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  1. Looks like a lovely kit of this subject, especially as in 1/24 scale. Really looking forward to seeing the progress on this build. I think I that Matchbox did a plastic one in 1/32 scale way back in the eighties.
  2. Stunning.model Matt. Does not seem all that long ago when there were quite a number of these on our roads. It was I think a really nice looking car. Not to everyone's taste though, and appeared to be a successor to the last E Type with the V12 and carrying on the coupe role for Jaguar.
  3. The scriber end follow on with a blade that Marcos described for panel lines is by far the best method. I have been doing panel lines in a similar fashion for some time now. The only thing that I do a little differently to Marcos is that after deep scoring the lines I spray the bodywork and paint in the panel lines after the finish coats. As the panel lines are already deep scored, I use a thing named a mapping pen that is basically small old fashioned dip pen with a nib. Make up a wash using artists acrylic to a darker colour than the car body to a watery consistency. Dip the mapping pen and run it along the panel of food line. The pen job being so thin allows very good control compared to a brush, and as the wash is thinly mixed, capillary action helps it run along the lines.
  4. Mike, the tube you are using looks the best way to go if you have the right diameter. What I was suggesting was an alternative of needs be. I had to resort to it when I was restoring an old Merit kit of a Le Mans Aston from the 50's era for an Aston collector a number of years ago. If you have ever thought about replacing the kit wire wheels with photo etched ones there is a UK company named South Eastern Finecast who has a lovely set in their range, fully made up with tyres fitted and knock on caps. I used a set of these some time ago on a model and they certainly improved the appearance.
  5. This looks a good build. There was (is?) a company in Italy named Robustelli that did nice sets of photo e.etched logos and windscreen wipers for the Testarossa in 1/24 scale.
  6. Mike, The plastic tubing will probably be a good way around the headlamps problem albeit with a bit of trial and error cutting and shaping to fit. Another way around this if you cannot get the exact tubing diameter you want is roll paper thin plastic card sheet into a tube shape and do trial fits into the headlamp apertures on the bonnet (hood). If you roll the tube a bit smaller than the aperture then slide it into position, then let the tube unravel a bit until it fits perfectly within, but sticks out at the front. You can try this out with some copier paper before committing to plastic card to get a feel for how it is done. Ensure though that the positioning and depth within the aperture is correct to take the lamp itself and circular concentricity is maintained. Liquid cement can be used to both set the tube itself and to within the aperture. Once set hard, the excess sticking out of the front can be cut away with a razor saw and cleaned up very carefully with small files and some wet and dry abrasive sheet. Where this work is done will probably then be hidden by the kit chrome surround and clear cover. You have not mentioned if Heller have omitted the headlamps themselves or not, but I guess that they are in the kit. NB Thanks , I see that you are considering my apology. Kind regards Noel
  7. Johnsons Klear as it was, I still use for sealing decals and it levels off really well when brush painted on.
  8. Leslie in Scotland......Check out South Eastern Finecast….. They may be able to supply a set of Rostyle wheels in 1/24th scale.
  9. Mike, Can I just say in my defence that I was not attempting to hijack your thread. You have made your feelings abundantly clear about my post, but I was not knowingly trying to cause you any offence or steer your thread in another direction. The first two lines of the four were referring to your build, and I tried to give credit to you on your build of that reputedly difficult Heller kit but somehow it appears to have been lost in translation. I have been looking at your further posts since and your build is coming on really well. I hope that you will accept my apology as it was not my intention to upset you in any way. Kind regards Noel
  10. Matt B's explanation of how to set up for model photography is a real gem, especially about the lighting.
  11. Cracking kit, but why not in 1/24th scale instead. Cannot understand why Airfix stick with this scale that now very few manufacturers work in. The irony is that they have made their Lego like clip together car kits in 1/24th scale aimed at kids to knock up in less than an hour. They already have the licences from VW Bugatti for the Veyron and are soon releasing a Chiron in that range. Just a crying shame that they were not proper plastic kits as they do not appear in other manufacturers ranges. There is an Alpha Resins kerb side Chiron kit but very expensive.
  12. Looking back again at earlier posts in this thread at the picture of the ( I assume Heller) kit wire wheels. They do look a bit odd as though the brake disc is lodged within the spokes. Not a lot that can be done about this apart from retro fitting some wires from another source. From what I have heard the Heller kit is a bit of a challenge and this build appears to be going very well, so all credit where it is due. Andrew's picture of the Gunze kit reminded me that a number of years ago Airfix released it under licence for a short while. I believe that Gunze dropped the white metal bits eventually in favour of good old polystyrene plastic but possibly retained the photo etched parts. There have been no further comments from mine so far about a brand new tool E type coupe this year from Revell Germany. Anyone got one to comment on it?
  13. I would really like to get over from the UK to the next GSL and put in one or two of my models. I understand, unfortunately that it will be the last GSL but have no idea as to why it will be discontinued. Having pulled up the pics of the last one is just inspirational. Mark's Caterham that won best of show is something to behold!
  14. I am trying to get my head around home ownership associations. Are they official bodies or just a bunch of neighbours who set up a committee to try to pontificate to others about their properties? I can understand a gated community where maintenance charges take place and there is an expectancy to maintain a standard, but in normal suburbs? Here in the UK it is a bit different as pointed out in an earlier post.
  15. Have seen pics of the new Revell Germany 1/24th E type Coupe to replace hat tired old 1960s 1/25th scale kit they kept re re re re issuing over many years and it looks nice. Maybe they will also follow on with a roadster version? The Heller one has been around for some time now. Didn't Gunze make one with white metal chassis etc, I have a fully detailed 1/24th scale white metal roadster kit by SMTS to build that looks like a bit of a challenge. They had a bit of a dabble at 1/24 a number of years ago and also made an AC Cobra kit. Their main lines consist of 1/43rd stuff.,
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