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  1. Dave I wish I could find a basket case Renwall Virgil Exner Bugatti. Been looking for one to restore/renovate and give to the Bugatti Trust Museum here in the UK. Seen mint kits on ebay….way too expensive for a pensioner like me.
  2. Exner BUGATTI by Renwall Revivals WANTED

    Thanks for the feedback guys. Casey, that is the one!
  3. Exner BUGATTI by Renwall Revivals WANTED

    Hi Guys, I am a UK based modeller seeking a very, very old kit, namely the Exner Bugatti from the Renwall Revivals range from way back in the 60's. As it is highly unlikely to find an unbuilt kit, so has anybody got an old glue bomb or one that has been built and may have missing parts who would like to find it a good home? Basically I would like one to restore for eventual display in the Bugatti Trust's Museum in the UK, so I am hoping that were may be someone out there who might be interested enough to help me with this little venture. It does not matter how poor the condition of the model is is as I would be looking to do a complete strip down and rebuild. If any one can help, please contact me via the mail messaging on this forum. Many thanks!
  4. Scale Model Community Discord!

    Hmmmm? There is a bit of a joke that goes around over here in the UK that someone ought to inform Microsoft that there is no such thing as US English. Microsoft (bless them) refer to English English as European English. Perhaps they do not know where our language actually emanated from!
  5. Beatnik Bandit Plastic ?

    Revell might be able to email an instruction sheet?
  6. Calling "Cobraman"

    Greg, your picture got me to thinking? Any more pictures of this special vehicle conversion? One Ebbro Citroen DS kit, One Cobra Kit, some Evergreen and Plastruct Sheet and Extrusions, some 1/32nd or 1/43rd scale Wheels and VOILA!
  7. Only serious collectors are willing enough to shell out ridiculous amounts of cash for old plastic kits that in all probability will never be built, and end up in landfill after their demise! Serious .modellers on the other hand will either wait for the reissue, or actually enjoy getting and building that perceived rare kit and doing what the kit was designed for!
  8. Boxes

    It was vinyl tyres against polystyrene kit parts that I had problems with. Cannot comment on baggies.
  9. Calling "Cobraman"

    The AC Cobra started off as the AC Ace sports car built in Thames Ditton, Surrey just South of London in the UK. Carroll Shelby had chassis and bodies shipped to the USA, stuck V8 engines into them and this the Cobra was born. The earlier models did not have the flared out wheel arches and wide wheels depicted in most kits. I have a very early Cobra kit that was released back in the 60s by the now defunct Frog company with the Ace body style, that I think was made under licence from AMT. There is I think someone out there making a resin transmit to make this old kit back into an A.C. ace.
  10. Boxes

    With regard to long term storage. Vinyl can have an adverse chemical reaction both with itself and polystyrene plastic if left together for too long. Found out the hard way a number of years ago when I rummaged through my spares boxes to find a number of ruined tyres and parts that were laid against one another! Some of my vinyl tyres had even reacted against the insides of my little plastic drawer units. I now use plain white tissue paper wrapped around parts to separate them to act as a barrier against this reaction problem happening. If you have stuff stored away, best check it out! Polystyrene to polystyrene seems to be ok but it is the vinyl to vinyl and vinyl to polystyrene that caused the problem.
  11. Old school CAD: Cardboard Aided Design

    James Dyson's team who design their vacuum cleaners and other appliances first sketch and 3D model their concepts in card the traditional way before even looking at doing anything on computer. His reasoning is that his designers get a better feel for the product by physically modelling by hand first.
  12. Buying my first airbrush Questions.

    There are a lot of cheaply made Chinese made air brushes on the market. Best avoid these if serious use is contemplated. Best stick with established manufacturers of a quality product like Paasche, Badger, Harder and Steenbeck, Aerograph DeVilbiss or Iwata. All of these have proved their worth over the years having sold to the graphic design industry initially long before model makers started to use them. All these quality manufacturers have various types at prices to suit most. Cannot comment on Grex of Aztec having not used any of their products. There is an old adage ' You only get what you pay for' and this is very relevant in the air brush market!
  13. The Zen of Model Building

    Started scratch building back in 2009 and had to develop a different mind set to building from kits, like treating all the sub assemblies as models in their own right. it is basically creating your own kit to build without any instructions to follow. What made me start was that certain cars I like would never be kitted, so I had to get my head around making everything myself, and of course the protracted length of building from scratch plus the challenge of learning new techniques along the way.
  14. Vanwall, love to see a kit of this

    There was a kerbside resin kit in 20th scale that was released in the UK a few years back. Cannot remember the manufacturer. Last I heard was that Little Tools owner Paul Fitzmaurice bought the moulds recently. I can remember building the24th scale Merit kit many years ago. A bit basic but could be worked on.
  15. Bucky, the pictures you posted of the Renwall Revivals box art have disappeared since I looked at them yesterday