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  1. Buying my first airbrush Questions.

    There are a lot of cheaply made Chinese made air brushes on the market. Best avoid these if serious use is contemplated. Best stick with established manufacturers of a quality product like Paasche, Badger, Harder and Steenbeck, Aerograph DeVilbiss or Iwata. All of these have proved their worth over the years having sold to the graphic design industry initially long before model makers started to use them. All these quality manufacturers have various types at prices to suit most. Cannot comment on Grex of Aztec having not used any of their products. There is an old adage ' You only get what you pay for' and this is very relevant in the air brush market!
  2. The Zen of Model Building

    Started scratch building back in 2009 and had to develop a different mind set to building from kits, like treating all the sub assemblies as models in their own right. it is basically creating your own kit to build without any instructions to follow. What made me start was that certain cars I like would never be kitted, so I had to get my head around making everything myself, and of course the protracted length of building from scratch plus the challenge of learning new techniques along the way.
  3. Vanwall, love to see a kit of this

    There was a kerbside resin kit in 20th scale that was released in the UK a few years back. Cannot remember the manufacturer. Last I heard was that Little Tools owner Paul Fitzmaurice bought the moulds recently. I can remember building the24th scale Merit kit many years ago. A bit basic but could be worked on.
  4. Atlantis Model & The Ex-Revell/Aurora/Renwal Molds

    Bucky, the pictures you posted of the Renwall Revivals box art have disappeared since I looked at them yesterday
  5. De Agostini kits.......Value for money?

    How much does it cost to build one by the time all of the instalments are paid? What would a built up one fetch at auction? Or would it be likely to sell at a loss?
  6. What are YOUR regrets ?

    Selling my Lotus Cortina to raise a house deposit!
  7. Would it bother you?

    This thread has certainly opened a can of worms! Anything from annoyance to acceptance as well as some amusing tongue in cheek comments!
  8. Would it bother you?

    Glenn, is your logo work not covered by copyright laws?
  9. Would it bother you?

    If I sold a model it would not bother me if it was simply put on display at a model show, but I would still expect to be credited as the actual builder. You can sell a model but the one thing you cannot sell with it is its provenance! But, as for any buyer of a built up model and entering a contest with it, and claiming it to be their own work is not ethical and would be just plain fraud. In any case, placed in a contest under these circumstances, if it won any award it would just be a hollow victory. I cannot see how any one would get any proper satisfaction from doing this, knowing that they have cheated! In any model competition circuit, it must be remembered that model makers peers get to recognise a certain modellers style as regular competitors, so a fraudulent entrant runs the risk of being exposed and ridiculed if entering some one else"s work and claiming it to be their own!
  10. difficult question

    Jeff, further to my last post on this thread most of us have many books bought for reference. As a suggestion they could be donated to a local high school for their library. Schools always seem to be strapped for cash when it comes to buying things, and who knows, some modelling books on their library shelves may encourage some youngsters to take up the hobby.
  11. difficult question

    Jeff, I would suggest that you contact IPMS USA (International Plastic Modelers Society) via the contact details on their website. They may well have modelers in your area who may either be interested in buying for themselves, or alternatively may be able to do some off loading through society contacts. Alternatively, try to contact well known auto model writers like Bil! Counter, Dennis Doty, Bob Downie or Tim Boyd as they will have many contacts, and may be able to suggest traders who buy collections. HTH.
  12. Any interest in NeoClassics?

    These neo classic cars have too much bling on them and not at all tasteful to my eyes! I am not a great fan of stretched limmos either. My idea of turning up in style to say that you have really made it can only be in a chauffeur drivenRolls Royce!
  13. Harry`s Models

    Frank, you did a great job of putting Harry's Stutz back together. The trouble with plastic models is that the joints get brittle with age and come apart when subjected to sudden shock no matter how well packed! Fortunately most of the time the damage is recoverable.
  14. My pet story 1, 1:8 Koenigsegg One:1 in various colors

    Does this guy actually collect? Or is he a die cast dealer?