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  1. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic I'm close to the American people   

    Expressing sympathy seems not enough when these things happen. Over here in the UK one used to be able to own guns provided you were a gun club member. The police would regularly check that owners had a locked gun cabinet and the ammo locked away somewhere separate. One guy went on a rampage in Hungerford, a small country town with an AK47 and a ownership of automatic weapons was banned. The same happened afew years later to handguns when a man walked into a village school in Dunblane with a couple of handguns and shot a number of junior school kids and their teacher. From what I can gather from news coverage the hotel shooter in Vegas amassed a large arsenal of legally bought firearms. American computer technology is probably the best in the world, but there appears to be no link to flag up mass gun buying by an individual from different gun dealers. I appreciate that licensed gun ownership is very different in the USA, but some checks need to be put into place at time of attempted purchase, so that the police have some intelligence about any individual mass gun buying.
  2. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Harry Pristovnik's models   

    Hi Amy
    Further to my last post there is an auto museum that is located at Dearborn Michigan, that may be gographicallhy close enough. It is the Henry Ford Museum. Perhaps if you made an approach to them they may be interested in having the entire collection for permanent display of the car models. As another thought maybe there are museums in Detroit,home of the American car industry that may be interested. Perhaps the other models could be displayed in a Chicago museum or exhibition centre.. I saw amongst the photos a gold and white Deusenberg that may be of interest to the Cord Auburn Duesenberg Museum in Indiana.
  3. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Harry Pristovnik's models   

    Hi Amy,  Maybe this has been suggested already but perhaps the International Model Car Builders Museum in Salt Lake City may be interested in your late dad's model if you have any left over to donate to them.
  4. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic braided radiator hose   

    Seek out a store like Maplins in the UK or Radio Shack in the US and see if you can obtain very thin diameters of screened cable.
    Strip off the outer insulation to expose the metal screening. Basically this is what modellers are buying as scale braided hoses.
  5. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Chrome pen then clear red?   

    Not tried this myself yet but would suggest experimenting on a small piece of plastic card to see what works. Another alternative would be chrome bare metal foil over painted with translucent acrylic if the lamps are part of the main body moulding.
    Whilst on the subject of lights, I have used bm foil stuck to the rear of transparent plastic lamps for its reflective qualities and used the translucent red or orange on rear lamps and on the front headlamps a coat of clear. As the lamps have foil backing either a spot of epoxy adhesive or something like Humbrol Clearfix will do the job.
  6. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Giving up the hobby, again.   

    We all get like this at times when the enthusiasm wanes. How I got over this was to model something different and completely out of my comfort zone, a sailing ship.
    Try something different, a figure, aircraft, ship, science fiction or whatever needing to learn a completely different skill set in the process.
    Sometimes what we do becomes all too familiar, so sometimes a change could be as good as a rest.
  7. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic What it's like to be an engineer dealing with "normal" people...   

    Have read all the posts on this thread, so have a chuckle at these.
    Managers and marketeers are driven by emotion. Engineers work by logic.
    The pessimist says the wine glass is half empty. The optimist says the wine glass is half full. The engineer says the wine glass is twice the size that it needs to be.
    A graduate with an engineering degree is still an engineering graduate. A graduate with an engineering degree and a number years experience is an engineer.
    The mathematician said "I can calculate the answer to the problem!'  The scientist said "I can experiment to arrive at the answer!' THE ENGINEER SAID I WILL LOOK IT UP ON MY CHART!
  8. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Fiat Mefistofele Black version 1/12   

    Fantastic model Thomas. It looks very realistic.
    You may be interested to have a look at British modeller Peter Buckingham's Fiat that was also finished in black. It should be on the IPMS UK website.
  9. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Series 1 Jaguar XKE rebuild - Done....well, almost   

