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  1. The70judgeman added a post in a topic Pics- Super Chicken '73 Trans Am is alive and well.   

    '70 1/2-'73...the best looking T/A's. I did an updated Monogram T/A myself to a '73 to resemble the one from the movie "McQ". I like what you've done. Only improvement I would say is the grille. It was one of the exterior updates on a '73 to a larger mesh opening. The interior is a little more difficult to do.
  2. The70judgeman added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    Not getting seriously hurt or worse...killed on the freeway on my way to work. The County had the brilliant idea to do some roadwork today that required them to shut down a lane of traffic with very little warning signs on a blind curve. Well, traffic pretty much came to a crawl and here comes a tractor/trailer in my rearview mirror....FAST! I managed to pull over to the side of the road as the truck came to a quick stop right next to me. That pretty much left me shaking for a few minutes. I'm sure the truck driver felt the same.
  3. The70judgeman added a post in a topic IF Revell,Round2 and others would make a few more station wagons. What would you like them to be?   

    Does it have to be a real production wagon?
  4. The70judgeman added a post in a topic H.O. trains   

    Had a HO set when I was a kid. Got back into the hobby when I was around 20 and bought a N scale set and it grew from there. Now that my wife and I have bought a house I can build a layout as well as my model building room. I also have all of my dads C&NW HO stuff. Might keep an engine or two as well as the passenger set and sell the rest since I'm into a smaller scale and RR.
  5. The70judgeman added a post in a topic Box art errors   

    Monogram '71 HEMI 'Cuda with the first run that says it's a '70 HEMI 'Cuda on the box(In Violet car on the cover).
  6. The70judgeman added a post in a topic 1/16 street tires   

    @Casey- After going back and forth with you yesterday afternoon and now that I saw your post, actually I think I do have the '34 Ford. The kit with the yellow car on the box cover...not the black one. They're "big n littles" if I'm not mistaken. Wasn't going to use them on the kit anyway...too modern(especially the rims). Have a set of tires/wheels set aside already.

    Also, Thanks David. Although the GMP/Acme are 1/18 scale, they produce beautiful die-casts and accessories. I have about 15 die-casts from them.
  7. The70judgeman added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    1/16 street tires
    Does anyone make a decent 1/16 scale street tire? I want to swap out the cruddy tires on the General Lee. So, the tires would have to fit the Turbine's from the kit as well. I'm still up in the air on what direction I'm going with this kit...General Lee or the Charger from "Death proof." Either way, I want new tires.

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  8. The70judgeman added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    A Ferrari F430 a Burger King. And then he passed me a few minutes later.
  9. The70judgeman added a post in a topic What Did You Get Today?   

    First off, my phone of over 3 years(HTC EVO 4G LTE) got the ole death screen. So, it was on the hunt for a replacement. Ended up getting the new HTC One M9. Now it's like I have to learn how to use a phone all over again. Second, I got a Bistro set, umbrella, and umbrella base for the upper deck where my wife and I live. I added the seat pads and lights from a previous set.

  10. The70judgeman added a post in a topic Joe Dirt Charger Daytona   

    Daaang...that's sweet!
  11. The70judgeman added a post in a topic How many kits do you have in your stash?   

    I have no idea. They're in stacks, on shelves, and in boxes in the basement. Also have a few boxes of kits in a bedroom closet that haven't made it downstairs yet. Probably up to a couple hundred? Never counted.
  12. The70judgeman added a post in a topic The 1/12 Doyusha Kits - A Look Back   

    Correct or not I regret not buying the Doyusha T/A kit because it was "too expensive." That was within the last 5 or so years ago at a LHS in the vintage kit section. If it was still there at the price they had it at I would grab it up in an instant...just because. Big Pontiac fan you know.
  13. The70judgeman added a post in a topic If money were no object, what car would you buy?   

    Of course it has to have a RA IV and a 4-speed.

  14. The70judgeman added a post in a topic Yeee Ha, look at 'em go   

    Glad I bought this when I did. $20.00 with the 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon. Also got the plates from Cooter himself at World Of Wheels years ago.

  15. The70judgeman added a post in a topic Post your wagons and 4-door sedans   

    Hubley Ford Wagon promo. Still willing to trade away too.