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  1. A 1982 issue '69 GTO Judge from Ebay for $6+shipping. It's an open kit, but it is complete. The perfect subject for the new Fireball Modelworks Pontiac Poverty cap set..."plain Jane" GTO with a RAIV.
  2. Over the last week I've seen a Nissan GTR, a '65 Mustang Fastback, a Bricklin, a nice sounding and looking '56 Chevy, and today quite possibly the same GTR from earlier in the week in the grocery store parking lot.
  3. This was actually from last Saturday after I took my granddaughter out for lunch and then to Hobby Lobby. Used my 40% coupon on my phone so in the end it was only $17 and change.
  4. A special delivery earlier this week from Fireball Modelworks...2 sets of the new Pontiac steel wheel/poverty cap/tire sets and the '69 Coronet side scoop set. Everything looks fantastic.
  5. A '73 Pontiac GTO on the freeway(more like a parking lot with the current road construction) during my drive to work. It was gold with a tan interior and Snowflake wheels(not correct for that year, but looked nice on the car).
  6. A couple of stops after a funeral today. Got the "Kat" and the GP at Model Empire and the Ford and paints at Panther Hobby Supply.
  7. I don't blame you! They are excellent and very detailed kits. Just very pricey. Nice raffle win though.
  8. I wouldn't mind taking the B-25 off your hands if say...you don't want it.
  9. A Ferrari 430 Italia(?). Not really sure exactly. Not a big Ferrari fan. You just don't many around the Milwaukee area.
  10. As a kid I had the usual Tonka dump truck and loader. I also had a Tonka Winnebago camper that I sat on and rode around on. Unfortunately, after being told repeatedly not to leave it in the driveway, my dad ran it over with the car. A couple more are first, the Adam 12 police car with "action figures" and second, Squad 51...again, with the "action figures." And finally, another that comes to mind is a Hot Wheels or Matchbox car that had a magnet embedded in the bottom to hold it onto a circular disk with a road course that spun around slowly and you "drove" the car around on the road. I've been periodically searching for the Squad 51 set over the last few years for a reasonable price to no avail. Come to think of it, I had the Smash Up Derby cars mentioned earlier and the Evel Knievel motorcycle with action figure too.
  11. Not sure if it was the real deal or a replica(tribute, or whatever wording you choose)...a red '70 1/2 Baldwin Motion Camaro earlier this week.
  12. I did pick up the two Cutlass kits as well as four 1/64th die-casts. A couple GTO's, a '69 1/2 A12 Roadrunner, and the '62 Dodge D100 P/U with the Shasta Camper. Had to keep my time at the store to a minimum as I stopped there on the way to work.
  13. Don't have them in my possession yet, but I have 2 '83 Hurst Olds being held for me at Model Empire. I'll see what else they have new and might end up buying more stuff than I intended.
  14. I've used Testors AMC Big Bad Blue lacquer spray. It passes pretty well.
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