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  1. Having looked originally at the MPC Rolls Royce, Darracq and Lanchester on a small tablet I could not make out that they were customisable kits. Although Airfix and MPC had dealings, the original Airfix kits were not custom cars. Do not know if MPC used the Airfix kits and stuck custom goodies in the box or not, or whether they were totally different kits altogether.
  2. Cruella De Ville ( played by the Bunny Boiler Actress Glenn Close) in 101 Dalmations actually drove a car in that movie named the Panther de Ville that looked like a parody of a Bugatti Royale. It had what looked like a UK reg no DEV 1 L on it. Incidentally Panther also made a custom twin steer 6 wheeler way back in the 70's I think. These esoteric customs are a bit way out for me, but, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  3. Just recently I started to use some C1 polishing powder. What I did was prime the part with grey automotive primer followed by a craft shop shiny chrome from an aerosol. When this had dried thoroughly I went over it with Johnson's Klear (now Future) floor sealer. This hardened off and dulled the chrome finish a bit underneath. I then buffed up the parts using the C1 polishing powder. This gave me a polished aluminium finish that I was trying to achieve. What is more is that when the C1 is buffed up it is quite resilient to handling unlike many other products. C1 claim that you can apply deals straight on to it. If I go for a chrome finish I will try gloss black over the grey primer and use the C1 on this and see what happens next time I use it.
  4. Scott, the Lanchester, Rolls Royce and Darracq kits look like the old Airfix ones that were sold as bagged lots say back in the 50''s.
  5. Getting back on track to let peeves..........Spending loads of time and effort modifying a kit only to find that what you have been modifying is due to be released as a kit!
  6. So far the conversation has been about the marker pens and a good number of suggestilons have been put forward. Have any of you guys used this ink through an air brush? Interested to know what experience anyone has doing this? A number of years ago I had a Rotring technical pen that was refillable, normally with their black ink. I wonder if the Molotow chrome ink would be thin enough to use in one of these. Not sure if they are actually made any more as so many disposable fline line black pens are on the market now.
  7. I have a 2mms pen that seems ok. It is about a year old so I will be looking now to see if the performance deteriorates. It is does, I will probably look at using a refill as it can probably be sealed better than the pen. Just recently I had to clean off a build up where the cap slides onto it. I have read that it goes on well by air brushing. I would guess that it would also be ok for picking out fine detail with a fine artists paint brush.
  8. Bugatti Fan

    Car books...

    I have a copy of Ralph Stein's book The Great Cars that I bought new way back when. It was the first of many reference books I have acquired over the years. A book I have that I would recommend is titled 'Inside 100 Cars'. The whole book is devoted to cutaway drawings by well known technical illustrators.
  9. You are absolutely right Peter! I can understand why you had a chuckle about the number plates of rather the lack of them. This does not detract from Tomasz making a superb model from an elderly kit, and full credit to him for all the work he has put into it
  10. The 'insistence' by Bentley on the number plate change is probably because since the original kit was produced back in the 70's Airfix have probably become subject to a licencing agreement to make the kit. Just like many other model kit manufacturers are being forced to by corporate bean counters (accountants and lawyers) in these days of corporate litigation.
  11. Bugatti Fan

    Ford GT

    They were doing the Jaguar E Type as a part series recently. I wonder how a Duesenberg SJ Phaeton would go down? Would make one really impressive model.
  12. I have got on well over the years with EMA's own Plastruct liquid cement for bonding most plastics apart from polythene.
  13. The word 'players' now reads 'plated' in my post. I have corrected it with the edit function, but it is still incorrect in Skip's post where he copied my first original over with this typo in it. With regard to the change of registration number. British registration numbers are owned solely by the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licencing Authority) so UK government owned, and not by any individual such as a Bentley executive. Ralph Lauren's blower retains the UR6571 number plate that I would guess he keeps registered with the DVLA although the car is not in the UK. When a car is either scrapped or becomes unregistered the DVLA can transfer the number to any other vehicle. There is a healthy market in the 'sale' of personal registration numbers in the UK, but the buyer is actually only buying the right to use that number on a particular car and not buying the number itself outright. A Bentley executive may have requested or sponsored Airfix to use another Reg. No. but certainly could not dictate its use. Airfix as I said before would have better used the change to sort out the glaring error of the position of the flying B radiator badge instead of changing a number plate. The short chassis blower UR6571 was the car that owner Neil Corner who at that time made tha car available to Airfix to research for the kit back in the 70's. The car was sold on to Anthony Bamford of JCB and subsequently later to Ralph Lauren. I heard that Airfix were planning to make a 1/12 scale kit of the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost in the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu as a follow on to the Bentley but the project was shelved.
  14. Bugatti Fan

    Ford GT

    De Agostini are serving the 1/8 scale fraternity quite well albeit very expensively when you work out how much you have to shell out by the time all the bits are collected to build one!. The Ford GT looks good, but I think that I will look at the Trumpeter or the new Meng kits to detail up. 1/12 sca!e is quite a nice size without being overly big to display. Howevef, I did see the Bond DB5 that a friend of mine made up in 1/8 scale from DAg and it was most impressive I have to say.
  15. Nice model Tomasz. The old Airfix Bentley is not poor but just showing its age compared to modern kits 50 years on. It is still a good basis for doing a lot of extra work and detailing like you have done on it. More fun than building a kit that just falls together out of the box, and for developing modelling skills. The annoying thing about this kit is the flying B emblem is in the wrong place on the radiator shell. I do not know how they got this so wrong as they had access to the original car to work from at the time. Even more annoying is that on a fairly decent re release of this kit they changed the number plate but completely ignored the glaring error on the radiator shell when doing this modification. As it is on a plated part of is difficult for a modeller to correct.
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