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  1. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Harry Pristovnik   

    Hello Amy, My condolences to you and your family over the sad loss of Harry, your dad. I never met him in person living over here in the UK. My contact with him was as a contributor to Model Cars Magazine. He will be sadly missed by the auto modelling community. With regard to disposal of his finished models, you have had a number of suggestions already, and it would be fitting if they could be placed on permanent display somewhere. The Bugatti Trust has a small museum dedicated to the marque over here in the UK. Dads Pocher Bugatti T50 would make a wonderful display piece for them and would make a lovely tribute for UK Auto Modellers to be able to see an example of his work over here. Regarding unbuilt kits EBay is probably the best bet for disposal, but do find a local modeller friend who could sensibly value them for you. Harry was a true gentleman I am pleased to have known. My deepest sympathy and kind regards.  Noel Smith
  2. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Sad Sad Sad News: Our Harry Passed Away   

    Very saddened to hear about Harry P's recent death. A true gentleman who always responded to my emails. He will be sorely missed in the Auto Modelling Community, both for his excellent magazine layout work and of course the imaginative design and layout of the books in collaboration with Virgil Suarez (Dr. Cranky). His builds on the forum were always very interesting. I was following his Pocher Bugatti build and the extra scratch built detailing work he was putting in to it. Perhaps his actual work may be placed on permanent display somewhere as his builds were up to museum standard. The Bugatti would make a superb display item in the Bugatti Trust's little museum here in the UK and would be a fitting tribute to him. His own book 'The Evolution of the Automobile in Scale' I see is being featured in the magazine in parts, and in itself will bid a fond farewell to him.  My deepest condolences go out to his family at this saddest of times. Cancer is a terrible disease and to hear about not only Harry, but many citizens of the USA having to battle to get payments for treatment from their insurers beggars belief. It intrigues me that the USA is the richest nation on earth, and still does not have a proper health service available to everyone rich or poor at point of need. Isn't that what Obama Care was supposed to be? Cannot understand why Trump is looking to scrap it. Private health insurance is very expensive in the UK, so thank goodness that we in the UK have a National Health Service available to all. Harry, you will be missed.
  3. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Books on Model Cars   

    Hi Scott
    I can remember a car modelling book with a white cover with model photos on it. I had a copy of a book written by Robert Schleicher from the 70s era. Cannot remember the publisher or actual title. It must have been the basics book if indeed it was one of the books that you can recollect. I think that Dennis Doty may have written a couple of books also at about that time. Bill Coulter has written a number of books that were published by Kalmbach. Phil Jensen wrote one   truck modelling in the 70s. Another author that comes to mind is Terry Jessie with his Building and Detailing Auto Models Like a Pro. I am not aware if Don Emmons ever wrote any books as I know that he has written many car modelling articles in magazines. There was also a book published in the UK in the 70s by Gerald Scarborough published by Patrick Stephens at the time. Master model maker Gerald Wingrove wrote 2 books. The Complete Car Modeller 1 and 2, that describe his scratch building techniques in detail.
  4. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Changes at Model Cars Magazine   

    Having read the posts from Bob and Jimmy, if their figures are to be believed and the numbers do not add up it is a sobering thought regarding the future of MCM, I sincerely hope that Greg can pull it off eventually. Much as I admire his pioneering spirit to go it alone and take on all the tasks of editing, having sole responsibility for financing the printing, distribution and attracting advertising revenue in a limited field, and on top of this paying contributing authors for the lifeblood of the magazine, their articles. Maybe, now would be the time to look for a publisher, printer similar to Golden Bell who would print and distribute the magazine whilst retaining Greg to concentrate on the editing side. Hobby magazines are a fickle business at the best of times, and I have seen a lot of them come and go both in the UK and Stateside over the years. To exacerbate this, the hobby is not what it was during the halcyon days of the Sixties through to the Eighties. Most of us of a certain age witness our kids and grandkids locked into a world of their own on computer games. Trying to get kids into model making of any kind is an uphill struggle these days with that sort of competition. That is not to say that model making is dead by any means. A visit to IPMS UK Scale Model World, the largest scale model show in the world each November is testament to this. MCM needs to survive, but maybe a different business model is now called for.
  5. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic 3D printing   

    3D printers are getting less expensive. However, it depends also on the 3D software design program that is used. Some of these are quite expensive, and the learning curve can take quite some time to master. After all we would be looking to make accurate engineered parts as opposed to freehand organic shapes. Once mastered though, accuracy and repeatability are achievable, but this would have to be balanced against cost viability.
  6. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Changes at Model Cars Magazine   

    My goodness! What an undertaking for what is now effectively now a one man band magazine. (2 magazines if counting in the slot cars mag). I don't know what religion Greg follows but I certainly admire his faith!  What I cannot understand is why another viable publishing and distribution company was not sought immediately to take on MCM when Golden Bell decided to close their doors. Maybe this will have to be considered if the magazine is to be at all viable in the future. If large retailers want magazines on a sale or return basis it constitutes one hell of a risk if sales do not reach a certain level.
  7. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Real Or Model #124 Finished!   

