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  1. Thanks guys!! really appreciate it, and I'll be doing a GTR Z-Tune soon
  2. Just going to post this here to let you guys know I have finally finished it!!! YAYY~ and here's the link to the "Under Glass" thread: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=73255
  3. I had too many pictures lol Hope you guys like it!!
  4. Okay~ so after working on it for almost a month now, I have finally finished it! If you want to look through the build process, here's the link: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=72124&page=1 Without further ado~ here is the finished product.
  5. UPDATE! I sprayed on my X-22 Clear as my clear coat, and while I was waiting for that to dry, I went on to finish the rest of the parts. Here is the front splitter and rear spoiler. I also "carbonized" it to replicate the real one. Hope you guys like it as much as I do right now!!
  6. Thanks Martin!! Ahahaha~ maybe in the future, gotta save up for my real car Thanks Doggie! I almost went crazy after doing the side panels together~ lol, the best way is to do one side of the car per day, so that'll give you a break from it. With the sponsors on, the whole car looks awesome, I can't wait till I start on the spoiler and front cannards!!
  7. The sponsor decals are pretty straight forward, but there is one that you'll need to cut into a few pieces. The one with Enkei RECARO P.MU SYNTIUM BELLOF On the left side is normal, but once you go over to the right side, you'll need to cut each sponsor separately and place it in reverse order. I guess FUJIMI was too lazy to printing a flipped side of it Here's what mine looks like after: I'll be doing the body accessories next, stay tuned!
  8. definitely watching this!! and i just noticed that the FUJIMI GT3 kits have almost the same chassis lol I'm still working on my Z4 GT3
  9. Side panel time!! This one was the most tricky part IMO. Just have to be careful once you get to the rear wheel fender. For the instructions, just like the hood, follow the number sequence "again" and apply the corresponding decals "again" lol. I found that when you get to the rear wheel fender, cut a few slots at the end so the decal can sit in the bend properly and not ripping. This is what I got after, I also did both sides. After everything dried, I used my modeler's knife and cut into the panel lines for the extra realistic look. And here are 2 shots of the whole car covered, without the sponsors. More to come~
  10. Thanks Z, appreciate the compliments!! The first version of this car has a hotter picture of her. http://i546.photobucket.com/albums/hh419/dtshyk/04a749277f.jpg I picked up this kit in a hobby store, I had my eyes on it for the longest time! Just didn't have the money to get it back then. Thanks!! really appreciate it~ Everytime I look, I wish I have a real one sitting on my driveway lol
  11. coming together great!!! ALMOST HOME BASE~
  12. that looks amazing!! It is really challenging once you get to the decal part. AND HERE'S AN UPDATE ON THE HOOD!!! For this part, time is your friend.. take as much time as you need!! On the instructions, follow the number sequence like the rear bumper, and apply the following decal. Cut along the line that is dotted on the main hood decal, use the instructions as reference. For the hood vents, you'll need to cut the clear part of the decal out (you can cut it before applying or cut as you go) For the hood pin holes, just punch it through like the rear trunk (boot) Here is what the final product should look like. Hope you guys like it!!
  13. no problem Z, and there is a texture to the decal, but it's very little. When you shine a light to it, it shows up like gloss. I was thinking about if I should clear coat this or not, but I think I will. I'm going to shoot a few layers of Tamiya Acylic X-22 clear, if it comes out pretty smooth, I might just leave it, since I don't want to ruin it lol
  14. Yea man!! that's going to be next~ I just hope I won't screw it up last minute.. haha Here's the rear bumper section Same thing with the front, follow the number sequence with the corresponding decal. And here is what it will look like after.
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