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  1. Bugatti Fan

    AMT Decals

    Not built an AMT kit in years. Have they got rid of those truly awful see through decals after all these years? Tho ones I experienced were that bad that you could see the main car body colour through them, especially the white sections.
  2. Boring mpv's like mine and everyone else's!
  3. Duke, I can remember those old Palmer kits. Car kits best forgotten. Did they not do a Gatling Gun and some Artillery? Another company, Hawk comes to mind who made a San Francisco Cable Car kit.
  4. Lee, it isn't the forums that bash one another but the users! Those of us old enough might remember the old Highway Patrol series on TV with Broderick Crawford when he used to say at the end of each episode, ' It's not the car that kills but the driver!'. Forum use is a bit like that really.
  5. Rob, you are right about the Phaeton being a mistake. Did not have the same appeal as BMW, Mercedes or Audi brand names to the company director customer. Unfortunately, good as it was, it was just still seen as a VW.
  6. Rumours, Fake News and Speculation...……………..Been going on for years about our hobby. Things generally sort themselves out in the end. There will always be losses and gains, companies going into liquidation etc. Now when will some one start making all those old Pyro and Gowland Kits? Will Bandai start making car kits again as well as Gundam?
  7. Rob and Richard. Firstly I was not aware that the Bentley shared the same mechanicals as the VW Phaeton so that was interesting to know. The other thing was that when I speculated about VW badge engineering the Phaeton to the Bugatti brand I was not talking about ultra luxury or ultra ultra luxury market. I was talking more about the market for the sort of car that the directors of many companies would buy into that would fall below the multi millionaire market, such as the Toyota Lexus, Nissan Infinity and top end BMW, and Mercedes. Basically the rich but not ultra rich! VW could have made a killing in this particular market using the Bugatti name. Between the VW cars we all know and love and the Bentley customer, there was a gap that they could have exploited with the Bugatti name. Maybe, because they have top of the range Audis they have not considered this. I thought that Galibier saloon car concept was that of the Italian Bugatti outfit before their demise, but stand corrected if I am wrong.
  8. The 53 Studebaker was a really nice looking car, very European in styling compared with other American manufacturers fins n chrome styling.
  9. Often wondered if the Bugatti Veyron ever made any profit, and now if the Chiron will depending the financial clout of VW behind it to afford such an indulgence. Look what happened to the Bugatti factory in Italy in 1993 that could not stand individually with the EB110 competing against Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini. OK we all like supercars, but VW recently withdrew their VW Phaeton saloon due to poor sales. This is pure speculation, but if they had used the Bugatti name and badge engineered the Phaeton aiming at their top of the range competitors like the Lexus, Infinity, BMW and top Mercedes luxury saloons they may well have made a killing in the company executive market instead of aiming at multi millionaires.
  10. It is 1/24th scale. I am hacking it about a bit to try to make it more into a scale model. I wish that Airfix had made it like the Revell and Lindberg snap kits with proper interior detail that are more like a standard kit. The Airfix one is so simplified with lego like click together assembly so that kids can build it in about half an hour and play with it. However the external body shape and wheels look good, but one will need to replace the headlamps and rear lamps that are just stickers in the kit. The dash isn't too bad except that the steering wheel is a blank disc on a stalk to take a sticker depicting the steering wheel. The interior will need a lot of work doing to it as there are no interior door panels and the seats are left with lego like male tabs sticking up, and the floor will need attention for the same reason. Airfix could have done a lot more with this kit. Anyway it is a bit of a challenge. As far as I know it is the only 1/24th scale plastic kit of this car. It will be just my luck that Revell or someone else will release one just when I get this one finished! I know there are expensive kerbside resin kits of the Chiron and the prototype Vision out there in 1/24th scale, but not aware of any other good Veyron kits in resin or plastic kerbside or detailed. There are I believe die casts out there but not sure if any 1/24th scale ones are available.
  11. I approached JH of SA about an article that I had written about a customised Airfix Austin A35 Van to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of IPMS in 2013. He turned it down saying that there was a lot of animosity between car modellers and IPMS. Funny thing is that MCM embraced the article and ran it in its entirety shortly after. So much for the animosity between car modellers and IPMS! I approached JH two or three times more about articles to no avail as I think that he had tunnel vision with regard to the type of model he wanted to feature in SA at the time. I understand that he has now departed and the new editorship has a more liberal view towards subject matter. Incidentally, the custom van model was shipped to the International Model Car Builders Museum in Sandy Utah who were keen to have it for permanent exhibition earlier this year. I do not know whether it has been placed on display or not yet.
  12. Used it on clear plastic parts many times. If you have deeper scratches, best rub them out with fine wet n dry used set to get out the scratches. While part will look cloudy but the toothpaste will polish it out. Have tried T cut as we!l.
  13. Jim, the reply you got about removing some over spray from your glasses was quite rude. Hopefully the new management over there take a more enlightened view to such questions. As I said in my last post, any forum is only as good as who manages it at any given time. Unfortunately things like that makes it a hard act to put right for a more reasonable guy who has to pick up the baton.
  14. As a retired engineer, building model cars satisfies both my artistic leanings and my appreciation of the aesthetics of classic vehicles that I could not afford for real.
  15. We need different forums and they all have their pros and cons depending on who ever is managing at any given time. There are some questions being asked on this thread that should really be directed at Scale Auto for answers.
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