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  1. Heard that the next GSL will be the last!
  2. Thanks Tom. Thought it looked familiar having built one about 40 years ago! Also, thanks for your reply Glenn.
  3. Did Lindberg use the old Pyro moulds for this? Or is it a different kit altogether?
  4. Ah, well! Model Car Builder is an alternative supplemental publication until Model Cars Magazine gets going again. Pity that neither have ever been sold over the counter here in the UK.
  5. There are some crazy guys about, that is for sure. Cannot understand building a house around cars? Most people would have settled for a double garage, or simply build an extension like a car showroom. At least the cars could be driven out without a demolition job required..
  6. Have seen magazine 'absorption' many times over, and the absorbed magazine content has always dwindled to just an occasional article amongst the rest.
  7. A lot of fun and sense of achievement can be derived from making a silk purse out of a sow's ear! If you want a kit where you just shake the box to get a perfect model then Tamiya comes to mind. To get the subject matter you want will in all probability entail many reissued kits that are moulded from clapped out tooling. The original Revell EType Jaguar was a prime example, now replaced thank goodness by a new tool kit from Germany. I'm afraid guys we will just have to keep working at those old kits that will probably never be retooled again. Developing skills should be looked at as a pleasure, not a penance!
  8. Guido, I have no idea if any 2019 California Special Mustangs made it over here. The Cougar and previously the Probe were very short lived in the UK. The Mustang however in RHD is another kettle of fish as the name is well known to almost all car enthusiasts. Also, the Mustang has a long pedigree and been immortalised in movies like 'Bullit'. Modellers have been well catered for over the years. I must say that I am tempted to get one of the big Revell kits and the Scale Motorsports upgrade set for it.
  9. Will this be followed on by a BMW Isetta Bubble Car Version? Nice concept. Very innovative!
  10. Bob, since you replied I have seen a Mustang Fastback for sale locally here in the UK. When I looked at it I was very surprised to find it was made with right hand drive. Have found out since that it was not a conversion and that Ford US have been making this car with both LHD and RHD options for target markets. It is the first time to my knowledge that the Mustang has been marketed in this way and all previous models were LHD only. On the latest Mustang I do like the retro styling with hints of the original 1960's car. The two previous Ford Sports Coupes sold in the UK with RHD were the Cougar and the Probe. The Cougar was quite a nice looking car, but I did not like the styling of the Probe. I have a feeling that Monogram did a Probe kit some time ago.
  11. Tungsten Carbide used for circuit board drilling is very hard and brittle and as mentioned in an earlier post do not stand up to any side deflection. Carbon steel drills are a bit more durable. With very small drills it is imperative to make a small indent mark as a start, especially on a curved surface to stop drill wandering or deflection. A sewing needle in a pin vice can be used as a fine centre market for this purpose. Mounting a drill as far back as possible in a pin vice or chuck will lessen the chance of deflection, the main cause of drill breakages.
  12. Things do slip through the net from time to time. Like the moderators said, message them directly with a reference to the thread involved. We are all passionate about our hobby, but remember that is what it is, a hobby. I can understand it being a bit frustrating having a thread in the wrong category. But bear in mind that the moderators are only human, have more important things to attend to like family and earning a living, and sacrifice some of their modelling time to oversee and help out forum users. So chill out, let them know, be patient and the problems generally will get sorted eventually. Now where did I leave that can of Bud?
  13. There have been some innovative ideas about vinyl roofs in this thread, all of which appear to work ok. Mike Saucier's method in his post I think copies full size practice of overlapping. But as long as any method looks OK on a model when finished and best suits the modeller that is just fine.
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