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  1. Gerald Wingrove has passed away.

    I learnt recently that Gerald Wingrove 's wife Phyllis is alive and well and has moved back to the uk.
  2. Lola T-70 Mk III

    Nice to see your new project Mark. Remember this being a fantastic kit in its day. Look forward to seeing your magic worked on it. Next GSL winner?
  3. Some kits you know will never be available again . . .

    Still looking for a blue bomb Renwal! Virgil Exner Bugatti to renovate and put on display at the Bugatti Trust Museum here in the UK. If anyone can help with one gathering dust somewhere please get in touch via the forum private message service. I am a retired on a limited income, so not looking for a pristine kit from Ebay. An old knocked about one with bits missing would be fine. Hope someone out there can help me with a donor model for this venture. Even just an old body on its own would be fine.Thanks.
  4. Gerald Wingrove has passed away.

    Junkman, the craftsmanship of Tom Kirn, Roger Zimmerman and Louis Chenot is known to me, and is well up there with the skills of the professionals that I mentioned in an earlier thread. I have two articles about Tom's Packard and Duesenberg models that were in Scale Auto Enthusiast a few years back. I read about the Wingrove Kirn visit to the Auburn, Cord Duesenberg Museum and think it was mentioned in one of those articles, as your mention of it rings a bell. Roger Zimmerman's fantastic builds can be followed in the Scalemotorcars Forum. Louis Chenot's incredible 1/6th scale model can be seen on the Craftsmanship Museum website. The true to scale engine was actually test run for its only one time before being fitted to the model. I think there may be a UTube video of this being done. These three remarkable model engineers it must be remembered built the models for their own pleasure and to.meet the challenges involved. I am sure that there are many other skilled amateur craftsman artisans beavering away in their workshops making fantastic creations as we!l.
  5. Gerald Wingrove has passed away.

    Not aware of that magazine Greg. Way back in the sixties I managed to get hold of just one or two copies of Model Car Science. American Car Modelling magazines were as rare as hen's teeth in the UK back then.
  6. Gerald Wingrove has passed away.

    Probably not Greg, but their creations are much sought after by well heeled collectors in the know, and in demand through the top auction houses. I would urge anyone to look at models made by these masters. A quick trawl of the web will unearth pictures of many of their fantastic scratch built models.
  7. Gerald Wingrove has passed away.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so each to their own! But comparing Gerald Wingrove's creations with Picasso or Da Vinci? Completely different genres? Maybe comparisons with past car modelling artisans like Henri Baigent, Michel Conti, Manuel Olive Sans, Rex Hays, Carlo Brianza or Giuseppe Da Conte would be more appropriate. Hopefully their legacy will inspire another generation of like master modellers.
  8. Gerald Wingrove has passed away.

    Kurt, I think the gentleman you were referring to who displayed at one of the GSL shows may be Tom Kirn. I read a couple of articles about him somewhere and besides being inspired by Gerald Wingrove, Tom actually met up with him at least once. Tom built a classic Packard and also a Duesenberg that were featured in the articles. I am not aware of any more that he made but do remember that in one of the articles it was mentioned that Tom had also restored a full size WW2 Jeep.
  9. Gerald Wingrove has passed away.

    I recently learnt that world renowned master craftsman professional car modeller Gerald Wingrove passed away during March of this year. Also that he lost his wife Phyllis last year who was an extremely active partner in their business. Many of their excellent plan drawings were done by Phyllis on their CAD program. Many of you will be familiar with his scratch built masterpieces and his Complete Car Modeller Books 1 and 2 in which he shared his techniques. Having met him from time to time since he went professional in the early 70's, I found him to be most generous in sharing his knowhow both face to face, by mail/email and of course in his books. He and Phyllis will be sadly missed, but their legacy will live on.
  10. Gerald Wingrove has passed away.

    I recently learnt of the death of Gerald Wingrove , internationally renowned icar modeller in March this year. He lost his wife Phyllis last year who also played a very active part in their professional life. R.I.P Gerald and Phyllis.
  11. Chinese tariff war and models

    Holy broken bones Batman! You will soon be paying similar prices to Europeans for your kits! Joking aside, Ebay and second hand sales at model shows should keep most of us happy if things get a bit expensive. Can't remember the last time I actually bought a new kit! Now what happened to that Bogwart 500 Deluxe Convertible that I had in my stash?
  12. Lucky find... saved from the dump: this one will be for Harry

    Back in the 70's 80's EMA (Engineering Model Associates) issued a kit (if you could call it that) of a steam traction engine that had to be built up from Plastruct. Skip mentioned Harry Pristovnik's book that went to print shortly before he sadly passed away. I have a copy and it is a very nice publication. Harry's Pendle Princess model was really good within. Shortly afterwards I think the magazine began to extract and use the content chapters from within the book to make up a series of articles in the magazine.
  13. Some kits you know will never be available again . . .

    The Renwall Revivals series of the Virgil Exner Classics Redesigned in 1/25th scale. The Pyro car kits....nice 1/32 scale range.
  14. Board Spam Attack

    Wasn't aware of that one Tim.....Had a quick look at their website and looks an interesting magazine.
  15. Board Spam Attack

    If the guy in question is such a good truck modeller, maybe he should put his abilities to more better use like writing articles for Truck Model World Magazine, Scale Auto or MCM instead of wasting his time and every body else's by trolling under different pseudonyms. A bit like the saddo at the end of a bar muttering into his beer about how the world is against him instead of doing something positive.