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  1. Scott that is one terrific model you built and shared the pics on here to see. MFH multi medium kits...………...Fabulous model kits, but boy are they expensive! They have just released a fully detailed Bugatti 35B in 1/12 scale...………...Right up my street if I can scrape the money together! It is £525.00 here in the UK Ron your yard sale find looks like the Burago die cast. I have one kicking around somewhere with a view to maybe detailing it up some time in the future. Gabriel, regarding RH drive cars, from my experience any LH drive cars gear shift patterns that I have driven in the UK are no different to RH drive. Just the steering wheel, and foot pedals are on the opposite side of the car. Effectively just using the standard gearbox with my right hand instead my left in a LH drive car that you are probably used to. No point in motor manufacturers making opposite handed gearboxes!
  2. With the current international imposed lockdowns due to the C virus, my guess is that many of those back burner projects will be getting some after the household painting decorating and repairs get done.
  3. Many years ago a friend of mine showed me a lot he had of a Ford 100E, a small British car I think I'm 1/24 scale. It was of American manufacture but I cannot remember who made the kit.. My late father had one of those little Fords and started to teach me to drive in it. So I would be intrigued to know who made the kit. Maybe Palmer of perhaps Pyro. I know that Purl made a Triumph Sports Coupe back in the day.
  4. Agreed! . At least if I have to self isolate I can catch up with some of my model making!
  5. Keyser, the Merit Bluebird kit dates back to the 1960's. The company that made Merit kits was J and R Randall, based in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, England. I think that they may still be in existence but making other things than kits such as childrens toys and games.
  6. Nice build of the Cutty Sark Ken. Have seen some of your plastic classic ship,builds as well as this wooden one. I believe that Artisania Latina have recently developed a plank on frame kit of the VASA as an instalment piece part build with the cooperation of the Vasa Museum.
  7. Back in the day I can remember from the one or two copies of CAR MODEL that I managed to get over here in the UK was Don Emmons 'Detail For Real' articles. No photo etched or resin after market stuff about back in those days! The Uncertain T by Monogram was a new release back then and one of the magazines I had had a feature one car itself and a conversion article to make it into a customised milk truck.
  8. Raising the bar? Where do you start? It's one thing looking at super detailed models made from kits and another looking at totally scratch built engineered models. What makes each special is the level of detailing whether kit or scratch built.
  9. Tomasz, your model making skills are well up there with the best of them!
  10. Railroad right of way! Anyone would be a fool to argue about that one! The laws of physics dictate that the inertia of a locomotive hauling numerous wagons would take out an Abrams tank if it got in the way let alone a by comparison a puny truck or car!
  11. Don, I forgot to mention that I live near Bedford in the UK. There was a company named Wolfrace Wheels that had a unit on one of the trading estates there who sold all sorts of custom goodies besides wheels. The twin steer Panther was on display there for some time and I saw it a couple of times whilst it was on display there. It would be interesting to know where the car is now.
  12. I think that there is an option within newer windows programs to enable older programs to run on it such as ones that ran on XP. Worth interrogating your PC to see how this works? There is a large company named RS Components who have a 3D CAD program that can be downloaded for free. I think it is named Design Spark Mechanical for drawing 3D Solids. Worth a look if anyone is thinking about 3D Printing. I would guess that their program can output files compatible for 3D printers. They also have a PCB design program and a Sheet Metalwork Development CAD Program I believe. If anyone on here is already using it I would be interested to know how good it is. Google had a 3D program named Sketchup some time back. Not sure if this is still available. Another program named Pro/Desktop used to be available free to schools until support was dropped about 10 years ago. This program may be avaoilable as free downloads from some sources still. The RS one appears to be the most current one.
  13. My idea of a car (if I could afford to run it) would be a Jensen Interceptor...……….1970's .British Built Muscle Car...….Italian Styling...………….With a huge American V8 for the grunt Basically an unforgiving brute of a car! Yes!
  14. You are absolutely right Don. Failed to check my spellings before logging off.......Seville should read DeVille.and Parker should read parked. Also as you pointed out, the background cars look like Limas and something else now that I am looking at a large PC screen and not my small tablet. The red car behind the silver and black Lima looks more like a Jaguar SS replica but cannot be sure. So I humbly stand corrected on both counts.
  15. Looks like the last pic was taken in the Panther Car Co's parking lot. The twin steer car was built back in the 70's I think. In the background you can see a Panther SeVille Parker up with loose BugattiStyling. One of these featured as Cruella DVille"s car in 101Dalmations with Glenn Close playing the part. The little 2 seater sports cars parked further beyond are Panther Limas
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