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  1. hey guys sorry I havnt kept up with the forums I have been working on starting my own detail shop lately after working my main job so life has been pretty busy for me, I havnt hardly had anytime to work on anything lately
  2. hey guys i got my pics on junk photobucket drilled holes for the glow plugs and am adding more details to the block and trans its a mopar 360 out of a 77 manico i am in the prosess of scratch building headers right now
  3. haha thats so awesome. i wish i coulda saw her face on that one
  4. that's kind of funny im from central Illinois. guess us Midwestern's are the only demo builders here lol
  5. awesome sorry for the slow comments I check the forum everyday on my phone so but I cant reply on it so I have to wait to get on the comp ill put u guys down.
  6. Sorry I have been away for a bit. Just started building my mopar 360 today having problems uploading pics right now
  7. Looks nice head over to the community builds n enter the demo build
  8. Looks great. I'm buildin a car for a xontest on another sight at the monent but the pontiac is next in line. I'm excited to start somthing different
  9. U sue made quick work with that caprice today looks pretty realistic to me
  10. well finaly got her home today shes a little rough but already stripped by a previous owner. i got a few derby cars ahead of it already started but will get it in the shop soon and weld her up
  11. i dont have any pics yet but i am running old iron its a 57 pontiac beldevere i got this car on trade from another sight. its an old glue bomb and will have a diferent chassis under it as soon as i get one to fit lol. ill post pics when i get some. hope this thread pics up soon id like to see some sweet derby cars
  12. correct junkpile as in old iron its anything from 79 and older. Im not sure the exact reason they have an 80s and newer class u may be correct. if u want to build an 80s car for old iron that would be fine also. The rules I got were from a model contest I did over the summer every event has different rules these are just general quid lines to give the closest representation of the real deal. I chose these classes because that's what we run at our local fairs and just thought it would be easy to classify this way. I hope I answered some questions if u have anymore feel free to ask thanks
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