    I wish you luck Landsman. That's a very old kit you are restoring that has been around since the 1960's I think. The Heller one has been around for a long time also. 1980's I think and a Gunze Sanyo one.
    I have a white metal mark one E Type kit to build by SMTS in 24th scale that is an unusual scale for them. They did a Cobra in this scale as well, but most of their stuff is 1/43rd.
    A retooled E type is long overdue considering how iconic this vehicle is. Revell have been reissuing their tired old E type for years  but could now make a fantastic job of it with a complete new retool.
  10. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic An amazingly well done Land Rover Defender by ‘Almost Real’   

    Do they make this model in right hand drive as well?
  11. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic New Alfa body for Pocher   

    Stephen Pombo has a website.         Pomboworks.com.      Hope this helps.
  12. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Maserati Bora, Revell, 1/24   

    Had a feeling that Airfix produced a 1/32nd scale kerbside kit of this back in the 80's.
    Not aware of it ever being repopped since.
  13. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Harry Pristovnik   

    Hello Amy, My condolences to you and your family over the sad loss of Harry, your dad. I never met him in person living over here in the UK. My contact with him was as a contributor to Model Cars Magazine. He will be sadly missed by the auto modelling community. With regard to disposal of his finished models, you have had a number of suggestions already, and it would be fitting if they could be placed on permanent display somewhere. The Bugatti Trust has a small museum dedicated to the marque over here in the UK. Dads Pocher Bugatti T50 would make a wonderful display piece for them and would make a lovely tribute for UK Auto Modellers to be able to see an example of his work over here. Regarding unbuilt kits EBay is probably the best bet for disposal, but do find a local modeller friend who could sensibly value them for you. Harry was a true gentleman I am pleased to have known. My deepest sympathy and kind regards.  Noel Smith
  14. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Sad Sad Sad News: Our Harry Passed Away   

    Very saddened to hear about Harry P's recent death. A true gentleman who always responded to my emails. He will be sorely missed in the Auto Modelling Community, both for his excellent magazine layout work and of course the imaginative design and layout of the books in collaboration with Virgil Suarez (Dr. Cranky). His builds on the forum were always very interesting. I was following his Pocher Bugatti build and the extra scratch built detailing work he was putting in to it. Perhaps his actual work may be placed on permanent display somewhere as his builds were up to museum standard. The Bugatti would make a superb display item in the Bugatti Trust's little museum here in the UK and would be a fitting tribute to him. His own book 'The Evolution of the Automobile in Scale' I see is being featured in the magazine in parts, and in itself will bid a fond farewell to him.  My deepest condolences go out to his family at this saddest of times. Cancer is a terrible disease and to hear about not only Harry, but many citizens of the USA having to battle to get payments for treatment from their insurers beggars belief. It intrigues me that the USA is the richest nation on earth, and still does not have a proper health service available to everyone rich or poor at point of need. Isn't that what Obama Care was supposed to be? Cannot understand why Trump is looking to scrap it. Private health insurance is very expensive in the UK, so thank goodness that we in the UK have a National Health Service available to all. Harry, you will be missed.
  15. Bugatti Fan added a post in a topic Books on Model Cars   

    Hi Scott
    I can remember a car modelling book with a white cover with model photos on it. I had a copy of a book written by Robert Schleicher from the 70s era. Cannot remember the publisher or actual title. It must have been the basics book if indeed it was one of the books that you can recollect. I think that Dennis Doty may have written a couple of books also at about that time. Bill Coulter has written a number of books that were published by Kalmbach. Phil Jensen wrote one   truck modelling in the 70s. Another author that comes to mind is Terry Jessie with his Building and Detailing Auto Models Like a Pro. I am not aware if Don Emmons ever wrote any books as I know that he has written many car modelling articles in magazines. There was also a book published in the UK in the 70s by Gerald Scarborough published by Patrick Stephens at the time. Master model maker Gerald Wingrove wrote 2 books. The Complete Car Modeller 1 and 2, that describe his scratch building techniques in detail.