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  1. Celebrity Crushes?

    Surprised that no one has mentioned the late Marilyn Monroe and Farrah Fawcett. My particular favourite is Lynda Carter who starred as Wonder Woman in the tv series. Still looks good now!
  2. My pets story,1:18 Pagani Huayra Dinastia in carbon

    Nice off the shelf model.
  3. Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 / Brass Build

    Model Making as opposed to Kit Building................Superb!
  4. Has the magazine ceased production since two years ago? Lost track since delivery schedules started to go out and my copies stopped coming. The magazine has never been available off the shelf in UK retail outlets so cannot gauge what is happening by that aspect.
  5. 1969 Fiat Abarth 2000 Scorpio Concept Car

    Got a feeling that either Bandai, Gakken or Nichimo may have kitted this prototype car in the late 60's early 70's. There was a Lamborghini Marzal prototype kitted at about the same time as well.
  6. Convoy Rubber Duck Mack

    Force, maybe it was the AMT R600 that Alistair did the conversion kit for. It was a very long time ago since he showed me his box of bits.
  7. Convoy Rubber Duck Mack

    Force, you are correct that the Ertl kit is not a best starting point. I saw Alistair McLaughlin's conversion kit when he was developing it.. There was a huge lot of stuff in it including a completely moulded cab sleeper to the correct size. Not sure if he ever got around to marketing it or not. The AITM resin kit is probably the best way to go as you I timated.
  8. Convoy Rubber Duck Mack

    A guy in the UK named Alistair McLaughlin was making a conversion kit for the Ertl kit with Vac form, resin and PE parts to correct it. Do not know if still available or not. Would imagine that AITM's kit is a complete resin kit. I think that the same company makes a resin front end hood cab to build a Peterbilt Needle Nose like the Duel rig.
  9. Paasche h steal

    Paasches at bargain prices? You lucky guys in the US! Paasche never really seemed to promote their air brushes much to model makers, even though one of the very oldest manufacturers dating back to the 1920's I think. Way back in the 70's when air brushes became the newest must have model making accessory, Thayer and Chandler, Paasche and Badger flew the the US flag and DeVilbiss in the UK with their Aerograph range. Badger seemed to latch onto the model making market first whilst the other 3 still aimed at the Graphic Design market. Many good and not so good airbrushes have appeared since.
  10. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    As auto modeller we tend to forget that the core market of the big manufacturers are the aircraft and military modelers. RevellI are sure to survive one way or another..
  11. dose toys r us have model kits?

    The UK stores were dreary anyway despite not selling model kits. The way you were guided through passage ways into and out of the stores made you feel as though you could not be trusted! Staff were generally indifferent and the ones I spoke to lacked product knowledge. Not surprised they went to the wall!
  12. Divided by a common tongue

    Coronet, it is surprising now many languages owe their development in part derived from aspects of the Latin language. Not surprising when you consider that Latin was the language of ancient Rome and it's influence throughout the Roman Empire. Chris. Interesting that some words from our side of the pond have found their way into common use in the States.
  13. Divided by a common tongue

    Don, The 'Some one ought to tell Microsoft there is no such thing as US English' was a tongue in cheek joke! Most of us Brits can understand and use both versions like yourself. US English tends to be more phonetic in the way many words are spelt, for example the English English word Tyres is spelt Tires in the US. Regarding your mention of Welsh English, well actually no, Welsh is altogether a completely different language to English spoken mainly in North Wales and is derived from ancient Celtic, as is the Gaelic language spoken in more remote areas of Scotland, and the Irish language spoken mostly in the far West of ireland. As you mentioned the Robbie Burns poem you posted is written in an old form of English from that period. It does however have a number of local Scottish colloquialisms thrown in for good measure. Due to the influence of Movies and TV programmes over the years from the States, many Americanisms are now becoming more common place in use over here in the UK. What we used to refer to as flats are now referred to as apartments, and a post mortem is more frequently being termed an autopsy.
  14. Divided by a common tongue

    There is a joke here in England that someone ought to tell Microsoft that there is no such thing as US English!
  15. Pet peeve of mine!

    Do I get offended by all this peeving? No! Amused by it all? Yes! I think I will just have another Bud!