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  1. Maybe we are now getting a bit Tamiyised. (Used to modern kits where you rattle the box and the bits fall together!)
  2. Cutting straight lines in styrene sheet of card. The practice is to do multiple cuts along the same line until the blade works its way through. Trying to cut too heavily in one go generally causes inaccuracy and slippages. There is a special type of steel rule named a Maun Rule designed for use with cutting blade tools. Art suppliers should stock them.
  3. I simply use a low wide based small cylindrical honey jar and put the cement bottle in it and drop the brushes bristles up alongside it in the jar.
  4. Might be worth having a look to see if Tamiya themselves have charts indicating what Clear Finishes of theirs are compatible their own different colour paint types. And also for that matter whether other model paint manufacturers have compatibility charts for their products too. Other manufacturers clears are just trial and error to a certain extent, and most modellers find one or more that best suits them to use eventually.
  5. We all go through times of disillusionment. My only advice is do not yet rid of your tools, paints and equipment. If you have a change of heart later you will regret doing so!
  6. Looks like EBay have set up the auto emailing to keep bids being generated? Smart and not illegal to generate more commission!
  7. Read somewhere on another forum that EBay are now charging 13 percent on transactions. Is this true as I have never used it? Rare plastic kits are only valuable as kits unfortunately. I approached an auction house about selling some of my built up plastic models and they expressed no interest in built up plastic kits no matter what standard.
  8. Sabine was a great member of the BBC Top Gear team, with a good sense of humour. Sadly snatched away by a disease that respects no one.
  9. There were some nice pictures of Dale's work in that book. I sold it on years ago, but seem to remember quite a bit of duplication of photos etc within.
  10. Just shows by Andrew what can be done with those old Merit car kits. A beautiful super detailing job. As far as my memory serves me apart from the Cooper, the only other Merit car kits that had engine details were the Alfa Romeo and the Talbot Lago. The rest of them were kerbside models I believe. Just out of curiosity, Merit also made a kit of Donald Campbell's ill fated Bluebird Water Speed Record Boat. As Michael Caine would say 'Not a lot of people know that!' Dale King. Now there is a blast from the past! His Cooper scratch built is also a sight to behold. I can remember an old car
  11. Popular show way back in the 60's. Besides the family there was their straight laced lady advisor from the bank I think on the show. I can remember one episode where Jethro came home and asked ' What's for dinner Grandma?' To which she replied 'Possum innards!' Then he asked about dinner tomorrow and Grandma's reply was 'Leftovers!' I would like to get hold of one of those old kits. Funnily enough I still have a weathering article on the kit from an old copy of Model Car Science. Saved it in a folder from one of the very few copies that turned up in the UK at the time.
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