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  1. I've solved the problem, It seems the problem is the dish washing detergent that I use. Now I use simple green cleaner and the problem is solve. Thanks guys for the input. Cheers..
  2. Hmmm... Correct me if Iam wrong.. 1. Mist coat.. (sand it if its not smooth) 2. Mist coat.. ( also sand id its not smooth) 3. Wet coat ( sand ) 4. wet coat ( sand) 5. Cut and buff?
  3. To all modeling gurus, please help... I primed the body using tamita white primer, and it looks good. I decanted tamiya ts paint and waited at least 6 hours before i load it in my airbrush.. 1st coat - mist coat (looks and feel a little grainy) 2nd coat - mist coat (looks and feel a little grainy) 3rd coat - wet coat 4th coat - wet coat But evertime I shoot the wet coat, I always got this "tiny craters" somewhat like the surface of the moon.. Where am I doing wrong? Can anybody enlighted me? Tried it 3x already.. Stripped it 3 times too.. Another question, I planned to apply futures and then apply decals, after that will shoot urethane. Is urethane over futures safe? Thanks guys.
  4. hey thanks a lot for the answer. will try it out.
  5. To all modeling experts out there, Do you have to sand "very minor" imperfection, i.e.: orange peel on the base coat (color coat) before applying clear coats? or just shoot the clear coats over it and sand it down and buff after that? I am using rattle can lacquer base spray paint, decanted and then airbrush onto the model. Your answer is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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