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  1. Isn't brake fluid a bit dangerous if you get it on your skin, not to mention very expensive compared to household products that will also strip chrome.
  2. I don't think that 3D printing will ever replace injection moulding. If you ever watched an injection mould in use and a 3D printer the difference in manufacturing time is seconds from an injection mould and quite a number of minutes or even hours depending on the complexity on a 3D printer. No comparison. Recycling sprues. Unless you could put them in the domestic recycling bin, the many ideas are either impracticable, unfeasable of just too costly to pursue. The idea of model shops having a bin for recycling sprue. Has this been thought through? If I owned a model shop where shop and yard space would be at a premium it would just be another inconvenience, not to mention the cost of having the bin removed. Seriously, the cost of collection would outweigh by far the value of the scrap sprues, and really, would modellers actually stop to think about taking sprues back?I Recycling sprue really is a nice thought, but is so impractical to do it is a dead duck!I If you can use it for stretching or making something from it so much the better. Some figure modellers I know have dissolved it in CTC (Carbon Tetrachloride) to make bottles of a plastic gel fluid.
  3. Nice project! Those classic polished wood speedboats look fantastic, and making them to scale! Terrific! Using a PT boat hull as the basis is very resourceful to obtain a hull of about the right size. The period truck and trailer look good and will be very complimentary as a whole. Looking at how long it is, I guess you will need a 1/25th scale big rig case to display it in. Will be following the rest of this build. Besides the dolls house flooring already suggested, marquetry veneers are also a good source of thin wood. I have used Pearwood veneer to good effect on a car model as it has an extremely close grain and when button polish is used it looks very realistic as scaled down mahogany.
  4. Airfix/Hornby under the Pocher name will be releasng a 1/8th scale Lotus 72 John Player Special Formula 1 Racing Car Kit this year. I think it may be one that Emerson Fittipaldi may have driven. One for F1 enthusiasts to look out for, especially super detailing modellers.
  5. Edited my last post. Screw years back should read some years back. My tablet changes words frequently and I don't always spot it.I Les, thanks for the feed back, I will have to look around a bit and see if I come across some Pledge with Super Shine. Forgot to mention in my opening post that the Holloway House Quick Shine Multi Surface Finish is sold by Lakeland in the UK. Look for the one in the green labelled carton.
  6. I am on the last knockings of a bottle of Klear that I bought when it was available some years back in the UK. The fact that it became discontinued at the time bypassed me or I would have laid a bit of stock in!. There must be a number of floor finishing products that are similar to Klear/Future/Revive It on the market. My guess is that when Klear was discovered as a cheap good modelling product, everyone and their dog latched on to it and did not look at anything else.
  7. Kurt, I thought that it might be a PCB jig. Thanks for confirming and for where to look on the web.
  8. Just shows what can be done with a kit of very old vintage originally made by Merit in the UK along with their Alfetta.
  9. Kurt, your model is coming along amazingly well. Your subtle customising of a classic Merc looks good. I was intrigued by the spring loaded work holder that was holding the chassis underpinnings to your model. Is it a PCB rotating holder or something else that you adapted? It's just like having an extra pair of hands on your worktop!
  10. Has anyone used Holloway House Brand. Quick Shine Multi Surface Finish product, the one in the green labelled plastic bottle? I read somewhere that it is an effective substitute for Johnson's Klear. If any of you guys out there has one lurking in a kitchen or utility room cupboard can you try it out and post your findings on here. I can get it in the UK but as it is very expensive at about £15 per bottle so would like to know a bit more about it. Looking at the Flory Models website the guy doing the You Tube video says that there is a new clear Johnson's product similar to Klear, but it is only available in the US and Canada.
  11. Benefits freeloaders! Plenty also here in the UK. They do the maths and if working and paying taxes equates to less than the benefits received then it is a no brainer. Why bother to get up in the morning if the state pays you more to be idle? Irks me and other tax payers to fund their sedentary life style choice!
  12. Saw some of the Klear racketeering prices on Ebay......ridiculous! Came across Flory Models Utube video where Klear and newer alternatives are being compared. The guy in the video is comparing a new clear Johnson's product that is only available in the States as a very good replacement for Klear. Anybody tried any other acrylic floor products other than any of the Johnson's brands. If so, what are they named and who made by, and how did they perform? I'm talking about commercial floor coatings that will do the same as Klear, not dedicated modelling clear coatings.
  13. Guys, is Revive It still on the shelves in the USA? Impossible to get here in the UK. Has it gone the way of Klear? Assuming that no Johnson's similar products are now available can you guys suggest viable alternatives from other manufacturers. I'm not talking about dedicated modelling materials here, but a commercial floor product similar to Klear, Future, Revive It. Suggestions welcome.
  14. A very nice die cast model. That particular Studebaker looked very European in styling compared with most of the contemporary American Fins and Chrome monsters from that era.
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