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  1. Bugatti Fan added a topic in Links, Advertisers, and Web Sites   

    Is website down?
    Keep getting a Forbidden access notice when I try to have a look at the Scalemotorcars website.
    Is it just me? Or is their server down?
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  2. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic You'd better believe it: Pocher 1/8th 300SL Gullwing   

    Wonder if they will do the same with the de agostini part work kits  bond aston martin db5 and the mustang they are curently advertising
  3. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Heller 1/24 Bentley - by Kate Bacon   

    Kate...nicd model build
    A friend mentioned to  me recently that the new revell Bentley kit is a repop of the old heller one. Not sure about this. Perhaps someone can confirm?
  4. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Pocher 1933 Bugatti Type 50T   

    Your Bugatti is really coming along fine and looking real good. I particularly like the way you are improving on the kit without resorting to after market parts. great work, and will be following the build with interest.
    I also picked up on an earlier post about Hornby. They are a UK based company who have bought out the rights to the Pocher brand name. They bought out the Rivarossi model railway company in line with their own main product line and Pocher was originally a Rivarossi company. Hornby also now owns Airfix and resurrected the Pocher name with the Aventador kit, using the expertise of the Airfix company. As far as I know they have no intentions of resurrecting any of the old Pocher classics, although ironically they have set up a showroom at their UK HQ with an example of all the old Pochers beautifully displayed in dedicated display units. Kit manufacture has come on a long way since the old Pochers were in production in the 1980's, so the Aventador naturally should be much, much better than the Pochers of old. I wish that they had made a Bugatti Veyron kit instead!
  5. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic MPC's "The Genral" Locomotive to be Reissued   

    A number of years ago when this kit was first issued, a guy named Matt Irvine here in the UK did a diorama using this kit and a 'Back to the Future' De Lorean. I think he has a website. Possible there will be a pic or 2 on there.
    Matt used to make special effects sci fi models for the BBC, a number of which have been used in older series of Dr Who and I believe that the Liberator from Blakes7 was one of his creations.
  6. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Left-Hand Drive Dashboards   

    Tamiya's Aston Martin    British Car done in LH Drive!!!! Could do with a RH Drive Dash. But then I live in the UK!
    Why oh why don't kit manufacturers offer both dash options and windscreen wiper positions in their kits.....Especially if Kerbside models.
    Also, cannot understand why Airfix still keep making 1/32nd scale car kits instead of 1/24th scale. Seem to be out of sync with everyone else.
  7. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Lindberg 1935 Auburn Boattail Speedster   

    I can remember building one of these Pyro Speedsters way back in the 70's (no plated parts as I remember). The kit was a bit basic. Shame this subject was never used by Italaeri, Heller, or Revell/Monogram more recently in one of their classics ranges. Who knows? Maybe we will see one kitted with up to date tooling sometime. Classics seem to be the poor relation to F1, Rally, Nascars and Italian exotica.....But I guess that is where the market is!
    Pyro had quite a range of sailing ship kits as well as the cars. Didn't they make a Triumph GT6 Coupe kit? I also remember them issuing an excellent small range of inter wars biplane kits (ex GB Impact Kits) in 1/48th scale when they bought the moulds. Wonder what happened to these and indeed all the Pyro tooling?
  8. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Heller Bugatti T.50   

    The Airfix T50 is one and the same Heller kit. It was marketed under the Airfix name when both companies were owned by Borden Holdings who also had Humbrol under their wing. The Heller Bugatti EB110 was also re popped under the Airfix banner.
  9. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Lindberg 31 Bugatti Victoria   

    Some time ago I visited the Donington Race Circuit's Classic Cars Museum hoping to see the replica Royale that the late Tom Wheatcroft commissioned to have built. The car was not to be seen. An earlier reply to this thread is showing the replica on display in what looks like a museum or private collection. Does any body have any idea if the car is in the UK and actually where it now resides?
  10. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Belkits   

    I saw a picture of Belkits box art for a Mark 1 Escort Rally Car from the 60's somewhere. Nice to see them dipping their toes in the water with a classic rally car instead of all the new stuff. If it sells well maybe we will see other classic race/rally cars as well like a Mark One Lotus Cortina or a Metro 6R4.
  11. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic What do you wish was available in large scale kits?   

