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  1. Model Cars Magazine Renewals

    Hopefully this magazine will get a handle on subscriber deliveries soon. What with Model Car Builder as a competitor and the fact that Scale Auto now has a new editorial team on board, Model Cars Magazine is now faced with a few near future challenges imposed on it by its current circumstances.
  2. Model Cars Magazine Renewals

    The magazine appears to have enough to deal with at present. Collating a list of retail outfits must be low on their priority list given the circumstances they find themselves in right now.

    Steve Scott 's Uncertain T was an iconic show car in its day. I believe that he was shown a cartoon drawing of a custom T and decided to actually make it. I built the Monogram kit say back in the Sixties I think when it was first released. Never been reissued as far as I know. Tooling destroyed maybe? I still have the article from Model Car Science in a folder somewhere about the car itself and how to convert it into a milk truck! History now. Steve Scott must be in his late 70s or in his 80e by now. I have never heard of him building any other full size custom show cars however. An earlier post in this thread showed the Outhouse and Bathtime Buggy show rods There was a small set of kits by Eldon many years back. They kitted both these if I remember correctly along with the Pink Panthermobile, and a custom Milk Truck, plus a twin engined car named The Invader. There may have been one of two more that I cannot remember.
  4. Issue #205

    I heard that somewhere on social media there was a.mention about the magazine being taken over and absorbed into another. Could not find anything on Facebook or any other so I guess that it may be just a speculative rumour going around. Perhaps a publishing company has been found by the CEO editor to absorb much of the printing, distribution and accounting workload to allow Gregg to concentrate more on the magazine content and layout whilst overseeing the commercial side?
  5. Model factory hiro

    Bruce, it sounds as though Mark has a good tho going there. Would be nice to be able to up front investment into a number of MFH kits. The prices of some kits these days got me into going the scratch built route. My first effort was my scratch built Type 59 Bugatti that I wrote an article about in MCM in 2013 or thereabouts.
  6. Why do people dig up these old threads???

    Hakan......Force. It looks as though some of the replies on this thread have been disagreeable to your point of view. Please do not take comments personally from other posters. This subject was bound to have many different opinions that will be different from your own. We all have our own thoughts on this subject, and your opinion is as valuable as those who think differently to you, so please do not be upset. My thoughts are different to yours, but I fully respect that you have a right to voice your opinion. That is what forums are about and at the end of the day we are all sharing in friendship a wonderful hobby.
  7. Cheap and easy "braided hose"

    Try an electronics supplier for thin screened wires. Once the outer plastic sheathing is stripped off you have the screening metal mesh exposed. Basically I would guess that it is what model suppliers of scale braided hose use and cut into short lengths and package to resell as a scale model product.
  8. Model factory hiro

    Great build! Great kits! Wish my wallet was a bit thicker. I guess most of us can only dream about building a M F H kit.in this scale. Nice to see model makers who are building them share their experiences on this forum. My dream kit would be to build their Alfetta 158/159. One day! One day!!
  9. Why do people dig up these old threads???

    Older threads may still have value. Can I ask a qustion? Would the instigator of this thread automatically throw away all their old kits that were over a certain age? I think not! Older information can be just as valuable as new, particularly if seeking into about an older kit to build. Yes the Photobucket thing can be argued, as they have blocked a lot of photographic content and virtually destroyed many forums and sites other than this one did to corporate greed. They could have started charging globally from a certain date instead of blocking everything that went before. Not difficult to have set up on their part.
  10. WTH! Someone paid $2600 for a pre-built model. Why?

    Should not be surprised at high prices asked for outstanding work. Very often model makers (yes even very good ones) often undersell their work, so the market for finished work becomes undermined. I have often seen Pocher models that are being sold built up going for not much more than the kit process currently being asked and thus undervalued considering the work in building them to a high standard. A lot of Poachers however get attempted by novices who give up part way through the build because they have bitten a bit more off than they can chew.
  11. Someone say "D" Type ?

    I forgot to mention that Merit in the UK did a kerbside D Type way back in the 1960's. Sometimes they come up on EBay.
  12. Someone say "D" Type ?

    I think that Fisher make a resin kerbside kit of the D Type in 24th scale. Got a feeling that they make a Briggs Cunningham Special in same scale. I had the Lindberg one some time ago, and agree it is not much more than a slot car shell. Can see why cross kitting with the Revell C type looks feasable to kitbash. The D Type is such an iconic Le Mans racer that I am surprised that it has not been kitted with full engine detail by one of the mainstream kit manufacturers.
  13. First Car in Space: a Tesla Roadster

    JohnU. Thanks for clarifying! This subject would be cool. Maybe one of the cottage industries will latch on to it as kit material for a limited run. Cannot see the 'big boys' considering it viable, but who knows. They have issued some unexpected things from time to time!
  14. First Car in Space: a Tesla Roadster

    Peteski. I stand corrected! Thought the pic was a still photo. JohnU I know that Airfix definitely made a kit of the Saturn 5 moon rocket. Almost sure that they did the module as a separate kit, but correct me if I am wrong. Now that you mention it I can remember the Monogram lander kit being issued. Did Revell issue a Saturn 5 in a bigger scale than the Airfix one? I have a feeling that Heller did the landing module as a small junior kit, but not really sure of this. The cartoon that unclescott58 placed on last post made me smile. Reallyfunny! Thanks for sharing. On a general note, about flat earthers, I cannot believe that in this day and age that some people still have this medieval belief!
  15. First Car in Space: a Tesla Roadster

    JohnU. The Apollo mission rocket and lunar landing modules were kitted many years ,ago. Airfix and Revell come to mind and I think that there may be some others. Maybe a quick look on EBay might turn some names up for you. Peteski..........Photoshop?