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  1. I'll following as well Joe as I'm building 2 early 70's Camaro Pro Stock's ( I'm so slow ). I hate that orange plastic it's so soft. Edgar
  2. The Ford Dealer I worked for serviced 3 different Pantera's. Only thought to take only a picture of one.
  3. Your very welcome, There are more pictures of short bodywork cars at Archive.petersen.org under 1972 NHRA Supernationals. It's great site. Edgar
  4. Daniel, here's a couple of pic's in case you don't have them.
  5. Claude, I had to look at your build numerous times to truly see all the amazing work you've done. Your work and design shows the ingenuity that the 1 to 1 scale builders of the salt flat cars have. Fun fact, My father n law was invited by Mickey Thompson to come see him try set the speed record on the flats back in the day. Edgar
  6. Larry Check out action-shopper on E-Bay they have it.
  7. Awesome start on the Charger Jason. Does that carb come in the kit?
  8. Rusty I believe MPC ruined the body making the Camaro Super Stocker . Maybe some one knows for sure.
  9. I have this kit as well, I remember building it when I was a kid it had a straight axle IIRC.
  10. Roger I'm really enjoying your build. I've been a Pro Stock fanatic from the early 70's. I found this picture that might help with your stance/ride height.
  11. Your Pro Stock Maverick looks Fantastic !!!
  12. Francis this truck is the most amazing piece of work I've ever seen, as it is not store bought parts everything is made by hand in numerous materials, It truly is piece of art. I hope I get to see it at one of the shows in Gatineau Ottawa area. Edgar
  13. Turned out really nice. I wish I had picked up the resin 48/50 Mercury M47 cab when I saw it years ago.
  14. Gotta love a Hemi Dart.
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