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  1. Board Spam Attack

    Wasn't aware of that one Tim.....Had a quick look at their website and looks an interesting magazine.
  2. Board Spam Attack

    If the guy in question is such a good truck modeller, maybe he should put his abilities to more better use like writing articles for Truck Model World Magazine, Scale Auto or MCM instead of wasting his time and every body else's by trolling under different pseudonyms. A bit like the saddo at the end of a bar muttering into his beer about how the world is against him instead of doing something positive.
  3. Trumpeter 1:12 Ford Gt40 Mk2

    A beautiful build. Trumpeter has certainly chosen well with this subject in this scale. The only other GT 40 kit in preparation that I am aware of in this scale is a multi medium kit by Creative Miniature Associates. Do not know if Model Factory Hiro is doing anything similar.
  4. Heard a rumour about the GSL show competition in Salt Lake City being phased out. Any truth in this?
  5. Bugatti EB110 SS

    Has any body made a resin body and 7 spoke wheels to retro fit either the Revell or Heller Bugatti EB110 to convert it to the SS version?
  6. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    99 per cent of all kit boxes are inherently weak, and shipped to retailers from the factory / distributor in suitable packaging. It is when re sellers and retailers ship odd kits that the problems generally arise. We all have some idea of how parcels are handled either by post or courier and need to pack accordingly. It is not rocket science.
  7. If I Ran Revell....

    Quite right Bill, I whole heartedly agree with you that leaner run companies can do well in a tough environment, where layers of middle management have been stripped away. In a former life I was a production engineer, so understand what you are saying.
  8. Tom Daniel - Most Famous Kit Designer Ever?

    Thanks for that Richard, it looks like the Daniel Creations were aimed at the model kit market. Seen some Barris and Roth creations in kit form by Revell and Eldon but not sure if any were done by Monogram. Mark, thanks for the feedback on the BHE, was unaware that two had been built! I forgot about Darryl Starbird. Did he create the Custom 3 wheeled Volkswagen that was kitted by Monogram? Cannot remember its name.
  9. beverly hillbilies

    I have a very old article cut out from Model Car Science about building and weathering the car kit built as per the original in the TV series.
  10. Tom Daniel - Most Famous Kit Designer Ever?

    Built the Tijuana Taxi first time around, but would like to build it again with the benefit of 40 years more experience. Was the Boot Hill Express a Daniel creation that made it to being built full size?
  11. If I Ran Revell....

    re Moebius, an Interesting observation there Bill, but I do not think that they run the sort of quantities that Revell, Airfix and Tamiya do, and from what I have seen they cater for more of a niche subject market than the big mainstream boys. Nice to see that they are running profitably in a tough market.
  12. Oww....

    Sad to see this happen to that nice Delahaye? The event organisers probably have good insurance that will cover this, unless the company is proved negligent and a payout refused. Restorers have repaired / restored much worse! What about the classic sports/racing cars that get pranged at classic race meets? They have to be repaired at the owners expense. At the end of the day it is just a car (albeit a rare expensive one) and can be re built, but to get this into perspective, it could have been a lot worse, so hopefully no one got killed or injured in the accident.
  13. If I Ran Revell....

    Trouble with a holding company like Hobbico and Amerang for example, if they go down all the individua! firms they own get dragged down with them. Revell have been owned by a number of holding companies in the past! If they are viable they get bought out. If not they close. This thread about If I Ran Revell has really been more about a kit wish list than running Revell actually when it comes down to it. I stand by what I said that Revell know their market better than most of us and they probably sell more aircraft, afv, ships and star wars kits than cars and trucks. Wishing for obscure subjects from a mainstream manufacturer is a pipe dream best left to the cottage industry resin casters.
  14. If I Ran Revell....

    After all these years I am sure that Revell know better than 99 percent of us how to run their business! I think that this thread is really more about what people would like Revell to make rather than how to run a business!
  15. Dave I wish I could find a basket case Renwall Virgil Exner Bugatti. Been looking for one to restore/renovate and give to the Bugatti Trust Museum here in the UK. Seen mint kits on ebay….way too expensive for a pensioner like me.