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  1. Alex B Man added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    86 Pontiac Grand Prix
    Hi everyone its been a while since i posted any builds on here but here is my most recent creation . It all started with an old pontiac stock car body and a whole bunch of parts from my parts box.To list some of the parts I used are the frame and interior bucket from the 67 chevelle P/S,front tube clip,engine and roll cage from the pro stock firebird.The tires and wheels are from my parts box.There is also scratchbuilt parts such as the rear panel, tail lights,and license plate bezel.The NOS bottle is also scratchbuilt. The remainder of the parts are from my parts box.

    Well enough with the words and on to the pics.

    Well thanks for looking and all comment and questions are welcomed and more pics can be seen in my photobucket.
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  2. Alex B Man added a post in a topic Dodge L700 Tow truck   

    thanks for all the comments
  3. Alex B Man added a post in a topic Dodge L700 Tow truck   

    I built the wrecker from scratch.
  4. Alex B Man added a post in a topic Dodge L700 Tow truck   

    Here are some more pics

  5. Alex B Man added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    Dodge L700 Tow truck
    It has been a few months since I have posted anything new on here .But here is my recent glue bomb rescue .Its a Dodge L700 with a scratchbuilt tow bed .The tow bed is loosley based on a Holmes 600 wrecker . Some of the changes i made to the truck is the older style Hemi under the cab . Well on to the pics .

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  6. Alex B Man added a post in a topic Shooting themselves in the foot. California "Black Plate" program   

    Ontario Canada used the slogan "Keep it Beautiful" on their plates before the Yours to Discover" I think it changed back in the mid to late 80's .
  7. Alex B Man added a post in a topic Show us your pick-up truck models!   

    Here is some of my builds. The first one is a Ford super duty. The body was a road ripper toy that i made into a full kit

    Second is a chevy extream s-10 with an lt-1 v8

    thanks for looking
  8. Alex B Man added a post in a topic 2010 ford super duty   

    The truck it self is sitting on the AMT 93 F150 chassis long bed and it is 1/25 scale...sorry i said 96 earler. The super duty is an extended cab short box the only mod i had to do was readjust the rear axle .
  9. Alex B Man added a post in a topic 2010 ford super duty   

    As the progress continues here are some shots of the truck painted and near compleation. There is a streched interior with a scratch built dashboard instaled .The under hood is also compleat with custom intake and air filter... on to the pics

  10. Alex B Man added a post in a topic 2010 ford super duty   

    This is more progress pics . Chosen powerplant is 4.6L cobra motor with more parts off the 96 f150 such as engine compartment ,interior ,box liner and various other parts ...on with the pics

    here are some shots in primer

  11. Alex B Man added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    2010 ford super duty
    Hello all just here to show everyone a conversion i made . It started life as a childs toy from the company that makes road rippers . This truck use to have buttons on the top to flash lights and play music.I took out my saws , exacto blades putty and spare parts and went to work and here are some pics of the progress i have made .

    this is in the beginning. with a 96 ford f150 chassis and pats box wheels.

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