pirated from the JoHan '66 Marlin kit. Yes, they were still available in '78.
  11. It sure would have been nice. But since they didn't, I simply plan to file the window frames out of it and build it as a 4 door hardtop Galaxie, as it has the correct hardtop roofline.
  12. Here's a couple of detailed promos, a '60 and a '71.
  13. Thanks guys. I generally build replica stock, but do have a soft spot for some dune buggies and traditional drag cars.
  14. Stayed fairly busy this year.
  15. Super nice build! Looks to me like the Testor's Inca Gold is just about a dead on match for the factory color.
  16. Love the Plymouth! Were'd you find the skirts for it?
  17. Couldn't resist doing one stock.
  18. It's factory Ford Anti-Establish Mint that I used for my stock '70 Maverick build.
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