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  1. Hi Francis, Incredible workmanship as always. While looking at the pictures of the chute cords I think the chute (when being deployed) would shear the pin as you have the cords secured to the removable section. The cords should be secure to the frame mounted cross member you made. Just a thought. Edgar
  2. John I'm in Ontario Canada too, anything ordered from outside Canada the shipping is higher, like the man said you don't have to buy from him. And his prices are fair compared to what I've been charged by other companies. Ed
  3. Looking Great Chris, you definitely nailed the stance.
  4. Engine looks very well done, gonna have order one.
  5. I believe the Daytona Coupes were based on the 289 Cobra's which had transverse leaf springs, the 427 Cobra's were coil springs were completely different beasts.
  6. Hi Roger hope your feeling better. Found this picture of the Hornet and thought of your build. Edgar
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