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  1. Oh well! It's gone! Look out for second hand copies (and maybe rip offs) appearing on ebay some time in the future. I hope that the Model Car Museum in Sandy, Utah obtained a copy for archive purposes as Scale Auto was closing. Perhaps a generous benefactor donated one to them maybe.
  2. Charles, what a lovely vignette showing what can be done with both model making skil!s and imagination!
  3. Regarding miniature Bolts, Nuts and Screws, think laterally and look to our Model Railway (Railroad) brethren. They have good suppliers of such items as it has to be remembered that all their scale stuff is intended for models that actually work, so quality and strength are the norm for them. Possibly prices may be more competitive when compared with after market stuff aimed at car modellers.
  4. Maybe some well heeled benefactor will buy out the complete rights to Scale Auto and place all the back issues off the DVD onto the web as a free download? LOL!
  5. You're right there Pete. It's no fun! I personally don't use the like button and prefer to make a reply, but also accept that others choose to respond in that way.
  6. Nice conversion project. Quite an inspired idea to modify a Daytona like that. A Shooting Brake. Now there's a quaint English term for an estate car! When I hear that term I tend to think of old Rolls Royces with wooden bodywork, cases of double barrel shot guns and braces of pheasants hanging in the back!
  7. David, until you have decided on what airbrush and compressor to buy, have you thought about using proper automotive acrylic primers and top coats in rattle cans instead of the dedicated modelling brands? I have got on well using these over the years.
  8. What a lot of discussion about a one word reply button? Let's just accept the 'like' button it for what it is and all move on.
  9. Read somewhere that Tamiya tape is Washi Masking Tape. I have been using Washi Masking tape for years with no real problems. It is not available in various widths like Tamiya. I cut mine into thin strips by cutting the tape on a glass surface with a steel rule and sharp craft knife. Incidentally, art suppliers can supply rolls of very thin widths of vinyl tape for pin striping that could also be used as a mask as it complies well to contours.
  10. The Like Button A bit of a lazy way to respond, but it's quicker than having to write a reply or comment I guess.
  11. Lovely build of this iconic roadster Anders. The only thing I would say about the new Revell E Type kits, convertible and coupe is that the wheels supplied in the kits look too wide. The kit wheels I would imagine would be very difficult to modify, and the tyres would have to be replaced. Maybe there are suitable Photo Etched replacements that can be obtained. One set that comes to mind is a set of photo etched wire wheels and tyres that a UK company, South Eastern Finecast can supply. An earlier posted asked why a LH drive dashboard could not have been included. This would have been an easy option in a kerb side model. But as this kit has full engine detail of would be difficult I would imagine to design the kit so that the steering column could be fitted optionally on either side. Also, Anders has pointed out about the position of the windscreen wiper locations on the bodywork.
  12. Tried to get my grandson interested. Flogging a dead horse! Shuts himself away in his bedroom to play on his X box, PlayStation or whatever. Absolutely no interest in model making of creative activities whatsoever. A pity, but that unfortunately is the way of things these days. Maybe some of these kids might take up modelling with maturity, but who knows. I would have loved to pass on some of my experience to him, but alas this is not to be. His dad, my son, went down the creative route through photography and video production and he could not get my grandson interested in that either! Also, most modelling clubs tend to meet during weekday evenings generally, so right down the years has never been conducive to encourage youngsters into the hobby even before the advent of computer gaming.
  13. Lovely model and beautifully detailed. These relatively inexpensive large scale kits lend themselves to this sort of level of detailing. A previous poster asked if the modeller would be tackling the Airfix big Bentley kit. That particular kit is showing its age a bit and would lend itself to super detailing with a lot of work. If Italeri did a Blower Bentley (a long wheelbase as opposed to the Airfix short wheelbase one) I think we would see a difference in quality straight away. The Golden Age racers and sports cars have plenty of character about them. Maybe one day we might see a Bugatti T35 or T59 by this manufacturer in 1/12 scale. I cannot stretch to the high prices of MFH classics so well done Italeri.
  14. In the UK besides Tamiya tape available from model suppliers Wilkinsons (Wilcos as it is mostly referred to) have their own brand Washi tape that is a lot less expensive than Tamiya's but only sold in one width, so will need cutting for pin stripes etc. I have used it often. To cut strips I have an old thick glass lens from a halogen security lamp to stick the tape to for cutting using a steel rule and a sharp craft knife.
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