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  1. Looking good. I'm working on one also plus a 1 to 1 1949 Mercury M47 out in the garage.
  2. Your Rambler is one of my all time favorite builds. Edgar
  3. Beautiful interior!! may I ask what different colours of black did you use. Thanks
  4. Looks Awesome !!! Being away from the hobby hasn't hurt your skills at all, Welcome back. Edgar
  5. Absolute perfection !!! Seeing the amazing detail and workmanship inspired me to get out into the garage and get back to work on my 1 to 1 scale 1949 Mercury pick up as our summers are shoet up here in Canada. Edgar
  6. Looks great !!! Vega's and the compact cars of that era made awesome looking race cars. Edgar
  7. Awesome Info. Hope it gets pinned to the reference tab above.
  8. Beautiful build, love early Pro Stocks. Hope to see the C11 progress.
  9. Excellent work on your McLaren. One day I'm going to have get one of Tamiya's 1/12 F1 cars. May I ask what WDC stands for? Edgar
  10. Looks great, love the early Pro Stocks.
  11. It was approx $54.00 here in Ottawa when I got mine.
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