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  1. Lost track of the number of mistakes I have made on models over the years!!! As long as you learn from them, correct them and move on!
  2. I gather that there is another proposed 'stand alone' contest copy in the offing? Would it not be more feasable to make it one of the subscriber copies whilst trying to catch up on schedule rather than divert resources?
  3. Some time ago I heard that Revell would be making a Land Rover kit this year. At first I thought it would just be a re pop of the old Monogram kit. But No! Revell GMBH have announced recently a brand newly tooled kit of a LWB Land Rover. I looked at their 2 built up models on Revell's PR stand at IPMS UK Scale Modelworld Telford earlier this month. A friend of mine Jim Whalen built up one of their display models and tells me that the kit is very good. I believe that it will be retailing at about £25 here in the UK. Naturally this new kit will have many, many conversion possibilities, and I can forsee after market suppliers already looking at the potential in making the most of this kit.
  4. Bugatti Fan

    GT 40

    Not surprised at the price looking at the photo on their website showing some of the parts that will constitute the kit.
  5. Gee Bee can I correct something you said in your post? At Telford the competition area is indeed upstairs away from the main show but it is not restricted just to IPMS members only to view the models. The only time when there is very limited access is for a period when the actual judging takes place on the Saturday. Only the judges and members of the committee running the competition have access to the competition area at that particular time. Outside of this the area is open both to the general public attending and also IPMS members.
  6. Bugatti Fan

    GT 40

    Creative Miniature Associates are developing a very highly detailed multi medium kit of the GT 40. Cost wise it will be an arm and a leg but promises to be the very best kit of this car as Marshall Buck of CMA does not compromise on quality ever This promises to be the ultimate GT40 kit for highly experienced modellers looking for not only a highly accurate model but a good investment as well.
  7. A good material that is malleable like the old wine bottle lead is thin sheet pewter. This is available from craft suppliers and normally sold as a material for embossing projects. It is also really good for shaping over compound curves.
  8. Perhaps the proposed 'stand alone' contest issue for February next year could be again utilised as a further subscriber copy rather than resources being diverted. If numerous subsequent contest photos are already 'in the can' so to speak, it may help somewhat to catch up with the backlog with little editing involved?
  9. When I used Isopropyl Alcohol it went through a layer of Automotive Acrylic Grey Primer that had been top coated with Alclad Gloss Black with minimum effort just using kitchen roll.
  10. Isopropyl Alcohol is pretty good for stripping paint fast. But make sure that you protect yourself against the fumes.
  11. Never met Harry in person, but had a number of contacts with him before I drifted away from writing articles for Model Cars Magazine and others at about that time. I found him to be most generous in answering any of.my questions. Shortly before he died he sent me a copy of the book he both wrote and published ' The Evolution of the Automobile In Scale', and I was honoured to be able to review it here in the UK.i The loss of his vast knowledge of the hobby and his layout and publishing skills leave a great void for MCM to fill, as it will be extremely difficult it not impossible for the magazine to replace someone with both model making and professional publishing skill sets combined.
  12. Virgil Suarez (aka Dr Cranky) wrote a superb book named Rats, Rods 'n' Rust that had fabulous layouts done by the late Harry Pristovnik. Not heard much about him lately. He prepared a couple of other books I believe to feature other modeller's work. A number of years ago he messaged me on this forum about my scratch built Bugatti Type 59 that featured in MCM. Unfortunately (don't ask why) I failed to check my messages for about a couple of years and did not pick up his invitation, and by then it was too late obviously! I sent him a personal email with profuse apologies for having not replied and since then have sent him another email when his friend and colleague Harry P passed away. Virgil did not reply to either, so I guess that maybe he might still be rightly annoyed at me for my unintentional bad manners. Virgil is certainly a larger than life character judging by his book, and installs a sense of fun into his approach whilst still getting all the right information across in a very readable format. I saw some of Bill Geary (Mr Obsessive's) superb models featured in the book where Virgil devotes sections towards the back of the book to individual modellers and their work. a really good book to het a hold of!
  13. Funny thing that as I was going through my odds and ends box the other day I came across the engine from a Renwal Packard that I built back when they were released. Anyway, the model I most want is the Exner Bugatti. Not a mint kit as too collectable these days, but an old or badly built one even with bits missing, that will probably never get built by the present owner that has been kicking around in their stash for many years. I would like to rebuild/restore this model to give to the Bugatti Trust Museum over here in the UK for permanent display. If anyone can help me in this venture please get in touch via the personal messaging on this forum.
  14. Anybody still got one of these and could bear to part company with it? Not necessarily looking for a pristine kit as have looked and too expensive on ebay. Just a badly built donor kit with umpteen bits missing that has been kicking around in a box for many years and looking the worse for wear would be OK. Would like one to restore and donate it to the Bugatti Trust Museum here in the UK. Please message me if you would like to help me in this venture. Thanks.
  15. Don't have any pics to put up. but how about Virgil Exner who's 1960's concepts of Bugatti, Duesenberg, Stutz, Packard etc actually became real concept cars as well as Renwall making a small series of kits based on his designs.
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