    Have a look on the net at various peoples pictures taken at the IPMS UK ScaleModelworld 2014 Competition there may be another  picture or two buried away there somewhere.
    The attached ones will give you some idea. I made the model in 1/12th scale

  8. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Real Or Model #124 Finished!   

    The erroneously named tulip wood Hispano Suiza is actually planked in Honduras mahogany fastened with thousands of brass rivets. The photo that Harry P placed shows the real car as it looks today. It appears to be very over restored! Having seen many photographs of the car in the past the lovely patina of the original polished wood from over the years has gone. It looks as though it has been rubbed back to bare wood and covered with what looks like polyurethane varnish and the metalwork now appears to me to be far too shiny. The lily has been well and truly gilded!  I cannot understand why some restorers go so far over the top and unfortunately to my eyes subsequently destroy the essential character of what they are working on.
    I had a bash at making a 1/12th scale scratch built model of this car as it appeared in the 1920's long before the wooden pontoon fenders were fitted in the 1950's by a Thames boat builder  in London. It originally had swept front and rear aluminium wings and also low profile windscreens fitted. The model was entered in the 2014 IPMS UK Scale Modelworld Show at Telford where it gained a Silver award. It was planked with pear wood veneer strips to simulate mahogany to scale and hundreds of 0.5mm brass rivets fitted, rubbed down carefully and sealed with button polish. The hood was set in the open position to show the engine detail and the interior was was fully trimmed in fine pale blue glove leather. The model was a bit of a challenge with all the repetitive drilling and rivet setting with epoxy adhesive. Tedious rather than difficult work but the end result was worth it.
  9. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Bugatti 100P Record Plane   

    A friend of mine has bought the Fisher kit of this aircraft and it is very accurate. The original Bugatti 100P has been restored for static display and is on show at Oshkosh Air Museum. it was discovered hidden in France after WW2 and shipped to the states. The engines were taken from it to be used in a couple of Bugatti car restorations. A flying replica is being built so it will be very interesting to see how the aircraft handles. The original never did get to fly, so how it would have performed is pure conjecture. There is a book about the Bugatti aircraft written by Japp Horst that has lots of technical details, photos and drawings that can be bought via his own website.
  10. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Can anyone identify this car ( and tell me if it's "kitted"? )   

    Excalibur's fake Merc SSK was kitted by Bandai back in the 70's in 1/12th scale.
  11. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Bans   

    Interesting comments!
    People will always have differing opinions but the trick is to be able to be 'at one' with another without necessarily sharing their point of view. Forums are a wonderful thing to be able to freely discuss different ways of looking at things. We should all be able to agree or disagree on things in open discussion, provided that there is mutual respect and courtesy between participants. I have had many lively discussions on forums with contributors with completely opposing views to mine, and all parties  remaining civil to each other at the same time. 
  12. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Bugatti Type 35 Revival of Italy...small steps to a Pocher   

    Scott, You certainly got a real bargain getting that Merc for 30 bucks. Those Casadio kits were very expensive when they first came out. Metal kits throw up a few different challenges to plastics.
    Incidentally, Europe uses the ISO Metric system for threads and tapped holes. looks like you were having some problems with threads on the Bugatti kit. I expect that UNC and UNF threads are the norm in Canada and the USA. Try a dedicated engineers supplier rather than a hobby tool stockist for ISO Metric tools.
    In the UK try a company named Chronos Ltd who specialise in model engineering stuff, and will certainly stock metric as it is more common over here. They can probably do mail order.    Alternatively, get hold of a local Mercedes, VW or Audi dealer dealership workshop manager and ask where they source metric stuff locally.
    Hope this helps.
  13. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Is Scalemotorcars.com website down?   

    Thanks for the feedback Mike. Appreciated!
    Afraid that I am a Luddite when it comes to facebook! I will have to look and see when they are coming back on stream.
    See that you are from the Berkshires in New England.  I come from Berkshire over here in England, although I now live in another county in the UK. Visited the coastal area in your neck of the woods a few years back on a cruise up to Quebec in Canada out of Boston only 2 weeks after 9/11.  Visited Bar Harbor, Portland and Kennebunkport on the way. Lovely countryside. I guess where you live is similar, even if inland. Boston is a nice city. When I visited, there was a hell of a lot of infrastructure work going on with tunnels and roads being built etc. I guess it may be finished now.
  14. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic What would you pay for a new, high quality kit of a new large scale subject?   

    Depends on the kit, your skill, and how deep a wallet you have. There is a plastic kit by Trumpeter of the Ford GT40 and there will be a Multi Medium kit available from CMA (Creative Miniature Associates) both in 1/12th scale.
  15. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic MPC 1/12 1930 Bentley Racing Car   

    Hi John once again.
    Forgot to ask in my last two posts where you got the tyres from? Obviously they are not the Aifix/MPC items.
    Are they from another kit or proprietary items?
    Incidentally, there is a guy named Peter Buckingham over here in the UK who has also super detailed the Bentley Kit. Just go onto the internet and punch in his name followed by Bentley and it should throw up some pics. Reckon you might find them interesting!
    Kind regards  Noel Smith