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  1. Bjay added a post in a topic 69 Nova outlaw prostreet Finished (09/02/12)   

    1 word

    Gangster love it

    your 1:1 car is tough as
  2. Bjay added a post in a topic Drag City casting or Ed Fluck   

    ###### this sucks
  3. Bjay added a post in a topic Resin Mustang Lx's a Comparison and Review thread.   

    Wow guys what a thread im looking to build a fox body and found lots of info in this thanks guys
  4. Bjay added a post in a topic So what do you do with your empty model boxes?   

    I use them to store model parts have a wardrobe full of them couple of them just full of old tree's and sticker sheets etc
  5. Bjay added a post in a topic Real or Model #182 FINISHED!