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  1. It appears to be Google behind the ads that I have X'd out of. It is one thing when are appearing between posts but really darned annoying when they obliterate posts. They all come through the MCM Forum server so why can they not be blocked on the server with a pop up blocker?
  2. Thanks for the further feedback guys. I was unaware that Dragon did some BMWs.I At a quick glance I thought that the silver Z8 was a Z3 when I first looked at the group. My mistake! Having just bought and watched the latest JB movie after the scenes where the DB5 was used, it was interesting to see where later in the film he pulled the wraps off a 70's Aston Martin Vantage I think. Similar to the one used back when Timothy Dalton took on the 007 role. I am almost certain that this Aston type was available as a die cast model a number of years ago in 1/24 scale. Possibly a Burago or Maisto?
  3. Thanks for the feedback Bill. You're not kidding about the die cast Saloon being expensive when I checked the Ebay link! Looking at the descriptions I think it may be a 7 series and not a 5 like I originally thought. Regarding the Z3, didn't Tamiya produce a kit as well as Revell? Please correct me if I am wrong.
  4. 1/12th scale Tigers! And I am not referring to the tank! We lost our old cat Cookie a number of years back. My son is moving out of his house soon (Somehow, I feel another cat coming on!)
  5. Airfix Lego like Veyron with a bit of extra work done on it. A few things were done to improve the model like detailing up the interior a bit by improving the dashboard and seats plus adding scratch built door panels. replacing the paper sticker headlamp units with clear acrylic cut, drilled from the back, filed to shape and polished, tail lamps made from red acrylic, rear indicators in orange acrylic and PE mesh fitted across rear aperture below. A clear engine cover was made and fitted above engine between the two large air ducts. PE mesh fitted to front intakes plus radiator shell and bare metal foil added. Wheel emblems were chromed with BMF, tyre air valves fitted and the tyres detailed. Door handles and fuel filler caps chromed with Molotow.
  6. Charlie, thanks for coming back on the Bugatti body you sold on. Since my last post I can see the progress you are making on your current model. This is a really nice set of model engineering skills being demonstrated, and quite a refreshing change from the mainly plastic and resin based modelling skills normally demonstrated on this site. It may encourage others to have a go at engineering in miniature, and perhaps by making parts to improve their kit builds to start off with whilst learning and gaining confidence.
  7. Bill, is the BMW 5 series a kit or a die cast? Your model looks really nice alongside the Z3's. I can remember the blue Z3 from one of the Bond movies but the silver one escapes my memory.
  8. The artists impressions of what a modern take on a Jensen Interceptor might have looked like are interesting. Many such artists impressions appear frequently of what long gone marques may have looked like if still made today. Maybe someone might start doing a concept series of ' new' Hispano Suizas, Duesenbergs, Delages, Armstrong Siddeleys, Packards, Pierce Arrows, Auburn Speedsters, Cords. A bit like Renwall did back in the sixties with their Revivals series based on the Virgil Exner concepts.
  9. The first reply may be 15 years late in coming Declan, but the guy looking might still be looking! The Jensen Interceptor is one gorgeous 70's car. British Made, Italian Styled and US Grunt! If I came up on the National Lottery a fully restored one of these would be on my list! Getting back to models I think that there is a 1/18th scale model that someone has done.
  10. John, I had a look at the Don't Look Up and The Hunt trailers on the links. Both look interesting. Bill, I liked the original Italian Job movie. One of the amusing scenes was the traffic jam in Turin with all the frustrated drivers horn blowing. Particularly the guy sat on the fold back roof of his Fiat 500 reading a paper with his foot on the horn! The Minis driving through the sewer system was filmed here in England when Coventry City was having a complete sewage tunnel system being built.
  11. John, I have never watched The Hunt. Land, sea of air movie? Unless Don't Look Up is the Battle of Britain film renamed I have not seen that one either. You mentioned the Hunt and Don't Look Up as being political? I think that all war movies are political only as much that they serve to show generally what happens when politics fails.
  12. Venom asked 'Does it taste the same?' Joe explained very well about the Czech version and how the same beer is marketed under a different name in the US. It tastes completely different to the US Bud beer that we are all familiar with.
  13. The Kellner Coupe I agree has lovely coach work and quite rakish, really suiting the car generally. My own favourite is the Weinberger bodied car that Charles Chayne rescued from a New York scrap yard when the engine block froze and cracked. The car was originally painted black with a yellow body trim line and edging around the wings. Chayne had the car painted cream and changed the wheels to have trims with the EB logo on them and other non original extras. This car is on display in a US motor museum and was kitted by Lindberg originally in its present guise. If I were to build the Lindberg (Revell) kit I would take some wheels and tyres from one of the Italeri kits to reconfigure the kit back to how Weinberger originally finished it. Gerald Wingrove's Complete Car Modeller 2 book is devoted to modelling this particular car.
  14. Riley, as I miss interpreted your humour, it is I who should apologise. Les, actually I forgot all about Asda being acquired by Wal Mart for a time. Thanks for the reminder! So I have shopped at Wal-Mart in around about way without realising it for some time now. Talking of branding, Scotch Whisky is spelt without an e before the y. All others I believe have to be spelt whiskey.
  15. Riley, it was very easy to pick out a part of my quote about cheese to give a very biased view. Why not put it into context by quoting all of it? I am aware that Americans generally are a bit more discerning about what they eat and where they shop, so please do not play on suggesting that I stereotype your fellow citizens.I Incidentally, I do enjoy a Big Mac or a Hot Dog occasionally like most. If Wal-Mart was all over the UK, I would shop there too probably!
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