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  1. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Bugatti 100P Record Plane   

    A friend of mine has bought the Fisher kit of this aircraft and it is very accurate. The original Bugatti 100P has been restored for static display and is on show at Oshkosh Air Museum. it was discovered hidden in France after WW2 and shipped to the states. The engines were taken from it to be used in a couple of Bugatti car restorations. A flying replica is being built so it will be very interesting to see how the aircraft handles. The original never did get to fly, so how it would have performed is pure conjecture. There is a book about the Bugatti aircraft written by Japp Horst that has lots of technical details, photos and drawings that can be bought via his own website.
  2. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Can anyone identify this car ( and tell me if it's "kitted"? )   

    Excalibur's fake Merc SSK was kitted by Bandai back in the 70's in 1/12th scale.
  3. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Bans   

    Interesting comments!
    People will always have differing opinions but the trick is to be able to be 'at one' with another without necessarily sharing their point of view. Forums are a wonderful thing to be able to freely discuss different ways of looking at things. We should all be able to agree or disagree on things in open discussion, provided that there is mutual respect and courtesy between participants. I have had many lively discussions on forums with contributors with completely opposing views to mine, and all parties  remaining civil to each other at the same time. 
  4. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Bugatti Type 35 Revival of Italy...small steps to a Pocher   

    Scott, You certainly got a real bargain getting that Merc for 30 bucks. Those Casadio kits were very expensive when they first came out. Metal kits throw up a few different challenges to plastics.
    Incidentally, Europe uses the ISO Metric system for threads and tapped holes. looks like you were having some problems with threads on the Bugatti kit. I expect that UNC and UNF threads are the norm in Canada and the USA. Try a dedicated engineers supplier rather than a hobby tool stockist for ISO Metric tools.
    In the UK try a company named Chronos Ltd who specialise in model engineering stuff, and will certainly stock metric as it is more common over here. They can probably do mail order.    Alternatively, get hold of a local Mercedes, VW or Audi dealer dealership workshop manager and ask where they source metric stuff locally.
    Hope this helps.
  5. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Is website down?   

    Thanks for the feedback Mike. Appreciated!
    Afraid that I am a Luddite when it comes to facebook! I will have to look and see when they are coming back on stream.
    See that you are from the Berkshires in New England.  I come from Berkshire over here in England, although I now live in another county in the UK. Visited the coastal area in your neck of the woods a few years back on a cruise up to Quebec in Canada out of Boston only 2 weeks after 9/11.  Visited Bar Harbor, Portland and Kennebunkport on the way. Lovely countryside. I guess where you live is similar, even if inland. Boston is a nice city. When I visited, there was a hell of a lot of infrastructure work going on with tunnels and roads being built etc. I guess it may be finished now.
  6. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic What would you pay for a new, high quality kit of a new large scale subject?   

    Depends on the kit, your skill, and how deep a wallet you have. There is a plastic kit by Trumpeter of the Ford GT40 and there will be a Multi Medium kit available from CMA (Creative Miniature Associates) both in 1/12th scale.
  7. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic MPC 1/12 1930 Bentley Racing Car   

    Hi John once again.
    Forgot to ask in my last two posts where you got the tyres from? Obviously they are not the Aifix/MPC items.
    Are they from another kit or proprietary items?
    Incidentally, there is a guy named Peter Buckingham over here in the UK who has also super detailed the Bentley Kit. Just go onto the internet and punch in his name followed by Bentley and it should throw up some pics. Reckon you might find them interesting!
    Kind regards  Noel Smith
  8. Bugatti Fan added a topic in Links, Advertisers, and Web Sites   

    Is website down?
    Keep getting a Forbidden access notice when I try to have a look at the Scalemotorcars website.
    Is it just me? Or is their server down?
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  9. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic You'd better believe it: Pocher 1/8th 300SL Gullwing   

    Wonder if they will do the same with the de agostini part work kits  bond aston martin db5 and the mustang they are curently advertising
  10. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Heller 1/24 Bentley - by Kate Bacon   

    Kate...nicd model build
    A friend mentioned to  me recently that the new revell Bentley kit is a repop of the old heller one. Not sure about this. Perhaps someone can confirm?
  11. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Pocher 1933 Bugatti Type 50T   

    Your Bugatti is really coming along fine and looking real good. I particularly like the way you are improving on the kit without resorting to after market parts. great work, and will be following the build with interest.
    I also picked up on an earlier post about Hornby. They are a UK based company who have bought out the rights to the Pocher brand name. They bought out the Rivarossi model railway company in line with their own main product line and Pocher was originally a Rivarossi company. Hornby also now owns Airfix and resurrected the Pocher name with the Aventador kit, using the expertise of the Airfix company. As far as I know they have no intentions of resurrecting any of the old Pocher classics, although ironically they have set up a showroom at their UK HQ with an example of all the old Pochers beautifully displayed in dedicated display units. Kit manufacture has come on a long way since the old Pochers were in production in the 1980's, so the Aventador naturally should be much, much better than the Pochers of old. I wish that they had made a Bugatti Veyron kit instead!
  12. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic MPC's "The Genral" Locomotive to be Reissued   

    A number of years ago when this kit was first issued, a guy named Matt Irvine here in the UK did a diorama using this kit and a 'Back to the Future' De Lorean. I think he has a website. Possible there will be a pic or 2 on there.
    Matt used to make special effects sci fi models for the BBC, a number of which have been used in older series of Dr Who and I believe that the Liberator from Blakes7 was one of his creations.
  13. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Left-Hand Drive Dashboards   

    Tamiya's Aston Martin    British Car done in LH Drive!!!! Could do with a RH Drive Dash. But then I live in the UK!
    Why oh why don't kit manufacturers offer both dash options and windscreen wiper positions in their kits.....Especially if Kerbside models.
    Also, cannot understand why Airfix still keep making 1/32nd scale car kits instead of 1/24th scale. Seem to be out of sync with everyone else.
  14. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Lindberg 1935 Auburn Boattail Speedster   

    I can remember building one of these Pyro Speedsters way back in the 70's (no plated parts as I remember). The kit was a bit basic. Shame this subject was never used by Italaeri, Heller, or Revell/Monogram more recently in one of their classics ranges. Who knows? Maybe we will see one kitted with up to date tooling sometime. Classics seem to be the poor relation to F1, Rally, Nascars and Italian exotica.....But I guess that is where the market is!
    Pyro had quite a range of sailing ship kits as well as the cars. Didn't they make a Triumph GT6 Coupe kit? I also remember them issuing an excellent small range of inter wars biplane kits (ex GB Impact Kits) in 1/48th scale when they bought the moulds. Wonder what happened to these and indeed all the Pyro tooling?
  15. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Heller Bugatti T.50   

    The Airfix T50 is one and the same Heller kit. It was marketed under the Airfix name when both companies were owned by Borden Holdings who also had Humbrol under their wing. The Heller Bugatti EB110 was also re popped under the Airfix banner.