    A number of years ago I had a 1/8th Jaguar E Type kit that was very well detailed made by I think Bandai in the 80's. Not aware of anyone else making kits from this set of tooling. Regret selling it on and not building it as I have never seen one since. Before I get a shed load of replies this kit is not a re pop of the old Monogram (now Revell) kit that was tooled up in the 60's.
    Actually, the E type is such an Iconic car that a new tool in 1/12th or 1/16th would be nice with options to build it in RHD or LHD versions. Either of these would be a nice scale to super detail and not be too big.
  12. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic 1/18 Duesenberg wire wheels   

    Bob....Congratulations on your Hubley Duesenberg build, preceding my IPMS van build in the magazine. Your article is so interesting that I read it a number of times over.
    It is by far the very best built model Dusie from a Hubley kit that I have ever seen. Fantastic! I built one of the SJ kits about 5 years ago and re spoked the wheels, opened up the hood etc. and added some other extra details. But yours far surpasses the model that I made both in finesse and detailing (especially all the incredibly fine detailing of your model's engine/clutch assembly). Making yours with the roof up and detailing it on the inside was also a really nice touch. Your choice of colours for your model really suits the car. Mine is finished in a two tone blue and there may possibly still be a couple of pictures of it in the gallery of the Scale Motorcars website from ages ago.
    I certainly picked up some very useful tips from your article, as it is always interesting to see a fellow modeller's approach.
  13. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Move over, Gerald Wingrove   

    The Misko models are indeed superb, as are similarly the Amalgam Models range.
    But to put it into perspective, they are produced by groups of highly skilled specialists in a small industrial envirinment, where various skills are pulled together to make the components for a finished model, and they both work in large scales as well.
    Wingrove's models are to a much smaller scale and he did everyting from the initial research and drawings to making everyting himself in the early days, and later when he re married, his second wife Phyllis took an active part in the model making process. They have now retired to Spain.
    There are other well known solo professional builders of model cars worth looking at who are on a par with Gerald Wingrove. Look at the models of Manuel Olive Sans, Rex Hays, Henri Baigent, Michele Conti, Guiseppe da Corte and Carlo Brianza who's models have become highly valuable over the years. More recently hobbyist and retired Kodak USA Engineer Tom Kirn has taken the Wingrove route and made some superb 1/15th scale models, and also Francisco Pulido in Spain. There is also a superb professional car modeller in the UK named David Hayward who works mainly in wood. All of whom are individual model makers.
    If you have not heard of any of these artisans, a trawl on the internet should pull up some info and pictures of their work.
  14. Bugatti Fan added a topic in Big Boyz   

    Just recently I noticed that Airfix have announced a pre painted snap together kit aimed at youngsters of the Bugatti Veyron. No scale given but I guess maybe 1/32nd in line with most of their other car kits? Price here in the UK about £12 ($16?US). Given this aside....Airfix are part of the Hornby group who have resurrected the POCHER brand. Looks as though they may be the only mainstream kit manufacturer to have licences from VW.....So who knows?
    A 1/8th scale Pocher Bugatti Veyron would be brilliant under this label.
    Really surprised that this car has not been kitted before in 1/24th scale by Revell Germany or by one of the Jap outfits.
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  15. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Bugatti Type 59 Scratchbuilt in 1/16th Scale   

    Thanks for the encouragement Ira. Skip, I hope you received your magazine by the time you read this.
    If any of you guys out there have any ideas about how my Bugatti article could have been improved, by all means please let me have your suggestions. I hope that I did not skimp on anything too much.