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  1. Matt will do justice to this like all his builds! I like following his various forum threads. Incidentally Motobitz in the UK make a nice set of 3D printed wire wheels for this kit.
  2. Maybe a cheap second-hand Windows Laptop or Netbook might be the answer if the CD roms are compatible.
  3. A very nice take on the Land Rover. Good model, wear and tear, mods done etc.
  4. Beautifully executed small diorama Steve. The beaten up truck and groundwork are most realistic, and it is not often that auto modellers have equal talent in painting figures too. Excellent!
  5. Lovely diorama. Plenty of 'atmosphere' with all the incidental items around the place.
  6. Very nice build progress Dennis. Just shows what can be done with an elderly kit. Where did you source the LS3 engine from?
  7. Possibly pictures taken at shows by magazine staff or an enthusiast turn up in various magazines and therefore difficult to credit if the modeller's name is not by the exhibit at the time.
  8. Spotmodel's prices are generally competitive I agree, having looked on their site. Some UK dealers have kits at good prices. Wonderland Models in Edinburgh is one that I can think of.
  9. I will have to trawl around some sites and compare prices. Some mark up a lot more than others I noticed she I have been looking for other kits.
  10. Loved his style of Rock n Roll on his piano. One of the greats along with Chuck Berry.
  11. Al, thanks for the reply. Is it possible to put the HPIGUY's video on here? Alternatively, I guess it might probably be on Youtube so I will have a look on there.
  12. Have been waiting for this 35B to be released. The MFH one is beautiful but very expensive. Too expensive for me so I was delighted when I learnt that Italeri were doing one in 1/12th scale. Jason was irritated about no fenders, headlamps etc. I don't think the MFH kit had them either!
  13. It differs greatly from one person to another, and depends on individual circumstances like family/work commitments. If the work area is permanent or temporary. Being retired, naturally I now have more modelling time at my disposal and a dedicated workshop. My routine is to generally get any domestic stuff like the garden and other chores etc done first each day and then go into the workshop. If 'She who must be obeyed' wants to go out somewhere, things can be left in limbo until I return to the workshop. How much time I spend modelling varies from day to day depending.
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